A message from a TSW sufferer who is on No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)

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Topical Steroid Withdrawal fellow sufferers,
Due to experiences of a lot of fellow sufferers’ and mine to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW), I have been recommending No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT) by Dr. Kenji Sato in Osaka, Japan.  It was amazingly great for us and the fastest way to compare with another Moisture Withdrawal (MW) to get it over but I know that everybody has difficulty with choosing a good method since there are tons of information. 
Of course, it is difficult to come to Japan for this treatment for people who live in foreign countries so I share his method via my blog, Tokuko’s Room to feel uplifted, in English sometimes.  The treatment requires you to have ordinary and healthy ‘daily life’, looks like simple, so if you do it thoroughly at home, you also will see the good result in a short period though it might be unbelievable for you.
Dr. Sato noticed the danger of using Topical Corticosteroids (TS), Protopic and Neoral also, for Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema long time ago and has been taking care of the sufferers for ages.  His long term experience with patients created this wonderful method and so many of his inpatients/outpatients got over TSW with it. 
***However, as for TSW, no one knows how often or how many times or how bad or how long it would repeat.  There’s no data in the world.  Still, you can get over your current TSW symptom the fastest with NMT.  His patients are testimony.**
Well, today, let me introduce one of my readers detailed report for NMT.  We exchanged messages via comment column of my blog.  She has initiated NMT lately and will accomplish it soon!
I believe her message will give a hope to people who are struggling against the horrible symptoms of TSW and provides good information at the same time.
It will be tough way to make it through but healing will happen to you too with this method.
Here is her message below…
Dear Tokuko San,
I am very grateful for your very fast reply.
I have great confidence in the NMT method as I have experienced significant improvement (significant less redness and oozing) upon starting it.
Initially, I wanted to give you a thank you reply when I have healed.
I was confident I will heal within 1.5 months just like what most Dr Sato’s inpatients did.
I was complacent as I was making very good progress after 1 month of NMT and I have a strong desire to return to work with 1 more month of NMT.
I even bought Dr Sato’s book although my Japanese literacy is very elementary. I had to use google translate and dictionary to read the book.
Then I had a setback after slightly more than 1 month of NMT.
I started to feel my skin is wet, oozy and sticky again. Now I am at around 7.5 weeks of NMT.  I am slowly making progress again.
Looking back, I realized all the answers for my deterioration were in your blog.
1. I was having too much mental stress upon myself.
I have various sources of pressure (wanting to get back to work ASAP, family matter etc) . Now I realized nothing matter till I get my health back. In the last few days, I have started to read your Japanese posts with google translate. (=D) You are really encouraging and inspiring! I always have a good laugh and smile when I read your posts.
2. I was having too much water.
I was a bit slow on this as I thought I have not changed my diet and water intake too much since the start of the NMT. However I did not take into account the humid weather in the past few weeks (Sat over 95% most of the time). I was passing urine more and more often. I started restricting my water intake by frying all my food now instead of boiling/ steaming and only take food with high water content (e.g. Leafy green veg and fruits) during breakfast and lunch instead of dinner.
3. Viscious cycle of ooze and reducing physical activity
As my worse oozing areas are on my buttocks and the back of thighs, I felt very painful and my skin felt tight whenever I stand up and move and I felt I couldn’t do exercise. However, the more I sit around, the less air get ventilated to my buttocks and I felt the oozing part doesn’t dry. Now, I walk around more in the morning even if there is oozing after one night’s sleep in blanket. In the afternoon when the ooze is less, I try to do at least 1 hour of kpop dancing on youtube. Exercise helped my skin to feel less tight and made me feel happier.
4. I was near my menstrual period and I have read from Dr Sato’s book that most girls do get worse during their menses.
Pardon me for the long post. But I really wanted to give you an update and a big THANK YOU for promoting this method to the English world!
Sending you lots of love !
Hope this message above will encourage you and will be the criteria for choosing a good method among tons of treatments for TSW.  And I really want to say thank you for this report.  Her experience and what she learned will definitely help other sufferers.
However, please make sure that you have to accomplish this treatment ‘thoroughly’ but not adding your original arrangement like applying oil or moisturizers or taking so and so bath, etc…to get the fastest healing.
It is a little bit more difficult to make it perfectly at home but if you do it thoroughly, you’ll see the good result from 45 days to 90 days later like inpatients in Hannan Chuo Hospital at Osaka as long as your symptom is TSW. 
I have received some messages from sufferers who can’t get good results with it but such people always add their original way like applying something or go to bed late or not work out, etc….In that case, it is not NMT any more.  This reader above noticed it reviewing a lot about NMT.
People who made it within a short period trusted this method and made every efforts like her above.  She is the role model of we sufferers. 
For example, I hear many readers try to read even my Japanese topics using translators to get more information.  Such people tend to accomplish it successfully in a very short period
Also, in the drying process with NMT, you feel like as if it is getting worse to see ugly dried skin but skin needs to dry before healingYour new skin is generated under the crusts.  And healing happens at the very end of the period so you should complete your mental preparation with strong determination to achieve it.  If you might give up in the middle of it, I don’t recommend you to do it because you have to go through hard time before healing anyway.
For people who had never heard of No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT),



For detailed information to accomplish NMT,


What can be Moisturizers? – For fellows launching ‘No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’




For people who’d like to read our conversation in the past, please read below.



