Will You Focus on the 1 ? Or the 99?

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When I was suffering from Topical Steroids induced symptoms and was hospitalized (Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka, Japan), my legs swelled up double its size, and my feet hurt SO much that I could not walk.  I also had severe dermatitis all over my body due to the side effect of Topical Steroids and was constantly in pain, so either way, it was not the level to walk at all.


After some time, I was permitted to move around in a wheel chair in the hospital.  I still had severe pain in my legs, but I felt like my condition was improving so much and felt very happy to be in my wheelchair.

Feeling happy as if I got permission to enter the advanced class as an extremely good student in school….lol


Next, I was told that I could walk on my ownI still had severe pain, but was able to walk about 10 meters (32 feet) to the nurse station, and felt very proud of myself.


And once I was able to walk on my own, improving little by little, it became my morning routine to go up to the roof of the hospital to do my laundry.  Since I could not tolerate stairs yet, I decided to take the elevator to the roof.


Here, I encountered a HUGE problem!





Up until then, my legs were causing the most problems and my focus had been on that, but I had many other things going on in my body.

All of my ten fingers were severely dry, and if I were to push the elevator button, in that moment, my skin would split, and I would have a new crack in my skin.  The crack would happen suddenly, and very painfully.  

Tokuko is thinking about today’s finger that become victimized…lol

Every morning I would meditate and think… ’Which finger should I choose to push the elevator button…?’

Also, once I got off the elevator on the roof (with a new crack in my skin), another challenge awaits: a heavy door When I would pull on that very heavy door, I would experience at least the second or the third cracks on my fingers… Ouch Ouch!!

I felt like I was a nun doing austere training overcoming hardships one after another…..lol


One day, I realized that my right hand pinky finger had no cracks at all.  I was able to push the elevator button with my pinky (without getting a crack ! ).  I was so thrilled!

Right after the door was closed, inside the elevator alone, I said,

raising my clenched fist in victory!  It might be rare to meet a person who can be happy in triumph just pushing the elevator button but I felt like I have achieved something as if Bolt is doing the lightning Bolt pose….LOL!!!







Many may think that being hospitalized is a very negative, and bad experience.  However if you are able to walk, and have energy to talk, I feel that it is important to find joy in whatever circumstances.


I could focus on my ONE healed pinky, or I could focus on my nine other fingers with cracks all over them.


When you shift your perspective, even when what is going on is the same, you could have a totally different experience.
When we feel that our life is horrible, it may be that we are focusing on the nine remaining fingers.


For another example, let’s say you have one co-worker that you do not like.  Many of you tend to focus on that one person, and your mind become filled with the things you don’t like about him/her.  Everyday, you feel horrible being around the unpleasant co-worker.  

By the way, have you ever expressed gratitude towards the 99 other co-workers who are not mean to you? 

Most likely we do not, and dismiss it as being ‘normal’, meaning, we tend to not feel grateful but take it for grantedIf we see the big picture, we notice that 99 other co-workers are not awful to you.


If you are able to see that ‘Wow!  99 of my other co-workers are very nice people…’ , then you can even thank that 1 co-worker who is unpleasant, because he/she made you realize this reality.

When you start to focus on gratitude, you realize that ALL of your co-workers are great people after all, that means, you are surrounded by many people/things that you can feel grateful.  Gratitude is here and there around you!


It is always your choice to focus on the 1, or the 9, or the 99.  

Both choices are yours to make.


If you spend 1 minute thinking of something that depresses you, you must realize that that 1 minute is a minute of your whole life.


When we realize this, we must cherish this life and do the best so that we can enjoy it.

Make choices that are fun, deeply care for your life, and let’s use the time we have in a meaningful way!


Have a GREAT day!


Okinawa, Japan




Translated by Hikari M.

Edited by Tokuko Abfab


👇オリジナルのポストはこちらです。👇The original post in Japanese




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    • Dr. Sato,

      Thanks for your nice comment!
      To run it over, I remember the enjoyable days in the hospital…It might sound strange but I REALLY enjoyed the daily life as an inpatient there with appreciation.
      Due to the perfect circumstances, I had never thought any negative things even one second in the hospital. I believe the state of mind and pleasant enviroment accelerated my healing.
      Again, thank you very much for the wonderful treatment! I appreciate it!

  1. 宮崎です

    本当にありがとうございました( ^ω^ )

    • 宮崎様




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