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Dr. Mitsuko Satou’s YouTube Vol. 2 for children/babies is released!

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**English and Japanese subtitles are ready now!  (Spanish version is coming soon!)

Hi there, friends!

Thank you very much for waiting!  I’m happy to be able to announce that the YouTube video Dr. Mitsuko Satou’s NMTVol. 2 for babies/children and parents is published now!  It hasn’t been long since we released Vol. 1 last time, but it is very popular already and has been seen by many people.


Dr. Mitsuko has led children/babies who have AD (Atopic Dermatitis) to healthy skin with a steroid-free treatment for many years.  She is well-known with the bookSay “No!” to SteroidsTreatment for Atopic Dermatitis for Babies and Children that is written with her husband, Dr. Kenji Sato (Hannan Chuo Hospital, Osaka, Japan) who is the advocate of NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment).



If you watched Vol. 1, you might have wondered why babies and children would get well without steroids.  This time, she has revealed the tips for sufferers’ healing!☺



You may think, “No wayyyy!!!” or “Even though applying medicines doesn’t improve our symptoms but do you say healing happens with applying nothing?”  …However, healing has been happening actually for approximately 3 decades.

Ahem…You can’t wait to know the secret, right? 😉


The videos will be published in the series, so please watch them in order repeatedly to masterNMT for children/babies.

Speaking of which, although I’m not a psychic, I can foresee “If you watched Vol. 2, you can’t help watching Vol. 3!…LOL! 😆


Before now, you needed to make an appointment, wait for your turn for a long time, then go to Osaka, then you are finally able to listen to Dr. Mitsuko’s explanation, but now, she talks to you useful tips over the screen.


You got the opportunity to learn such wonderful treatment for free 😆, furthermore at home, from a doctor who has a heart filled with love, so in order to bring this thankful opportunity to a good result (your children’s healing), please take a closer look, review and learn it seriously, and acquire proper knowledge that is not your own style.


Again, tons of children and babies got well with this method in Japan and those who learned it seriously in the world got the same results too.  Your correct knowledge will help your child/baby.  Take advantage of this opportunity.


Dr. Mitsuko Satou and I are sending you our warmest thoughts for a quick recovery.


Hang in there.  Healing happens to your children/babies.

Have a GREAT day!


  👇日本語バージョンはこちら。Japanese Version 👇

佐藤美津子先生の YouTube 第二弾、リリースされました!





NMT Super Pediatrician, Dr. Mitsuko Satou Started YouTube Project! – ‘Say “No!” to Steroids. – Vol. 1’

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**English and Japanese subtitles are ready now!  (Spanish version is coming soon!)


Hi there, friends!

I’m happy to be able to provide this GREAT information worldwide!


Dr. Mitsuko Satou, a charismatic pediatrician who has been showing great results for healing children/babies from atopic dermatitis, eczema, TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal), etc…over years with steroid-free treatment in Japan, made her world debut with YouTube!


She is the wife of Dr. Kenji Sato who is the advocate of NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) that is already known worldwide to help out sufferers with TSW.


For parents who chose the non-steroidal treatment for their children/babies, Dr. Mitsuko usually explains it for more than one hour at their first visit.  Her polite examination, her work ethic as a doctor, is well known by parents/caregivers since such way is rare in Japan.  (I guess most of your countries also are the same…)


Her clinic is so popular that you may have to wait for a long time to be seen, however, parents can get the courage to endure because they trust her very much.  I think she is a paragon of doctors.

Well, so…I guess you REALLY want to listen to her explanation that is done at her clinic for more than one hour…for your children’s healing, don’t you?😆

Yes, you got it!😊

Dr. Mitsuko decided to share it in a series through YouTube for sufferers/caregivers who want to try her non-steroidal treatment all over Japan or around the world.  (**Once it is translated, it will reach all over the world!)


As you know, auto subtitles and auto-translations tend to be messed up and can be nonsense very often so they are not appropriate to provide medical information.  So I’ll try to create Japanese subtitles, English translation and then English subtitles one by one.  That action makes auto-translation into other languages better too. 

Also, there are subscribers who are aurally challenged and they also are looking forward to watching my video channel.

So I’ll keep doing it but it is time-consuming work.  Please be patient for a while until the completion every time after the original one is published.  (I receive a lot of requests desiring English subtitles.  I can’t respond to each one in the world via SNS😆 but will try to respond to your request for subtitles as long as time permits😉!)


Of course, Japanese bilingual people’s assistance is always welcome so please join the translation team letting me know it through comment columns below.

Once it is completed, I’ll let you know via FacebookTwitter and here in this blog, of course.


