A Message for the Parents with Atopic Dermatitis Children, From a Used-to-be a Mummy Baby


When I was exactly 6 months old, I spent a day out under blazing sun, and that triggered my life with severe Atopic Dermatitis.  My whole body became bright red perceptively on the day.  

Because every patch of my skin was oozing, my parents put medicine on my skin, bandaged me up everyday, and I ended up looking like a Mummy.  Even though I was a baby, no one ever said to meWhat a cute baby!’

…Too baaaad, I couldn’t show them my natural cute-ness!…LOL!



My mother felt very sorry for my situation, and listened to the doctor when he told her to change her diet while breastfeeding, and even afterwards.
She took this task very seriously, and completely changed our family’s diet.



Back then, ‘Mochi’ (glutinous rice cake) was one of my favorite foods to eat.  However, because the doctor told her ‘Don’t eat Mochi either!’, no one could have Mochi for new years in my family, even though it is a must-have food for new years in Japan.

Nowadays we live in a culture with an abundance of foods, but maybe by the early 1900s, Mochi was a delicacy, and we all worked hard until the end of the year so that we could have some like rewards for ourselves.  I was told that when they would be eating Mochi I would say, ‘Please give me just one bite, please!’. 

After that my parents would only eat Mochi at night time, after I fell asleep.  It must have been thrilling for my parents to sneak out of my bed room craving for Mochi…LOL!…I bet they enjoyed this Mochi very much!….lol



As you can tell, we strictly and thoroughly committed to diet therapy, but we did not see any improvement whatsoever.  My condition did not improve, and all of my family members ended up losing weight….LOL!!



For many decades, I have had this condition, and some of my friends even call me The Pioneer Patient of Atopic Dermatitisjokingly….however, even though I have such a long experience of AD, have never experienced diet having an effect on my condition like,

‘Because I ate this, my condition has worsened’
‘I am flaring today because I ate too much sweets yesterday’


Medically, there may be a correlation with diet and skin, but many AD patients including myself do not see a direct correlation.
When I was hospitalized at Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka, Japan, many of my patient friends said the same thing.  This is just my opinion but a balanced diet is the most important for healthy skin but not unbalanced one.  (i.e.  Like too much chocolate and too much something…are not good for anyone!)


My mother, who after thoroughly committed to diet change also told me,
Eat anything you want, restricting your diet did nothing for you.’
However, I want to remind you that the dietary advice was from long time ago, and as contemporary medicine has advanced, many things may have changed as well.  I am just sharing what was true for myself.


Going back to my story…


As my mummy condition did not improve at all, my dermatologist prescribed me an expensive Medicinal Cream from the U.S.A., and told my parents to ‘Rub into the skin thoroughly.’  At that time, only the doctor would apply this special cream onto my skin, and I remember feeling like a V.I.P….hehe.


As you probably suspect already, the cream that they were applying on me was a TOPICAL STEROID‘(TS).



Back in the days, I had an impression that no one knew of Atopic Dermatitis or Topical Steroids and was feeling there weren’t so many patients with it.  Many times they called it Eczema, and even if children had it, many outgrew it overtime.

However, this Mummy baby with some blood showing through the bandages showed no signs of improvement.

My parents felt so badly for me, and took me to the hospital every single day to have my bandages changed.  They truly cared and did everything they could for me.

After applying the new special cream, Topical Steroids, I began to have some good days, and when they did not apply bandages on me, they said I looked confused.  The bandages must have felt like they were uniforms for me!…LOL!



(After this, because TS complicated my dermatitis, even if I would apply TS, the symptoms would subside for a little bit and come back with a vengenance.  I became heavily addicted to TS, and would not be able to function without using them every single day.  Eventually, they started not to work at all.  Finally, four years ago, I completely quit TS, and my body has recovered enough to have ‘Normal’ skin without TS.  I cannot be happier!)  Note: as of 30 Apr 17


What am I trying to say with all of this…?


I was a bandaged baby that looked like a Mummy.
No one told me that I was cute.




I do not remember any of this.



I have only heard about the above statements from my parents.

All that I remember is that the doctor was the one that would apply the ‘Special Medicine’ at the hospital, irradiated purple light on me, how they would be mixing the medicine with what looked like a cake spatula, the smell of medicine…etc….



Excluding my eyes, nose, and mouth, I was covered with bandages, but I could breathe, I could eat, and I was loved by my parentsBecause of this, I do not remember writhing in discomfort and pain.



I can only imagine that from the intense itch, lack of sleep, and overwhelming discomfort, the Mummy Baby must have cried a lot.
My parents were probably more distressed than I was, wanting to help me in any way possible.  It was impossible to imagine the heartache of theirs by the Mummy Baby.


However, after I would cry out my eyes from the itch and pain, my kind parents probably held me, and hugged me tightly.



For the parents who feel horrible for their children who are going through TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawl)…..

For the parents who used TS on their children, and now their skin is flared and your heart is hurting…..


It’s ALL going to be ALRIGHT!

You just need patience for a while….


Even if your child is currently suffering immensely, and even if you feel completely helpless to see him/her, in the future, most of them forget about the pain.


They will heal !


Even in the history of human kind, I am one of the longest users of Topical Steroids but such a person like me is increasingly seeing the impact of natural healing power of human beings.

After stopping TS and moisturizers, my skin is becoming stronger obviously.



Baby Atopic Dermatitis heals naturally with time.

When we apply TS, the inflammation goes down quickly, but this is just suppression, and after that, the problem becomes even more complicated and intractable.

I am the perfect example for this, meaning, am the testimony of the effects of TS on the human body.



Maybe for some reasons, God or some force wanted you to become stronger, and he may be temporarily giving you this challenge.  By overcoming this, you will not only become stronger, but you will also become kinder.  You must grow from this experience, and use it for your advantage in the future.
Please don’t waste this opportunity = ‘painful experience, like regretting or lamenting, and make use of it.  That’s all you have to do.


There is no reason for you to regret using TS on your child.  You made a decision to quit it, so that’s good enough. 

You believed that it was the best thing to do in that moment, you did it out of love, and not because you wanted to hurt your child.


Because it was an act from love, you have no reason to regret your actions.


If it would help your child if you cry and regret, go ahead…..but you know that this does not help them.


Time passes equally for all of us, and we are the ones that decide which emotion to feel.  Please do not spend your precious time regretting something.  The time you spend regretting is a valuable minute of your precious life.



While you fight this condition, to make this time a valuable one, please just look into your child’s eyes with a BIG smile

Afterwards, you will be able to say, ‘That was one heck of a ride, but it was a good experience for all of us!’ 

If you can spend this time loving your child, it is more than enough.  You are already wonderful parents!



The used-to be mummy baby does not have a grudge against her parents.
My parents thought in the best interest for me, and bought an expensive medicine (at that time) for me.
I do not remember any suffering that I went through.
I can only remember the things that I am thankful for my parents.


It must have been very hard for my parents to raise me while I had such horrible symptoms.
Even then, my parents raised me wishing that I would of course outlive them.
Even if I looked very odd (…LOL!) they must have felt happy that my condition was not a life threatening illness.



In the future, your child will, for sure, thank you too.

Please look into their eyes with a warm smile while you care for them.

Please realize that just your child is being there with you is something to be very thankful for.

Please be grateful for your son/daughter’s life.


When your child goes to sleep, whisper to them…

‘You were born to make me stronger, weren’t you?  Thank you.  Mom (and Dad) is going to protect you with everything I haveThank you so much for being born.’



You are heading into the bright future…1 second, 1 minute, you are getting closer.

You will get there…Please know everything takes time.  Accept this time for healing.



When we look back, raising a child goes by so fast.  Please enjoy this precious time.


Please feel thankful that your child is close with you, and take pleasure in his/her being alive.  You have reasons to feel rejoiced.


Cheers for another day for being with your child!


Have a GREAT day!


Translated by Hikari M.
Edited by Tokuko Abfab



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                                The original post in Japanese





When Will I Heal??


***The subject sounds like as if this topic is only for people with sickness but this might make well-conditioned people’s life also a little easier. (^_^)b ***


I have been sharing some of my personal thoughts and inspirations that might be able to help other people on this blog, as well as introducing No Moisturize Treatment (NMT)’ for Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) patients (Atopic Dermatitis/eczema patients who were on Topical Steroids, stopping steroids completely and experiencing horrible side effects) and trying to encourage them as an experiencer of VERY severe one.



For many sufferers going through severe withdrawal symptoms and their families, finding a doctor or hospital that understands TSW is very difficult

Many people are suffering from this condition, and every single day, I receive many questions and consultation requests from all over Japan, and all over the world.

Also, using SNS, many people contact me directly about their conditions.  The numbers of questions and consults are astounding though I’m not a dermatologist…..lol 

Tokuko is trying to answer questions from all over the world…day in, day out….without sleeping……  ZZZZzzz…. (?_?)……lol

Since I have experienced severe symptoms, I can really understand what all of you are going through.  It really is a hell-ish journey, and so many have no clue about what to do, so I try to answer all the questions to my best ability.

However, since I do this all on my own, there is a limit to how much I can do.  Although I read each and every comment and your questions, hope you can understand if I cannot write back to every single one of you. 

For this reason, if I receive many similar questions, I will write the answer as a blog post here.


Also, many of you read the comments section as well, and if there were some questions and answers that were very useful in it, I will edit it and make it a post as well.





Today’s question is from a very kind-hearted mother, who has a daughter with severe Topical Steroid Withdrawal symptoms.  We have already exchanged emails sometimes in the past in the comment column.



The daughter started NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment), and has been sleeping better, but now her oozing has increased.  With the ongoing symptoms, she is feeling afraid, and asks how long will it take for her daughter’s symptoms to subside.



I totally understand that you also want to know how long it will take to heal and how long did it take in Tokuko’s case because I receive similar questions every single day.  I can feel her genuine concern for her daughter’s well being as well.

