NMT Caregivers’ Reports – For Children And Babies


As most of you know, the only NMT (No Steroidal and No Moisturizing Treatment) doctors are in Japan.  This method was advocated by Dr. Kenji Sato (Osaka, Japan) officially in 1994, but he discovered the condition of TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) long before he publicly shared.  He actually started the protocol prior to 1994 trying to learn from the patients.  Then he discovered that TSW couldn’t be healed with just ceasing steroids, meaning, you need to cease/stop use of steroids as well as ALL kinds of moisturizers in order for the protocol to be successful. 

***This included wearing loose fitting garments rather than tight against the skin, avoiding to wrap up with bandages or to put on thick comfortersnot over cleaning or bathing with soaps or other chemicals and so on…Most of us tend to imagine to apply lotions or creams once we hear moisturizers but these types activities and more similar ones are ways that unintentionally act as ‘moisturizing’ treatments. ***

      **Refer below article forMoisturizers
      What can be Moisturizers? – For fellows lanuching ‘No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’

However, it is not socially accepted as a major treatment though even the results are amazing.  ‘Topical Steroids’ is the major and standard treatment designated for Atopic dermatitis by the dermatologists’ academic conference in Japan even though there’s no evidence of healing results.  Most dermatologists prescribe them and it is very difficult to find non steroidal doctors even in Japan.


Dr. Sato has been advocating NMT and has been helping tons of TSW sufferers for more than 3 decades with successful results.  Patients are visiting Osaka to be seen by him from all over Japan. 


Dr. Kenji Sato gives free large scale lecture meetings frequently with other NMT doctors (Dr. Mitsuko Satou, Dr. Shigeki Fujisawa and Dr. Satoko Minaguchi) traveling all over Japan for awareness of the danger of Steroids, Protopic and Neoral (=Ciclosporin/Cyclo).  He also holds classes after work for inpatients, answering questions on the website with his wife Dr. Mitsuko Satou (a NMT super pediatrician), teaches NMT for doctors who are interested in, guides other young doctors, etc….As you can see, his busy life makes it hard for him to share the info with the world.  However, his message is spreading as patients’ groups supporting him and other NMT doctors are growing.


I wrote an article to share this great method to the world in English getting approval from Dr. Sato (in Nov 2017).  How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!  

Since I’m the testimony who got well amazingly from VERY severe case within 3 months with NMT, I thought I had to share this great method for all TSW sufferers in the world.  I totally understand how tough the symptoms are so I really wanted to help others who are struggling without solutions.

Fortunately, the article spread all over the world very rapidly and it reached many worldwide as you can see below.

The distribution map of readers of my blog ‘Tokuko’s Room To Feel Uplifted’. (=Genki ga deru Tokuko no heya) This means so many TSW sufferers are struggling without having solution.


A lot of TSW sufferers started to learn NMT with this blog and NMT support groups that I established last year at the same time.

NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) Education Group

The NMT Healed Club (No Moisturizing Treatment)

Tokuko’s Room To Feel Uplifted


Within a few months, I began to receive SO many messages with appreciation from all over the world.  (**Sorry, I can’t respond to all of them but thank you very much for your nice messages! )  They mastered NMT and were healed or improved amazingly


And then, unbelievably, the healed members started to share the information spontaneously! 

It was a game changer for them so they were glad to pay it forward sharing the protocol. 

The NMT masters’ dedication is really energetic and they started to help the world sufferers together!  The numbers of sharing people are increasing day by day!


Some shared it with SNS, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc….)

some brought my blog to their dermatologists asking their support to accomplish NMT,

some shared theirBefore and Afterpics to encourage and help other sufferers,

some shared the pictures to show the healing process with chronological order and explanation,

some shared their personal notes about what they learned in their language,

some offered me to help the operation of support groups,

some translated my blog articles to each language,

some got interviews to share their experience bravely with medias and other non-steroidal groups,

some established NMT support groups in each language,

…and so on!


It’s actually spreading throughout the world day by day rapidlySo many people are taking actions to help other sufferers/caregivers to experience the agony of the side effect of Topical Steroids and amazing recovery with NMT.  They are working with their deep love to others.  Don’t you think it’s REALLY wonderful? 


Today, let me introduce two of NMT masters’ (caregivers) reports.


First report below is written by Ms Jannelyn Lechelle from UK.  She learned NMT reading this blog articles over and over and her son got well amazingly fast.  Her NMT knowledge is excellent!  After she became a master of NMT, she has been helping sufferers as one of admins of the support groups.  





Here is another update on the progress of my son’s ankle.  He is currently 168 days NMT and 8 months TSW.

As you know from my last post, he has been swimming for almost 8 weeks with no reaction to the chlorine in the water.  His whole body is clear – not a sign of normal eczema starting either.


As for the NMT protocol, he is drinking whenever he is thirsty so no water restriction.  He has quick showers twice a week and doesn’t apply any type of cream or moisturizer on his skin after a shower.  He continues to sleep 9-10 hrs a night and can eat all types of foods without any reaction.  A balanced diet is still important for a growing child so I maintain this.


Last month, the top part of his ankle had this ‘thick and spongy texture’ accompanied with fine, white powder/dust.  I call this elephant skin.  This month, from my observations, the thickness has lessened considerably and the powder is gone.  The skin is now a little scaly and no longer sheds.  It also appears dry but it is not itchy.


Looking back at the whole TSW nightmare, we tend to worry about the possible infections, about the many symptoms, how bad it looks, wondering when it will get better or is it becoming worse?

Having gone through this journey with my son for 8 months, what kept me going as a parent was acceptance and a positive mental outlook.  Even before I stumbled upon NMT and Tokuko’s Blog page, I kept reading, doing research, finding out as much as I could about how to heal my son from his terrible symptoms.  Without this determination, I have no idea what I would have done. 


I followed the NMT protocol blindly without doubting it, and just kept going.  Seeing the before and after pictures of Tokuko was a game-changer for me.  I thought if she could heal from her symptomsthen so can my son. 

The suffering my son went through taught me patience.  Then patience taught me perseveranceThe perseverance then gave me hope – hope that one day, he would heal.


I am forever grateful that this NMT group exists because Tokuko has worked so hard to spread the NMT awareness out there.  I see many more parents who are willing to try the NMT protocol to heal their childIf you do commit to it, patience and perseverance is keyDon’t dwell on the symptoms or worry too much.  The protocol is your guide, so learn it well, read it over and over again and make sure you don’t miss a thing.


Everyone will have different healing times and some parts may take longer to heal.  Try not to compare your healing journey to others, this will only discourage you.  Not everyone will heal in 90 days either as most of us are not at the hospital with Dr Sato watching over us all.


Below, I have complied a guideline of the different stages the skin goes through when healing.  This information is taken from my notes, photos and the close observations I made with my son.  Some of you may find it useful, others may not, but feel free to use it as you wish.



1. The Inflammation Stage

Symptoms: Red, hot, bumpy, broken skin, sometimes swollen, itchy, wet, oozy, painful

This is the stage where the skin goes into shock as the medicine usage has ceased and the skin and body need to re-adjust itself.  Blood vessels dilate to allow essential cells; antibodies, white blood cells, growth factors, enzymes and nutrients to reach the skin area.  This may lead to a rise in exudate levels so the surrounding skin needs to be closely monitored. 

Limiting all types of moisture (bathing/creams/intake of fluids) at this stage is important to reduce ooze and the possibility of infection setting in.  Sleeping during the hours of 10am – 2am is crucial for healing as growth factors are released during this time at night.  A balanced diet will help the skin obtain all the nutrients it needs. My son was stuck in this Inflammation stage for two and a half months because of the daily foot-baths and creams applied to his skin.  Too much moisture.  If anything, his skin became a lot worse.  As soon as we initiated NMT at the beginning of January, his skin started to change and move to the next stage which only took around seven days.



2. The Proliferation Stage

Symptoms: Less redness, Intense deep itching, increased dryness, stiff skin, thick crusts, lots of flakes, ooze and blood, swelling, skin feels hot, nerve pain, zingers, possible infection

Allow crusts to fall off by themselves.  Do not pick or force crusts off.
If dried out properly, skin can start to form crusts/flakes over the surface to protect the rebuilding of new skin underneath.  The body produces collagen to form new skin tissues – protein and fats in diet are required to do this.  The unbelievable ‘deep’ itch results from the new network of nerve cells and blood vessels being formed underneath the new skin. 

As new temporary layers of skin are pushed up, the skin sheds very quickly, producing lots of flakes!  This is encouraged by itching and scratching until the skin becomes thicker and drier.  Tokuko describes this stage as having ‘ugly skin’ and many tend to think that the skin is aggravatedSome give up during this stage and return to bathing and applying creams.  Then the Inflammation Stage starts all over again.
My son stayed in the Proliferation stage for 97 days before moving on to the last stage of healing.  Believe it or not – the repetition of scratching and drying made his skin stronger.



3. The Maturation Stage

Symptoms: Dry skin, fine white powder, white dust, less itch, no redness, softer skin, spongy feeling, elephant skin

This final stage is when the new skin no longer breaks when scratched.  The new skin feels thickened and spongy as the tissue used to create this is slightly different.  The Fine, white powdery surface can take some time to thin out.  This phase involves remodelling of collagen from type III down to type I. 

Cellular activity reduces and the number of blood vessels in the skin area regresses and decreases until the skin produces its own oils and is normalised back to soft, smooth skin.  This is the stage my son started swimming and is currently at Day 57 and still counting.  The bottom and middle part of his ankle are already normalised, just allowing the top part to continue to smoothen out slowly.


Thank you for reading.  Happy healing to you all 💗





The Next report is written by Ms. Joyce Fang from Australia.  Her understanding of NMT also is outstanding and she has been helping parents who have TSW/AD kids and babies in Chinese speaking society as a bilingual.  Her support for world sufferers is excellent working as an admin in the NMT support groups.





Some thoughts on babies, about solid food, breastmilk, formula.

And some healing photos

It’s created a little bit controversial tonight, since I’m a mum who is breastfeeding my 16 months son and receives a great result from NMT within half year, I’d like to share some of my thoughts and experiences on this. Please do correct me if anything wrong.  And please follow NMT doctor’s instructions as strictly as you can, you will have great result!



Firstly, I think breastmilk is still good during NMT, like people mentioned here, for immunity.  Good immune system accelerate healing and reduce the risk of infection.  Also, breastfeeding is a great comfort tool during NMT.  Happier baby, happier mum, faster healing.  Breastmilk has too many other benefits compare to formula, like long chain fatty acids to support brain development, etc.  I believe NMT doctors fully understand and have more knowledges than us, as Tokuko mentioned this.



However, breastmilk has less protein compared to formula.  And we all know protein loss is a problem during TSW for many people, we need to increase protein and fat intake (although breastmilk has higher fat compared to formula).  We also know too much water intake delays recovery.  So, this is the downside of breastmilk, since we can’t reduce water in breastmilk.  If we try to increase protein intake from breastmilk, we increase large amount of water too.  It’s a dilemma here.  On the other hand, it’s easier to control the water volume and plus it has higher protein in formula.  So, for the babies who need to boost their protein level and who hasn’t on solid, switching to formula is a choice.



But it doesn’t mean every NMT baby needs to stop breastfeeding.  That’s why Tokuko mentioned babies can have solid food earlier.  Someone may argue baby under 6 months shouldn’t have solid.  But the reality to this really depends on each baby, someone just can if they are ready.  Tokuko mentioned.  My son started solid on 4 months even we didn’t have TSW.
Breastfeeding or not, or when should baby start on solid is really depending on each one’s real situation.



Here are some experiences and thoughts from me and some other breastfeeding mums who are doing NMT currently:
To mums who don’t want to switch to formula, and determined to get benefits from breastmilk for long run and do NMT at the same time:
I would firstly eat more protein and fat and a bunch of nutritional dense vegetables (not too much fruits) myself.



