Does NMT Work for Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema?

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As an answer subjected above, please try to read What would happen after you recovered from TSW? How your Atopic Dermatitis/eczema would heal?


What would happen after you recovered from TSW? How your Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema would heal?


Basically, NMT is the method for TSW from AD and eczema.
There’s no perfect method for Atopic Dermatitis and eczema ‘in the world’.  However, Dermatopathy induced steroids also is diagnosed as eczema or AD all over the world.


A lot of sufferers who accomplished NMT mention that their original skin problems also got improved or is cured.  Original body composition is impossible to change for anyone but you can improve.


Read You can manage Atopic dermatitis without Topical corticosteroids too. It will help your understandings.


You can manage Atopic Dermatits without Topical Corticosteroids!


There are tons of children/babies who are healed without TS or moisturizers in Japan though NMT can’t be a major treatment due to our social condition.  Those who healed/improved without them need to voice to change this worldwide situation.  Your one click for Like also can be a part of being a Peaceful Revolutionary Warrior.  Why don’t we change the global standard together?


There are no animals what use moisturizers or wash their body every day (Per NMT Dr. Fujisawa, Shigeki).  Human beings also should be the same.😉  When it comes to moisturizers, we seem to be swayed by commercial strategies.


Anyway, I hope this explanation would be a help for your understandings of NMT.


Hang in there!
Healing happens to you!



***For parents who do NMT for children/babies,

Please read this blog’s ALL articles in the ‘RECOMMENDED POSTS IN ENGLISH’ corner at least making your personal notebook because you do it without NMT doctors there. 


Please understand that YOU have to be a master of NMT to protect your children/babies.  (I see many comments and posts here and there that parents get incorrect NMT info getting it from personal reports but not from the source.  Since it is medical information, NMT doctors and I are worried about it.)


Also,  join Facebook NMT official groups  NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) Education Group and The NMT Healed Club (No Moisturizing Treatment)  answering 3 questions (Your agreement is necessary to protect the groups’ members).  There are tons of things that you have to learn there.  Still, it’s worth doing.


My YouTube channel also will help your children/babies.  Tokuko’s Room (YouTube)



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