My answer to her is…




Dear OOO

When there is an issue with lots of oozing, we learned that we must limit our liquid intake at the Hannan Chuo Hospital (in Osaka, Japan).  Even for non-oozing patients, liquid restriction is done there, and after being released from the hospital, we still continue to restrict liquids to stay course on the treatment.



When I was hospitalized, my legs were double their size with edema so my water restriction was very strict (I felt like I was in the desert, dying of thirst…lol), and I ended up losing 12kg just in water weight the first week!  Then the non stop oozing that I had finally stopped! 

***Please understand that it is in my ultra severe case.  Needed to exhaust excess water in urgent due to severe hypoalbuminemia.***

I am not in a position to offer a medical advice but please take ‘water restriction’ into account.  (***Please note that I did this under a doctor’s surveillance.)



Also, many people ask me,
When will I heal?’
How much longer will it take?’
With this symptom, how long will it take to heal?’
They send me their photos of affected parts, and ask me what their future holds.



Personally, since everyone’s symptoms, severeness, location of symptomsTS usage time and strength, body type, withdrawl start time, etc. all differs individually, I feel that there is no point in trying to predict the future or compare with each other.  (We must also remember that it is very hard to gather data for dermatitis conditions.  This in itself tells you that there may be no point in trying to figure it out.)



It sounds to me that your daughter’s condition is still benign compared to the symptoms I had.

When I was recuperating at home,

I was covered with dermatitis from my head to toes.  There were no normal parts.

My legs became double their size many times, I could not walk from the severe pain,

looked like a burn victim with no skin,

lost 80% of my hair twice,

looked like a completely different person with swollen face,

and if I were to take off my jacket, my dry skin would shed and I would have a handful of dead skin flakes

I continued this kind of flare cycle many times.  I guess there’s no need to compare with me.

(And even then I could not find a hospital that would accept hospitalization.)



Even with this kind of severe symptoms, after being hospitalized and implementing the NMT, my symptoms cleared after 3 months in my case.  I just learned how to accomplish the treatment and am just disseminating this great info to other sufferers with TSW.  You can search the whole world, but you will not find a magic cure for this condition.

During my hospital stay, I learned how to improve my Natural Self Healing Abilities.

I used Dr.Kenji Sato’s method (NMT) there and was encouraged by my hospital mates who left the hospital in a very good condition.  Also, I read Dr.Sato’s book (in Japanese only…), listened to what he told me to do, and believed with my whole heart that this treatment would work.  

Each day I just did what I could do best, in that moment.


***When I was hospitalized, I was unable to walk, and was even prohibited to try.  Even when I was finally able to walk, the pain was SO bad that I could barely walk 32 feet (10 m) away, panting with strong pain that still remained then.  Going to the bathroom was a huge deal, and I would have to give my all to go.  Exercising did not start until the very end of my hospitalization (though we had to do).  Even then, my rebound flare symptoms subsided within 3 months.***

Again, I am no doctor, and cannot give medical advice, but I can share what I have experienced.

I mean, this is all that I can do for fellow sufferers as a non-medical profession.



This may sound harsh to you, but if you are constantly searching for others to comfort you, you will not be able to cultivate your strength that is within you.  Without growing your strength, you will be unable to fight the next challenge when it comes.


Rather than waiting for someone to tell you ‘Don’t worry, everything will be okay!’, ‘You will heal soon!’, you can find something to be thankful in your life, RIGHT NOW and RIGHT HERE, and by doing so, your heart will begin to relax little by little, and day by day.  Unless we do this, when another problem, a symptom, will come up again, you will start to worry with no end in sight.



I talk a lot about Promoting your cheery mood by yourself to find your own joy.’ on this blog, and it is about finding something that you are truly grateful for where you are.  When you find something to be grateful for, your are improving your mood by yourself

If you become dependent on others to make you happy, you may feel relieved right after you talk to someone who encourages you, but when another problem arises, what will you do?  Most likely, you will again need to talk to someone, and the cycle goes on and on



The kind hearted people who listen to your story probably truly want to help you.  However, you must remember that they are expending their own energy to listen and accept whatever you must share, and will have to recover after listening to your stories.



We must be able to make ourselves happy.  Once you are able to do this, life becomes so much easier and that is why I am sharing this with you.  When we overcome our challenges is when we start to cultivate our strength.  (However, make sure you are not trying to make grouchy people happy either, this will create a lot of stress.  Make yourself happy ‘by yourself’.)


In this blog I wish to share these kind of tips on cultivating your own happiness too, as all of us will face challenges and adversity.



After trying many treatments available for Topical Steroid Withdrawal, what I can say is that following Dr. Kenji Sato’s advice that I lerned in the hospital, and committing to the treatment gave me the quickest results.  Again, as a non medical profession, that is all I can say.



If you choose this treatment, though it is up to you which treatment you will take, and if you have a doctor who you trust and who reassures you that you are in ‘good physical health’ while on the treatment…just keep on keeping on. 

Try not to worry about this symptom, or that new symptom, but even in tribulation, try to find something in your life that you are blessed in…and hold on as the time passes.



Everything takes time.  When you ride a train, you must pass many stations to get to your destination.  If you get off each train station and wonder, ‘I’m still not where I want to go!’, it will be kind of a waste of time and energy to worry about a thing.
If you asked, ‘How come it is not my destination here?’ to someone else in the middle of your way, he/she will be hard-pressed to know how to respond….lol


If you have decided which direction you want to go, and you have been taught HOW to get there..COMMIT, and then just keep on going!


It will take time, and there is nothing you can do about that.

I have already explained about approximate healing time in the hospital as a sample.  Remember.  It is the destination where you are heading for.



It seems that you truly care for your daughter.  So the fact that you have a good doctor by your side is a wonderful environment for you and your daughter and you can keep being a person who your daughter can express her feeling under adversity.  Don’t you think it is really great already?  So please try to see such very very GOOD things in your life and be happy!

The goal is not the perfect healingThe real goal is that you are not controlled by the sickness.



The best way to heal yourself is finding things to be grateful for.  Rather than finding every symptom to worry about, try to find things you are thankful about.  Even if you are filled with anxiousness, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do for your daughter’s current symptoms ‘right away’. so all you can do is shift your perspective.



Again, this is an advice from a non medical profession, and I am not sure how much of a help it is for you.  However, since your daughter is in a situation where you cannot control, I wish that your heart would be lightened even just a little bit.  I’ll be happy if I can be of any help. 

Please take care.


Tokuko Abfab




To everyone,

Our heart is always up to ourselves.
Only you can control your heart and outlook on life.
Once you truly realize this, I am sure you will have a very bright future.
As much as possible, please overcome this challenge with a light heart.

I am rooting for all of you!


Have a GREAT day!




Translated by Hikari M.

Edited by Tokuko Abfab







Will You Focus on the 1 ? Or the 99?


When I was suffering from Topical Steroids induced symptoms and was hospitalized (Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka, Japan), my legs swelled up double its size, and my feet hurt SO much that I could not walk.  I also had severe dermatitis all over my body due to the side effect of Topical Steroids and was constantly in pain, so either way, it was not the level to walk at all.


After some time, I was permitted to move around in a wheel chair in the hospital.  I still had severe pain in my legs, but I felt like my condition was improving so much and felt very happy to be in my wheelchair.

Feeling happy as if I got permission to enter the advanced class as an extremely good student in school….lol


Next, I was told that I could walk on my ownI still had severe pain, but was able to walk about 10 meters (32 feet) to the nurse station, and felt very proud of myself.


And once I was able to walk on my own, improving little by little, it became my morning routine to go up to the roof of the hospital to do my laundry.  Since I could not tolerate stairs yet, I decided to take the elevator to the roof.


Here, I encountered a HUGE problem!





Up until then, my legs were causing the most problems and my focus had been on that, but I had many other things going on in my body.

All of my ten fingers were severely dry, and if I were to push the elevator button, in that moment, my skin would split, and I would have a new crack in my skin.  The crack would happen suddenly, and very painfully.  

Tokuko is thinking about today’s finger that become victimized…lol

Every morning I would meditate and think… ’Which finger should I choose to push the elevator button…?’

Also, once I got off the elevator on the roof (with a new crack in my skin), another challenge awaits: a heavy door When I would pull on that very heavy door, I would experience at least the second or the third cracks on my fingers… Ouch Ouch!!

I felt like I was a nun doing austere training overcoming hardships one after another…..lol


One day, I realized that my right hand pinky finger had no cracks at all.  I was able to push the elevator button with my pinky (without getting a crack ! ).  I was so thrilled!

Right after the door was closed, inside the elevator alone, I said,

raising my clenched fist in victory!  It might be rare to meet a person who can be happy in triumph just pushing the elevator button but I felt like I have achieved something as if Bolt is doing the lightning Bolt pose….LOL!!!







Many may think that being hospitalized is a very negative, and bad experience.  However if you are able to walk, and have energy to talk, I feel that it is important to find joy in whatever circumstances.


I could focus on my ONE healed pinky, or I could focus on my nine other fingers with cracks all over them.


When you shift your perspective, even when what is going on is the same, you could have a totally different experience.
When we feel that our life is horrible, it may be that we are focusing on the nine remaining fingers.


For another example, let’s say you have one co-worker that you do not like.  Many of you tend to focus on that one person, and your mind become filled with the things you don’t like about him/her.  Everyday, you feel horrible being around the unpleasant co-worker.  

By the way, have you ever expressed gratitude towards the 99 other co-workers who are not mean to you? 

Most likely we do not, and dismiss it as being ‘normal’, meaning, we tend to not feel grateful but take it for grantedIf we see the big picture, we notice that 99 other co-workers are not awful to you.


If you are able to see that ‘Wow!  99 of my other co-workers are very nice people…’ , then you can even thank that 1 co-worker who is unpleasant, because he/she made you realize this reality.

When you start to focus on gratitude, you realize that ALL of your co-workers are great people after all, that means, you are surrounded by many people/things that you can feel grateful.  Gratitude is here and there around you!


