What can be Moisturizers? – For fellows launching ‘No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’

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I recommend Dr. Kenji Sato‘s No Moisturizing Treatment‘ (NMT) in my blog for Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) sufferers due to my long experience of Atopic Dermatitis and healing from VERY severe TSW with it. 

***NMT is the method for TSW but not for the perfect healing of Atopic Dermatitis (AD).  Human beings still can’t find out the etiology of AD except for the filaggrin gene


Every time I update my Japanese blog in English, I receive hundreds of messages/comments/inquiries a day via comment columns of my blog and SNSs from all over the world.  That means so many TSW sufferers have been lost in their journey looking for a good remedy.


A lot of people have already tried MW (Moisture Withdrawal) but NMT is different from it and very drastic method to avoid letting your skin moisturize.  It was developed by Dr. Sato based on his many experiences with TSW patients for a long time.  Some doctors might announce desk theory to let younger doctors see patients but Dr. Sato has been seeing TSW patients in everyday clinical practice and that is why his theory works for patients. 

He is the leader against Topical Steroids in Japan.  



It is noteworthy that he had noticed danger of Topical Steroids, Protopic and Neoral early on in his career.  This fact must make you realize his diagnostic ability.  If you were seen by him, you’d feel safe with his skilled accurate diagnosis and observations, however, since it is difficult to come to Japan to be seen by him for people in foreign countries, and his books haven’t been translated to other languages yet, I’ll keep sharing detailed information of his method for such sufferers and patients who can’t meet experienced dermatologists for TSW.



Well, in the hospital, inpatients are discharged from the hospital from 45 to 90 days later usually.  Before leaving, they often visit other inpatients’ rooms to encourage so I had seen their conditions were VERY good then, in fact, it was hard to find out affected parts on them.  I realized that healing tended to happen at the very end of the process but it was much faster than I expected.  

Especially, the fact that no one applies ointments or creams or oil or any other moisturizers to be healed like that was amazing for me.



Today, I’ll try to explain about moisturizers subjected above to accomplish NMT but this is only for people who set themselves seriously toNo Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’

It is VERY tough for the time being because you have to dry your dry skin and it looks as if the symptom got worse from the first stage to the very end of one on NMT.  Dry skin covered with a lot of crusts looks like horrible aggravation sometimes for us, meaning for non-professionals, but the symptom is the process of healing



Skin needs to dry before healing

Remember when you got injured.  The part develops a scab first and under the scab, new skin is produced preventing invasion by bacteria/germs at the same time.  Then after the affected part dried to finish making healthy skin, the scab comes off naturally

Imagine this.  If you moisturize the injured part over and over with moisturizers, the skin can’t dry and it inhibits forming a scab to be healed.  If you peeled off the scab before drying in the middle of healing, it takes a longer time because your body has to form another scab again.  Besides, if you moisturize the injured fresh part, it is as if you keep the part wetting.  I guess the process of healing of NMT is the same thing with this.  Again, the skin needs to dry before healing.



Before you read explanations of moisturizers, please check out one of my posts below to know NMT.

  Click below site   Tokuko’s Room to feel uplifted

How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!





Well, let me explain what can be moisturizers to accomplish No Moisturizing Treatment‘(NMT).


In the public mind, since dry skin induces itch, medical professions tend to advise you to moisturize your skin.  Also, the increasingly fevered Moisturizing boom due to commercial strategies reflects attitudes and values prevailing in the society.

However, you don’t apply any ointment or cream or oil or any other moisturizers on NMT, I mean, you apply nothing to your skin during the process of NMT. 


If you are a sufferer of Atopic Dermatitis (AD) or TSW, it must be easy to imagine how tough it is.  I also was scared before I tried to do it and it was a fight against pain for a while after I started it.  Most AD/TSW sufferers have dry skin so if you leave affected parts dry, you will get many cracks here and there…I know you also are the same.

However, eventually, this is going to function beautifully.  You’ll dry your dry skin without applying anything anyway and it is the major protocol of this treatment.



Besides, this method is not only drying your skin but avoiding a frequent bath and a shower as much as possible.

