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A Healthy Immune System

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(How to avoid calling in sick)

When we fall ill or “catch a cold”, we often try to remember that co-worker that came to the office coughing.

We want to believe it was “they” who transferred and spread germs that caused others to get sick.

But it’s simply not true. 99.9% of the time, it’s your fault when you get sick.


The invisible microbes and germs that cause colds are constantly all around us.

It’s possible to breathe them in at anytime and anywhere.

If you catch a cold, it doesn’t necessarily mean you caught it from an ill co-worker.

So exactly “how” do we catch a cold?


When your immune system, body’s natural defence, is imbalanced or weaken, you will be more susceptible to germs and viruses.

Germs and viruses will cause to you fall ill—catch a cold.

No matter how healthy you are, it’s still possible to catch a cold.

Healthier people are less susceptible to germs and viruses than people who do not lead a healthy life-style.


Having a healthy immune system enables you to recover from sickness very quickly.

The human body is designed to fight germs and recover naturally.

Let me explain our body’s natural healing abilities.


How a Cold Heals

When you have a cold, you always feel tired and exhausted.

This is because your body is using all its energy to fight off the virus.

When you have a runny nose, it means your nasal membranes are damaged.

Your nose begins to run trying to wash away the virus.

Then you feel cold (the chills) along with having a fever.

Part of your body’s response to infection is to create a fever by raising body temperature.

Chills are caused by rapid contraction and relaxation of the muscles to increase body temperature.

A fever can help to kill infectious pathogens or prevent their spread because most pathogens that cause infection survive best at a normal body temperature.


How Wounds Heal

The moment you cut or tear a blood vessel, the body’s healing properties spring into action.

This is how it works.

Blood vessels leading to the wound tighten to reduce the flow of blood to the injured area and at the same time, the blood wash away germs.

Platelets rush to the scene.

These sticky blood cells clump to each other and then adhere to the sides of the torn blood vessel, making a plug.

The plug blocks air and bacteria and will eventually fall off or will be reabsorbed into the body once healing is complete.


The Autonomous Nervous System

Autonomic nervous system performs the function of carrying information between the central nervous system of the body and various organs of the body which function automatically without conscious efforts of individual.

This included automatic functions of the body like beating of the heart, breathing, and digestive system.

The autonomic nervous system is further divided in sympathetic system and parasympathetic systems.

The sympathetic system facilitates increased rate of body activities during period of awakening.

Usually, during the day time, while you are working, getting angry, being irritated, feeling tense, or watching computer screens, being under a lot of stress, it swings to the sympathetic nerve side.


As it were the ancient time, it is like when a man is fighting to get a game, the sympathetic nerve functions then.

While it is at the sympathetic nerve side, a lot of granulocytes are generated in white blood cell.

They kill germs, protect against infection and work to recover from injuries when you bleed.

When human beings were running down prey in ancient time, their bodies needed to be cured from wounds caused bushes or brunches and being bit by animals so generating granulocytes is instinctive capability.


However, if your body generated too many granulocytes, it would cause destruction of tissues and you would get a cancer or a gastric ulcer or a duodenal ulcer or diabetes and so on.

Because when granulocytes finish their duties, they splatter active oxygen on mucous membrane and this destroys tissues with strong oxidation power.  

The purulent inflammation as acute pneumonia, acute appendicitis, mouth inflammation and pimples set up with the same basis.


On the other hand, the action of parasympathetic function is opposite of the sympathetic system, like slowing down of heart beat and diverting blood to digestive system.

When it’s getting dark or while you are sleeping or taking a break or eating, meaning, while you are in relax mode, parasympathetic nerve become predominant in autonomic nerve.  

It’s like when a man takes a break seeing a fire in fireplace after his fight against a prey animal in ancient time.

In this situation, your body generates lymphocyte cells instead of granulocyte in white blood cell.

Lymphocyte cells kill germs of a cold and various kinds of viruses and sometimes they even kill cancer cells in your body.