It is always your choice to focus on the 1, or the 9, or the 99.  

Both choices are yours to make.


If you spend 1 minute thinking of something that depresses you, you must realize that that 1 minute is a minute of your whole life.


When we realize this, we must cherish this life and do the best so that we can enjoy it.

Make choices that are fun, deeply care for your life, and let’s use the time we have in a meaningful way!


Have a GREAT day!


Okinawa, Japan



  Translated by Hikari M.

  Edited by Tokuko Abfab


👇オリジナルのポストはこちらです。👇The original post in Japanese





Like an Actress…


I am sure many of you know by now that I am not an actress but..(/ω\) when people ask me, ‘What do you do for your skin care?’  I answer as if I am one by saying I do nothing special for my skincare ….lol

When you stop using Topical Steroids Creams completely, and your Topical Steroid Withdrawal and No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT) begins, you must have a strong determination to continue.  You must have the strong will that you will live your life without being dependent on medicine.


When patients are released from the Hannan Chuo Hospital, all the patients have a meeting with the doctors there, and the women are told ‘Try to withhold wearing makeup as long as you can (Or forever)’.


For those who are going through TSW, it is important to commit to NMT, take care of our extra sensitivity to environmental factors, and avoid flare ups as much as possible.

So for the ladies…if possible, please do not wear any make up.  It’s time to fall in love with the face that you were born with, and show it to the world!


Of course if you have a huge event coming up, such as your wedding, and etc., you may want to try some products, and I believe that is fine.  For those events, you can wear as little as possible, and when finished, make sure to take off the make up immediately and completely.


Dr. Kenji Sato is the Japan’s leader in Non-steroidal treatment at Hannan Chuo Hospital, and he has a book out called the New Edition:  What I have learned about adult Atopic Dermatitis from patients.  In this book he has a passage describing about testing cosmetics after moisture and steroid withdrawal:

For 2-3 days, observe if your skin becomes red or not.  If nothing happens, you can try putting on make up again a few months later.  Continue doing this, and see how your skin changes or notIf your skin seems to be okay, you may be able to wear more makeup regularly, but do this slowlyMake sure that you do not wear make up consecutively, especially in the beginning.’

I am sure many of you can relate to this passage above.  The key is to try a little at a time, and space out the time to really see how your skin is doing.


However, if not putting on make up is a real burden to you, please feel free to wear make up.  Stressing out about not being able to wear make up is not good for you either.  How you are feeling can affect your skins condition.

If your skin cannot tolerate the new make up or products, please give up and stay make up free for a while.  It is important to take responsibility – if you want to challenge yourself, feel free to do so, but there may be consequences.


Some people have adverse reactions to Vaseline and Vaseline products.  It can make the skin irritated and red.  If this happens to you, please don’t feel sad that your face or skin is red, rather feel happy, now that you know that Vaseline does not work for you!  From then on, you can just stop using it.  You may have irritated skin for a few weeks, but if you do not apply anything on your skin, it will eventually calm down and heal.


And when your skin is back to its normal condition, you may experiment with another product.  Everyone’s skin is different so trying products is like an Experimenting Project.  You will only know what product works for you, how to apply the product, etc. only if you experiment with yourself!


For myself, I do not wear any base make up.  Sun screen is a huge NO for my skin, so I wear a Big Hat, or a UV Sun Visor when I drive, to protect my skin from sun spots and wrinkles ,as if I’m an actress with stunning beauty…lol.  I apply no moisturizer at all, and await for my skin to be able to moisturize itself.  It’s okay if it will take a couple of years, but some day my skin will be able to moisturize itself.  TSW is a horrible condition, but I am grateful that it is a condition that has great hope of healing.


When I stopped using the topical steroids, my face had many wrinkles and I looked like I was almost 70 years old.  However with time my wrinkles have softened, and this itself is proof that my skin is healing.  So even if you start looking really old and not like yourself, have hope…and ‘wait’. Time is the best medicine.


Tokuko is nodding slowly being satisfied to see herself in the mirror these days…..Just kidding!


It has been 5 years since I stopped applying Topical Steroids (**as of Jan 27, 2018), but for the first time in my life, my palms have become soft on its own.  I believe that at this rate, my face will some day be like that too!  Ahem…..I won’t give up forever beauty…..maybe I’m the real actress…..lol


After many trial and errors, I put make up on my eyebrows, eyes, and lipsI believe I have been able to cheat people in the cosmetics….LOL!


For all of my cosmetics I check the ingredients list thoroughly.  For those who have stopped applying Topical Steroid creams, please make sure to avoid :LICORICE ROOT (Glycyrrhizin, Licorice, Amakusa, Amaki, Kanzo).
Licorice root is in many foods, bathing products, and etc.  Apparently when using these products our brains thinks that we are using steroids again!


When I recently mentioned about the licorice root on my blog, it seemed to have surprised many people all over the world.  I received comments as

‘No wonder when I stopped taking licorice root supplements, I would experience a flare!’

I used to use licorice before each flare..!’

‘I noticed improvement when I would drink licorice root tea, but would notice my skin would worsen when I stop..’

‘The herbs that my TCM doctor gave me contained licorice root, and whenever I would stop drinking his herbs I would flare

The cream that was prescribed to me had glycyrrhizin in it! Even though I stopped applying Steroids!’

I was surprised by the many voices that you all shared with me, and realized the potent effects of licorice root to us Topical steroid withdrawl warriors.


When I put on make up, I only do my eyebrows, eye make up, and put on some lipstick.  Although I do not use any foundation or base make up, by using vibrant colors, I noticed that it wakes my face up, and helps me look presentable.


When taking off the make up, I do not use a cleanser, and only use lukewarm water to rinse.  Sometimes I lather up solid soap and put it only on my point make (eyes, brows, and lips), gently wash off, and dry by pressing a soft towel onto my skin, and that is all. 

Sometimes I notice residual make up, but since I want to avoid rubbing my skin, I let it be. I have not experienced any adverse reactions from this, and believe that it is because I have tested many products, and have found something that works for me.


As for eyelash extensions, even though the extensions do not touch your skin, I have heard of people experience irritation from the glue, so I have not tried it myself.  (Please let me know if you know a good brand!) 

So..our natural beauty comes in to play!  Having a light heart, and shining our light is the best beauty secret ever!


I will continue to answerI don’t do anything for my skincare!’ with my hair streaming out in the breeze like an actress.  You might mistake me as if I were a famous actress….LOL!


All of you reading this blog will heal in time, too.
You made the smart choice to stop steroids.
It takes patience, but in time you will become more and more beautiful!


Have a wonderful day today!



                       Translated by Hikari M.

                                                                           Edited by Tokuko Abfab



***I advertised for people who can translate my posts of this blog in Japanese to foreign languages the other day.  This is the first issue translated by one of my blog readers, Hikari M., and edited by me.  I really appreciate it!!!!!

Readers are all over the world and they have been making efforts to read Japanese topics even using dictionaries and translators to get the info of NMT or to encourage themselves so I really wanted to help such people with TSW.  Hope this action will be helpful for you.

I’m still put out a call for translating other topics too.  Already got some from foreign countries and getting notification that they are working on it not only in English but other languages too.  To help people with TSW, if you are interested in doing it, please try and send your masterpiece to me from comment column saying ‘コメント’ at the bottom. 

Looking forward to receiving a lot of them!!!  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

P.S.  Thank you SO much, Hikari san!  Your love is spreading to the world!



読者さんのHikari M.さんが応募して下さった秀作です。(一部私が加筆させていただいております。)





Hikari M.さんのご尽力に感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。















A message from a TSW sufferer who is on No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)

