To Fellow Sufferers in the Hospital

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This word has very negative image and dark connotation for anyone.

I used to be confident in myself about my health and actually, appeared extremely healthy by others except for having Atopic Dermatitis.


However, after stopping use of Topical Steroids for AD, I got severe symptoms all over my body and wasn’t able to even walk.


I looked like a burn victim and it was impossible to have ordinary daily life.

So there was no choice except admitting myself to the hospital.


The name of my primary sickness was hypoalbuminemia but not dermatitis induced by Topical Steroids due to my unique case.

Since so much protein was spent to repair my skin because of a huge amount of shedding skin every day and ooze that contains important nutrition, protein, ran all over the surface of skin, the protein in the blood diminished until the limit of human-beings.



My symptoms of Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) was the worst in the hospital.  However, the secondary medical condition turned out to be the very serious problem.

Still, my hospitalization for TSW was not life threatening disease and I didn’t believe I could die due to dermatitis.



So, I made a big resolution before I enter the hospital.

Ok, I’ll be the patient who has the sunniest and most upbeat disposition in the hospital!”

It may seem like a very out of place decision to you….lol

However, yes, that’s me.  Although I enter the hospital due to VERY severe dermatitis, I still thought about such a lighthearted detail…LOL!


As a challenge, I made a decision thinking, YepI’ll erase the bad image of HOSPITALIZATION!”

….My entire body was like a tattered T shirt and I barely tottered to the bathroom panting with breath-stopping pain.

Still I entered the hospital with passion like a leader of a motorcycle gang who is about to head for the enemy’s territory….LOL!


Even if the symptom is the worst in the hospital,

even if I can’t sleep at all with the discomfort of intense itch,

even if I am struck down with unimaginable pain when I step forward 1 cm,

I knew I would not die with it.

(While doctors/nurses were bothering themselves with my severe symptoms monitoring me due to serious deficiency of protein, I was thinking of such a funny/trivia thing.  I guess I was a real gang…lol)



Because of the word of hospitalization, the fact that you have an illness and your image that you are in the battlefield against it, anyone tends to be a real patient beyond necessity after we entered the hospital normally.

Yes, in our minds, we may want to give in to our situation/symptoms.



However, we should remind ourselves this. 

There is hope if it is not a life threatening disease or is not the one you thrash about with pain though it takes a while to get well from the symptoms of illness.

We should feel grateful about that and try to make our days enjoyable.



When you go in to the darkness, you should go with the light turning on

Fortunately, I entered a 4 beds room in the hospital that became vacant right before my doctor in Tokyo called.

Since I’m a such peculiar person, I guess it was too much for other 3 room mates….LOL!

However, light and dark can’t exist together.

If you turned on the light, the darkness would be light, so the darkness disappears.



I believe my room mates were irritated by my cheerfullness for a while……Ahem….I’d like to say sorry for them…lol

However, we made best friends so quickly after all.  We laughed the whole time during the hospital stay.

All of us were having Topical Steroids Addicted symptoms.  So we knew it was not life threatening case and wouldn’t be forever,

We enjoyed life in the hospital.  As long as we remain positive, it would accelerate our healing and could be a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone solution.


Ahem….I thought ‘considerately’….however, sometimes nurses stopped by our room to see us laughing out loud and said,

“Excuse me……, let me close the door.”…….smiling.

I have to apologize about our childish behavior….and I still feel sorry for that……..Anyway, it was fun!


After the nurses left, I always said,

“See?  It was your fault!  You guys are SO funny so I can never stop laughing!”

We struggled not to laugh, but laughed out loud again even more…..LOL!



In the meantime, my room mates left one by one, since their symptoms were less severe than me.  Then, new room mates entered to my room one by one.

Still I heard the nurses said,

“Excuse me, let me close the door. (^o~)b”

with a nice smile…..LOL!

Nurses were really kind all the time and I finally realized,

The source of evil was ME, after all.”………LOL!

Yes, I reflect deeply on my behavior, I guess, maybe since it is the hospital!



I believe it is better to enjoy your life this much!

Again, there is hope even if your body is tattered condition, if it is not life threatening disease, and if it can’t be healed today or tomorrow you should focus on hope but not getting depressed through dark times.



Although the strongest Topical Steroid Usage of mine was incommensurable long period, and my symptoms were extremely severe compared to other sufferers, I was able to enjoy my hospitalization.

My experiences with room mates one after another for 3 months kept me laughing and in high spirits.

I feel as if their warm hearts are still with me to this day.

The continuous encounters of such wonderful friends made my heart fill with thankfulness and I was able to keep my state of mind very positive.



It seems as though my positive outlook helped in my healing process.

My extreme and severe symptoms were miraculously improved in a very short time frame.    

Amazingly, the abject flare all over my body became completely smooth and cleared up even though I haven’t applied anything on my skin for 3 months.

I believe it was due to the logical and proven method, No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT), and power of laughter.



               *** If you are interested in seeing pictures to see the improvement

                    without applying topical products, click below.

                     (I don’t attach pictures of my symptoms often in this blog

                      because this place should be uplifting one for you.)

                       Pictures are very bottom of the article.

               👇 CLICK HERE!  👇

                             Topical Steroids Do Not Cure Atopic Dermatitis



As most of you can see, our state of mind has a clear cause-and-effect relationship with healing of skin problems.

It is supported scientifically that if you laugh or have fun, your body heals itself from sickness

If I made all sorts of complaints every day during the hospitalization, I don’t think healing (and the miracle) happened to me so quickly because my symptoms were extremely severe.  And even worse, such action would have negatively affected my dear room mates if I did. 

Well, aren’t you despairing over your symptoms with loss of hope every day?  If you are, do you think you can get well fast with such state of mind?

Also, if you keep complaining about it to other sufferers, it affects not only your symptoms but other sufferers’ also.  If you don’t cry over, it will make a win-win result and you’ll be surrounded by happy people after all.



To fellow sufferers in the hospital,

You may cry or be depressed at times, but please try to set out to be the patient who has the sunniest and most upbeat disposition in the hospital.

I know you can make it! 


It’s your turn.  Healing happens to you too.  You knew how to make it happen.

I wish you get well soon.


Have a GREAT day!





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