Human beings have instinctive ability to heal that has been cultivated since ancient time.

Autonomous nerve controls discharge and secretion of organs.

If tense of sympathetic nerve continues and parasympathetic nerve was restricted for a long time, your body couldn’t function for elimination.

It causes constipation, disorder of urination, gall stone, kidney stone and so on.

And even worse, since such condition weakens NK cells that attack cancer cells, your body would allow growth of cancer cells.

However, lymphocyte cells kill the invaders like virus and even cancer cells, vice versa


Autonomous nerve adjusts circulation too.

Sympathetic nerve’s tense makes your circulation worse.

Blood is supposed to send oxygen and nutrition to the cells to your entire body and at the same time, it collects and exhausts all of waste material and toxic substance.

If this cycle was disturbed, necessary nutrition doesn’t disseminate and waste material and toxic substance accumulate in your body.

It would cause stiff shoulder, headache and noise in the ear.  

Sometimes it brings on a fatal sickness like a stroke and a heart attack.


Bad circulation also causes numbness, joint pain, neuralgic, paralytic face, rheumatism, hemorrhoid, varicose vein, gum disease, hair loss, dizzy, high-blood-pressure, angina, atopic dermatitis, menstrual cramps, fibroid, endometriosis and so on.



Nowadays, it leads to clear findings that even backaches develop due to anger and big stress, I mean, when the autonomic nerve leans toward sympathetic nerve side, it sometimes causes the pain of entire body.

Therefore, once lymphocyte cell was diminished, the ability of white blood cells to fight against virus is weakened and you can easily catch a cold.

The cells in your body would have low energy in that case so you would feel fatigue, lose concentration and get insomnia.


And even worse, you can’t stop growing proliferously of cancer cells.

Diminished lymphocyte cell brings down a tendency to get sick easily and challenging disease.

The balance between these two nervous systems is controlled by the central nervous system and what you think and what you do affect automatic nerves.


Develop a Healthy Immune System

Human beings body generates approximately 10,000 cancer cells every day.

You have them in your body now definitely.

However, why you don’t get a cancer?

Because lymphocyte cells are killing them every day while parasympathetic nerve is holding a prominent position in autonomous nerve.

Nevertheless, if you spend days with too much stress….It would harm the immune system and you would get a cancer definitely.

We can’t ignore this fact that approximately 50% of the time, Japanese develops cancers.


As I explained, tense of sympathetic nerve brings on a lot of sickness, therefore, if you take actions or way of thinking to dominate parasympathetic nerve of autonomous nerve, you won’t get sickness or can recover from it very quickly.


Please don’t get angry or blow up or get irritated.

Live without criticism, complain and moan.

Stop whining.


In such mental situation, autonomous nerve swings to sympathetic nerve side and diminish lymphocyte cells that fight against sickness.


Your negative thinking, bad temper and gloomy character bring on sickness and disease.

For example, most of patients who recovered from their cancer always say, “It was great experience for me to get a cancer. I learned how I had been blessed but I didn’t realize until I get sickness. I appreciate the cancer.”

When you are seized with gratitude from the bottom of your heart, your body generates lymphocyte cells.


Now you realized how thinking way affected your body.

It gives considerable influence for your health.


Take a look at your food intake.

Eat good food (Not too much!).

Sugar, especially refined sugar, is one of the biggest villains.

One spoon of refined sugar can halt the immune system responses for six hours.

Sleep well, relax, think enjoyable things, feel grateful, keep being peaceful.

Laugh out loud, smile all the time.


These are small ways but continuance of these very positive ways boosts the immune system.

The body’s ability to fight disease is greatly affected by our daily habits.


If you think you are a hotheaded person or touchy or irritable or short temper or having a warped disposition or apt to complain, think twice about yourself.

Put on your considering cap like what you do and what you say.

See bright side all the time.

Build your body’s ability to protect itself from becoming sick.


Remember this.

In many cases, it’s your fault when you get sick.

Keep on smiling!






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