English Subtitle Is Ready On My Third YouTube Post! – ‘What Can Be Moisturizers on NMT?’

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Thank you very much for waiting, everyone!

The 3rd video of my YouTube channel Tokuko’s Room is ready for the English Subtitle!

This time, I explain, What Can Be Moisturizers on NMT?’ from my experience to have learned NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) at Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka, Japan.


For those who still can’t get expected results though they started NMT…

For those who think that they are doing NMT strictly but feel as if getting worse…


Such people might not be doing NMT, moisturizing the skin without noticing.  Or sometimes I see people who mixed other methods misunderstanding that they were aggravated and are doing a different way from NMT.


To see this video, you’ll understand what I mean to say, “Do it thoroughly.”😉


If you’d like to know ‘How to change the subtitles into your language’, it is at the bottom of the below post. 👇

How To Choose Subtitles Into Your Language

Or in the other blog of mine. 👇

How to Change the Language of YouTube Subtitles



Auto-translated subtitles look kind of strange sometimes because our language is very unique.  Still, you can guess what I’d like to say.  Hope it will be a help for you.

Unfortunately, I have seen completely wrong auto-translation from Japanese to English sometimes in the past  (=The worst case had the completely opposite meaning) so I create Japanese subtitles and then translate them into English.  I’ll try at least these two languages…as much as possible. 

Dr. Kenji Sato also is eagerly hoping to disseminatecorrect knowledge only‘ regarding NMT to help people who suffer from TSW in the world, so voluntary translation into your language in the site is always welcome. 

***You can add your translated subtitles voluntary from the Setting>>>Subtitles>>>Add Subtitles>>>Select Your Language>>>Add translated subtitles.

If you can join me to help the people who suffer from TSW with translation, please let me know from the comment column below.


I will keep providing helpful information for your healing.  Please watch this by making Your Personal Notebook.  You do NMT without NMT doctors there so your correct knowledge will help you.

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Don’t forget to hitLikebelow the video if this was helpful for you😉. It will give me the energy to go next😍!


Hang in there, dear friends…

Healing happens to you too.  Have a GREAT NMT day!




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  1. Thank you very much for adding subtitles to your lecture.  The English version is easy to understand.

    • Dr. Sato,

      Thank you very much for spending your time reviewing English subtitles too! Readers and Facebook group members who are learning NMT feel safe with your such a dedication. On behalf of the entire members, I’d like to say thank you for your assistance! Really really appreciate it!


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