Topical Steroid Withdrawal fellow sufferers,
Due to experiences of a lot of fellow sufferers’ and mine to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW), I have been recommending No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT) by Dr. Kenji Sato in Osaka, Japan.  It was amazingly great for us and the fastest way to compare with another Moisture Withdrawal (MW) to get it over but I know that everybody has difficulty with choosing a good method since there are tons of information. 
Of course, it is difficult to come to Japan for this treatment for people who live in foreign countries so I share his method via my blog, Tokuko’s Room to feel uplifted, in English sometimes.  The treatment requires you to have ordinary and healthy ‘daily life’, looks like simple, so if you do it thoroughly at home, you also will see the good result in a short period though it might be unbelievable for you.
Dr. Sato noticed the danger of using Topical Corticosteroids (TS), Protopic and Neoral also, for Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema long time ago and has been taking care of the sufferers for ages.  His long term experience with patients created this wonderful method and so many of his inpatients/outpatients got over TSW with it. 
***However, as for TSW, no one knows how often or how many times or how bad or how long it would repeat.  There’s no data in the world.  Still, you can get over your current TSW symptom the fastest with NMT.  His patients are testimony.**
Well, today, let me introduce one of my readers detailed report for NMT.  We exchanged messages via comment column of my blog.  She has initiated NMT lately and will accomplish it soon!
I believe her message will give a hope to people who are struggling against the horrible symptoms of TSW and provides good information at the same time.
It will be tough way to make it through but healing will happen to you too with this method.
Here is her message below…
Dear Tokuko San,
I am very grateful for your very fast reply.
I have great confidence in the NMT method as I have experienced significant improvement (significant less redness and oozing) upon starting it.
Initially, I wanted to give you a thank you reply when I have healed.
I was confident I will heal within 1.5 months just like what most Dr Sato’s inpatients did.
I was complacent as I was making very good progress after 1 month of NMT and I have a strong desire to return to work with 1 more month of NMT.
I even bought Dr Sato’s book although my Japanese literacy is very elementary. I had to use google translate and dictionary to read the book.
Then I had a setback after slightly more than 1 month of NMT.
I started to feel my skin is wet, oozy and sticky again. Now I am at around 7.5 weeks of NMT.  I am slowly making progress again.
Looking back, I realized all the answers for my deterioration were in your blog.
1. I was having too much mental stress upon myself.
I have various sources of pressure (wanting to get back to work ASAP, family matter etc) . Now I realized nothing matter till I get my health back. In the last few days, I have started to read your Japanese posts with google translate. (=D) You are really encouraging and inspiring! I always have a good laugh and smile when I read your posts.
2. I was having too much water.
I was a bit slow on this as I thought I have not changed my diet and water intake too much since the start of the NMT. However I did not take into account the humid weather in the past few weeks (Sat over 95% most of the time). I was passing urine more and more often. I started restricting my water intake by frying all my food now instead of boiling/ steaming and only take food with high water content (e.g. Leafy green veg and fruits) during breakfast and lunch instead of dinner.
3. Viscious cycle of ooze and reducing physical activity
As my worse oozing areas are on my buttocks and the back of thighs, I felt very painful and my skin felt tight whenever I stand up and move and I felt I couldn’t do exercise. However, the more I sit around, the less air get ventilated to my buttocks and I felt the oozing part doesn’t dry. Now, I walk around more in the morning even if there is oozing after one night’s sleep in blanket. In the afternoon when the ooze is less, I try to do at least 1 hour of kpop dancing on youtube. Exercise helped my skin to feel less tight and made me feel happier.
4. I was near my menstrual period and I have read from Dr Sato’s book that most girls do get worse during their menses.
Pardon me for the long post. But I really wanted to give you an update and a big THANK YOU for promoting this method to the English world!
Sending you lots of love !
Hope this message above will encourage you and will be the criteria for choosing a good method among tons of treatments for TSW.  And I really want to say thank you for this report.  Her experience and what she learned will definitely help other sufferers.
However, please make sure that you have to accomplish this treatment ‘thoroughly’ but not adding your original arrangement like applying oil or moisturizers or taking so and so bath, etc…to get the fastest healing.
It is a little bit more difficult to make it perfectly at home but if you do it thoroughly, you’ll see the good result from 45 days to 90 days later like inpatients in Hannan Chuo Hospital at Osaka as long as your symptom is TSW. 
I have received some messages from sufferers who can’t get good results with it but such people always add their original way like applying something or go to bed late or not work out, etc….In that case, it is not NMT any more.  This reader above noticed it reviewing a lot about NMT.
People who made it within a short period trusted this method and made every efforts like her above.  She is the role model of we sufferers. 
For example, I hear many readers try to read even my Japanese topics using translators to get more information.  Such people tend to accomplish it successfully in a very short period
Also, in the drying process with NMT, you feel like as if it is getting worse to see ugly dried skin but skin needs to dry before healingYour new skin is generated under the crusts.  And healing happens at the very end of the period so you should complete your mental preparation with strong determination to achieve it.  If you might give up in the middle of it, I don’t recommend you to do it because you have to go through hard time before healing anyway.
For people who had never heard of No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT),



For detailed information to accomplish NMT,


What can be Moisturizers? – For fellows launching ‘No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’




For people who’d like to read our conversation in the past, please read below.



<<From the reader to Tokuko>>

Dear Tokuko San,

Thank you for your very detailed explanation! I have been on TSW since December last year.  Currently I am in the midst of my second TSW flare-up.

Luckily I came across your blog and learned about Dr Sato’s NMT method.  I have been on strict NMT for 6 days and my worst continuously oozing parts on the inner thighs have crusted. Unfortunately I couldn’t stand the itch and scratched off the crust this morning after sweating a bit.  Now it is oozing again.

I am already restricting my water intake to 1.5Litre per day (at most 1L of water. The remaining water comes from food (difficult to estimate but I think it should be less than 500ml?)

I would be very grateful if you could answer the following questions.

1. How should I dry these oozing parts?  Do I use gauze or just leave it to air dry?  Would using a hair dryer or fan help? (I am seriously considering this method)

2. What is the longest period you or your fellow TSW friends avoid shower without problems? So far I still feel relatively comfortable despite not showering for a 6 days already but my scalp is starting to itch

3. How do you or your fellow TSW friends handle the itch during sleep which will disturb the sleep quality? I am taking anti- histamine which helps me to fall asleep but I will wake up immediately when the effect wears off after 4 hours.



<<From Tokuko to the reader>>


Thanks for reading!  It is a sound choice that you take NMT because it is the best method to get over TSW the fastest.
When affected parts have crusted, you definitely feel itch so I know you can’t control to scratch it but it is ok because you can’t help it.  Just repeat the process, scratch and dry, scratch and dry, scratch and dry…over and over.  Your skin is getting stronger and you’ll see healing.

Well, let me answer your questions as much as possible.

1.  Wear cotton big T-shirts or something like that.  Air flow inside the clothes also is important.  If humidity is high, you feel itch so AC and the fan also are ok I think but don’t recommend hair dryer.  Air dry is the best.  Even if it is oozing, just dry and don’t wipe.  Ooze contains the important nutrition to be healed.  In case it oozes too much, like running one after another, I put cotton towerl to absorb it because it drops so fast but don’t touch the affected parts with it to wipe.  Then just air dry.  Or you can put a piece of gauze with the same size of the part as I explained above (Footnote: It is in the blog topic).  It can be instead of a crust/scab.
After the excersize, some inpatients were drying their body naked (of course, in the curtain) though it is not doctor’s direction.  We dry (=air dry) our body anyway.

2.  The shower is for avoiding infection and to diminish bacteria on your skin so if you can be patient, and if there’s no problem, not to take it for a while is ok. Your commonsense is good enough to make a decision for the interval.  If you think it is too itchy without taking a shower, it must be ok to take.  While the symptom is serious, you shouldn’t take it.  (Most of inpatients were taking it a few times a week for a VERY short time, like 10 sec, 1 min, 5 mins, etc…, meaning, as short as possible.)

3.  As for itch, it is not controlable for anyone.  After dried/crusted, you feel itch and will scratch definitely.  But, it is ok to scratch though this must be unbelievable direction for you.  (If you can control, of course, don’t scratch.)
Everybody has hard time for itch but sleeping time in the direction of other topic (10 pm – 2 am) is VERY important and makes big difference for healilng so if it is too tough, you can be prescribed sleep inducing agents.  Antipururitic drugs also are ok though they don’t work very well as you know.  Try to get up early and work out to pass out around 09:30 pm.
Again, sleeping time 10-2 makes BIG difference.  Sleeping tight is difficult for everyone due to itch but itch is uncontorolable so just try doing your best.

If you take NMT thoroughly, healing happens 45 to 90 days so try it as much as possible.  Don’t add your original way like putting so and so oil or XX bath foam or cream, etc….

Take good care of yourself!

P.S.  Please read other posts written in English.  To accomplish NMT, the correct knowledge is important.  Good luck!




I have been disseminating the danger of Topical Steroid, Protopic and Neoral to use for dermatitis to all over the world. 

This is nonprofit action so I don’t need to exaggerate the effectiveness of NMT.  It was the best treatment to get over TSW for me and for my fellow sufferers who experienced it too so I just want to share the info to help you out because I fully know how tough TSW is.  I believe that spreading this information is urgent need.

If this topic was helpful for you, please clickLike on this page or Share the info for people who need it. 

Your such action will help future sufferers that might increase in the long run.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Anyway, healing will happen to you too soon!  Hang in there!





What can be Moisturizers? – For fellows launching ‘No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’


I recommend Dr. Kenji Sato‘s No Moisturizing Treatment‘ (NMT) in my blog for Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) sufferers due to my long experience of Atopic Dermatitis and healing from VERY severe TSW with it. 

***NMT is the method for TSW but not for the perfect healing of Atopic Dermatitis (AD).  Human beings still can’t find out the etiology of AD except filaggrin gene


Every time I update my Japanese blog in English, I receive hundreds of messages/comments/inquiries a day via comment columns of my blog and SNSs from all over the world.  That means so many TSW sufferers have been lost in their journey looking for good remedy.


A lot of people have already tried MW (Moisture Withdrawal) but NMT is different from it and very drastic method to avoid letting your skin moisturize.  It was developed by Dr. Sato based on his many experiences with TSW patients for a long time.  Some doctors might announce desk theory to let younger doctors see patients but Dr. Sato has been seeing TSW patients in everyday clinical practice and that is why his theory works for patients. 

He is the leader against Topical Steroids in Japan.  



It is noteworthy that he had noticed danger of Topical Steroids, Protopic and Neoral early on in his career.  This fact must make you realize his diagnostic ability.  If you were seen by him, you’d feel safe with his skilled accurate diagnosis and observations, however, since it is difficult to come to Japan to be seen by him for people in foreign countries, and his books haven’t been translated to other languages yet, I’ll keep sharing detailed information of his method for such sufferers and patients who can’t meet experienced dermatologists for TSW.



Well, in the hospital, Inpatients are discharged from hospital 45 to 90 days later usually.  Before leaving, they often visit other inpatients’ rooms to encourage so I had seen their conditions were VERY good then, in fact, it was hard to find out affected parts on them.  I realized that healing tended to happen at the very end of the process but it was much faster than I expected.  

Especially, the fact that no one applies ointments or cream or oil or any other moisturizers to be healed like that was amazing for me.



Today, I’ll try to explain about moisturizers subjected above to accomplish NMT but this is only for people who set themselves seriously toNo Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’

It is VERY tough for the time being because you have to dry your dry skin and it looks like as if the symptom got worse from the first stage to the very end of one in NMT.  Dry skin covered with a lot of crusts looks like horrible aggravation sometimes for us, meaning for non-professionals, but the symptom is the process of healing



Skin needs to dry before healing

Remember when you got injured.  The part develops a scab first and under the scab, new skin is produced preventing invasion by bacteria/germs at the same time.  Then after the affected part dried to finish making healthy skin, the scab comes off naturally

Imagine this.  If you moisturize the injured part over and over with moisturizers, the skin can’t dry and it inhibits generating a scab to be healed.  If you peeled off the scab before drying in the middle of healing, it takes longer time because your body has to make a scab again.  Besides, if you moisturize the injured fresh part, it is as if you keep the part wetting.  I guess process of healing of NMT is the same thing with this.  Again, skin needs to dry before healing.