Taking a bath and a shower let shed your moisturizing ingredients into the water and water can be moisturizers at the same time.

So as long as you take this treatment, you need to try to diminish numbers of times.  Also, you have to finish it in a VERY short time.

I guess, you imagined like, “5 mins or 10?”…Uh-oh…Nope!

Dr. Sato sometimes says, “You are authorized 2 sec.”…lol  He likes joking but it is serious in a sense.  This means we have to finish it SO quickly.


While we are in the hospital, we take a shower once 3 days or 4 days and try to finish it in several tens of seconds. 

Also, no one washes their faces even in the morning.  We have to dry our skin and need to generate moisturizing ingredients and sebum by ourselves at the same time. 


If your symptom is severe, of course, you shouldn’t take a bath/a shower for the time being because protein will run from the surface of the skin into the water.  Crusts (flakes) and ooze are made of protein and that is important nutrition to produce new skin.  You shouldn’t lose it.  You have to leave a normal bacterial flora on the skin which is important for healing too.



Per Dr. Sato, the main reason to take a shower is to avoid infectious diseases diminishing bacteria on your skin.  At the same time, if you take a bath/a shower very often, it washes away generated antibacterial substances but not only being lost moisture through the skin.

Also, when you take a shower, please don’t forget that the water pressure should be very low.


Before I know this method, while I was taking bed rest at home with VERY severe symptoms, was taking a bath every day without knowing that it was a very dangerous action.  The water turned to be white in a short time because flakes (crusts) covering all over my body peeled off in the bathtub or ooze ran into the water. 


When I entered the hospital to be seen by Dr. Sato, I knew that I had severe hypoalbuminemia.  Maybe it had been happening every time my TSW turned to be severe in the past because my fatigue was horrible at that time but I didn’t realize it and the doctors who I was seen also hadn’t noticed it.
It turned out to be the primary (major) sickness after all though my TSW was VERY severe when I entered the hospital.  This is one of the reasons that I keep advising you to be seen by a doctor sometimes as checkups even if you have to take the home remedy.  There are medical profession’s portions when you get over sicknesses all the time including diagnosis of infection too.

I understand your feeling that it will be a relief to wash away crusts or ooze that smells bad in the bathtub, however, avoiding frequent baths/showers is very important for prompt healing.  If you do it often, it can be dangerous too.

After finished, please absorb the water on the skin gently with a cotton towel.



Hot springs also can be moisturizers.

Each country has different customs instead of hot springs (i.e. Sauna, Jjimjilbang, etc….) but we have the custom to enjoy hot springs in Japan.  Dr. Sato doesn’t recommend them.  Although there are doctors who recommend ‘hot spring treatment’ even among anti-TS doctors, as an experiencer, I agree with the theory that hot springs can be moisturizers.  It might look as if you get well after taking it due to components in hot springs but until the day you feel healing happened, I also don’t recommend such activities.  Count them as moisturizers.

As for other customs in your country, I don’t know them very well but either way, if you get warm in the bathtub or anything, you usually feel itchy so until you get better, the restriction will be a sound choice.  Or don’t stay in it for a long time to avoid the itch.



If possible, please try not to use Soap

When you have to use it, take soap bars but not liquid soap.  Also, don’t take soap bars that say they are good for your sensitive skin, or good for atopic dermatitis, or additive-free, or moist feeling, or moisture-rich, etc…because such soap tends to have moisturizing effects.

When they make liquid soap, a surface-activating agent (surfactantis used definitely.  Do you know what it is made from?  It is a petrochemical product.

Also, liquid soap remains ‘in’ your skin even if you believe you washed it away.



Using Shampoo also is not recommended

It can be a moisturizer.  

Wash your hair with good temperature shower water only.  We call it ‘Yu-Sham’ which means hot water shampoo, not using shampoo actually. 

When you really want to use shampoo, use soap bars making a lather with it instead of shampoo.

After you got well, the shampoo also might be ok but don’t use ones that include a surface-activating agent (surfactant) or rinse or conditioner or treatment.