1.  Baby Within 6-month-old or hasn’t on solid: I could switch to a mixed feeding strategy, but maybe majority is formula for a while if the baby lost too much protein (usually sever oozing stage).  I could feed formula first and maybe some bites of breastmilk for comfort and immunity.  I could at the same time pump breastmilk out to maintain milk supply.  I may increase breastmilk and reduce formula when skin is getting better, and maybe baby starts solid already.  Also, I believe sever TSW for such young baby is not too common.
In addtion, 4 months old can start solid if they are ready, first food can be high protein food like meat.  Diet is probably another controversial topic nowadays.  



2.  6-month-old to 1 year old:  Apart from same strategy above, I could feed him only high protein and fat solid food at this stage, which means no carbs from solid, especially during sever oozing stage. If baby have lots of high protein solid and skin is getting better, I may increase breastmilk or switch back to breastmilk.


3.  1 year above:  It’s easy to control protein intake now, and baby needs much less milk.  High protein and fat solid plus breastmilk only or mixed feeding, moderate protein and fat solid plus more formula or normal milk plus some breastmilk or no breastmilk.  There are too many combinations according to skin’s progress.  Just remember dry is better, protein and fat are essential during NMT. If you have time, do a record or digitalise eventing, you can figure out how much water and nutrition your child needs according to different circumstances.



To mums who stop breastfeeding because of NMT or other reasons:
• Although there are so many benefits with breastmilk, but babies can do also well without breastmilk.  Formula gives lots of mums relieves, it’s also easier to count water intake and increase protein level for many babies.

• We always want to give our kids everything, but sometimes we should consider the most important things for different circumstances.  We still can boost baby’s immunity in other ways, like giving them lots of love, letting them play around as excise, a balanced diet, etc.


Last, don’t be too stressful for what we haven’t done enough.  If you have time and energy, you can choose to continue breastfeeding and NMT.  If you don’t, you can try to find helper.  If you don’t have time and helper and want to stop for healing purpose, just stop.  If you have confusion, we have so many people here to help.  If you feel depressed, you can vent into NMT support group or other TSW group, or messaging lots of people here. LOL


Thank Tokuko Kameda again and all the NMT/TSW doctors.


I will add some improvement photos to reassure NMT.  My son is breastfeeding and doing great with NMT.  I probably ask my friend to add her son’s photo later, her son takes formula and heals with NMT too.  We both almost finish this hell within half year!
Wish everyone has a quick and happy healing!





Well, these reports are written by ‘mothers‘ who mastered NMT with this blog and NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) Education Group on Facebook.  To experience their child’s healing, they wrote and posted these reports in the group spontaneously to pay it forward.  I was moved so much by their love to other TSW sufferers/caregivers because this is just what I really wanted 


NMT doctors are limited but there are many more numbers of sufferers than them all over the world…I thought “We must be able to utilize sheer force of numbers…!” 

Even if you have zero NMT doctors in your country, if we assemble our knowledge, the power is going to be bigger than several doctors’ one.  Once we put learned knowledge together in the group, a lot of sufferers can trust the information and can help each other…I believed that it would be the only solution without having NMT doctors except Japan.  That is one of the reasons why I established NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) Education Group.  


As I expected, a lot of healed members began to post their experiences in the group to help others.  However, since visual confirmation also is necessary always for sufferers, I established The NMT Healed Club (No Moisturizing Treatment) too.  Right after that, healed members started to post their Before and Afterpictures there one after another to help and encourage others.  Sufferers got to learn the process to do the comparison in need visually.


It’s not often but admins in our groups have heard that some members need to vent in the groups.  We understand their feelings very much but believe that our groups’ role is different from other TSW support groups.  Our groups should be the ones to provide solutions as much as possible from our experiences with NMT because many sufferers have been struggling without having any solutions for years.  At the same time, we know sufferers’ sad stories won’t help others at all and affects to others’ symptoms and to the person’s too.  Trying to use positive words will help you after all and it is the part of NMT.   So we ask your agreement to our policy when we get requests to join us.  We just want to help as many as possible effectively.  Hope sufferers understand our groups’ role (=to share NMT accurate info) and my intention (the reason why I established the groups).  Everybody should be able to get out of the agony asap to get effective solutions and no one should obstruct it, meaning, we need to think about others too in any situation.  I believe, fundamentally, support groups are supposed to be like that.


You also can be a Master of NMT and your efforts to learn NMT will help your children from TSW.  In other words, they will be helped by your accurate NMT knowledge.


Actually, tons of babies and little children are healed by Dr. Mitsuko Satou in Japan and many babies and children are coming with parents to be seen by her from all over Japan.  Healed children’s parents listened to her and just followed NMT protocol seriouslyI just can share this fact and you are the one who makes a decisionNone of us forces you and choice is always up to you but once you had a strong determination to accomplish NMT, try to learn it hard and commit.   Again, your accurate knowledge will help you.


     The Key Tips Of NMT For Babies And Children

     Healing Happens to Kids and Babies with NMT

    ***You need to learn and read all RECOMMENDED POSTS IN ENGLISH of this blog making your personal notebook and learn more in the groups.


The skin needs to dry before healing and at the dried stage, the appearance becomes bad and the subjective feeling of itch also becomes stronger.  So your child needs to repeatScratch and Dry over and over and it is uncontrollable for human beings.  Parents tend to misunderstand that their child got aggravated to see the condition, however, need to understand that the skin lesions are getting better, meaning, completely dried skin is the beginning of healing processParents need to endure this tough phase.  Just make sure that your child doesn’t have other sickness or infections and gaining weight normally with balanced meal getting his/her doctor’s advice.


I’m looking forward to seeing many other reports by caregivers who are trying to help other sufferers with their experiences on NMT Education Group.  At the same time, I’m waiting for many more posts withBefore and Afterpictures in The NMT Healed Club so a lot of caregivers can learn the process of NMT more and more. 


We can help each other.  Again, in any situation, we have to think about others who are in agony.  Healed people are the ones who can understand the condition very well and can help others.  Please do not finish your journey after healing.  You will get the power to change the world then.


Healing happens to your child too!  For your loved one’s wonderful future, hang in there for a while!




2019.11 北海道大学キャンパス内




Hoe je zo snel mogelijk geneest van TSW of Topical Steroid Withdrawal!

How to get over TSW asap! ◆ Dutch Version



Hoe je zo snel mogelijk geneest van TSW of Topical Steroid Withdrawal!


Ik zie zoveel mensen die lijden aan TSW (Topical Steroids Withdrawal of cortisonecreme afhankelijkheid) oftewel mensen die verslaafd zijn aan hormonenzalven/cortisonezalven. Dit over de hele wereld. Hoewel er zoveel mensen hieraan lijden worden er nog steeds hormonenzalven voorgeschreven voor atopische eczeem en andere huidproblemen.

Ik geloof dat de tijd rijp is dat de wereld moet realiseren dat diezelfde medicatie je niet kan genezen maar zelfs een gif kan zijn voor je huid.


Als je twijfelt aan de verschrikkelijke neveneffecten van hormonenzalf, kijk dan naar de foto’s onderaan. Ze zijn niet prettig om naar te kijken. Mensen die deze liever niet willen zien, geef ik daarom de keuze door ze onderaan te plaatsen.




Wel, voor diegenen die de foto’s al zagen… Mijn excuses om jullie deze lelijke foto’s van me te tonen. Maar je zag wel de duidelijke verbetering op de derde foto van mijn been, niet? Het moet heel moeilijk te geloven zijn dat ik geen enkele zalf, crème of balsem heb gebruikt, om te genezen. Dus daarom wil ik graag de beste manier uitleggen hoe ik uit die TSW hel ben geraakt aan jullie die hiermee op dit moment te maken hebben. Ik begrijp als de beste hoe hard en moeilijk het is. Daarom wil ik jullie aanmoedigen en jullie hiermee helpen!



Ik heb altijd de sterkste cortisonezalven (hormoonzalven) gebruikt voor mijn atopisch eczeem. Dit gedurende meer dan 50 jaar en dit sinds ik 6 maanden oud was. Die zalven hebben me nooit echt genezen maar zonder deze zalven kon ik geen normaal leven leiden omdat ze de ontsteking maar voor heel even wegtrokken. Tijdelijk dus.


Geleidelijk aan hielpen ze me minder en minder en uiteindelijk stopten ze zelfs met werken. Nadat ik gestopt was ze te gebruiken, kreeg ik helse afkickverschijnselen/bijwerkingen. Zoals je kan zien kwam dit 4 keer voor in de laatste 5 jaar. Het spreidde uit over mijn gehele lichaam. Ik zag eruit als een monster. Ik verloor twee maal mijn haar, ik verloor op 1 week 12 kg aan gewicht doordat ik zo hard vloeistof (ooze) uit mijn wonden verloor,…


Soms zag ik helemaal rood van top tot teen alsof mijn gehele lichaam verbrand was. Daarna kreeg ik overal korsten en leek ik op een vis. Daarna werd ik terug rood met ooze zoals een brandslachtoffer en daarna kreeg ik weer korsten… De symptomen kwamen terug en gingen weg en kwamen terug en gingen weer weg. Altijd in cyclussen werd alles herhaald.


Ik had zo’n erge bijwerkingen doordat ik zo lang cortisonezalven heb gebruikt maar de meeste dermatologen zeggen nog steeds dat dit atopisch eczeem is. Denk jij dat ook als je naar mijn foto’s kijkt?

Nee, het is GEEN atopisch eczeem.

We zijn misschien geen dokters maar zelfs amateurs kunnen zeggen, ‘Dit kan niet normaal zijn!’, als ze hieronder de foto’s bekijken. Iedereen kan hieraan zien dat de zalf zijn scherpe tanden laat zien. En dat ze heel toxisch is. Het heeft duidelijk bijwerkingen. Dus cortisonezalven zouden niet langer gebruikt mogen worden voor huidproblemen.



Zelfs als je symptomen zo erg zijn en ziekenhuiszorg nodig hebt, zijn er niet al te veel ziekenhuizen in de wereld die TSW accepteren. De situatie hier in Japan is juist dezelfde.

Downtown Tokyo with the tallest tower ‘Sky Tree’ in the middle

Echte zieke patiënten voelen zich zoals afgewezen vluchtelingen in een ziekenhuis. Ikzelf vond geen hulp in het grootste ziekenhuis in Tokyo-Japan. Maar gelukkig verwees de beroemde Japanse dermatoloog (Dr. Fujisawa) me door naar het Hannan Chuo Ziekenhuis in Osaka, Japan na de derde verslechtering van mijn huid.

En ik vond eindelijk de beste behandeling van mijn leven. En dat is

No Steroidal and No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT) = Geen cortisonen en geen hydratatie Behandeling

(Dit is verschillend van Moisture Wedrawal (MW of hydratatiezalf-ontwenning). Dit gaat dieper dan dat.)


Het lijkt onmogelijk dat mensen die een super droge huid hebben, zoals atopisch eczeem patiënten hebben, om deze behandeling te proberen (NMT). Zo dacht ik er ook over maar er gebeurde een mirakel bij deze behandeling. Toen ik gewoon stopte met cortisonezalven te gebruiken, verbeterde ik niet zo goed maar toen ik ook stopte met elke soort van hydratatie en meer deed dan enkel maar MW (hydratatiezalf ontwenning) en dit allemaal tegelijkertijd, verbeterden mijn symptomen in een miraculeuze snelle periode.



De eerste foto van de eerste 3 (been links) dateert van 29 oktober, de 2e van 18 november en de 3e van 17 december 2015.

Nu ben je een echte getuige hiervan. Zelfs als je de ergste symptomen vertoont, ben je genezen na ongeveer 2 maanden van de behandeling. Eigenlijk in andere woorden; met ‘geen behandeling’.


Ik ben genezen door Dr. Kenji Sato’s behandeling in Osaka, Japan. Ik was zijn patiënt voor een periode van 3 maanden. Hij is de leider tegen cortisone zalven hier in Japan.

