Are you on sick leave? – For sufferers enduring the agony of TSW

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During severe TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawalsymptoms, you are pushed into the situation that you can’t go to school/work and there’s no choice usually.  TSW is such a horrible condition.

You might think like,

I guess I need to quit my job soon….” 😭
I can’t have even ordinaly school life!  I would be better off dead!” 😭
I can’t keep being on sick leave anymore.  My boss and co-workers are sick and tired of me….” 😭
….I hear such voices very often from sufferes.  However, your symptom won’t change tomorrow obviously.  Skin problems always take time to heal.
Well then, how about thinking as follows?

Thank goodness,
I can concentrate on treatment!”
Even if your boss made a sarcastic remark,
as of this moment, you have been concentrating
on treatment actuallyIt’s the actual happening fact.
Without having gratutude for the present fact,
do you repeat what your boss said again and again in your head?
If so, it just gives you a stress and would affect to your symptoms.
And even worse, healing takes longer after all.
The late healing will be worse result for your co-workers too.
I mean, it is waste of your time to lament over things uncontrolable.
Anyway, the fact is, you are on sick leave or are absent from school currently.
In other words, you are able to be on sick leave and can be absent from school.
If that was the case, you should appreciate it.  In any situation, try to find out gratitude.  It’s here and there!
Again, it is waste of time if you think like,
I can’t extend sick leave anymoreI can’t deteriorate it anymoreWhat should I doWhat I can do?”😭
Ahem….what are you thinking about?  What do you have to do now?  You are on sick leave anyway, right?…….It shouldn’t be the time to think like that now.
You got a time to concentrate on treatment fortunatelly!

Please focus on your treatment.   Feel grateful about such a precious time and circumstances.  Utilize this opportunity being on sick leave.
Your anxiety should come next, maybe after healing happened, because current situation is uncontrolable right away.  If symptoms are incurable ‘right now’, it’s better to try to get well faster thinking about positive things but not sitting there with discontent.

As you have already realized, your mental state affects to your skin condition
Sometimes we run across agonies that nothing can be done about it in our life.  However, nothing good happens even if you had grief and sorrow about it.
You should notice this.  It is not the time having anxiety about your futureFocus on getting well first.  That is what you have to do now!
Be happy with your given intermission/interval while being on sick leave.  Keep being positve.  It’s for yourself.
Healing happens definitely to anyone.  
Have a GREAT day!
P.S.  For the fastest healing of TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal), I recommend ‘NMT (No Moisurizing Treatment)’ as one of experiencers.
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👆This article above is a partially translated one of below original in Japanese.
👇Below is the original post.    

For sufferers enduring the agony of TSW 
– To get over rebound symptoms of Topical Steroids even a little easier👇
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