We have been manipulated by the commercial strategy of companies and everybody shampoos or takes a shower every day lately, however, human beings haven’t done it so often originally, I mean, we didn’t do it very often a long time ago.  It is the custom companies made on purpose to sell products.



However, once you imagine the restriction of taking a bath/a shower, you would worry about the smell of oozing skin.  Since it includes very important nutrition, meaning, protein, it smells so bad.  Unfortunately, there’s no way around.

However, protein works to produce your new skin and it is necessary for your healing definitely.

Please do not rinse ooze and just try to dry the affected parts

After the ooze dried, I know you feel an intense itch so you will scratch the parts definitely but still, you should dry the parts again not to wipe it off.  It will happen over and over in the process.

Repeating the process, your skin is getting stronger eventually.  The process is so hard and I know that you will completely disappoint yourself every time you scratch all crusts off but nevertheless skin needs to be dried before healing.  If you added moisturizer, it will obstruct the healing.  Dr. Sato fully knows it is a sickness to feel itchy so it is ok to scratch. 

And remember this.  To wipe off ooze can be a moisturizer.  It makes it more difficult to dry your skin.



After exercise, what should you do?  

Dr. Sato recommends working out every day to boost metabolism.  It helps to produce new skin.

In case you get sweaty, do you think you can take a shower every time?

…..Nope.  Still, take a shower/bath once 3 or 4 days.  Just dry your skin naturally.

For drenching sweat, wipe it just like touching your skin gently to absorb it with a dry cotton towel.  Please do not scrub with it. 

In the hospital, inpatients work out every day so everybody gets sweaty very often.  Even in summer, they dry sweat naturally or absorb dripping sweat with a dry cotton towel.  (Again, do not scrub.  Just touch it with a towel gently). 

I explain this by saying ‘they’…..because I wasn’t able to walk at first in the hospital due to severe symptoms and after a while, was able to walk slowly.  So I couldn’t work out very well, but still, even such a person got it over within 90 days with NMT.



Every time I explain about sweat and the frequency of a shower/bath, some people send me questions like ‘I feel itchy after I got sweat so I can’t do this.  What should I do?’

….Ahem…I understand it.  Everybody is the same with you.  Yep.  I agree……but…..

I don’t need reports on what you CAN’T do from all over the world…LOL!  You should do only things you can do so you don’t need to show me the reasons that you can’t do it…..

I’m telling you.  If you do Dr. Sato’s NMT thoroughly following the direction in another post above, TSW sufferers will see significant improvements within 45 to 90 days.  All of his patients who used to be in the hospital can be testimonies of prompt recovery.  In other words, since we followed his protocol strictly, we could get it over within that time frame.

If you can’t make it, healing takes longer than that.  No more and no less.  You have the freedom to choose treatments.  I just can explain the best method and can say if you follow the method strictly/accurately, you can get it over the fastest.  Everybody has situations so please don’t worry too much about not being able to do it.

Anyway, in case you feel itchy due to sweat, you can take a shower….but only 5 sec or so, I recommend.  I’m not joking.  We take such a strict way in the hospital and that’s why we get it over so fast. 



This also must be a surprise for you but to apply gauze thick

or putting lots of bandages on can be moisturizers.

You understand the feeling that your skin contains moisture and humidity inside them, don’t you?  If you wrapped a part up in a bandage, you can’t evaporate humidity through the skin.

NMT’s protocol is to dry the affected parts and encourages producing new skin, so you don’t apply anything including gauzes and bandages basically.

It is ok to put a piece of gauze on the affected part only cutting it the same size as the part in case your skin can’t make a scab easily due to a lot of oozesIt is applied instead of scabs so one piece only in any situation.

After it starts to peel, cut off the dried part only and leave the rest of it as is.

You can take a shower with the gauze as is and it is ok to leave it on the skin up to one week.

**Gauze should be washed with water in advance to avoid the stimulation of gauze itself and antiseptic.



Even if your skin looks so bad, you don’t apply anything or don’t put bandages on.  Just dry it.

I had never tried such treatment in my long experience of Atopic Dermatitis.  I used to apply Topical Steroids or something always when it got worse in the past and put on bandages for raw skin.  It was a common sense of treatment for skin problems for me.