Osaka, Japan


Hij schrijft geen cortisone zalven of Protipic (Tacrolimus) of Neoral (Ciclosporin) voor.

Hij schrijft bijna niets voor wanneer je in het ziekenhuis bent. (behalve slaappillen, anti-jeuk pillen op de vraag van de patiënten,…)


Wel, wat doe je daar dan? Waarom kan het dan genezen op die manier? 


Ik zou je graag vertellen wat we daar doen en wat we daar hebben geleerd in het Hannan Chuo ziekenhuis.

**** als je je afvraagt dat de bovenste medicatie zou werken, klik onderaan de site***


      De feiten dat je zeker moet weten – voor TSW patiënten

      The fact you definitely have to know – For Fellows with TSW



Patienten moeten een bepaalde bedtijd hanteren, goed slapen, gezond eten en sporten om het metabolisme te verhogen om nieuwe, gezonde huid te genereren.




Diep slapen gedurende de beste huid-uren. Dit wil zegggen van 22u00 tot 02u00. Dit is echt belangrijk. Zorg ervoor tijdens je dagelijkse leven dat je in slaap valt om 21u30 elke dag. Wees dus geen nachtuil. (Groeihormonen die je metalbolisme verhogen worden gegenereerd tussen 22u en 02u ’s nachts.) Het maakt nieuwe huid. Je gaat een groot verschil zien als dit elke dag lukt.



Maak tijd voor sport

Elke dag sport is nodig om je metabolisme te boosten want het versnelt de aanmaak van nieuwe huid.

Als het mogelijk is, sport meer dan 1 uur per dag. Bv, jogging, wogging of snel wandelen. Dokters raden aan om dit te doen tot je een minimum zweet.

Als het niet altijd lukt, schiet je dan niet af. In mijn opinie, je mind-set beinvloedt je huid.

Blijf vredig in je hoofd. Blijf rustig want dit is ook heel belangrijk om snel te kunnen genezen. Er is altijd een morgen!



Dr. Sato raadt niet aan om vaak in bad te gaan of een douche te nemen

Het verwijdert vocht (ook normale bacteriële flora) van je huid. De douche wast het weg en het loopt weg in het bad. Wanneer je symptomen erg zijn, moet je dit niet doen. Ik wist dit persoonlijk niet wanneer ik thuis was. Ik ging elke dag in bad omdat ik zo erg oozde over mijn gehele lichaam. Soms had ik overal korsten op mijn lichaam die dan in het bad eraf gingen. Het water werd dan wit in een heel korte tijd. Ik verloor dus heel wat proteïne. Dit was dus heel gevaarlijk.

Ik mocht geen douches nemen in het begin. Daarna mocht ik om de 3 à 4 dagen douchen in het ziekenhuis. Dit heel kort. Als je het kan doen in een paar minuten, is het goed maar altijd zo kort mogelijk.

De belangrijkste reden om te douchen/bad nemen is om infecties weg te houden. Om de bacteriën te verminderen dus.

Omdat het warme water zo een intense jeuk kan teweegbrengen, moet je dit dus heel vlug en kort doen. Hot springs (Spa’s) kunnen ook hydraterend zijn.


Mensen wassen zich tegenwoordig te veel door al de reclame en producten die op de markt zijn maar we hebben echt geen zeep of shampoo nodig omdat voor een droge huid het sowieso moeilijker is om vuil te worden dan een normale huid.


Als je het echt wil gebruiken, gebruik dan een echt stuk zeep en niets vloeibaars. Om zeep vloeibaar te maken gebruiken de bedrijven een petrochemisch product. Dit is niet goed voor je huid. Deze vloeibare zeep blijft in de huid zitten, zelfs als je denkt dat je je goed afgespoeld hebt. Dus gebruik een vast stuk zeep in plaats van shampoo als je echt zeep wil gebruiken.



Eens je bent gestopt met cortisonezalven,  hydrateer/bevochtig niet. Dit is zo belangrijk. Doe dit dus heel diepgaand.  

Draag bv niet te veel kleren.  Dat kan ook een hydradatie/bevochtiger zijn. Ook al heb je

stoornissen van thermoregulatie door TSW zoals bv rillingen, je koud voelen, probeer om minder kleding te dragen. Ik droeg losse katoenen t-shirts en dunne katoenen shorts zoals ze me aanraadden in het ziekenhuis.

Dikke truien, jassen, beddengoed kunnen ook bevochitgers/hydraterend zijn.


Geen creme, lotion of natuurlijke oliën om te hydrateren. Je moet je huid hydrateren met je natuurlijke vermogen van je eigen lichaam. Anders moet je deze externe producten voor altijd blijven gebruiken omdat je huid maar blijft wachten op datgene dat het steeds krijgt van buitenaf.

(Ik smeerde totaal niets in het ziekenhuis en zelfs nu smeer ik nog steeds niets.)


Ik weet dat het erger wordt wanneer je krabt maar laat dat stuk gewoon drogen aan de lucht. ‘Het is niet nodig om cremes te smeren’.


Huid geneest sneller als je het gewoon laat drogen.  (Dit wist ik niet tot ik Dr. Sato ontmoette.)

Als je te veel oozt (sijpelende vloeistof) neem een stuk proper gaas op dezelfde grootte als de wond. Je moet het op voorhand eerst wassen met water en drogen om de stimulatie van de huid te verminderen. Dit gaas wordt dan zogezegd gebruikt in plaats van een natuurlijke korst. Gebruik maar 1 stukje gaas, geen 2 of meer. Als het gedeeltelijk los komt, snij dan enkel dat losse stukje eraf en laat de rest zitten. Als je je doucht, laat het erop en laat het gewoon drogen zoals het is. Je kan het gaas erop laten voor maximum 1 week. Haal het er zeker niet zomaar af.



Nadat je je gekrabd hebt, druipt er soms ooze uit de huid. Dit gebeurt omdat je wellicht te veel water in je lichaam hebt. Wij hadden een strikte regel om niet veel water te drinken in het ziekenhuis. 

Ik had een limiet van 1000 ml in totaal aan water-inname per dag. 2 maanden later, 1200 ml.

Dit alles inclusief fruit, konfituur, yoghurt, etc… (In mijn specifiek geval). Het was hard voor me omdat ik heel veel ooze had die sijpelend en rollend uit me kwam over heel mijn lichaam. Ik hunkerde zo hard naar water zoals een stervend persoon in de woestijn… lol.


Zoals ik hier boven al uitlegde, verloor ik 12kg tijdens de eerste 7 dagen door de continue lopende ooze uit mijn lichaam. (Ahem… ik zal wel in één van de records staan in het ziekenhuis, denk ik lol). De waterlimiet deed het oozen compleet stoppen over mijn hele lichaam en verminderde het oozen na het krabben. Als ik deze richtlijn niet had, dan was ik echt in gevaar want ik verloor zoveel aan proteïne tot ik aan een kritiek punt kwam door hypoalbuminemia. Ooze bevat veel proteïne. Dus het zomaar uit je lichaam laten lopen, laat je heel wat belangrijke voedingsstoffen kwijt spelen. (afvallende korsten bevatten ook proteïne!)

Dit vereist medische supervisie. (je kan hypernatremia, hypoproteinemia, hypoalbuminemia enzovoort zelf opzoeken).

Alleen medische professionelen kunnen deze gevaarijke symptomen diagnosticeren. Of ze kunnen laxitieven voorschrijven als het nodig is.

Zelfs nu ik ontslagen ben uit het ziekenhuis, probeer ik niet zoveel water te drinken.



Wanneer je buiten gaat, vergeet niet  om een hoed te dragen of een parasol om je huid af te schermen van UV stralen. Omdat je geen zonneproduct mag smeren (zonnebrandcreme, SPF) moet je er altijd een dragen.




Wat eten betreft, kan je eigenlijk eten wat je wil maar eet, gebruik geen Liquorice (Licorice) Glycyrrhizin (Glycyrrhiza/Glycyrrhizae Radix)  als je ze ziet in de ingrediënten. Namen kunnen verschillen maar ze zijn allemaal hetzelfde. Het zit toegevoegd in eten, Chinese mecicijnen en cosmetica. Als je ze neemt dan vergist je brein dat het terug cortisone heeft ingenomen.

Probeer ook gezouten eten te vermijden. Dat zal je enkel dorstiger maken en dan wil je meer water. Ik wist dit niet in het begin en ik kocht soya saus in het ziekenhuis. Maar Dr Sato had het direct gevonden. Hij vroeg me: ‘Wat is dit?’ en ik antwoordde al grappend, ‘Dat is om mijn kamer te decoreren.’ Lol.

Uiteraard zijn goede, uitgebalaceerde maaltijden heel belangrijk. Probeer proteïnes, omdat proteïne de huid aanmaken, zeker bewust te nuttigen.



Wel, dit is alles wat we doen in het ziekenhuis. Door deze simpele procedure te doen gedurende een paar maanden verbeterden alle patiënten van al hun symptomen. Het was miraculeus voor me.


Ik had meer dan 50 jaar met cortisonezalf gesmeerd voor mijn atopisch eczeem en ze hebben me nooit genezen. Maar met niets te smeren of te gebruiken, geen cremes, geen lotions,… is mijn huid zo fel verbeterd voor de eerste keer in mijn leven. Ik realiseer me nu echt volledig dat hormoonzalven/cortisonezalven zo fel verslavend werken en andere huidproblemen in stand houden.


Desalniettemin, de meest intense en meedogenloze jeuk dat een mens kan voelen is nog steeds oncontroleerbaar. Wanneer je zo een sterke jeuk voelt wanneer zo een jeukaanval start, dan begin je als een gek te krabben. Het is gewoonweg adembenemend.

  Ja, ik weet dat je je dan voelt alsof je dat gedeelte volledig wil uithollen totdat je op je innerlijke botten of organen zit. Je denkt of hoopt dat dat gedeelte zo snel mogelijk van je lichaam afvalt tijdens deze jeuk-aanval. En zelfs erger, nadat je je hebt gekrabd voel je spijt en het doet pijn. Maar je kan er niet aan doen want niemand kan die jeuk doen stoppen. Dat is ons groot probleem. Ik denk dat je dan ijspakketten kan gebruiken of anti-jeuk medicijnen kan nemen om de jeuk te verminderen. Dat doen we in het ziekenhuis ook maar toch zoals je weet, ze werken niet altijd perfect.



Dr. Sato zegt, Maak je geen zorgen over het krabben. Het is ok om te krabben omdat het zon jeukende ziekte is. Als dokters zeggen dat je moet stoppen met krabben, dan verwoest je het vertrouwen tussen dokter en patiënt. Jeuk is het ergste symptoom van deze ziekte, dus het is ok. Krab en laat het dan drogen. Krab en droog. Krab en droog. Door deze herhaling zal je huid beetje bij beetje sterker worden. Maar vergeet niet: de laatste krab moet je zachtjes doen.


….Dit overweldigde me zo om dit te horen en toen wist ik dat hij een echte dokter was. Iedereen had me verteld om niet te krabben gedurende mijn hele leven maar ik wist dat dit iets oncontroleerbaar was voor de mens. Ik kan echt zeggen dat geen enkel menselijk wezen deze intense jeuk kan stoppen. Tegen jullie allemaal zal wel gezegd zijn: “Stop met krabben” door dokters, familie, vrienden… Dus ik weet dat jullie gemotiveerd zullen zijn bij het lezen van deze bovenste zinnen. Het moet toch een opluchting zijn dat patiënten dit horen. Het is ok om te krabben. Voel je je alsjeblieft niet schuldig.