<<From the reader to Tokuko>>

Dear Tokuko San,

Thank you for your very detailed explanation! I have been on TSW since December last year.  Currently I am in the midst of my second TSW flare-up.

Luckily I came across your blog and learned about Dr Sato’s NMT method.  I have been on strict NMT for 6 days and my worst continuously oozing parts on the inner thighs have crusted. Unfortunately I couldn’t stand the itch and scratched off the crust this morning after sweating a bit.  Now it is oozing again.

I am already restricting my water intake to 1.5Litre per day (at most 1L of water. The remaining water comes from food (difficult to estimate but I think it should be less than 500ml?)

I would be very grateful if you could answer the following questions.

1. How should I dry these oozing parts?  Do I use gauze or just leave it to air dry?  Would using a hair dryer or fan help? (I am seriously considering this method)

2. What is the longest period you or your fellow TSW friends avoid shower without problems? So far I still feel relatively comfortable despite not showering for a 6 days already but my scalp is starting to itch

3. How do you or your fellow TSW friends handle the itch during sleep which will disturb the sleep quality? I am taking anti- histamine which helps me to fall asleep but I will wake up immediately when the effect wears off after 4 hours.



<<From Tokuko to the reader>>


Thanks for reading!  It is a sound choice that you take NMT because it is the best method to get over TSW the fastest.
When affected parts have crusted, you definitely feel itch so I know you can’t control to scratch it but it is ok because you can’t help it.  Just repeat the process, scratch and dry, scratch and dry, scratch and dry…over and over.  Your skin is getting stronger and you’ll see healing.

Well, let me answer your questions as much as possible.

1.  Wear cotton big T-shirts or something like that.  Air flow inside the clothes also is important.  If humidity is high, you feel itch so AC and the fan also are ok I think but don’t recommend hair dryer.  Air dry is the best.  Even if it is oozing, just dry and don’t wipe.  Ooze contains the important nutrition to be healed.  In case it oozes too much, like running one after another, I put cotton towerl to absorb it because it drops so fast but don’t touch the affected parts with it to wipe.  Then just air dry.  Or you can put a piece of gauze with the same size of the part as I explained above (Footnote: It is in the blog topic).  It can be instead of a crust/scab.
After the excersize, some inpatients were drying their body naked (of course, in the curtain) though it is not doctor’s direction.  We dry (=air dry) our body anyway.

2.  The shower is for avoiding infection and to diminish bacteria on your skin so if you can be patient, and if there’s no problem, not to take it for a while is ok. Your commonsense is good enough to make a decision for the interval.  If you think it is too itchy without taking a shower, it must be ok to take.  While the symptom is serious, you shouldn’t take it.  (Most of inpatients were taking it a few times a week for a VERY short time, like 10 sec, 1 min, 5 mins, etc…, meaning, as short as possible.)

3.  As for itch, it is not controlable for anyone.  After dried/crusted, you feel itch and will scratch definitely.  But, it is ok to scratch though this must be unbelievable direction for you.  (If you can control, of course, don’t scratch.)
Everybody has hard time for itch but sleeping time in the direction of other topic (10 pm – 2 am) is VERY important and makes big difference for healilng so if it is too tough, you can be prescribed sleep inducing agents.  Antipururitic drugs also are ok though they don’t work very well as you know.  Try to get up early and work out to pass out around 09:30 pm.
Again, sleeping time 10-2 makes BIG difference.  Sleeping tight is difficult for everyone due to itch but itch is uncontorolable so just try doing your best.

If you take NMT thoroughly, healing happens 45 to 90 days so try it as much as possible.  Don’t add your original way like putting so and so oil or XX bath foam or cream, etc….

Take good care of yourself!

P.S.  Please read other posts written in English.  To accomplish NMT, the correct knowledge is important.  Good luck!




I have been disseminating the danger of Topical Steroid, Protopic and Neoral to use for dermatitis to all over the world. 

This is nonprofit action so I don’t need to exaggerate the effectiveness of NMT.  It was the best treatment to get over TSW for me and for my fellow sufferers who experienced it too so I just want to share the info to help you out because I fully know how tough TSW is.  I believe that spreading this information is urgent need.

If this topic was helpful for you, please clickLike on this page or Share the info for people who need it. 

Your such action will help future sufferers that might increase in the long run.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Anyway, healing will happen to you too soon!  Hang in there!





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