However, this method defied conventional wisdom.  It was a big surprise for me because the skin was generated the fastest than any other treatment.



During TSW, you sometimes feel shivering cold.

However, to stay in blankets or thick top covers or

comforters can be moisturizers.

When you sleep, it is unavoidable not to catch a cold but adjust the room temperature and try not to stay in bed all day long.  It definitely is a moisturizer.

Even if you are staying out of comforters, if you wear windbreakers or thick clothes, or etc….the outfit can be a moisturizer.

Are you sick and tired of hearing these strict restrictions already?….lol  I understand your feeling very much because I also have chattered my teeth due to a feeling of shivery cold but if you accomplish them radically, healing happens faster.  I promise.



The Air Flow in the clothes also is important.

The moisture-containing air due to your body temperature can be a moisturizer.

In Hannan Chuo Hospital, I used to wear a thin cotton big T-shirt and a pair of big thin cotton short pants.  Inpatients are not recommended thick clothes.  Thin clothes that allow air to pass through easily are ideal. 

If you put your shirt into pants, that also can be a moisturizer.  You know what I mean?

Think about the airflow even inside clothes all the time and dry your skin.  See?  This treatment is such drastic.



Because of ooze, you might be wearing towels around your neck but it can be a moisturizer

Before I knew NMT, I used to put a thick gauze towel around my neck because ooze was dropping, however, if it is running, just absorb only drops with the gauze gently and dry the part wearing an open-necked cotton shirt

Again, ooze is necessary for healingDon’t wipe it off.



A high-necked collar shirt and Turtleneck shirts also can be moisturizers.

Faceguards and masks also are moisturizers.



TSW sufferers prefer to peel crusts off…..lol  We tend to do it but to keep skin pliable can be a moisturizer to be exact.  Healing takes longer if you do it.



Water restriction makes a big difference for healing.

If you take too much water, excess fluid remains in subcutaneous tissue.  It can be the cause of edema/swollenness and can be a moisturizer.

Especially, don’t drink much water at night or before you go to bed.


I checked with Dr. Sato regarding water restriction before I post this because I receive so many inquiries about it.  Below is the translation of his explanation.  The quantity of water includes fruits, yogurt, jelly, pudding, etc…Not only water.




The water restriction for TSW is approximately from 1,000 to 1,500 ml per day for people weighing 5060 kg.  Might be ok from 1,300 to 1,800 ml per day for people weighing 8090 kg

However, if you have erythrodermia/exfoliative dermatitis showing a wide range of redness on the entire body, 20 % more water will be allowed. 

If you get sweaty a lot after exercise, you could drink additional water checking the change of your weight.  If you disregard the sweat absorbed in your clothes, you can take an additional 500 ml of water in case you lost 500 g.  However, if you got sweaty a lot and it was absorbed in the clothes, you need to consider it too. 

In case you have a cold or something and have a fever of more than 38 ℃, you should stop water restriction and drink water as you would like. 



(Thanks, Dr. Sato!  This is the perfect explanation for us!)


I really want to help many TSW fellow sufferers because I fully know how tough it is.  That’s why I share the information taking the time though English is not my first language and if I could help as many people as possible, it would be my pleasure.  However, during the process, since you need to bear the hardship of going through this treatment for a while and it can be as if it is getting worse during the drying process, I have a concern. 

The thing is……If you don’t take the exact way or if you added your original method though NMT should be done precisely, healing takes longer.  Or if you can’t be patient due to pain or your compelling situation and quit it in the middle of the procedure that looks like aggravation, you won’t learn how great it is.  And then, if you announced ‘This was not good…..It didn’t work for me!’, with the approaches above, so many TSW patients would miss this great method

Please understand that you have responsibility for that.  So if you have a strong intention to accomplish it, I definitely recommend you take it reading my explanation carefully.  It is the fastest way to get over TSW and you also can be a testimony.