Thinking of parents with little children, Dr. Mitsuko’s YouTube is intentionally shortened for each volume.

I’ll publish this in order, Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3…and so on.  Please subscribe to my channel to master correct knowledge for your loved ones’ healing.  Tokuko’s Room (YouTube)


You can also see Dr. Mitsuko’s thoughts in the message column at the bottom of the YouTube video.

I am impressed by her words that are filled with love and think she is a real doctor.  Please read it as well.


Also, the comment section at the bottom of the YouTube video is not a place to publish your complaints (LOL).  😅

We set up this series to disseminate and teach it by an expert on it for those who would like to try the treatment without Topical Steroids (TS) but not to exchange opinions whether this treatment is good or bad or whether you like it or not.😆

Sometimes it’s refreshing to vent (LOL) for everyone, but we have to realize that such sad stories or anger make other patients feel sympathy and tend to affect their symptoms.

(I believe it is very important to stay positive and keep the mental states peacefully for improvement.)

Let’s stay positive and help each other to improve the symptoms by getting the protocol correctly here for each one’s faster healing.


Furthermore…, the section is not for resolving personal problems or not Q & A with Dr. Mitsuko.

NMT doctors and I also would like to help out as many sufferers as possible and have been working hard spending our time to spread the great treatment on a non-profit basis.

Believing it would work in the long run, we do grassroots activities too as time permits, however, we’d like to take the way that may help many people at once but not personal support.

Please understand that we cannot reply to you individually since sufferers who are attempting NMT are around the world already.


We will continue to support you so that you can heal as soon as possible.

Wishing you and your children’s healing happens in the near future…!


Have a GREAT day!


👇 Japanese Subtitles also is ready now! 

Just select language at the bottom of the screen!  👇





How To Learn NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment)

Currently, there are no NMT books except in Japanese. 

A lot of healed/improved sufferers in the world learned it from this blog first and then started to share it spontaneously.  It is great to pay it forward, however, since this is a kind of medical information, it should be the correct info only for sufferers’ faster healing.  Learn NMT from the source below first.  Dr. Kenji Sato reviews them as much as possible thinking about sufferers in the world so you can get correct information only from them.  (All NMT doctors have been reading this blog!)  Again, getting the correct knowledge accurately is the key to healing!  Learn the protocol seriously making notes and revisit regularly because you don’t have NMT doctors there.  Be a master of NMT!

👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

The Guidance of NMT

👆 👆 👆 👆 👆


<<< Non-Profit Organizations>>>

Tokuko’s Room★ (YouTube)

(YouTube: To learn the NMT protocol.  I try to add both Japanese/English subtitles as much as possible.  There are web translations in other languages.)

YouTube Tokuko’s Room (Videos to learn correct NMT)

D. Mitsuko Satou’s ‘Say “No!” to Steroids’

Kids’ and Babies NMT Journeys various language versions

How to Get Over TSW asap! (Must-see for adults and kids/babies)

Tokuko’s Room To Feel Uplifted★ (This blog)

(English Version: To learn NMT basic protocol.  Read all articles in the ‘RECOMMENDED POSTS IN ENGLISH’ corner at least.)


(There are Spanish version, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Serbian, etc…for better understandings.) 

Tokuko’s 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT★ (The other blog in English)

(Tokuko’s advice for sufferers to learn NMT.)



NMT Education Group★ (Facebook)

(Facebook official GP: This group is designed for self-studying of NMT instead of NMT books)

*Please answer 3 questions to join.  To protect group members, we need your agreement.



The NMT Healed Club★ (Facebook)

(Facebook official GP: This group is for encouragement and learning the process visually with before and after pictures.)

*Please answer 3 questions to join. We have to protect group members.  Without your agreement, admins need to disapprove your request.



Tokuko’s Room To Feel Uplifted – Facebook★ (Facebook)

(Facebook ‘Read Only’ page including lecture meetings’ info)



***Learn NMT from the source above first. 






When you share the info of NMT, please use the correct name, No Moisturizing Treatment’, so that sufferers can reach the source.   (‘moisture‘, ‘moisturizer‘ ‘therapy‘, etc…are incorrect and sufferers in the world take a longer time to reach the source.  It is getting a big problem currently.)

Also, when you share NMT knowledge, please clarify if it is your own experience if you add ‘your experience‘ too. 

Since your own experience also tends to be regarded as NMT protocol, clarifying it is essential.  We receive so many questions from all over the world regarding things that NMT doctors or I have never said, and spending time to correct them prolongs the dissemination that we would like to do more.  NMT doctors and I really want to share the correct NMT for your healing. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.