Ik volgde Dr Sato’s richting in het ziekenhuis. Ik kon niet anders dan te krabben want het was sterker dan mezelf maar ik droogde mijn huid elke keer erna. Als ik begon te oozen, gebruikte ik een stukje gaas en droogde het op die manier. Zoals je kan zien in de foto’s beneden, had ik dikke bruine korsten op mijn beide benen. Ik krabte zelfs aan zo’n delen totdat alle korsten er afkwamen. Maar ik droogde ze ook. Ik herhaalde het telkens en telkens weer… Dan werd mijn huid beetje bij beetje sterker en sterker tot ik miraculeus genas binnen de 3 maanden.


De derde foto is het resultaat. (De foto’s tonen enkel het resultaat na 2 maanden, maar ik was 3 maanden in het ziekenhuis). Het was verbazingwekkend omdat de behandeling eigenlijk ‘geen behandeling’ was.

De meeste patiënten zijn echt heel gezond na de behandeling wanneer ze ontslagen worden uit het ziekenhuis. Ze hebben een gezonde huid. En meer nog, mijn gekrabte huid ziet er zo veel sterker uit nu.


Ik wil hierbij verklaren dat je TSW kan genezen met ‘No Steroidal and No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT).

Ik wist dat we geen cortisone creme nodig hebben van in het begin.



Cortisone cremes (hormooncremes) hebben een sterk potentieel tot verslaving en houden je huidproblemen in stand. En de bijwerkingen en het afkicken zijn verschrikkelijk. Het is een echte solide keuze dat je stopte met cortisone zalven voor je huidproblemen!


Ik weet perfect hoe hard TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal – hormoonzalf/cortisonezalf afkicken) is omdat ik uit ervaring spreek. Als ik het mag zeggen, heb ik waarschijnlijk zelfs de ergste TSW-symptomen gehad. Ik ben één van diegenen die de sterkste hormoonzalven heb gebruikt voor de langste periode wereldwijd of zelfs ruimte-wijd lol

Dus, Ik zou graag de misstap van het gebruik van cortisonezalven/hormoonzalven wereldwijd verspreiden

Cortisone zou alleen mogen gebruikt worden bij een levensbedreigende situatie. Immuno’s zouden niet gebruikt mogen worden tegen huidproblemen zoals atopisch eczeem.



Ik ben bang om dit te zeggen maar het is een lange weg om TSW te verslaan. Maar eens het bij je is gebeurd, dan moet je erdoor en jij bent de enige die dit moet doen. Je moet gewoon begrijpen dat het tijd vraagt. Ik weet zeker dat je het weet maar we vergeten het altijd zo snel.


Als het zeker is dat je niet ineens van vandaag op morgen kan worden genezen, dan is het beter om van de kleine, positieve dingen van de dag te genieten. Er zijn zovele dankbare dingen rondom je heen! Zelfs als je huilt of lacht; je ziekte zal de volgende dag nog dezelfde zijn. Dus het is tijdverspilling om je tijd al droevend door te komen want tenslotte is tijd je leven.


Voor de snelste genezing, adviseer ik je de therapie hierboven. Zover en zolang ik weet zien alle andere patienten die deze behandeling hebben ondergaan geen enkele dokter meer die cortisonezalven voorschrijft. Zij nemen deze therapie; de No Topical Steroids and No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’ terug op in het geval dat ze wederom een opstoot krijgen.



Vertrouw je eigen natuurlijk lichaamsvermogen om te genezen!  Je bent oké zonder enige medicatie. Ik ben niet meer bang, zefs wanneer ik terug een terugslag zou hebben in de toekomst want ik leerde de beste techniek hierboven.


Probeer positief te blijven in elke situatie! Onze mentale gezondheid is zo belangrijk voor een snelle genezing.



Het moet niet perfect . Als je 1 klein goed stukje gevonden hebt, zegen het!


Als je tegen iemand zegt: ‘Deze vinger is zo erg!’ Dan heb je iets gemist.

Zegen je andere 9 vingers.


Glimlach eerst, dan kan je gelukkig zijn. Het brengt je geluk. Glimlachen is niet datgene wat je doet nadat je gelukkig bent. Die volgorde is belangrijk om je leven wonderlijk te maken.


Je zal snel oké zijn. Hou vol!




  ***Ik adviseer dat je deze therapie probeert met een dokter waarop je kan rekenen. Want misschien krijg je te maken met een infectie dat kan verspreiden, hypernatremia door de extreme waterrestrictie, hypoproteinemia en hypoalbuminemia door het te groot verlies aan proteine of er kan zich een andere ziekte aanmelden. Ik ging regelmatig naar dermatologen wanneer ik thuis uitrustte. Het maakt niet uit of de dermatoloog TSW kent of niet. Maar alleen medische professionelen kunnen oordelen over gevaarlijke symptomen.


**** Vooraleer je aan NMT begint, probeer alsjeblief eerst andere artikels te lezen over TSW van de ‘POSTS IN ENGLISH’ tab. Mis niets om je einddoel en de snelste resultaten te bereiken.


☟ Niet geschikt voor de gevoelige kijker: Ernstige Dermatitis Foto’s hieronder







☟    Niet geschikt voor de gevoelige kijker: Ernstige Dermatitis Foto’s hieronder



☟    閲覧注意(皮膚炎の写真があります)



☟    Niet geschikt voor de gevoelige kijker: Ernstige Dermatitis Foto’s hieronder



☟ 閲覧注意(皮膚炎の写真があります)



<<<My left lower leg >>> 

From Oct 29 to Dec 17, 2015 at Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka, Japan

Oct 29, 2015

Nov 18, 2015

Dec 17, 2015




<<<My left ring finger>>>

I did no treatment during the period below.  Just dried even after I scratched.

Scratch and dry and scratch and dry and scratch….I didn’t put any topical products or bandages too.  Even if it was bleeding, I just dried.

And finally…..see the last picture!  The skin became way too strong!  It is amazing!







          ********If you are brave and would like to see more pictures of my symptoms and improvements, go to another  

      page below.  It is written in Japanese but pictures are at the very bottom of the page.


               ☟ Click here. ☟

                The 4th Happy Anniversary after stopped using Topical Steroids - 脱ステ4年記念日に - ステロイドをやめて変わったこと                 

脱ステ4年記念日に - ステロイドをやめて変わったこと



            *******You can see kids’ improved pictures in a study below.


    ☟ Click here. ☟

             A prospective study of atopic dermatitis managed without topical corticosteroids for a 6-month period 


You can manage Atopic Dermatits without Topical Corticosteroids!



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                                     How To Get Over TSW ASAP!

How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!


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                                  Cómo superar el rebote de esteroides tópicos lo antes possible

Cómo superar el rebote de esteroides tópicos lo antes posible


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                                    كيف تتخلص من أعراض الانسحاب من الاستوريد الموضعي (الكورتيزون الموضعي) بأسرع وقت ممكن

خلص من أعراض الانسحاب من الاستوريد الموضعي (الكورتيزون الموضعي) بأسرع وقت ممكن


Written by Tokuko Abfab

Translated by Els Spiessens



Downtown Tokyo from the sky




#Tokuko’s Room to Feel Uplifted    #tokuko’sroomtofeeluplifted   #Dutchversiontokuko’sroomtofeeluplifted #TSW  #Dutch 

خلص من أعراض الانسحاب من الاستوريد الموضعي (الكورتيزون الموضعي) بأسرع وقت ممكن

How to get over TSW asap! ◆ Arabic Version



!كيف تتخلص من أعراض الانسحاب من الاستوريد الموضعي (الكورتيزون الموضعي) بأسرع وقت ممكن 


محاربو الانسحاب من الكورتيزون

أرى الكثير من الناس يعانون من اعراض الانسحاب من الكورتيزون

في جميع أنحاء العالم .المرضى يعانون للتتخلص منه , معظم أطباء الجلديه يصرفون كورتيزون موضعي بالخصيص لمرضى الاكزيما التهاب الجلد التأتبي و الكثير من المشاكل الجلديه . اعتقد انه حان الوقت ليدرك العالم ان العلاج لا يشفي بل هو سام للجلد

انظر للصور في اسفل الصفحه اذا كنت جاهز لترى فظاعة الاعراض الجانبيه للكورتيزون الموضعي . وضعتهم في اسفل الاسفل ليكون لك الخيار اذا اردت ان تراهم ام لا .




للاصدقاء اللذين رئو الصور ….اتأسف لاني جعلتكم ترون هذه الصور البشعه عني في الاسفل , لكنكم رئيتم التحسن الواضح في الصوره الثالثه لاسفل رجلي . ألم تروها ؟ للأكيد سيكون من الصعب تصديق ولكن لم استخدم اي من منتجات الكورتيزون الموضعي كالراهم والكريمات لأتعافى. لهذا سأشرح أفضل طريقه في حياتي ساعدتني للتخلص من جحيم أعراض الانسحاب من الكورتيزون للناس اللتي تعاني منه. أتفهم كم هي صعبه وقاسيه لذالك اود ان احفزكم للمساعده.



كنت استخدم أقوى انواع الكورتيزون الموضعي طوال الوقت بسبب الاكزيما الشديده لاكثر من 50 سنه من عمري 6 اشهر . لم اتعافى وأشفى بها ولكن لم استطيع الحصول على حياة طبيعيه ..

مع ذالك الدواء يفقد فعاليته تدريجيا مع الوقت الى ان يتوقف عن العمل نهائيا في النهايه.

عندما توقفت (اقلعت) عن استخدامها , مررت باعراض انسحاب او اعراض جانبيه فظيعه 4 مرات على مدار 5 سنوات

تكونت على كامل جسدي الى ان اصبحت اشبه الوحش فقدت شعري مرتين , ونقص وزني 12 كجم في اسبوع وذالك لفقدان وترشح السوائل من سطح الجلد .

كنت أظهر حمراء بالكامل (متلازمة الجلد الاحمر) وكأنما كامل جسمي يعاني من حروق شديده ومن ثم تتكون القشور على كامل جسمي كالسمكه ومن ثم تصبح حمراء مره اخرى مع سوائل ترتشح وتخرج من الجلد ومن ثم تتكون القشور وهكذا دواليك الاعراض تعيد نفسها مرارا وتكرارا.

تعرضت لاعراض سيئه وشديده وذالك لاستخدام الكورتيزونات الموضعيه لفتراة طويله ولكن معظم أطباء الجلديه كانو يشخصونها ك أكزيما . هل تعتقد ذالك بعد رؤية صوري؟

لا , انها ليسة أكزيما .

قد لا نكون أطباء , ولكن حتى الناس خارج القطاع الصحي يستطيعون ان يقولو (هذا غير طبيعي) عند رؤية صوري بالاسفل و أي احد يستطيع ان يقول ان الدواء كشر عن انيابه كماده عالي السميه. انها اعراض جانبيه واضحه. الكورتيزون الموضعي يجب ان لا يوصف بعد الان للمشاكل الجلديه.



Downtown Tokyo with the tallest tower ‘Sky Tree’ in the middle.

حتلى ان اردت ان تكون تحت الرعايه الصحيه في المستشفى ليس هناك العديد من المستشفيات لتقبل أعراض الانسحاب من الكورتيزون في العالم وكذالك الحال في اليابان ايضا. المرضى كلاجئين مرفوضين يبحثون عن مستشفى لجسدهم المريض بشده وانا لم استطيع لاجد حتى في أكبر مستشفيات طوكيو في اليابان.