In addition, as I always mention, this should be done with proper monitoring by physicians as checkups.  if your symptom is diagnosed as ‘Not dangerous.’, just be patient and wait until healing happens.  Just wait.  You might repeat to scratch and dry, scratch and dry, scratch and dry…..but your skin is getting stronger little by little and then, healing happens to you


Dr. Sato fully knows that it is itchy sickness and itches are uncontrollable.  You can’t help it.  He says, ‘It is ok to scratch because this sickness has a certain symptom with itches.  It’s such a sickness.  Scratch and dry, scratch and dry, scratch and dry…but the last scratch should be done gently at least.  Your skin will be stronger gradually.’ 

You can scratch in NMT.  Again, everyone, you should know that you MAY scratch because no one can control it.  Don’t be disappointed after you scratched.



Please don’t concentrate on seeing the affected parts only.  See the parts that got well.  Do not expect 100% in any situation.   No need to do a comparison with others.

Such a mind also can help your healing. 

Do you notice that there are grateful things here and there all the time?  Even in your current situation, there should be many.  Remember this.  You are experiencing this journey to find them out in spite of suffering.



The day will be soon.  Trust your natural healing ability.

Hang in there!!  Good luck!


From the lecture meeting of NMT doctors, below can be moisturizers per Dr. Kenji Sato:
②Super (strong) acidic water/lotion
③Olive oil/Jojoba oil/Horse oil, etc…
④To wrap up the entire body with gauze/bandages
⑤To stay in bed wrapped with blankets for a long time
⑥Long frequent bath
⑧To peel off or scrub off crusts to make your skin smooth
⑨To wipe off the ooze
⑩Too much water intake
Please add the above info in your personal NMT notebook!😉💕
A drastic way to avoid moisturizers and moisturizing acts are required for your fastest healing. If you are doing one of them, you are not doing NMT correctly. Hang in there!💗
Copyright © 2018 Tokuko Abfab All Rights Reserved.

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**Please don’t misunderstand this.  There are no data in the world about the frequency of TSW and no one can prove if it won’t happen anymore for good.  It is the scary point of the side-effect of medications.  You just can be healed from your current TSW shortly with this method.  Also, this doesn’t mean it can change your original body composition or your original sickness though most of us feel it gets much better than before.


Arabic Version

“ما قد يعد بالترطيب ؟- للأصدقاء اللذين سيبدأون ب”العلاج من غير ترطيب


Russian Version

Что может являться увлажнением? – Для пациентов, начинающих «Безводную терапию» (на англ. No Moisturizing Treatment – NMT)


Japanese Version

今から本気で、脱保湿 ♪ - 自宅で脱ステ中の皆さんへ



***If you’d like to learn NMT, this video that Dr. Kenji Sato has reviewed is a must-see to get correct protocol and to not prolong the symptoms.

Your strong determination, tremendous efforts to master NMT and perseverance are required to get expecte results (faster healing) with NMT.




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What can be Moisturizers? – For fellows launching ‘No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’」への14件のフィードバック

  1. Hello, I’ve come across your website and it really got my interest on how I would heal with my TSW. I used a corticosteroid last year for months and after I stopped, my skin was on its worse. I’ve tried various skin restoring washes and moisturizers but it can only do so much. And then I came across NMT, which was a very interesting and promising take on how to heal TSW. To mention, I only have this condition on my foot which where I applied the corticosteroid. A few days in NMT, my foot started to really dry up. The first day I got ooze all over my foot, and when it dried up, it became harder to move my foot due to dryness and wounds open up because of movement of dry parts. I’m concerned on further steps I would take through NMT. I would really appreciate a few personal guidelines regarding drying up the affected part.

    • Hi p_p,
      It is a sound choice you started NMT for TSW. For the time being, the process is REALLY tough but for the faster healing, you need to dry up the skin completely so that the skin starts to generate natural moisturizers and sebum, meaning, your skin is getting stronger and more beautiful. So, thinking about your future too, NMT will be the best choice.
      Still, I fully understand that NMT is very hard to accomplish. Your correct knowledge, strong determination and perseverance are required to do it.
      Please try to read/watch everything that I provide because the advocate, Dr. Sato reviews everything for your faster healing. All successfully healed sufferers learned it very seriously from the info that I provide.
      Below is the site to get the accurate/correct NMT info.