Before you read explanations of moisturizers, please check out one of my posts below to know NMT.

  Click below site   Tokuko’s Room to feel uplifted

How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!





Well, let me explain what can be moisturizers to accomplish ‘No Moisturizing Treatment‘(NMT).


In the public mind, since dry skin induces itch, medical professions tend to advise you to moisturize skin.  Also, increasingly fevered Moisturizing boom due to commercial strategies reflects attitudes and values prevailing in society.

However, you don’t apply any ointment or cream or oil or any other moisturizers in NMT, I mean, you apply nothing on your skin during the process of NMT. 


If you are a sufferer of Atopic Dermatitis (AD) or TSW, it must be easy to imagine how tough it is.  I also was scared before I tried to do it and it was a fight against pain for a while after I started it.  Most of AD/TSW sufferers have dry skin so if you leave affected parts dry, you will get many cracks here and there….I know you also are the same.

However, eventually, this is going to function beautifully.  You’ll dry your dry skin without applying anything anyway and it is the major protocol of this treatment.



Besides, this method is not only drying your skin but avoiding to take a bath and a shower as much as possible.

Taking a bath and a shower let shed your moisturizing ingredients into the water and can be moisturizers at the same time.

So as long as you take this treatment, you need to try to diminish numbers of times.  When you do it, you have to finish in a VERY short time.

I guess, you imagined like, “5 mins or 10?”……Uh-oh…….Nope!

Dr. Sato sometimes says, “You are authorized 2 sec.”…………lol  He likes joking but it is serious in a sense.  This means, we have to finish it SO quickly.


While we are in the hospital, we take a shower once 3 days or 4 days and try to finish it in several tens of seconds. 

Also, no one washes their faces even in the morning.  We have to dry our skin and needs to generate moisturizing ingredients by ourselves at the same time. 


If your symptom is severe, of course you shouldn’t take a bath/a shower definitely because you will run protein from the surface of the skin into the water.  Crusts (flakes) and ooze are made of protein and that is important nutrition to produce new skin.  You shouldn’t lose it.



Per Dr. Sato, the main reason to take a shower is to avoid infectious deseases deminishing bacteria on your skin.  At the same time, if you take a bath/a shower very often, it washes away generated antibacterial substances but not only being lost moisture through the skin.

Also, when you take a shower, please don’t forget that the water pressure should be very low.


Before I know this method, while I was taking bed rest at home with VERY severe symptoms, was taking a bath everyday without knowing that it was very dangerous action.  The water turned to be white in a short time because flakes (crusts) covering all over my body peeled off in the bath tub or ooze ran into the water. 


When I entered the hospital to be seen by Dr. Sato, I knew that I had severe hypoalbuminemia.  Maybe it had been happening every time my TSW turned to be severe in the past because my fatigue was horrible at that time but I didn’t realize it and doctors who I was seen also hadn’t noticed it.
It turned to be the primary (major) sickness after all though my TSW was VERY severe when I entered the hospital.  This is one of the reasons that I keep advising you to be seen by a doctor sometimes as checkups even if you have to take home remedy.  There are medical profession’s portions when you get over sicknesses all the time including diagnosis of infection too.

I understand your feeling that it will be a relief to wash away crusts or ooze that smells bad in the bath tub, however, avoiding frequent bath/shower is very important for prompt healing.  If you do it often, it can be dangerous too.



Hot springs also can be moisuturizers.

Each country has different customs instead of hot springs (i.e. Sauna, Jjimjilbang, etc….) but we have a custom to enjoy hot springs in Japan.  Dr. Sato doesn’t recommend them.  Although there are doctors who recommend ‘hot spring treatment’ even among anti TS doctors, as an experiencer, I agree with the theory that hot springs can be moisturizers.  It might look as if you get well after taking it due to components in hot springs but until the day you feel healing happened, I also don’t recommend such activities.  Count them as moisturizers.

As for other customs in your country, I don’t know them very well but either way, if you get warm in the bath tub or anything, you usually feel itchy so until you get better, the restriction will be a sound choice.  Or don’t stay in it for a long time to avoid itch.



If possible, please try not to use Soap

When you have to use it, take soap bars but not liquid soap.  Also, don’t take soap bars that say they are good for your sensitive skin, or good for atopic dermatitis, or additive free, or moist feeling, or moisture-rich, etc…because such soap tends to have moisturizing effects.

When they make liquid soap, surface-activating agent (surfactantis used definitely.  Do you know what it is made from?  It is a petrochemical product.

Also, liquid soap remains ‘in’ your skin even if you believe you washed it away.



Using Shampoo also is not recommended

It can be a moisturizer.  

Wash your hair with good temperature shower water only.  We call it ‘Yu-Sham’ that means hot water shampoo, not using shampoo actually. 

When you really want to use shampoo, use soap bars making a lather with it instead of shampoo.

After you got well, shampoo also might be ok but don’t use ones that include surface-activating agent (surfactant) or rinse or conditioner or treatment.


We have been manipulated by commercial strategy of companies and everybody shampoos or takes a shower everyday lately, however, human beings haven’t done it so often originaly, I mean, we didn’t do it very often long time ago.  It is the custom companies made on purpose to sell products.



However, once you imagine about the restriction of taking a bath/a shower, you would worry about the smell from oozing skin.  Since it includes very important nutrition, meaning, protein, it smells so bad.  Unfortunatelly, there’s no way around.

However, protein works to produce your new skin and it is necessary for your healing definitely.

Please do not rinse ooze and just try to dry the affected parts

After ooze dried, I know youk feel intense itch so you will scratch the parts definitely but still, you should dry the parts again not to wipe it off.  It will happen over and over in the process.

Repeating the process, your skin is getting stronger eventually.  The process is so hard and I know that you will completely disappoint yourself every time you scratch all crusts off but nevertheless skin needs to be dried before healing.  If you added moisturizer, it will obstruct the healing.  Dr. Sato fully knows it is sickness to feel itchy so it is ok to scratch. 

And remember this.  To wipe off ooze can be a moisturizer.  It makes it more difficult to dry your skin.



After excercise, what should you do?  

Dr. Sato recommends to work out every day to boost metabolism.  It helps producing new skin.

In case you get sweaty, do you think you can take a shower every time?

…..Nope.  Still, take a shower/bath once 3 or 4 days.  Just dry your skin naturally.

For drenching sweat, wipe it just like touching your skin gently to absorb it with a dry cotton towel.  Please do not scrab with it. 

In the hospital, inpatients work out every day so eveybody gets sweat very often.  Even in summer, they dry sweat naturally or absorb dropping sweats with a dry cotton towel.  (Again, do not scrab.  Just touch it with a towel gently). 

I explain this saying ‘they’…..because I wasn’t able to walk first in the hospital due to severe symptom and after a while, was able to walk slowly.  So I couldn’t work out very well, but still, even such a person got it over within 90 days with NMT.



Everytime I explain about sweat and frequency of a shower/bath, some people send me questions like ‘I feel itchy after I got sweat so I can’t do this.  What should I do?’

….Ahem….I understand it.  Evrybody is the same with you.  Yep.  I agree……but…..

I don’t need reposrts what you CAN’T do from all over the world….LOL!  You should do only things you can do so you don’t need to show me reasons that you can’t do it…..

I’m telling you.  If you do Dr. Sato’s NMT thoroughly following the direction in other post above, TSW sufferers will see significant improvements within 45 to 90 days.  All of his patients who used to be in the hospital can be testimonies of prompt recovery.  In other words, since we followed his protocol strictly, we could get it over within that time frame.

If you can’t make it, healing takes longer than that.  No more and no less.  You have the freedom to choose treatments.  I just can explain the best method and can say if you follow the method strictly, you can get it over the fastest.  Everybody has situation so please don’t worry too much not to be able to do it.

Anyway, in case you feel itchy due to sweat, you can take a shower….but only 5 sec or so, I recommend.  I’m not joking.  We take such a strict way in the hospital and that’s why we get it over so fast. 



This also must be a surprise for you but to apply gauzes thick

or putting lots of bandages on can be moisturizers.

You understand the feeling that your skin contains moisture and humidity inside them, don’t you?  If you wrapped a part up in a bandage, you can’t evaporate humidity through the skin.

NMT’s protocol is dry the affected parts and encourage producing new skin, so you don’t apply anything including gauzes and bandages basically.

It is ok to put a piece of gauze on the afffected part only cutting it the same size with the part  in case your skin can’t make a scab easily due to a lot of oozeIt is applied instead of scabs so one piece only in any situation.

After it started to peel, cut off the dried part only and leave the rest of it as is.

You can take a shower with the gauze as is and it is ok to leave it on the skin up to one week.

**Gauze should be washed with water in advance to avoid the stimulation of gauze itself and antiseptic.



Even if your skin looks so bad, you don’t apply anything or don’t put bandages on.  Just dry it.

I had never tried such a treatment in my long experience of Atopic Dermatitis.  I used to apply Topical Steroids or something always when it got worse in the past and put on bandages for raw skin.  It was a common sense of treatment for skin problems for me.

However, this method defied conventional wisdom.  It was a big surprise for me because skin was generated the fastest than any other treatments.



During TSW, you sometimes feel shivering cold.

However, to stay in blankets or thick top covers or

comforters can be moisturizers.

When you sleep, it is unavoidable not to catch a cold but adjust the room temperature and try not to stay in bed all day long.  It definitely is a moisturizer.

Even if you are staying out of comforters, if you wear wind breakers or thick clothes, or etc….the outfit can be a moisturizer.

Are you sick and tired of hearing these strict restrictions already?….lol  I understand your feeling very much because I also have chattered my teeth due to feeling of shivery cold but if you accomplish them radically, healing happens faster.  I promise.



The Air Flow in the clothes also is important.

The moisture-containing air due to your body temperature can be a moisturizer.