لحسن الحظ تم تعريفي بمستشفى عن طريق طبيب معروف اسمه


وتم ادخالي المستشفى بعد ثالث محاوله وتفاقم حالت جلدي بشده في مستشفى

Hannan Chuo في اوساكا اليابان

واخيرا وجدت أفضل علاج في حياتي هناك, واللذي كان

(العلاج بعدم استخدام المرطبات والكورتيزون الموضعي)

(NMT= No Steroidal and No Moisturizing Treatment)


هذا يختلف عن الانسحاب من المرطبات .فالاكيد انه من الصعب التصديق ان العلاج بعدم الترطيب ومحاولة تجربته مستحيل خصيصا لمن يعاني من جلد جاف بشده ك الاكزيما وقاد كان عندي نفس التفكير والمخاوف الى ان ظهرت المعجزه في هذا العلاج .لم تنفع بشده عندما توقفت عن استخدام الكورتيزون الموضعي فقط ولكن عندما توقفت عن استخدام المرطبات وانسحبت من المرطبات بنفس الوقت , الاعراض تحسنت بشكل اعجازي وبسرعه بفتره قصيره

اول صوره من الثلاثه (اسفل الرجل اليسرى ) كانت في 29 اوكتوبر , الصوره الثانيه كانت في 18 نوفمبر والثالثه كانت في 17 ديسمب


الان انت شاهد . حتى لو كانت الاعراض بهذه البشاعه والشده ,تعافيت وتشافة بعد شهرين تقريبا من العلاج , وبمعنى اخر العلاج من غيرالعلاج

توصلت لهذه المعجزه الشفائيه بالعلاج مع

Dr.Kenji sato

في اوساكا اليابان كمريض منوم تحت الرعايه الصحيه لمدة 3 اشهر . هو الرائد في مجاله اللذي يعارض استخدام الكورتيزون الموضعي في اليابان

  الموضعي في اليابان

Osaka, Japan

لا يصرف الكورتيزون الموضعي او مادة التكلارمس مرهم البروتوبك مثبط المناعه ولا دواء نيورال سايكلوسبورين واللتي هي حبوب مثبطة مناعه اطلاقا , تقريبا من غير دواء او مرهم موضعيه عند التنويم في المستشفى .(ماعدا ادوييه منومه عند الحاجه ,ادويه مضاده للحكه عند حاجة المريض …الخ)

أذا ماذا تفعلون هناك؟ كيف لها ان تتعافى؟

سأقول لكم مااذا نفعل وماذا تعلمنا في مستشفى  

Hannan chuo

أذا كنت تظن ان الادويه اللتي بالاعلى تعمل اضغط على الرابط في الاسفل


في برنامج الرعايه الداخلي المرضى يحافظون على النوم في الاوقات المحدده, ينامون بعمق , يأكلون جيدا ,ويمارسون الرياضه لزيادة ورفع معدل الايض لتكوين جلد صحي




النوم بعمق في الاوقت المثالي للجلد بمعنى اخر من الساعه 10 مساء الى الساعه 2 صباحا هو بالفعل مهم

يجب ان تنظم حياتك لتغرق في النوم بين الساعه 9:30 مساء امن كل يوم.

لا تكن بوم ليلي.

هرمون النمو اللذي يسرع عملية الايض يفرز بين 10 مساء و 2 صباحا.هذا يشكل جلد جديد) سترى فرق كبير وتحسن اذا استطعت ان تفعلها


Mt. Fuji, Japan


خصص وقت للرياضه يوميا

ممارسة الرياضه يوميا مهمه لتنشيط معدل الأيض وكما انها تسرع عمليت اعادة تكوين جلد جديد

اذ امكن اركض او هرول او مارس المشي السريع لمدة ساعه.

ينصح الاطباء ان تفعل هذا حتى تبدأ أن تتعرق لو حتى القيل

ومع ذالك ان لم تستطيع ان تفعلها لا تؤنب نفسك.

مع ان هذه وجهة نظري الشخصيه , حالتك الذهنيه تؤثر على حالتك الجلديه.



ابقا بحالة ذهنيه مسالمه للحصول على شفاء مبكر. هناك غداد

 د.ساتو لا ينصح بالاستحمام في أكثر الاحيان


لانها تزيل الترطيب الطبيعي (البكتيرا النافعه عى الجلد)

الاستحمام يزيل البكتيريا النافعه ةالترطيب الطبيعي للجلد لتصبح في حوض الاستحمام.

بينما تكون الاعراض شديده يجب عدم الاستحمام. لم اكن اعرف هذه المعلومه عندما كنت في بيتي وكنت استحم يوميا

بسبب ارتشاح وخروج السوائل من كامل جسمي. احياننا كانت تتكون قشور وتغطي كامل جسمي تتقشر في حوض الاستحمام ويتحول لون الماء الى ابيض بوقت قصير.

كنت افقد الكثير البروتينات من جسمي انذاك كان الوضع خطير جدا

منعت من الاستحمام لمده من الزمن, الى ان حصلت على موافقة من المستشفى بالاستحمام السريع كل 3 او 4 ايام .اذا اردت ان تستحم فيجب ان يكون ذالك لفتره زمنيه قصيره. اذا استطعت ان تنتهي من الاستحمام ببعض الدقا~ق سيكون ذالك جيدا ولكن لاقصر وقت ممكن.

السبب الرئيسي للاستحمام في حالتنا هي لمنع العدوى الجلديه و التقليل من البكتيريا الضاره على الجلد

المياه الساخنه تسبب الشعور الحاد للحكه ولذالك يجب ان تنتهي من الاستحمام بسرعه,

الشلالات الساخنه او الاستحمام بمياه ساخنه يعد ترطيب



 يحرص الناس هذه الايام على الاستحمام بكثره هذه الايام بسبب الترندات اللتي تنتشر بسبب التسويق التجاري ,في حالتنا لا يجب علينا استخدام الصابون او الشامبو .لان الجلد الجاف تكون قابليته للتلوث او الاتساخ اقل بالمقارنه بالجلد الطبيعي. ان اردت ان تستخدم الصابون على الاقل استخدم الصابون القطع وليس الصابون السائل . لصناعة الصابون السائل يستخدمون مركبات ذات فعاليه سطحيه واللتي هي مواد بتروكيميائيه ومن الواضح انها مواد ليسة جيده للجلد. الصابون السائل يبقى في جلدك حتى لو ظننت انك غسلته وتخلصت منه.

استخدم قطع الصابون بدل الشامبو السائل اذا اضطريت لاستخدام الصابون في اي حال



عند توقفك عن استخدام الكورتيزون الموضعي تأكد من ان تقف عن استخادم المرطبات في نفس الوقت مهم جدا.

يجب ان تفعل ذالك بالتزامن .



لا تلبس الكثير من الملابس فهي ايضا تعد ترطيب

حتى لو تعرضت لخلل او عدم انتظام في حرارة الجسم مثل الشعور بالبرد الشديد او التجمد وذالك بسبب اعراض الانسحاب من الكورتيزون , حاول ان تلبس اقل قدر من الملابس. اعتدت على لبس ملابس قطنيه قصيره وتيشيرتات واسعه كما نصح بها الاطباء في المستشفى

البطانيات السميكه ايضا تعد ترطيب

يمنع استخدام الكريمات المخصصه للجلد واللوشن والزيوت الطبيعيه.

يجب ان تسمح لجلدك ان يترطب طبيعيا. والا فسوف عليك ان تستخمهم ما حييت, وجلدك لن يقوم بترطيب نفسه وسيبقى منتظرا الترطيب الخارجي .

لم اضع اي مستحضرات جلديه موضعيه خلال بقائي في المستشفى والى الان حتى



عندما تهرش او تحك اعرف انها تزيد الحاله سوء ولكن فقط اجعل المنطقه تنشف بالهواء منغير ان تضع مرطبات او كريمات

الجلد يتعافى ويتجدد اسرع عندما يكون جاف او عندما تجففه (لم اكن اعلم هذه المعلومه حتى التقيت ب الدكتور ساتو)


اذا كانت هناك الكثير من السوائل المرتشحه والخارجه من الجلد فقط اكتفي بوضع قطعه نظيفه من القماش

او الشاش الطبي

بنفس حجم الجزء المتضرر.يغسل الشاش الطبي بالماء ويجفف قبل الاستخدام وذالك لتقليلي تهيج الجلد .

يجب وضع طبقه واحده من الشاش الطبي فقط بدل قشرة الجرح ليس اكثر من طبقه بالتأكيد

فاذا بدأ جزء من الشاش الطبي ان يقشر مع الوقت فقص فقط الجزء المقشور فقط وليس كامل الشاش الموجود على المكان المتضرر اللاصق على الجلد. عند الاستحمام دع قطعة الشاش الطبي كما هي وعند الانتهاء من الاستحمام جففها كما هي من غير ان تنزعها من مكانها. يمكنك ان تبقي الشاش بمكانه لمدة اسبوع ولا تزيلها عنوه.



وبالعاده بعد ان تحك او تهرش هناك مواد سائله ترتشح من الجلد وهذا بسبب وجود الكثير من الماء في الجسم.أثناء وجودنا في المستشفى يطبق علينا قوانين صارمه لتقليل كمية المياه المتناوله في الوجبات والمياه المشروبه.


كان يسمح لي 1لتر او 1000 مل لتر بالاجمالي من الماء المشروب او الموجود في الطعام بدايتا اما بعد شهرين فسمح لي ب 1200مل لتر من اجمالي الماء المشروب او الموجود في الطعام. كان ذالك صعب جدا علي لان حالتي كانت متقدمه والكثير من الماء والسوائل ترتشح من جلدي المتقطع والجاف على كامل جسمي. كنت اشتهي الماء كما لو اني شخص يموت عطشا في


الصحراء. كما شرحت في الاعللى اني فقدت 12 كجم من وزني في اول 7 ايام وذالك بسبب الارتشاح المتواصل للسوائل والماء من جلدي (ولذالك تقليل منسوب شرب المياه يجب ان يتم تحت الرعايه الصحيه) وهذه القوانين الصارمه اتجاه تقليل نسبة شرب المياه جعلت ارتشاح السوائل من جلدي يتوقف نهائيا وخصيصا بعد الحك او الهرش. اذا لم انصح بتقليل نسبة شرب المياه لكانت حياتي في خطر وذالك لاني كنت افقدد الكثير من البروتينات حتى كدت اصل الى وضع حرج وهو قلة الالبيومين ين. السوائل المرتشحه السوائل المرتشحه تحتوي على الكثير من البروتينات ولذالك السماح للسوائل المرتشحه بالخروج تجعلك تفقد عناصر مهمه من الجسم (وكذالك القشور المتكونه المهدوره تحتوي على الكثير من البروتينات)

ولذالك انصح بان يتم ذالك تحت الرعايه الصحيه في المستشفى (لانك لا تستطيع ان تعرف ان ما كان ينقصك الالبومين او تعاني من ارتفاع الصوديوم او ارتفاع البروتين في الدم . وحدها الرعايه الصحيه تستطيع عان تشخص الحالات الحرجه او الخطره .او انهم يصرفون لك ملينانت في الحالات المستدعيه)

حتا بعد خروجي من المستشفى أحاول أن لا أشرب الكثير من المياه.



عند الخروج الى الخارج, رجاءا لا تنسى القبعه او استخدم مظله لتحجب الاشعه الفوق بنفسجيه عن الجلد. (بما أنك لا تضع واقي الشمس كالكريمات واللوشنات ) , يجب عليك دواما أن تقتني واحده منهم.




أما بالنسبه للأكل تستطيع أن تأكل كل شيء ولكن لا تأكل أو تشرب أي شيء يحتوي على العرقسوس أو خلاصة العرقسوس اذا رأيتهم في المكونات. تتعدد الاسماء ولكنها هي نفسها الموجوده في الطعام في الطب الصيني وفي مستحضرات التجميل. اذا استخدمتها فالدماغ سيسيء فهمها وكأنها كورتيزون موضعي من جديد.

أكل اي نوع من الطعام لا مشكله به ولكن رجاءا لا تأكل الاكل المالح. لأنها تشعرك بالعطش وستشرب المزيد من الماء . كنت لا أعلم هذا فأحد المرات أحضرت معي الى المستشفى الصويا فرأني الطبيب ساتو وقال لي : ما هذا ؟ فقلت ممازحه انها زينه لغرفتي .

بالتأكيد أكل الطعام المتوازن مهم جدا وبالأخص ان البروتين يعيد تكوين الجلد فعليك ان تتناوله بأستمرار.