      At least, please watch the video in the middle of it and master the basic NMT first.
      Some body parts such as joints are difficult to dry but still, you need to air dry them as much as possible. Feet also may be difficult because you have to walk every day. Still, try to do the NMT thoroughly as much as possible. It leads you to faster improvement than any other treatments as long as you do it correctly and thoroughly.
      Looking forward to seeing your healed report in The NMT Healed Club in the near future! Hang in there! Healing happens to you too!

  2. Hi do you have any experience with tsw on the nipples? Mine are very severe. The whole area oozes, heals slightly, then begins to ooze again. Currently I’m air drying them all day, doing nmt and wearing no top. This is my worst area by far, will they ever heal? It has been almost a year of non stop oozing

    • Hi Stevie,

      Sorry for responding late. I take care of most of NMT activities by myself so the situation is ultra hectic…Please understand.
      Have you watched my YouTube?

      Each sufferer has symptoms on different parts but the process is the same except for having other sicknesses or infections or special conditions such as pregnancy. Try a piece of gauze treatment. And when we have too much ooze or RSS, Dr. Sato always advises diminishing the amount of water intake. It works unbelievably. Or you can put the part higher than other parts. Join the NMT Education Group on Facebook and read all of my posts over and over again. Watch YouTube too repeatedly. For your faster healing, I have been working hard day in, day out so try to stay positive. You can trust this method. Healing happens to you as long as you do NMT correctly. Wishing your symptoms are getting better soon!

  3. Hiya!
    First of all I just want to say thank you for sharing your experience with us all, I have just started TSW after having a bad flare up from steroids, I didn’t even know what TSW was but after days and days of research I keep seeing the NMT treatment recommended by yourself & have come across loads of people on the internet that have followed your method, it sounds extreme but I want to start my NMT journey BUT the only think stopping me from doing it properly is that I pray 5 times a day (I am a Muslim) and I have to wash my face, hands, arms & feet several times a day in order to pray, what can you advise me to do? I really want to cure my skin and start the first step properly. X

    • Hi Selina,

      Thank you very much for your kind message.
      Yes, NMT works. It is an amazingly great method but due to current society that is not nice for sufferers who don’t want to use TS, it has been taking time to spread. NMT doctors’ books are not translated into other languages but since I knew it worked for human beings, I started to share to the world sufferers with my poor English! (^o~)b

      Well, as for your situation, I just can say do what you can do for yourself as much as possible because it is uncontrollable for you.
      There are a lot of sufferers who ask about the various situation that they can’t do NMT such as living in high humidity areas, cold areas, work conditions, etc…but if you can’t do it, you can’t. (^_^)b
      I suggest you not worry about what you can’t do. Find what you can do and do your best.
      (As for the weather and climates, no one can control and you can’t move often usually. In Japan, we have VERY cold area and VERY hot area like tropical countries but sufferers do NMT anywhere if they’d like to do it. The results are up to the person, meaning how much he/she followed NMT thoroughly.)
      Still, you need to learn it seriously and need to master ‘don’ts of NMT’ clearly and do what you can do now. After washing your hands, try to absorb the water with cotton towels completely.

      There are so many Muslims in NMT groups and they also are trying to do it as much as possible. Already many people who accomplished NMT successfully. You also can make it!
      Hang in there! Healing happens to you too!


      P.S. There are Arabic translated version of my two articles so hope they also will help you more. After healing, please join our translation team to help the world. Omar who translated them did it while he was struggling TSW symptoms in the Middle East and mastered NMT.



  4. Hello, I am from Colombia and I have been suffering from TSW for 4 months, I am just starting NMT and the truth is that your blog has been a great help to me and I wanted to thank you for sharing this valuable information with all of us, I send you many greetings from Colombia.

    • Gabriela,

      Thank you very much for your uplifting message. You encouraged me so much and your lines make readers happy. Such a state of mind works for your faster healing. Keep doing a great job! The key is to be a master of NMT. Feel better!