In Hannan Chuo Hospital, I used to wear a thin cotton big T-shirt and a pair of big thin cotton short pants.  Inpatients are not recommended thick clothes.  Thin clothes that allow air to pass through easily are ideal. 

If you put your shirt into pants, that also can be a moisturizer.  You know what I mean?

Think about the air flow even inside clothes all the time and dry your skin.  See?  This treatment is such drastic.



Because of ooze, you might be wearing towels around your neck but it can be a moisturizer

Before I knew NMT, I used to put a thick gauze towel around my neck because ooze was dropping, however, if it is running, just absorb only drops with the gauze gentlly and dry the part wearing an open necked cotton shirt

Again, ooze is necessary for healingDon’t wipe it off.



High-necked collar shirt and Turtleneck shirt also can be moisturizers.

Face guards and masks also are moisturizers.



TSW sufferers prefer to peel crusts off…..lol  We tend to do it but to keep a skin pliable can be a moisturizer to be exact.  Healing takes longer if you do it.



Water restriction makes big difference for healing.

If you take too much water, excess fluid remains in subcutaneous tissue.  It can be the cause of edema/swollenness and can be a moisturizer.

Especially, don’t drink much water at night or before you go to bed.


I checked with Dr. Sato regarding water restriction before I post this because I receive so many inquiries about it.  Below is the translation of his explanation.  The quantity of water includes fruits, yogurt, jelly, pudding, etc…Not only water.




The water restriction for TSW is approximately from 1,000 to 1,500 ml per a day for people weighing 5060 kg.  Might be ok from 1,300 to 1,800 ml per a day for people weighing 8090 kg

However, if you have erythrodermia/exfoliative dermatitis showing wide range of redness on the entire body, 20 % more water will be allowed. 

If you got sweat a lot after exercise, you could drink additional water checking the change of your weight.  If you disregard the sweat absorbed in your clothes, you can take additional 500 ml water in case you lost 500 g.  However, if you got sweat a lot and it was absorbed in the clothes, you need to consider it too. 

In case you have a cold or something and have a fever more than 38 ℃, you should stop water restriction and drink water as you would like. 



(Thanks Dr. Sato!  This is the perfefct explanation for us!)


I really want to help many TSW fellow sufferers because I fully know how tough it is.  That’s why I share the information taking time though English is not my first language and if I could help as many people as possible, it would be my pleasure.  However, during the process, since you need to bear hardship going through this treatment for a while and it can be as if it is getting worse during the drying process, I have a concern. 

The thing is……If you don’t take exact way or if you added your original method though NMT should be done precisely, healing takes longer.  Or if you can’t be patient due to pain or your compelling situation and quit it in the middle of the procedure that looks like aggravation, you won’t learn how great it is.  And then, if you announced ‘This was not good…..It didn’t work for me!’, with the approaches above, so many TSW patients would miss this great method

Please understand that you have responsibility for that.  So if you have strong intention to accomplish it, I definitely recommend you take it reading my explanation carefully.  It is the fastest way to get over TSW and you also can be a testimony.



In addition, as I always mention, this should be done with proper monitoring by physicians as checkups.  if your symptom is diagnosed as ‘Not dangerous.’, just be patient and wait until healing happens.  Just wait.  You might repeat to scratch and dry, scratch and dry, scratch and dry…..but your skin is getting stronger little by little and then, healing happens to you


Dr. Sato fully knows that it is itchy sickness and itches are uncontrolable.  You can’t help it.  He says, ‘It is ok to scratch because this sickness has a certain symptom with itches.  It’s such sickness.  Scratch and dry, scratch and dry, scratch and dry…but last scratch should be done gentlly at least.  Your skin will be stronger gradually.’ 

You can scratch in NMT.  Again, everyone, you should know that you MAY scratch because no one can control it.  Don’t be disappointed after you scratched.



Please don’t concentrate on seeing affected parts only.  See the parts that got well.  Do not expect 100% in any situation.   No need to do the comparison with others.

Such mind also can help your healing. 

Do you notice that there are grateful things here and there all the time?  Even in your current situation, there should be many.  Remember this.  You are experiencing this journey to find them out in spite of suffering.



The day will be soon.  Trust your natural healing ability.

Hang in there!!  Good luck!



Baikal Lake


**Please don’t misunderstand this.  There’s no data in the world about frequency of TSW and no one can proove if it won’t happen any more for good.  It is the scary point of side-effect of medications.  You just can be healed from your current TSW shortly with his method.  Also, this doesn’t mean it can change your original body composition or your original sickness though most of us feel it gets much better than before.

The helpful information provided by Dr. Kenji Sato


Today, I’m very happy to be able to announce the great information for Topical Steroid Withdrawal provided by Dr. Kenji Sato.

A lot of patients who are suffering from TSW know Dr. Sato by name because of his theory and great method called No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’for TSW.


He is the leader against Topical Steroids and Protopic to use for Atopic Dermatitis in Japan.  He has been taking care of many inpatients/outpatients from all over Japan/foreign countries for a long time and achieves great results for TSW.  His eminent ability to diagnose patients’ symptoms and clear and appropriate advice make us surprise all the time because they can be the shortcut for healing. 


And I’m the testimony who got over TSW in a short period with his methodWithout applying any ointment or cream or oil or moisturizer, the very severe symptoms disappeared 90 days later.  It blew my mind.


He sometimes gives comments in the comment column on my blog and this time, mentions about reasons why TSW takes for a long time and can be severe.  So I am pretty sure that this information will help out a lot of patients suffered from TSW and must be helpfull for many people for understandings of TSW

I’m very proud of that he is one of readers of my blog. 


Dr. Kenji Sato’s message is as follows;






I think it is worth informing to people.

From my experience, the causes which make TSW symptoms long and severe are the followings;

1. long term and/or stronger steroid use

2. use of tacrolimus

3. use of moisturisers after stopping topical steroids

4. frequent and long bath and/or shower

5. drinking of large amount of liquid, drinking liquid during night

6. wash out exudate and/or scrape off crust

7. insufficient intake of protein and lipid

8. bed rest during the day time

9. insufficient amount of exercise

10. be told not to scratch

11. poor management of psychological stress

12. Subjective accessment of signs (itch, pain etc) and no objective accessment of symptoms (erosion, red, brown, white, exudate, crust, etc )


Kenji Sato




No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT), that was developed by Dr. Sato based on his many experiences for a long time with TSW patients has been showing clearly defined outcome in Japan.

People who have tried NMT can make a definitive statement that it is the best method for your prompt recovery from TSW.  However, you need to understand one thing.

Once you started it, your symptom might look as if it got worse because your skin dries more but it is the process of healing.

As long as I know, healing tends to happen at the last minute of the entire process, meaning, I saw it was accelerated right before inpatients were discharged from hospital 45 to 90 days later.  So I recommend that you don’t give up at the early stage.  If your doctor diagnosed that your symptom is not dangerous, just keep drying your skin and follow the method precisely if you are trying NMT. 

Hang in there….for a while.  Things take time all the time.


Shrewed choice and insight are the point for your prompt recovery.

Healing will happen to you!  Take good care of yourself!




There are comments from fellow sufferers of TSW who had tried NMT to see my blog introducing Dr. Sato’s method in the below topic.  If you are interested in it,

👇 Click below site! 👇

It works! – No Moisturizing Treatment – For Topical Steroid Withdrawal Fellow Sufferers


If you haven’t heard NMT and would like to know it more or to see pictures of my symptoms,

👇 Click below site! 👇

How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!


If you’d like to see the pictures of children’s cure, click the site below.  They are in the video.

👇 Click Here! 👇







It works! – No Moisturizing Treatment – For Topical Steroid Withdrawal Fellow Sufferers


Topical Steroid Withdrawal Fellow Sufferers,


I sometimes share helpful information to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal and Red Skin Syndrome in my blog because I am the one who got over ‘ultrasevere TSW in a short period with a great method that is called No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)”


I had been using the strongest Topical Steroids of the times for more than 52 years since I was 6 months old so my TSW symptoms were inconceivable.


After being discharged from a hospital to get the wonderful treatment, having a miraculous recovery of course, I began to feel like helping out other patients who were suffering from TSW with bedrest at home with disseminating the great method……because there aren’t many hospitals that can take care of inpatients for TSW or are not many well experienced dermatologists for that in Japan. 

I’m also the one who had experienced bedrest at home without having any good method while I got the first and the second TSW.  

Although my symptom was VERY severe and I barely got to hospitals, my request not to use TS was rejected at any hospitals and I wasn’t able to be admitted to any ones after all.  I had no choice but to endure the long and hard struggle at home then.




Since Topical Steroids are designated as the Standard Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis in Japan, most of dermatologists prescribe them usually or I could say ‘mainly’.  And due to the situation above, all I could do was have a bedrest only at home for severe TSW until I know the NMT.


Having RSS on the entire body like severe burn as if I was broiled, running much ooze coming out all over my body, completely closed eyes due to swollen face, feeling shivering cold in my warm house, swollen thighs to 2 times bigger diameter, losing 80% of hair, having crusts on the entire body like fish or new scaled creature, cracks, flakes, sleep disturbance, etc….etc…….my symptoms were desperate and not to be funny but I didn’t look like a human being at that time.

However, again, I wasn’t able to find out any hospitals that can accept TSW without using TS as inpatients at one of the biggest downtowns in the world, I mean, in Tokyo. 

My family also had no choice except seeing and cleaning scattered crusts all over the house.


I fully knew how tough to get it over alone at home due to my experiences in the past. 


Most of patients are wondering what to do or are worrying when they will be released from the anguish.  They are wandering from hospital to hospital like refugees or are trying folk therapies or are looking for someone to help them out mentally, and so on…..The symptoms are too tough but there’s no distinct clue to resolve the problem usually.


