NMT Super Helpful Information From Dr. Kenji Sato’s Patient Meeting – No. 7 (About Ooze)

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Dr. Kenji Sato who is the advocate of NMT (No Moisturizing Treatmentprovides detailed information during his classes for inpatients at Hannan Chuo Hospital department of dermatology, Osaka Japan and releases it on the website.

This time….Ta-da!!!  I can provide the information regardingOOZE‘ from the class

I know you really want to know about it because it is one of the worst symptoms of TSW and at the top of the discomfort index, isn’t it?

Ok, you can’t wait anymore……Here we go! 




About Ooze (Exudate)


A patient asked, When ooze comes out, I feel like the poison comes out from my body so I wipe it offIs that ok?”


      👉 ”No, that is the opposite of a fundamental rule of NMTDo not wipe the ooze off.”

                 👇 The purpose of ooze is to fix wounds 👇

  • A lot of protein is contained in ooze and it can act like a lid that both covers and protects the wounds at the same time.



There are 2 types of exudate.  

         ☆  THICK OOZE  👇

       High concentration of proteins.  The liquid solidifies in a dome shape  

          ☆  WATERY OOZE  👇

     Dangerous condition due to low protein content.  It flows more frequently.



It is not good to wipe with tissue papers!

   Various chemicals dissolve into the skin and they make the wound worse.

            (There are many chemicals in the tissue paper.)


Then what should we do?

           👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

  • Apply a piece of gauze on the oozing part.   (The purpose is to make an artificial scab.  For details, please read How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap! )
  • The scab should be left without doing anything.
  • Leave the gauze on as long as possible.  (Never more than one week! )


 ●When you remove the gauze or when the gauze is peeled off, some scabs might accidentally come off with the gauze. 

Your decision about re-applying gauze will be based on whether there is still ooze or rather if the wounds is moist with sweat.

If it is sweat, you don’t need to apply the gauze anymore.

You can tell if it is ooze or sweat with the color of the liquid.


 ●The gauze is more likely to come off when it is on joints or moving parts like groin, armpits, etc….

So when on such body parts, apply a piece of gauze on first, then put on a smaller size of underwear and under shirt. 

They will stabilize the gauze.  (If it is not necessary, NMT recommends loose outfits for air-drying the skin.)


 ●Before you apply new gauze, you should wash it with water and then dry because the gauze is sterilized with antiseptic solution

If the gauze is used as it is, the skin may react to the disinfectant.  Also, washed gauze with water may be a little hard (as you washed clothes without fabric softener) so squeeze or crumple to soften before use.





How do you like this advice?  Don’t you think Dr. Sato’s explanation is extremely helpful?

Yes, it also helped me SO much!


‘Q & A’ is not only about NMT but other sickness, life style, etc…also usually.

With his extensive knowledge and vast experience of skin problems, he always answers any question immediately but his knowledge is not limited to skin problems!  So amazing always!



“Tell me about NMT, Dr. Satoooooooo!!!!”  \(^o^)/









Q.  If you are stopping the use of TS or NMT (if you don’t do them at the same time), which one do you prioritize?

A.  I start with No Moisturizing Treatment and then stop the use of Topical Steroids because while you are applying the steroids, you don’t get as much inflammation.


Q.  What is the difference between sufferers who get ooze and those who don’t get it?

A.  It depends on if the skin is scraped or not.


Q.  During infections, why doesn’t ooze stop?

A.  Because the bacteria is hurting lower, underneath layer of the skin.  (It has pus at the same time.)


Q.  While the scabs are tightly attached, can it be more difficult to get infections?

A.  Exactly.  Because if there is bacteria, ooze comes out and scabs come off.


Q.  Do you happen to know the representative example of external medicine that hides the presence of steroids?

A.  There are many in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Not only TCM but ordinary therapy (medicine) often has the same issue.  If you get well immediately when using topical medicine, you should seriously question it.


Q.  I know the sauna can be a moisturizer but what about ‘Hot Yoga’? 

(**Hot Yoga is practiced in a room temperature around 39 degrees and 60 % humidity that makes your body the most flexible and encourages sweating.) 

A.  Of course, it can be a moisturizer.  However, some of patients with atopic dermatitis patients can not sweat adequately.

If you limited the sauna for the purpose of facilitating sweating and then evaluated it by your skin’s reaction, it is ok.


Q.  What is the cause of hives (urticaria) ?

A.  When histamine is released from mast cells, fluid leaks from blood vessels.

Most of the causes of chronic urticaria are unknown.


  • For example, bluefish tends to develop a substance that can easily cause urticaria if time passes.  


  • The cause is not well understood.
  • It is easy to get urticaria when you are in poor health. 
  • Environmental changes may have some impact.

     Caffeine can also cause urticaria.  Chocolates are not as bad as coffee.


                       Dr. SATO’S CLASS ON Apr. 26 2019 






Everyone, did you learn a lot from this?

There are still many things we do not know, aren’t there?  Indeed, Dr. Sato’s information is amazing.

Anyway, I hope you feel thankful that we can get such helpful information at home by way of the patients’ meeting.

We tend to feel worried about our symptoms but we can get such GREAT information lying on the sofa by just opening cell phones or PCs….We have to realize that we live in such good time for learning.


Do you notice this?  Surely we have a better life than the Kings of old times.

They didn’t have an AC or TV or Computers and so on…and even worse, they needed to always protect their lives.


Let’s overcome this agony with full of appreciation.  Look around and see how many things that you can feel grateful for.

You are NOT alone…  Wishing your healing happens soon.



Have a GREAT day!



Written and translated by Tokuko Abfab

Edited by Marlene Diana Belle



Japanese Version  👇 CLICK HERE! 👇  日本語版はこちら。

脱ステ・超お役立ち情報 ー その7(浸出液)





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  1. Hello. I have a question. Does one regain the ability to safely apply moisturizer after we have finished the NMT and TSW phase? Or are we off of moisturizers forever? Thank you.


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