  5. During the nmt treatment (esp. For toddlers), do we need to avoid some foods like dairy and eggs? I haven’t done allergy testing for my 2 y.o daughter but i’m interested in applying nmt treatment.

    • Hello Heidi,

      Sorry for responding this late. i receive hundreds of messages from all over the world every day so please understand it.
      As for babies/kids, of course if your child is allergic to specific food, you should avoid it but NMT doctors recommend parents to let kids/babies eat much/enough food because they need much more nutrition than adult’s proportion to generate skin. For details, please read below article.

      Also, your strong determination will be required so please read below article too.

      If you think initiating NMT, of course you need to make efforts to learn and absorb the knowledge strictly because NMT doctors are not there. Especially, if you do it for kids, please read all articles making your personal notebook. And please join NMT Education group on Facebook to learn it more.
      Successful parents did learn it like that.

      It works for TSW definitely but without having parents’ strong intention and efforts, you can’t accomplish it because you need to get over kid’s repetition of ‘scratch and dry’ without seeing it. Learn it hard and commit. Healing happens to your daughter too. Hang in there!

  6. Dear Tokuko San,

    I am very grateful for your very fast reply. I have great confidence in the NMT method as I have experienced significant improvement (significant less redness and oozing) upon starting it. Initially, I wanted to give you a thank you reply when I have healed. I was confident I will heal within 1.5 months just like what most Dr Sato’s inpatients did. I was complacent as I was making very good progress after 1 month of NMT and I have a strong desire to return to work with 1 more month of NMT. I even bought Dr Sato’s book although my Japanese literacy is very elementary. I had to use google translate and dictionary to read the book.

    Then I had a setback after slightly more than 1 month of NMT. I started to feel my skin is wet, oozy and sticky again. Now I am at around 7.5 weeks of NMT. I am slowly making progress again.

    Looking back, I realized all the answers for my deterioration were in your blog.

    1. I was having too much mental stress upon myself.
    I have various sources of pressure (wanting to get back to work ASAP, family matter etc) . Now I realized nothing matter till I get my health back. In the last few days, I have started to read your Japanese posts with google translate. (=D) You are really encouraging and inspiring! I always have a good laugh and smile when I read your posts.

    2. I was having too much water.

    I was a bit slow on this as I thought I have not changed my diet and water intake too much since the start of the NMT . However I did not take into account the humid weather in the past few weeks (Sat over 95% most of the time). I was passing urine more and more often. I started restricting my water intake by frying all my food now instead of boiling/ steaming and only take food with high water content (e.g. Leafy green veg and fruits) during breakfast and lunch instead of dinner.

    3. Viscious cycle of ooze and reducing physical activity

    As my worse oozing areas are on my buttocks and the back of thighs, I felt very painful and my skin felt tight whenever I stand up and move and I felt I couldn’t do exercise. However, the more I sit around, the less air get ventilated to my buttocks and I felt the oozing part doesn’t dry. Now, I walk around more in the morning even if there is oozing after one night’s sleep in blanket. In the afternoon when the ooze is less, I try to do at least 1 hour of kpop dancing on youtube. Exercise helped my skin to feel less tight and made me feel happier.

    4. I was near my menstrual period and I have read from Dr Sato’s book that most girls do get worse during their menses.

    Pardon me for the long post. But I really wanted to give you an update and a big THANK YOU for promoting this method to the English world!

    Sending you lots of love !

    • Ms Wong,

      Thank you so much for your detaild report! It moved me tears immediately.
      Also, I’m very happy to know your implovement.

      I fully know how tough TSW is because mine was one of the worst symptoms in the world if I may say so.
      So I REALLY want to help other sufferers with my experience and the great method, meaning, NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment).

      I have 180,000 readers in the world currently but don’t put advertisements in my blog because I need to be trusted by sufferes who are struggling not to be able to find out a good treatment. I mean, I don’t need to sell anything so don’t have to exaggerate my story or don’t need to lie. I believe non profit will be a criteria for judgement of the truth and for choosing the right method among tons of treatments for TSW. So it was a sound choice for you to choose Dr. Sato’s NMT and I’m proud of you to know that you are the person who can discern the right information.