هذا ما نفعل في المستشفى وبهذا الاجراء البسيط لعدة أشهر , جميع المرضى المقيمين يستطيعون ان يحسنو أعراضهم بشكل كبير. كانت حقيقه مذهله لي.

كنت أستخدم الكورتيزونات الموضعيه على أجزاء جسمي المتضرره من الأكزيما لأكثر من 50 سنه ولم تعالج أعراضي ابدا , ولكن من دون ان أضع أي كريم أو مرهم , جلدي تحسن جدا لأول مره في حياتي .حينها أدركت أن الكورتيزون الموضعي يجعل الجسم مدمن عليه وانه يجعل مشاكل الجلد أعند.


مع ذالك أقوى رغبه في الحكه هي شيء لا يستطيع الانسان ان يتحكم به في الأغلب.عندما تأتيك هجمات الحك الشديده , تقوم بحك المنطقه بجنون وهي تقطع الأنفاس . نعم أعلم بأنك تشعر أنك ستقوم بحك المكان بجنون تحدث فيه فجوه الى أن تصل الى العضم أو الجزء الداخلي من الجسم وتشعر أنك تريد تمزيق هذا الجزء أثناء الهجمات. وأسواء من ذالك بعد ان قمت بحك جسمك , دائما ما تشعر بالندم و المنطقه تؤالم. ولكن لا أحد يستطيع مساعدتك لأن لا أحد يستطيع ان يوقف احساس الحكه . هي مشكلتنا الكبيره. أعتقد انك يجب ان تجرب كمادات الثلج او ان تستخدم مضادات الهيستامين لتقلل شعور الحكه , ولكنها لا تخفي الأعراض بشكل كامل كما تعلم.


يقول د.ساتو : لا تقلق بالنسبه للحكه .لا ما نع ان تحك لانها مرض الحكه .ما ان حذر الطبيب المريض او منعه من الحكه , علاقة الثقه المتبادله تنتهي في اللحظه . الحكه هي من أعظم الأعراض وأشدها لهذا المرض ولهذا فلا امانع من الحكه.

..حك ثم جفف , حك ثم جفف . تكرار هذا النموذج يجعل جلدك يقوى شيء فشيء. لا تنسى ان تكون أخر حكه بلطف



ذهلت وسررت جدا بسماع هذا وعرفت وقتها أنه الطبيب الحقيقي. الجميع كان يقول لي بلطف “توقفي عن الحك” ولكني أعرف أن الشعور بالحك لا يستطيع أن يتحكم به الأنسان.أستطيع ان أجزم ان لا أحد يستطيع ان يتحكم بهذا الشعور ويوقف الحك , ولكنكم سمعتم من الجميع ان تقفو عن الحك أطبائكم , أصدقائكم وأفراد أسرتكم.. الخ..لذالك أوؤمن انك ستتشجع بمقولة الدكتور ساتو

لابد أنه من المريح سماع ذالك للمريض. لا بأس من الحك.رجاءا لا تشعر بالغضب اتجاه نفسك.



اتبعت طريقة الدكتور ساتو الأصليه في المستشفى. لم أستطيع ان اسيطر على الحك ولكني قمت بتجفيفها بعد كل مره.وعند خروج بعض السوائل المرتشحه , كنت أضع قطعه من الشاش الطبي لتجف.كما ترون في الصوره في الأسفل

كنت أعاني من بقع بنيه ذات قشور سميكه في كلا ساقاي قمت بحكها كلها الا ان سقطت جميع القشور وفي تلك الحاله ايضا جففت المنطقه ايضا. كررت هذا مرارا وتكرارا , فكان جلدي يصبح أقوى فأقوى شيء ف شيء وفي النهايه,واخيرا حصلت على شفاء أعجوبي في خلال ثلاث أشهر. ثالث صوره في الأسفل هي النتيجه. ( الصور تظهر نتائج شهرين فقط مع أني مكثت ثلاثة أشهر).

كانت مذهله لأن العلاج كان بالنهايه كأنما بلى علاج او بلى دواء.

معظم المرضى اللذين اقامو في المستشفى تحسنو جدا بهذه الطريقه وخرجو وكأنما جلدهم صحي سليم . بالاضافه الى ذالك ان جلدي المحكوك يظهر أقوى الأن.

أحب ان أصرح انك ايضا تستطيع التخلص من أعراض الانسحاب من الكورتيزون الموضعي ب “عدم استخدام الكورتيزون الموضعي ” و “العلاج بعدم الترطيب”

كنت أعرف انه كان علينا بالاصل ان لا نستخدم ونضع الكورتيزون الموضعي من البدايه.



الكورتيزونات الموضعيه لها قوه عاليه لاحتمال ادمان الجلد والجسم عليها وتجعل المشكله الجلديه أعند ومقاومه للعلاج وممانعه. والأعراض الجانبيه وأعراض الانسحاب فظيعه ومروعه و مرعبه. انه تفكير صحيح وسليم ان تتوقف عن استخدام الكورتيزون الموضعي للمشاكل الجلديه!



أتفهم وبشكل كامل كم هي صعبه أعراض الانسحاب من الكورتيزون لأني المجربه واذا كان باستطاعتي ان اقول قد أكون من أصعب و أشد الحالات لاعراض الانسحاب من الكورتيزون في العالم . انا واحده من أطول مستخدمي الكورتيزون الموضعي لسنين طويل في العالم


لهذا أو ان أنشر وأعلن للعالم بأسره زلة وأعراض الكورتيزون الموضعي.

الستيرويدس او الكورتيزونات يجب ان تستخدم في الأوقات الحرجه لحياة الانسان فقط .

مثبطات المناعه يجب ان لا تستخدم للأمراض الجلديه ك الأكزيما .



يؤسفني ويؤلمني أن أقول ان رحلة أعراض الانسحاب من الكورتيزون طويله ومتعبه , وحين تحدث فيجب عليك أن تخرج منها وتتغلب عليها وأنت الشخص الوحيد القادر على الخروج منها . يجب عليك ان تفهم انها تتطلب الوقت.انا واثقه اننا نعرف ولكننا ننساها.

اذا اردت بالتأكيد ان تكون غدا قد شفيت تماما, فيجب عليك الاستمتاع بكل النعم اللتي تملكها الان. هناك نعم كثيره هنا وهناك حواليك. حتى ان ضحكت او بكيت اليوم التالي يحتوي على نفس الاعراض فمن السيء انا تمضي وقتك تشعر بالحزن . الوقت حياتك.

لأسرع تشافي وتعافي , أنصح بما جاء في الأعلى من علاج.



وبما اني أعلم ان كل من تعرض لهذه الاعراض وواجه تلك المشاكل لن يذهب لطبيب يصف الكورتيزونات الموضعيه مره اخرى وسيختار العلاج المتعلم ” العلاج بعدم استخدام الكورتيزونات الموضعيه و العلاج بعدم الترطيب”. في حال تعرضو لانتكاسه مستقبلا.

! ثق بقدرة الجسم على التعافي طبيعيا 

ستكون بخير منغير الادويه. انا لست خائفه بعد الان حتا لوتعرضت لانتكاسه ونفس الاعراض من جديد في المستقبل فقد تعلمت طريقه فعاله في الاعلى للتخلص منها .


حاول ان تكون ايجابي في كل الظروف ! الصحه الذهنيه مهمه جدا لشفاء سريع.


ليس من الضروره ان يكون كل شيء مثالي. اذا وجدت نعمه صغيره ف تنعم بها.

عندما تشتكي لأحد من أن اصبعك يؤلمك فقد فاتك شيء . نعمة التسع أصابع الأخرى.


ابتسم أولا , وبعدها تستطيع ان تشعر بالسعاده. تحضر السعاده لك. الابتسامه ليست شيء تفعله بعد ان تتعرض لشيء يسعدك .

الترتيب مهم


جميعكم ستكونون بخير قريبا . تمسكو بهذه اللحظه.






******انصح ان تجرب هذه الطريقه للعلاج مع طبيب تستطيع ان تعتمد وتثق به في حال تعرضت لعدوءى اللتي قد تنتشر , او ارتفاع الصوديم الحاد في الجسم وذالك لنقص الماء الحاد في الجسم وقلة البروتينات والالبيومين في الجسم وذالك لفقدان البروتين الكثير من الجسم . وبعض الامراض اللتي قد تحدث تداعيا للحاله ثانويا.كنت ارى أطباء الجلديه كثيرا حتى عندما كنت في فترة استراحتي في المنزل لا يهم ان كانو يستطيعون التعامل مع أعراض الانسحاب من الكورتيزون الموضعي أو لا فقط القطاع الصحي قادر على تشخيص الأعراض الخطيره****


****قبل ان تبدأ بالعلاج بعدم الترطيب , رجاء اقرأ المقالات الأخرى المتعلقه بأعراض الانسحاب من الكورتيزون من خلال خانة البوستات الانجليزيه . لا تفوت شيئ لتحقق أسرع نتائج

صور أكزيما شديده في الاسفل


☟ Viewer discretion advised:  Severe Dermatitis Pictures below







☟   Viewer discretion advised:  Severe Dermatitis Pictures below



☟   閲覧注意(皮膚炎の写真があります)



☟   Viewer discretion advised:  Severe Dermatitis Pictures below



☟ 閲覧注意(皮膚炎の写真があります)




((أسفل رجلي اليسرى))

From Oct 29 to Dec 17, 2015 at Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka, Japan


Oct 29, 2015

Nov 18, 2015

Dec 17, 2015



(((اصبع يدي اليسرى)))


لم استخدم اي علاج خلال هذه الفتره في الاسفل .فقط قمت بتجفيف المكان حتا بعد ان اقوم بحك المنطقه.قمت بحك المكان وتجفيفه حكه وتجفيفه…. لم استخدم اي علاج حتى ولو نزفت فقط قمت بتجفيف المكان لم استخدم اي ضماد ايضا حتى أثناء النزف احيانا فقط اكتفيت بتجفيف المكان

واخيرا ….انظرو الى الصوره في الاسفل ! الجلد أصبح أقوى! هذا مذهل









**** اذا كنت شجاعا واردت ان تشاهد صور اخرى عن اعراضي وتحسنها اذهب الى صفحتي الاخرى في الاسفل . الصفحه باليابانيه لاكن الصور في قاع الصفحه .


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         The 4th Happy Anniversary After Stopped Using Topical Steroids

脱ステ4年記念日に - ステロイドをやめて変わったこと


*******You can see kids’ improved pictures in a study below.


                         ☟ Click here! ☟

                                    A prospective study of atopic dermatitis managed without topical corticosteroids for a 6-month period 

You can manage Atopic Dermatits without Topical Corticosteroids!


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                                     How To Get Over TSW ASAP!

How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!


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                                  Cómo superar el rebote de esteroides tópicos lo antes posible

Cómo superar el rebote de esteroides tópicos lo antes posible


Written by Tokuko Abfab

Translated by Omar Shaikh Debs


Down Town Tokyo with Tokyo Tower (From the airplane window)




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Tokuko Got An Interview! – Part 2


👇  Here is Part 1 of the interview! 👇 Please read this first. 

Tokuko Got An Interview! – Part 1

Tokuko Got An Interview – Part 1  👈CLICK HERE!




                                  – Tokuko Got An Intervew –  Part 2 – 


MARLENE: Your blog has 5 categories:  MY Tweets, Travels, TSW & Atopic DermatitisSpiritual Posts, and Posts in English.  Recently, you have felt deep concern over the high suicide rate in Japan.  Have you tried to address this in your blog?


TOKUKO:  Yes, I have done it and the article also was a big hit and was shared by many.  We have a culture like “Being modest and quiet is beauty.” so typical Japanese don’t voice so often and tend to have stress for that.  Stress causes various kinds of sickness so I try to encourage my blog readers to let them feel uplifted.