My symptom reached human body’s limit finally and it was the thrid acute aggravation.  I went to Dr. Shigeki Fujisawa‘s clinic for the first time because he is a well known dermatologist against TS in Japan.  To see my horrible symptom, he diagnosed that it was not the level to stay at home and introduced Dr. Kenji Sato who is the leader against TS in Japan.  Dr. Sato is the expert to see TSW patients and takes care of his inpatients/outpatients of TSW with his method, meaning, NMT.


The experience in the hospital resulted in meeting many inpatients who are healed from TSW miraculously within a few months with his method (NMT)


Before I knew the method, TSW symptoms took VERY long time to get better for me and even after being better, the symptom relapsed again and again and the bad or better symptoms repeated back and forth, back and forth…..for years. 


However, his method was amazingly great not only for me but everyone.  I knew that everybody who had tried it realized that the treatment was the best in their life and the Original symptom that we were diagnosed as Atopic Dermatitis also turned to be way too good for us. 

Of course, there’s no perfect treatment for atopic dermatitis on the earth and repeating TSW is unpredictable for anyone but still, our condition turned to be very good.

That’s why I made a decision to start this blog to disseminate the helpful information. 


After a while, I knew that the situation in the world also was almost the same with Japan, meaning, so many people have been struggling against TSW without having good methods or experienced dermatologists.  And even worse, I realized that the major treatment for Atopic Dermatitis had been Topical Corticosteroids all over the world.


I noticed that it was urgent to post topics in English too for people who need good information/method in the world because I know the hardship of home remedy for TSW very well.  Most of patients can’t come to Japan easily but there is a great treatment here!!!!

English is not my native language so it was kind of challenge for me but I felt a calling so tried to explain detailed information about his treatment in English on the site.


Finally, 6 months ago, I posted How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap introducing Dr. Kenji Sato‘s method in English, meaning,No Topical Steroids and No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’in this blog.  

I believed that I could be a true testimony even in the world because I am the one who experienced one of the worst TSW symptoms all over the world as one of the longest TS users


However, it was more than I expected.


The topic was read by tens of thousands of people being shared one after another in the world.  The white world map on the data page of my blog was filled with colors everywhere, meaning, it was distributed to all over the world finally.  It included countries’ names that I have never heard. 


It was a huge surprise for me that the treatment was a sensation for people in foreign countries and I knew that it gave a far greater influence on TSW patients than I might imagine


I saw that patients’ demand is outstripping supply with my very own eyes.  TSW is the serious issue in the world now but there aren’t many well experienced doctors or hospitals to take care of its sufferers without TS.


Dr. Sato’s treatment is a little different from MW (Moisturizer Withdrawal) but more than that and his long term research with tons of TSW patients let him produce the great method to cure from TSW.  It promotes and encourage healing the fastest…..


If you haven’t read the topic, Click the site below! 

        Tokuko’s Room to feel uplifted (=Genki ga deru Tokuko no heya)

How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!


With his method, Inpatients are usually cured in 45 to 90 days.  His treatment is to use natural healing ability of human beings effectively.  It starts to heal spontaneously and results in rapid healing.


Approximately 2 months later from the posted day, I started to receive messages about its results little by little and then it increased as time proceeds….

3 months later, I received enthusiastic responses from MANY people via my blog, SNSs, TSW support group pages and so on.  It was worldwide reverberation.  I got SO many messages with appreciation reporting their symptoms were improved.


I finally realized that a lot of people in the world had tried Dr. Sato’s NMT precisely to read my blog by themselves and they recovered from horrible TSW in a short term!!!


Today, let me introduce some comments to me and a message from one of my readers.


The comments are reporting how it worked for them and the message is mentioning how she made a miraculous recovery with ‘No Topical Steroids and No Moisturizing Treatment‘.  (***Some people are calling NMT as MW in them but they tried Dr. Sato’s NMT.)


I believe the experiencers’ report will be your hope and encourage you more than anything.

See below reports!





Healing DID happen within 90 days. 

My hands look almost normal.  I never thought the days would come. 

So happy I found your blog. It’s life changing.


Thank you for your insight!

MW helped my son, too. I’m so happy to see your advice has helped others! Thank you for sharing.


Yes, it was the best decision for me. 

I understand it doesn’t work for everyone but it sure worked for me.


Thanks for sharing.

We tried moisture withdrawal for my daughter and it helped her immensely with the itch.


Thank you for sharing your experience with others.  It’s really helped me make a dent in my healing


My daughter has been improved a lot once without moisturizing.


Had a bump in the road when pollen season hit but the skin cleared the fastest I have ever seen it.

Thanks again for your info. It has changed my life for the better.


Did you see her post?  (**People recommend this blog on a website very often.)

She has a blog and goes into detail about healing faster by avoiding things that moisturize the skin.


it is so fast and amazing to heal within 3 months!


the skin cleared the fastest I have ever seen it.

Thanks again for your info. It has changed my life for the better.


Thank you so much for your posts.

I have been struggling now for 39 mos tsw and started implementing these methods in mid January

and this is the best I have felt and best my skin has been.





                 A MESSAGE FROM A READER

<Received in this spring>


Hi Tokuko san, hope you are doing well!

I am so happy to share with you that after two months of moisturiser withdrawal, 90% of my face skin is nice like egg white, in even better condition than when I used to apply a lot of moisturiser. It is very miraculous! (And reading my comment two months ago saying I had difficulty opening my mouth because of dry skin, it is so encouraging what can happen in two months when nothing is done!)

Though I still have other eczema wounds on my body, I now have even greater faith and belief that I am now on the right track and will get over it some day.

Just sharing here hopefully to encourage others in the same difficult situation.

And thank you Tokuko san again for your such detailed sharing, I find it’s almost life-changing… have a great day and enjoy the beautiful spring in Japan




Thanks for the messagges, everyone! 

And sorry for people whose messages that I couldn’t add in this page.  Still, I read everything and appreciate it so much! 


Of course, we always need the support of medical profession and I definitely recommend it but in the current situation all over the world, since the demand is outstripping supply, most of us have to accomplish home remedy.  It is very sad so I’m writing for such people.  


Well, the topic has been shared every day in the world even now so many people might try NMT at home in the future.  For such TSW fellow sufferors, let me say something.


Once you started it, your skin would look like as if it was getting worse but skin needs to be dried before healing so it is the process that you have to get over


If you added your original way like putting oils or some other moisturizers or taking so and so bath additives, etc….it won’t be NMT and takes longer for healing.


At the same time, I’ll let you know that it is REALLY tough having pain during the process of NMT because you are drying your dry skin.  However, I recommend you not to give up in a short period at the beginning.  Just hung in there. 

Before you give up, please remember this. 

Healing happens only for people who got over the symptom patiently and it tends to happen at the end


Again, I saw amazing healing effects at the hospital and knew that it was the best and the fastest way to evacuate from the horrible symptoms of TSW

Ahem…As you see, I’m not selling expensive items or anything to you at least…lol  You know what I mean?  I don’t need to exaggerate.  No need to advertise so I can tell you the truth only.

From my action, I hope you understand that I spend my time just to help fellow sufferes.  I know how tough TSW is but was convinced that the treatment would help you out from the anguish.

Hope you utilize your insight to tell what information is good among billion of methods


Some people admired me mentioning ‘The experiencer of the worst symptom in the world’ jokingly…., however, even such a person was able to get well with this method.

Hope you’ll make a sound choice for your prompt cure.


Healing will happen to you in the near future!

Good luck!!!!!



EDIT:  Dr. Kenji Sato gave us a comment in the comment column below

It is VERY helpful for usDon’t miss it!



P.S.  English topics in this blog are available from the site below.






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Also, please understand that this blog is administered to encourage and inspire each other to share good information.

Before you send a message, please make sure if your comment is along the uplifting policy of “Tokuko’s room to feel uplifed“.


Thank you very much for reading and sending comments to encourage people!


Tokuko Abfab

Is your symptom Atopic Dermatitis or Dermatopathy Induced by Topical Steroids?


Topical Steroid Withdrawal Warriors,

How are you doing?  Hope your symptom is getting better!

Fortunately, I receive so many messages every day via SNSs or on my blog site from readers who like this site, ” Tokuko’s Room” to feel uplifted all over the world.  I’m really happy to know how you are making improvement from your horrible symptoms with the messages and would like to acknowledge in writing here on this site.  Thank you very much, everyone!


Well, as for such messages, some are appreciation about what I shared and some are inquiries like what would happen to their originalAtopic Dermatitis‘ and ‘Itches‘ after they got over TSWSo let me answer it via this post today so that it might be a big help for more understandings of your current symptoms and you might aware more about dangerousness of Topical Steroids at the same time.


Below is the one of responses for a question from me to one of readers of my blog regarding a topicHow to get over Topical Steroids Withdrawal asap!’

(See the second site from the bottom if you haven’t read it.)  

Wishing you would see the silver lining in the dark cloud. 






Thank you very much for the nice comment!  I really appreciate it!

Well, as you see, it is How to get over TSW asapbut not how to cure Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis There are many treatments for them in the world but human beings still can’t find the perfect way to heal them because we found out only one etiology for Atopic Dermatitis, meaning, ‘filaggrin gene‘.


Although the symptom of TSW might be different from your Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis, it is worse than them usually, you’ll see some of your original symptoms were side-effects of Topical Steroids though they were diagnosed as Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis, after you are healed from TSW. 


Let me tell you the reasons why from experiences of mine and other patients who accomplished the same treatment, Dr. Kenji Sato‘s method.  It is called No Topical Steroids and No Moisturizing Treatment if I translated it directly and is a little different from Moisurizer Withdrawal (MW) but more than that

The therapy is not only avoinding moisturizers but anything that moisturize your body if I explain it precisely.  You can call it NMT for short if you prefer. 


 (Dr. Kenji Sato’s method is different from MW that is advocated by some other doctors who are not performing at clinical sites or are writing with desk theory only.  He has been seeing tons of TSW patients from all over Japan and foreign countries for a long time, day in, day out…..until late night to help us, actually.  He is the leader against TS in Japan, has been taking care of TSW inpatients and his clinical results for TSW are amazing!  That is why I don’t call it MW.)