      At the same time, you keep making efforts to read Dr.Sato’s book and my blog even though it is foreign language for you and I think it is wonderful! I wish I had enojugh time to translate all of my topics at least in English to encourage fellow sufferers. I hear that a lot of foreign readers of my blog are trying to read my blog with translaters but such people tend to be healed so fast.

      Rreceiving reports like this from my blog’s readers, I’m always encouraged and it makes all my time and works worhthwhile.
      Your report contains helpful information for other fellow sufferers so let me put your message to one of my blog page sometime so that we can help more sufferers.

      Thanks again for your wonderful report. I really appreciate it!
      Keep doing the great job! Take care!

  7. Dear Tokuko San,

    Thank you for your very detailed explanation! I have been on TSW since December last year. Currently I am in the midst of my second TSW flare-up. Luckily I came across your blog and learned about Dr Sato’s NMT method. I have been on strict NMT for 6 days and my worst continuously oozing parts on the inner thighs have crusted. Unfortunately I couldn’t stand the itch and scratched off the crust this morning after sweating a bit. Now it is oozing again. I am already restricting my water intake to 1.5Litre per day (at most 1L of water. The remaining water comes from food (difficult to estimate but I think it should be less than 500ml?)

    I would be very grateful if you could answer the following questions.

    1. How should I dry these oozing parts? Do I use gauze or just leave it to air dry? Would using a hair dryer or fan help? (I am seriously considering this method)

    2. What is the longest period you or your fellow TSW friends avoid shower without problems? So far I still feel relatively comfortable despite not showering for a 6 days already but my scalp is starting to itch

    3. How do you or your fellow TSW friends handle the itch during sleep which will disturb the sleep quality? I am taking anti- histamine which helps me to fall asleep but I will wake up immediately when the effect wears off after 4 hours.


    • Ms Wong,

      Thanks for reading! It is a sound choice that you take NMT because it is the best method to get over TSW the fastest.
      When affected parts have crusted, you definitely feel itch so I know you can’t control to scratch it but it is ok because you can’t help it. Just repeat the process, scratch and dry, scratch and dry, scratch and dry…over and over. Your skin is getting stronger and you’ll see healing.

      Well, let me answer your questions as much as possible.
      1. Wear cotton big T-shirts or something like that. Air flow inside the clothes also is important. If humidity is high, you feel itch so AC and the fan also are ok I think but don’t recommend hair dryer. Air dry is the best. Even if it is oozing, just dry and don’t wipe. Ooze contains the important nutrition to be healed. In case it oozes too much, like running one after another, I put cotton towerl to absorb it because it drops so fast but don’t touch the affected parts with it to wipe. Then just dry. Or you can put a piece of gauze with the same size of the part as I explained above. It can be instead of a crust/scab.
      After the excersize, some inpatients were drying their body naked (of course, in the curtain) though it is not doctor’s direction. We dry our body anyway.

      2. The shower is for avoiding infection so if you can be patient, and if there’s no problem, not to take it for a while is ok. Your commonsense is good enough to make a decision for the interval. If you think it is too itchy without taking a shower, it must be ok to take. While the symptom is serious, you shouldn’t take it.

      3. As for itch, it is not controlable for anyone. After dried/crusted, you feel itch and will scratch definitely. But, it is ok to scratch though this must be unbelievable direction for you.
      Everybody has hard time for itch but sleeping time in the direction of other topic (10 pm – 2 am) is VERY important and makes big difference for healilng so if it is too tough, you can be prescribed sleep inducing agents. Antipururitic drugs also are ok though they don’t work very well as you know. Try to get up early and work out to pass out around 09:30 pm.
      Again, sleeping time 10-2 makes BIG difference. Sleeping tight is difficult for everyone due to itch but itch is uncontorolable so just try doing your best.

      If you take NMT thoroughly, healing happens 45 to 90 days so try it as much as possible. Don’t add your original way like putting so and so oil or XX bath foam or cream, etc….
      Take good care of yourself!

      P.S. Please read other posts written in English. To accomplish NMT, the correct knowledge is important. Good luck!


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