Is your symptom Atopic Dermatitis or Dermatopathy Induced by Topical Steroids?

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Topical Steroid Withdrawal Warriors,

How are you doing?  Hope your symptom is getting better!

Fortunately, I receive so many messages every day via SNSs or on my blog site from readers who like this site, ” Tokuko’s Room” to feel uplifted all over the world.  I’m really happy to know how you are making improvement from your horrible symptoms with the messages and would like to acknowledge in writing here on this site.  Thank you very much, everyone!


Well, as for such messages, some are appreciation about what I shared and some are inquiries like what would happen to their originalAtopic Dermatitis‘ and ‘Itches‘ after they got over TSWSo let me answer it via this post today so that it might be a big help for more understandings of your current symptoms and you might aware more about dangerousness of Topical Steroids at the same time.


Below is the one of responses for a question from me to one of readers of my blog regarding a topicHow to get over Topical Steroids Withdrawal asap!’

(See the second site from the bottom if you haven’t read it.)  

Wishing you would see the silver lining in the dark cloud. 






Thank you very much for the nice comment!  I really appreciate it!

Well, as you see, it is How to get over TSW asapbut not how to cure Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis There are many treatments for them in the world but human beings still can’t find the perfect way to heal them because we found out only one etiology for Atopic Dermatitis, meaning, ‘filaggrin gene‘.


Although the symptom of TSW might be different from your Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis, it is worse than them usually, you’ll see some of your original symptoms were side-effects of Topical Steroids though they were diagnosed as Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis, after you are healed from TSW. 


Let me tell you the reasons why from experiences of mine and other patients who accomplished the same treatment, Dr. Kenji Sato‘s method.  It is called No Steroidal and No Moisturizing Treatment if I translated it directly and is a little different from Moisurizer Withdrawal (MW) but more than that

The therapy is not only avoinding moisturizers but anything that moisturize your body if I explain it precisely.  You can call it NMT for short if you prefer. 


 (Dr. Kenji Sato’s method is different from MW that is advocated by some other doctors who are not performing at clinical sites or are writing with desk theory only.  He has been seeing tons of TSW patients from all over Japan and foreign countries for a long time, day in, day out…..until late night to help us, actually.  He is the leader against TS in Japan, has been taking care of TSW inpatients and his clinical results for TSW are amazing!  That is why I don’t call it MW.)


**Things above moisturize your body!  (Bandages, thick clothes, hot springs, thick comforters, shampoo and conditioners, frequent showers, etc…..)


Even if you finished current TSW, you ‘might’ have TSW again in the future or ‘might not’.  As for the part, nobody knows how often or how bad your next TSW would happen or would not happen because there’s no data in the world.  However, After you finished TSW, you can tell your skin is getting stronger little by little.  I can let you know that your original dermatitis is getting much better every time you finished TSW and everything is going to be extremely better than while you were using Topical Steroids!


The thing is, some or many parts of your skin problems that were diagnosed as Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis were not them but might have been Side-effects of Topical Steroids.  This means, Topical Steroids induce various kinds of skin problems/dermatopathy while you are using it.  It is highly addictive and they make your dermatitis intractable

(**Every time you stopped TS, you realized that your symptom got worse later after all, and then, once you used it again, it got well, didn’t it?  You repeated this over and over in your life, didn’t you?)


As for me, it passed almost 5 yrs after stopping Topical Steroids, and my skin became stronger amazingly though my TSW had been one of the severest symptoms in the world, I guess.  

For example, while I was using TS, my fingers looked like as if I had very thin cellophane on raw skin but currently, they look strong like ordinary people’s ones and have started to shine lately, meaning, I see they are moisturized gradually though I have ultra dry skin originally.  This improvement is the first experience in my life. 


I sometimes have opportunities to see people who have suffered from TSW.  All of patients who were discharged from the hospital mention about the same kind of improvement and we can say that this method, No Topical Steroids and No Moisturizing Treatment, (NMT) is the best way to get over TSW so far on the globe.  We got over TSW miracurously with the treatment in a few months and at the same time, realized that many symptoms had been induced by Topical Steroids because our original dermatitis also is getting much better after all.

So our current symptom is very good or much better than while we were using TS.  This means, the itches also are much better than the time using TS.  (Our original Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema are not healed perfectly because there is no perfect treatment in the world but you’ll see it is not such bad as it was after completion of TSW.)


TS shouldn’t have been prescribed except life threatning situation but no one didn’t know the side-effects long time ago.  However, we knew the fact now so each of us should initiate to say No!’ for the world wide misstepsYou can be one of the pioneers for that.

I believe, someday, someone will invent a perfect treatment to heal Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema but until the day, the treatment will help you out the fastest and your skin will be much much better and stronger than before.


Hope this explanation would be help for you and wish your symptom will be fine soon!
Good luck!





Additionally, the reader who I sent the response above got miraculous recovery from TSW with No Topical Steroids and No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT) within 2 months after she started it to read a topic in my blog.  (See the site below if you haven’t read it.)  She accomplished it by herself reading it carefully.

I have been hearing a lot of good results from my readers but can’t announce them if they were sent to me as personal messages but since the correspondence above is done on my blog site, I posted it for you.  (Added some explanation for your more understandings.) 

Will post the report about her miraculous recovery on this site soon.

I hope this information is going to be the awareness of medications, especially Topical Steroids for people in the world and help your understandings of TSW.


Good luck warriors. 

You’ll be healed soon!



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How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!


   👇 Below site explains details about my explanation above.   👇

                                                        Tokuko’s Room to feel uplifted

What would happen after you recovered from TSW? How your Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema would heal?




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Is your symptom Atopic Dermatitis or Dermatopathy Induced by Topical Steroids?」への4件のフィードバック

  1. My children using TSW method for 2 months and keep to be better. they suffered the red skin, some time has flared in elbow and neck. They are using Dr. Fukaya’s Skin Repair Lotion 200 in my skin.
    I have question:
    What is the NWT, is it not allow use any moisturising product?

    • Hello Chan,
      NMT is advocated by Dr. Kenji Sato based on his long term experience to see TSW sufferers. Tons of sufferers has been getting well with the method in Japan and so many sufferers who read my blog do it at home and get well all over the world. There are great NMT doctors who have been helping TSW sufferers in Japan.

      If you are interested in it, please see other articles in this blog. You can check them below ‘About me’ in this blog or go to ‘POSTS IN ENGLISH’ tub in the top menu.

      I recommend to read ‘How to get over TSW asap’ attached in above article then ‘What can be moisturizers’.
      If you’d like to do it, you need to learn it VERY hard because it works when you do it thoroughly. In Dr. Sato’s hospital, everybody can get well within 90 days but we follow his direction drastically.

      MW and NMT are different and NMT doesn’t use any moisturizers so please read them anyway.
      You can join NMT Education Group answering 3 questions.

      If you are going to start NMT for kids, please read, read, read and read. The first stage is tough and it’s difficult to be strict to kids but it works very much.
      Healing will happen to your kids too. Take care!

    • Dr. Sato,

      Thank you very much for reading and providing helpful information!
      Your medical advice is always appreciated and readers also feel safe with your existence.

      A lot of TSW patients in the world started your method, ‘No Moisturizing Treatment’, to read my post ‘How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap’ in this blog a few months ago and they began to send me messages reporting their muraculous recovery from TSW.

      On behalf of the patients who got well with NMT, thanks again for your dedication to help us out. We really appreciate it!



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