**Things above moisturize your body!  (Bandages, thick clothes, hot springs, thick comforters, shampoo and conditioners, frequent showers, etc…..)


Even if you finished current TSW, you ‘might’ have TSW again in the future or ‘might not’.  As for the part, nobody knows how often or how bad your next TSW would happen or would not happen because there’s no data in the world.  However, After you finished TSW, you can tell your skin is getting stronger little by little.  I can let you know that your original dermatitis is getting much better every time you finished TSW and everything is going to be extremely better than while you were using Topical Steroids!


The thing is, some or many parts of your skin problems that were diagnosed as Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis were not them but might have been Side-effects of Topical Steroids.  This means, Topical Steroids induce various kinds of skin problems/dermatopathy while you are using it.  It is highly addictive and they make your dermatitis intractable

(**Every time you stopped TS, you realized that your symptom got worse later after all, and then, once you used it again, it got well, didn’t it?  You repeated this over and over in your life, didn’t you?)


As for me, it passed almost 5 yrs after stopping Topical Steroids, and my skin became stronger amazingly though my TSW had been one of the severest symptoms in the world, I guess.  

For example, while I was using TS, my fingers looked like as if I had very thin cellophane on raw skin but currently, they look strong like ordinary people’s ones and have started to shine lately, meaning, I see they are moisturized gradually though I have ultra dry skin originally.  This improvement is the first experience in my life. 


I sometimes have opportunities to see people who have suffered from TSW.  All of patients who were discharged from the hospital mention about the same kind of improvement and we can say that this method, No Topical Steroids and No Moisturizing Treatment, (NMT) is the best way to get over TSW so far on the globe.  We got over TSW miracurously with the treatment in a few months and at the same time, realized that many symptoms had been induced by Topical Steroids because our original dermatitis also is getting much better after all.

So our current symptom is very good or much better than while we were using TS.  This means, the itches also are much better than the time using TS.  (Our original Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema are not healed perfectly because there is no perfect treatment in the world but you’ll see it is not such bad as it was after completion of TSW.)


TS shouldn’t have been prescribed except life threatning situation but no one didn’t know the side-effects long time ago.  However, we knew the fact now so each of us should initiate to say No!’ for the world wide misstepsYou can be one of the pioneers for that.

I believe, someday, someone will invent a perfect treatment to heal Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema but until the day, the treatment will help you out the fastest and your skin will be much much better and stronger than before.


Hope this explanation would be help for you and wish your symptom will be fine soon!
Good luck!





Additionally, the reader who I sent the response above got miraculous recovery from TSW with No Topical Steroids and No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT) within 2 months after she started it to read a topic in my blog.  (See the site below if you haven’t read it.)  She accomplished it by herself reading it carefully.

I have been hearing a lot of good results from my readers but can’t announce them if they were sent to me as personal messages but since the correspondence above is done on my blog site, I posted it for you.  (Added some explanation for your more understandings.) 

Will post the report about her miraculous recovery on this site soon.

I hope this information is going to be the awareness of medications, especially Topical Steroids for people in the world and help your understandings of TSW.


Good luck warriors. 

You’ll be healed soon!



       👇 Click below if you haven’t read it!   👇

                                                        Tokuko’s Room to feel uplifted    

How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!



   👇 Below site explains details about my explanation above.   👇

                                                        Tokuko’s Room to feel uplifted

What would happen after you recovered from TSW? How your Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema would heal?




Cherry blossoms at Chidorigafuchi, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo



What would happen after you recovered from TSW? How your Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema would heal?


Topical Steroid Withdrawal warriors,

The other day, I postedHow to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!’ on my blog and shared it on Facebook and some other SNSs.

So many people shared it and the action encouraged other shares one after another and finaly, several tens of thousands of people read it all over the world within a few weeks as long as I know.  I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has been supporting me to disseminate the important information.  Thank you very much!

Also, I have received more than 500 messages with appreciation and encouragements from people in the world in one week.  This experience taught me a renewed recognition of necessity of spreading the fact.  Thanks again for your kindness!

If you haven’t read it, please CLICK below site;  👇

     👇  👇  👇 click here 👇  👇  👇  

How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!

Tokuko’s roomto feel uplifted = Genki ga deru Tokuko no heya


At the same time, I received tons of Questions for details via SNSs.  I have been trying to respond to everyone but as for two common important questioins subjected above, I realized it must be better to post as a new topic.

Hope you read below topics to clear your questions/problems.


How many times your TSW would happen?


Even if you recovered from your current Topical Steroid Withdrawal, nobody knows what would happen next or how often or how bad you might or might not have the same symptoms in the future because there’s no data in the world.

As you know, skin problems are reallly difficult to form datas.  It is hard to do comparison with others in the first place and even if you think back your medical history, you usually don’t have records like what day or what kind of steroids or how much or how often or how strong or what part of your body or how many days you applied them…….precisely.  Thinking about yourself only, you can imagine that it is impossible to have concrete datas.  Even if well-experienced doctors could guess it, still it will be just a guess.

I also had experienced acute aggravation 4 times after I stopped using Topical Steroids including the first TSW within 3 years.  This means, even after you are recovered from TSW, you might have the same kind of unexpected aggravation in the future. 

Longer periods of application and more potent strength of TS tend to lead severe symptoms but even mothers who applied TS on child’s back can have the same TSW on the entire body.  Or it can spread from one eczematic finger to the entire body.  That’s why we can say, ‘Nobody knows.’

Of course, I would like to believe that it won’t happen to you and me anymore for good….but there’s no guarantee.  We are the first patients who suffered from Topical Steroid Withdrawal/Side-effects on the globe so we’ll see it in the future.


Then, there’s no hope?

However, after you finished TSW, you can tell your skin is getting stronger little by little.

I can let you know that the symptom like TSW is getting much better than the first TSW each time even if it happened again and your skin condition is going to be extremely better than the one while you were using TS.

(Yes, it sounds crazy that the condition ‘not using’ Topical Steroids is better than ‘using’ but it’s true…Did we pay money for that?  It was rediculous!…..lol)

As for me, though it passed almost 5 yrs after stopped using it, my skin became stronger amazingly.

For example, while I was using TS, my fingers looked like having very thin cellophanes on raw skin but currently, they look strong like ordinaly people’s ones o(^o^)o  and have started to shine lately, meaning, I see they are moisturized though I have ultra dry skin originally.

All of my friends who accomplished No Topical Steroids and No Moisturizing Treatment (=NMT)‘ feel the same improvements at least.  Their skins also are getting stronger even when they have problems on some parts partially, and the entire condition is much better than before.  This is the amazing fact of No Topical Steroids and No Moisturizing Treatment.


How an original skin problem heals?


Patients who are prescribed Topical Steroids by dermatologists usually have Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema or other skin problems originally.

There are many treatments for eczema/atopic dermatitis in the world but unfortunatelly, human beings still can’t find out the perfect way to heal them because we found out only one etiology, meaning, filaggrin gene

So, you must be wondering what would happen to your original skin problems even if you got over TSW after achieving No Topical Steroids and No moisturizing Treatment (NMT)going through the horrible symptoms.


Well, to go straight to the bottom line, even if you got over TSW, your Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema (Original skin problems) would remain. 

However, you’ll see the Big difference before and after No Topical Steroids and Moisture Withdrawal.

You mihgt have been diagnosed that you had Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema or something and applied Topical Steroids first, but remember their side effects below;


  • Topical Steroids are highly addictive.
  • Topical Steroids induce various kinds of skin problems.
  • Topical Steroids makes your dermatopathy intractable.


So, your original skin problems might not have been such bad without Topical Steroids and the medication might have developed them or induced a myriad of symptoms. 


The thing is, many parts of your eczema that were diagnosed as eczema or atopic dermatitis might not have been them but were side-effects of Topical Steroids.

I mean, you’ll see some symptoms were side-effects of Topical Steroids but not your original skin problems after you accomplished ‘No TS and No Moisturizing’.

As I mentioned, I have had atopic dermatitis since I was 6 months old but after I recovered from TSW, I realized that atopic dermatitis was not such a horrible skin problems to use immunosuppressants= Steroids/Protopic/Neoral.

And as long as I know, all of us who accomplished ‘No TS and MW’ were convinced that our skin condition became very well or much better than before.

So, I’d like to say to you guys who are worrying about your original skin problems that everything is going to be much better than when you were applying TS and what is more, your skin is going to be stronger like healthy skin even if you still have original dermatopathy or some skin problems partially. 


Per Dr. Sato who is the leader against Topical Steroids in Japan, Steroids are exhausted from your body approximately in 1 year after you stopped using Topical Steroids in theory

So if you have skin problems like TSW over and over after you exhausted Steroids, I guess the symptom might not be your original skin problems but the remaining side-effect of Topical Steroids.  This is going to be the proof of their inducement and refractory nature.


Is our future hopeful?


I believe, someday, someone will invent a perfect treatment to heal eczema/atopic dermatitis….Let’s look and hope in the future!(^o^)b  However, until the day, your skin will be better than before becsause you chose to stop using Topical Steroids.  Imunosupplessants shouldn’t be used for skin problems but for life-threatening cases.

Some of you are struggling to get over your horrible symptoms of TSW now but still, it won’t be forever.
Now you know the best way to get rid of your symptoms asap, meaning, No Topical Steroids and No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)‘ so just hang in there for a while.   

It might not be perfect but you’ll see the improvement in the near future.  Even if the side effect happened again, you know how to take care of it….Scratch and dry, then scratch and dry and then scratch and dry….your skin is going to be stronger in the long run.

Sleep tight during the prime time, work out if possible…and keep on Smiling!

You are not alone and will be healed soon. 

For awareness of this worldwide misstep of Topical Steroids and supportting you, I’ll keep disseminating this information to the world. (^_~)b


Thanks again for your support.





Mt. Fuji