I have many more readers in Japan than foreign countries and I add various kinds of topics in Japanese since Japanese is my first language.  The majority of popular topics are my unique mindsets to live happily, encouragement like self-development and TSW & atopic dermatitis
I certainly try to get a positive message out on my English site, too.  I think the most healing takes place when the spirits are positive and people move on from isolation.



MARLENE:  You have developed a strong relationship with all the Japanese NMT doctors, but of course, you have the most contact with the extremely busy Dr. Sato.  What can you tell us about his work?


TOKUKO:   I think Dr. Sato chose to see both inpatients and outpatients but not being a clinic doctor to see outpatients only for a few minutes once a few months or so.  I believe his choice gave this doctor’s eyes more excellent diagnostic capability but not only his natural talent and effortsHis diagnosis and advice are always AMAZINGLY accurate


For example, when he says ‘4 days.’ to see a patient’s specific part, the flare disappears 4 days later

If he said ‘7 days.’ you’d see it clears up 7 days later definitely

When he gives a direction like, “Diminish water to 1100 ml.” the patient gets amazingly well so quickly

When he says, You have done XXXXX, haven’t you?” the patient is surprised and confesses, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I did.”…lol


His eyes are a miracle and patients always run across such scenes in the hospital.  There’s no doubt he realized the condition of TSW long time ago and found the great method more than 30 years ago.


He runs free big lecture meetings all over Japan, provides free classes in the hospital, gives training/lessons for other doctors who are interested in NMT, gives advice for questions from patients who he doesn’t know on the website (in Japanese) without a fee, etc. etc.  His dedication for patients is unbelievable.



MARLENE:  What does a day in the life of Dr. Sato look like.  Can you tell us in your own words?

Many of Dr. Sato’s healed patients all over Japan gave him a gift with collage pics of used-to-be inpatients. Everybody loves him! Look at his warm smile!


TOKUKO:  Dr. Sato shows up in the hospital early in the morning.  After inpatients have finished breakfast, he sees us one by one and gives us very appropriate advice.  Then, he sees outpatients.  The reception closes the day’s appointments in the morning but he sees so many outpatients from all over Japan until evening and sometimes until late at night.


Then after he finished to see all of them, he checks all of the clinical records including young doctors’ ones.  He has so many things to do taking care of MANY patients.  Late at night, we sometimes see him sitting in front of the computer to complete things.


After that, he sometimes responds to the Japanese Q & A site that I mentioned earlier and answers questions for patients he doesn’t even know.  He doesn’t charge for this.  Dr. Mitsuko Satou (NMT super pediatrician) gives advice there too.  The site has a lot of people’s access and we can get helpful information there.  Usually, next morning, inpatients find their work and say, “Guess what?  Dr. Sato answered some questions after midnight yesterday too…When does he sleep?”


And every two or three weeks, he provides NMT classes for inpatients after dinner, actually at night.  It is VERY helpful and we learn what we have to do or what we shouldn’t do.  I post it in my blog in Japanese.  He teaches us about skin too so we get much knowledge at the classes.  During the classes, he sometimes sees inpatients again per inpatients’ request though he already saw us in the morning.  He memorizes each inpatients’ symptom and gives very appropriate advice.  We patients merrily wait in line to be seen by him again because it is fun to talk to him. 

As you also wondered already, patients always wonder “When does Dr. Sato have his meals?…His days are such hectic.

On weekends, a lot of patients say, “Awww….weekend again….I don’t know if I can get through it without Dr. Sato!”  All the inpatients love him so much.

Dr. Sato’s favorite food, ‘Yakisoba Noodle’. He might eat up three plates as long as it is this size…??? (=standard size)…lol


One day, while I was in the hospital, finally, my horrible affected part dried up completely and I was very happy for that.  I showed off the part proudly to him at the night class. 

To see it at one glance, he said, “You will scratch it tonight definitely.😙” ….It was so funny for me. 🤣

I said, “Nooooo!!!  Dr. Sato!  It took a looong time to dry up and I finally reached this phase😬.  Definitely, I won’t scratch tonight!” (^o^)o

Then he goes,  “Nope.  You can’t control it.  You’ll scratch it definitely.😎”, then I go, “Noooo!  I won’t!….”, then he goes, “Yes, you will scratch🤪.”, then I go, “Nope!  I won’t.”….we exchanged such funny conversation.


Ahen…well….I DID scratch the part at the night and all the thick crusts came off…LOL!

It was uncontrollable though it is my body…He says things as if he can foresee everything and it is always right.


Also, since mental status affects to our symptoms very much, Dr. Sato cares about it for each inpatients and notices each one’s mental status exquisitely.  Yes, he notices everything…lol  I’ve heard he has spent his time even for one hour to listen to a patient who feels down at night though he is super busy!  He lavishes his time on helping patients.  Of course, the patient’s symptom increased rapidly after that.



Most of TSW inpatients are discharged around 45 days usually and 90 days at the longest from the hospital.  We cannot stay longer than 3 months in Japan.  I was the longest inpatient that stayed. (for about 3 months)

It was amazing to see inpatients who are leaving because all of them look like a normal people!



MARLENE: It seems like there is a lot of hero worship going on in his patient community.  Can you tell us details of Dr. Sato’s professional history regarding his teaching of NMT?


TOKUKO:  Please refer the followings.



📂Dr. Sato presented a paper that No Moisturizing Treatment was effective for TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) in 1994.
【Atopic Dermatitis and Dermatopathy Induced by Topical Steroids; The Appropriate Treatment and the Information of the medication】 – By Dr. Kenji Sato
The Informed Prescriber 1994;9:31-34(in Japanese)
📂Then, he announced statistical data of NMT in 1996.
【Withdrawal of Topical Steroids for the treatment of severe “Adult-type” atopic dermatitis】; Skin Research 1996;38:440-447 (in Japanese, English summary) – By Dr. Kenji Sato, Dr. Hironori Minami and 3 other doctors.
In the summary, it states as follows;
—-The skin symptoms exacerbated, and reached to the peak on average seven days later, then gradually subsided in a month. At this time, the use of the nonsteroidal agents was stopped, and exacerbation restarted, reaching to the peak in about 5 days, followed by slow improvement for about one and a half month.—-
📂Also, as for the problem of the use of topical steroids for atopic dermatitis had been explained already in his medical paper in 1985.  Dr. Sato had already recognized the condition then.  He was providing non-steroidal treatment already at that time.
【Transition of Incidence of Steroid-induced Dermatitis from 1979 to 1984】; – By Dr. Kenji Sato and Dr. Naoko Mizukoshi
Skin Research, 1985; 27: 1166-71


📂 Published ‘Treatment Derived from Clinical Observation of Prolonged Adult Atopic Dermatitis Patients – No Steroidal and No Moisturizing Treatment‘ (in Japanese) – 2008

📂 Published ‘Say No to Steroids – Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis for Babies and Children‘ (in Japanese) – 2010 by Dr. Kenji Sato & Dr. Mitsuko Sato

📂 Published ‘New Edition: Treatment Derived from Clinical Observation of Prolonged Adult Atopic Dermatitis Patients – No Steroidal and No Moisturizing Treatment‘ (in Japanese) – 2015


by Dr. Kenji Sato

by Dr. Kenji Sato/Dr. Mitsuko Satou










MARLENE: Is Dr. Sato active in other Professional Groups?


TOKUKO: Dr. Sato has lecture meetings very often.  He travels all over Japan with other NMT doctors on weekends and Japanese national holidays to have very big meetings with them.  The meetings are usually free even though they are very expensive to organize, I guess.  Recently, I attended a conference along with other NMT doctors.  It was well attended by adult patients, parents and even some dermatologists.



MARLENE:  I understand that Dr. Kenji Sato and Dr. Mitsuko Satou are members of the Education group.  This shows great respect for your work disseminating NMT information.


TOKUKO:  Yes, they are VERY supportive to help group members and are always thinking about TSW sufferers who they even have never met.  When I have questions for group members, they help me a lot.  To avoid confusion, they have approved our group as the official site of NMT and are trying to monitor as much as possible so group members can trust the information that we provide.  Translating medical things is very difficult for me but when my translation is not applicable, Dr. Sato always gives me an advice how to express it.  It is blessing!


Also, I see all the NMT doctors at conferences, meetings and parties, and at the same time, hear from many of Dr. Sato’s patients and supporters.  It is always a learning experience for me. 



Well, I recently added Dr. Mitsuko Satou‘s work with babies and children to my blog.  To see her long experience where she healed tons of babies and children without TS, I feel like it is urgent to spread her theory to the world.  It is really amazing.  Hope as many as parents take her words. 

She refers severe pediatric cases to Hannan Chuo Hospital.  The children are treated in the children’s ward, but seen by Dr. Kenji Sato. 


Believe it or not, children and babies get well once parents accept Dr. Mitsuko Satou’s words.  Her theory comes from her approximate 50 years’ experience as a pediatrician and is amazing.



MARLENE:  How much time do you spend on NMT work?


TOKUKOMy laptop remains on my lap all day long on weekends.  On Friday night to Sunday, I usually work 10 hrs a day on NMT because it is not only the blog but Facebook groups, conferences, supporting lecture meetings, etc…etc… 

My older son does chores for my activity so he also is a great supporter.  From his experience to see his mother’s super severe TSW symptoms, he really hopes no one would have such experiences any more in the world.  My younger son also encourages me very much.



MARLENE:  As well, you run some Japanese sites.  It must be a pleasure for you to answer questions in your first language.  What are the cultural differences?


TOKUKO:  Japanese is very unique.  We are born and raised in islands country so our culture and customs are different from others.  Good part is, we esteem peaceful resolution.  Bad part is, we don’t voice so much….lol  To spread the word, I feel more difficulty with disseminating NMT protocol in Japan than foreign countries.   

Still, Dr. Sato’s supporters are glad to work for that and help other sufferers spontaneously.  They are amazing people.


Because of our group-oriented culture, once you request to not do it, Japanese members don’t do it and vice versa.  So Japanese sites that I run don’t get questions but I receive questions personally via SNS after all…lol  I’m trying to help them too as much as possible and it is way too easier for me because it is my language. 

Of course, our situation in Japan is the same with foreign countries, I mean, it’s REALLY hard to find out non-steroidal doctors here too.




MARLENE:  You have many readers in both Japanese and English.  Your post called ‘A Message for the Parents with Atopic Dermatitis Children From A Used to be Mummy BabyA message for the Parents with Atopic Dermatitis Children From A Used-To-Be Mummy Baby  really resonated with many readers.  Why do you think this made many people cry?


A Message for the Parents with Atopic Dermatitis Children, From A Used-To-Be Mummy Baby


TOKUKO:  People were intrigued by my personal journey.  Actually, they say many mothers were touched very deeply by this article and it continues to be very popular in Japan. 


One mother who works on supporting TSW kids and babies sent me a message that she cried loudly when she read my journey and admitted reading it many times.  She was encouraged by the thought that it was not the parents’ fault and so they should not feel guilty about using topical steroids on their children.  Hope many more people have an opportunity to read it.



MARLENE:  You have many warriors.  A couple of months ago, Ahmed Hamadi, published a French set of notes of your blog.  Then, they were published in English.  These notes were very valuable, and the NMT sites were swamped with questions about Dr. Sato’s Protocol – especially food.  Do you still get questions about food and allergies?


Thinking about nutritional balance, Tokuko is busy for eating?  Obviously too much….lol

TOKUKO:  Yes, I do.  But Dr. Sato and the other NMT doctors agree that a healthy diet is important and that lots of protein and lipids should be included.  The warning to avoid licorice in foods or drinks that contain one of licorice byproducts is important.  Also,  common sense about your allergies before TSW/NMT should be honored.  Nutritional balance is crucial to grow new skin and rebuild body strength.




MARLENE:  The other big question that is asked repeatedly is about water restriction.  You talk about how important it is in the hospital and how everyone is cooperative because they want to get out quickly.  What are your suggestions for water restriction when it is implemented in the home?


TOKUKO:  I believe that Dr. Sato’s guidelines should be followed as closely as possible for faster healing.  However, babies and small children (under 6),  breastfeeding mothers and persons with medical issues, etc…should all be cautious and everyone, when necessary, be under a doctor’s supervision.




MARLENE:  There are many lists of key parts of the protocol.  What would your suggestion to people starting NMT?


TOKUKO:  People trying NMT should read as much as they can: my blog, my Education site using the search bar, make personal notes, and establish a list for yourself to get started:


Dr. Kenji Sato’s List

From my experience, the causes which make TSW symptoms long and severe are the followings;

  1. long term and/or stronger steroid use
  2. use of tacrolimus -protopic steroids
  3. use of moisturizers after stopping topical steroids
  4. frequent and long bath and/or shower
  5. drinking of large amount of liquid, drinking liquid during night
  6. wash out exudate and/or scrape off crust
  7. insufficient intake of protein and lipid. (Need to look up)
  8. bed rest during the day time
  9. insufficient amount of exercise
  10. be told not to scratch
  11. poor management of psychological stress
  12. Subjective assessment of signs (itch, pain etc) and no objective assessment of symptoms (erosion, red, brown, white, exudate, crust, etc )

                                              – Kenji Sato


Dr. Sato says “NMT is unbelievable but it works.


MARLENE:  On behalf of the NMT community, I would like to thank you for all the work you do to help Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) sufferers.  Dr. Kenji Sato and the other NMT doctors must be very grateful to you for supporting their work.  

Thank you also for your insights into the amazing Dr. Kenji Sato and his team of followers.  



<<Interviewer’s Note>>

IN APPRECIATION to International Topical Steroid Withdrawal Association (ITSAN) where Tom and Marlene Bell found Tokuko’s blog & Dr. Kenji Sato discoverer of NMT> It is because of their (No Moisturizing Treatment) NMT work that we are able to celebrate….our 60th anniversary August 1, 1959 – 21,915 days

(NMT) Dec. 3 2018-April 2019 
Tom has healed at 85 years old.


                                                     – Marlene Diana Bell –





<<Tokuko’s Note>>


It was a great experience to get an interview with this amazing lady, Marlene.

As a caregiver, she had been helping her husband, Tom, and then, after his healing with NMT, she started to pay it forward.  Her dedication to the community is outstanding and Tom’s cooperation also is blessing!  They keep encouraging sufferers.  She is like a mother in NMT family.  I don’t know how to thank her for her assistance and love to TSW sufferers in the world.


From the bottom of my heart, congratulations on your 60th Anniversary, Marlene and Tom!  I’m proud of you and feel very lucky to be able to celebrate the best couple’s special day resuming healthy life!







#Tokuko’s Room To Feel Uplifted  #tokukosroomtofeeluplifted  #NMT  #TSW  #No Moisturizing Treatment

Tokuko Got An Interview! – Part 1


I got an interview with Ms Marlene Diana Bell who works for disseminating NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) protocol for TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) sufferers from Canada to the world. 


Her husband, Tom, had a severe reaction to steroid creams last year.  Per her explanation, he spent 9 months as an invalid – with skin (the largest organ in the body) very compromised indeed – red skin, sores, ooze, crusts, flaketorturous itch, etc… 


Specialists could not help, so like all desperate souls, they were doing serious Facebook search that led them to a google doctor type of cure.


They madly searched, searched and searched…..and finally found my blog and Dr. Kenji Sato‘s protocol, NMT, via the ITSAN (International Topical Steroid Withdrawal Association) support group.


They learned NMT seriously reading my blog over and over and followed Dr. Sato’s protocol strictly.  When they felt anxiety or got scared of flares, etc…they just read my blog again to make sure if they are on a right course…then, finally…Tom was healed completely within 4 months!  Significant thing is, he is in the middle of his 80s!

Tom resumed his life with NMT!  12 miles ride on his bike.  (Day 105 on NMT)


The following Q & A interview will give you insight into my personal experience as a patient of Dr. Kenji Sato.  He is a leading NMT dermatologist and I am one of his many healed patients. 


Our dream is to help disseminate the information to as many professionals and sufferers as possible.





◆ONLINE INTERVIEW WITH TOKUKO BY MARLENE DIANA BELL◆                                      


MARLENE:  The name Tokuko comes up frequently on many sites connected with TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal). You are definitely a “woman of mystery!” You went into the hospital on October 5, 2015 with a very severe case of TSW that had been misdiagnosed as aggravation of atopic dermatitis.  After starting NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment), I believe that you left on December 18, 2015 with a new lease on life and a determination to share your healing with the world. 


The blog article How to Get Over Topical Steroid Withdrawal ASAP   How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!  has been shared hundreds-thousands of times in Japanese and English.
(Blog ” Tokuko’s Room To Feel Uplifted: MENU【POSTS IN ENGLISH】)


In a letter to you dated on the 25th of November 2017, Dr. Kenji Sato expressed his thanks to you for introducing his treatment protocol.  He hoped that people all over the world suffering from topical steroid withdrawal would be helped.  Well, Tokuko, now a year and a half later, Dr. Sato’s wish has definitely come true.  It is happening because of you!!!


Look at the facts:  Your blog has been seen more than 260,000 times, your Education Group has over 1500 members within months after inception, and your Healed Club has over 400 members within a few months, your NMT friends who started the Q & A Support Group for NMT-TSW now have 685 members.  More and more people are asking “What is NMT?  You are not alone now – and you have acquired many warriors!


TOKUKO:  Well, I began to prepare the Education site a few months prior to starting it in December 2018.  It may look easy to start a group in Facebook but to utilize it as a way of sharing Dr. Sato’s protocol so accurately, it took time for me to prepare.  I wanted sufferers to use ‘NMT Education Group’  NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) Education Group instead of their NMT text book because there are no translated ones in the world


As you know, Facebook is a communication tool so it was a challenge trying to change members’ vision from Q & A format to a study forum.  I needed to think deeply on how to operate it to help out sufferers efficiently by imagining various situation that might happen.  


You can learn NMT accurately in this official NMT site. Dr. Kenji Sato and Dr. Mitsuko Satou are great supporters of this group.

To make the group like an intensive course of NMT, it should be full of helpful information to learn and shouldn’t have the distraction of personal symptom’s continuous complaints or its Q & A or open discussion or debate



Of course, such things also are necessary sometimes for sufferers so I’m not denying them but I thought if I do the same thing with other TSW support groups, there would be no place to learn NMT seriously and intensively.  Each group has its own role so the idea to comfort and vent are also necessary but I needed to make a place to learn NMT for sufferers in need.


Even in the hospital, no one could master NMT overnight just reading Dr. Sato’s book but inpatients get to know it little by little receiving advice from Dr. Sato every day.  Sufferers in our group need such circumstances, I mean, they also need to learn it one step at a time getting advice sometimesThe group can provide opportunities to review each one’s knowledge and it definitely helps sufferers for faster healing because NMT should be done correctly and thoroughly.  Sufferers who try to do NMT at home definitely have to study hard and our group should be their NMT book to find out answers by themselves.

At least one Education Group is necessary to get accurate advice.”…That is my concept of starting the group.



MARLENE:  The questions and comments in the letters on your 2017 blog are the same ones that sufferers are asking today.  You have addressed them many times.  Is this why you started the NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) Education Group?


TOKUKO:  Well, right after I published How to Get Over Topical Steroid Withdrawal ASAP, the article was spread to the entire world VERY rapidly…so many people started to share it one after another and the entire white world map of my blog data page was filled in color


The distribution map of readers of ‘Tokuko’s Room to Feel Uplifted’. Readers are all over the world except some countries in Africa and Greenland where more than 80 % are covered with eternal snow.


Then, approximate 2 months later, I started to receive MANY messages with appreciation from all over the world and it increased day by day.  Do you know what I mean?  Yes, a lot of TSW sufferers began to be healed or improved with the protocol They accomplished it just reading the article and followed the direction thoroughly.  And the trend is continuing, I mean, readers all over the world have been sharing it even now every day


At the same time, I received many questions with the pictures of their personal symptoms though I’m not a doctor…lol  Of course, I can’t diagnose!…lol  I just can share things what I learned as an experiencer


And also, I received other questions too continuously.  I tried to respond to everyone, for 3 digit of messages every day staying up late because I really wanted to help them.  However, there is a limit to take care of everyone in the world by myself…lol  I was extremely busy and didn’t have enough time to sleep…even if it is 2 a.m. here in Japan, people who contact me don’t know it and when I’m about to go to bed, I hear the ring of messages.  Ping…ping….ping…lol 


Still, I wasn’t able to ignore them because I fully know how tough the symptoms are. 😰

Sometimes, I wasn’t able to cut the conversation for sufferers who needed urgent help even if it was midnight here.  And some needed encouragement too from me…This is the other reason that I started NMT Education GroupI needed to educate everyone at one time because more than 90 % of their questions and  answers are already in blog articles

As inpatients in Hannan Chuo Hospital, we needed to learn a lot from Dr. Sato every day even though all of us read his booksSufferers who get information from my blog need a place to learn it too.


Since Dr. Sato’s treatment could be practiced in the home setting, and many healed sufferers on NMT post their healing journey spontaneously at other TSW support groups one after another, the membership was growing so quickly that it became impossible for me to keep up.  The fact that my improved pictures from severe symptoms within 3 months also are sensational for many sufferers so such testimonies accelerated the membership too.  In April, 3 new efficient members who mastered NMT with my blog and the education group joined as moderators to help transition from individual symptom posts to teaching posts that would encompass common questions.


Because of their assistance, I could focus on my role, I mean, this provided an avenue to keep readers updated on Dr. Sato’s work as well as clarify commonly asked questions.  As the transition smoothed out, it allowed me more time to make specific posts as well as work on translations of sections of Dr. Sato’s bookNew Edition: Treatment Derived from Clinical Observation of Prolonged Adult Atopic Dermatitis Patients – No Steroidal and No Moisturizing Treatment” (Japanese edition).  I feel blessed so much!


I started The NMT Healed Club too https://www.facebook.com/groups/NMTHealedClub/ to show the reality of NMT during the process, and to encourage people visually showing that NMT works.  The group is full of positive energy and it is good for sufferers who lost self-confidence to feel uplifted.


You can see a lot of healed/improved members’ pictures and reports in this group.



MARLENE:  The deleting of posts led to misunderstandings with both positive and negative comments on other sites.  How did you and your moderators respond to this criticism?


TOKUKO:  To think about sufferers who are in the midst of serious symptoms or in emergency like life threatening cases and those who are not good at English, we have to focus on providing appropriate and accurate info only, I mean, we have to diminish their workload to read and have to save their time.  They definitely urgently need help and we have to help them out from this agony devoting all our energy so I wanted to avoid continuous same explanations from the beginning. 



Also, staying positive is a part of NMT so I didn’t want our group to be full of complaints about personal symptoms because it affects other sufferers’ symptoms too making them feel sad.  Venting is good for the person but not good at all for all other sufferers’ symptoms.  No one feels happy to read other people’s pain.  We tend to be tied to our own tough symptoms but everybody should consider about other sufferers too even while experiencing terrible symptoms, I mean, we have to think about other sufferers in various situations precisely because we totally understand the pain.


It is because of these reasons, I had to organize the group to let members utilize it as a text book

There are no translated books about NMT in the world and I had no other way to disseminate the protocol except my blog and Facebook groups.  To help out each other with NMT knowledge is my ideal so when I started the group, I required agreement with our policy (with 3 initial questions) to members who requested to join us and explained to members that our operation is different from other TSW support groups


I posted this for NMT Education Group members to have them understand our operation and our role to help TSW sufferers.


I know it is irritating for some members to not be able to get an answer right away but no one can learn it overnight.  I hope group members realize that it is really great opportunity to re-read my blog articles to find out answers….because, again, more than 90 % of members’ questions are already usually explained in articles.  We tend to think we have learned things very well after we scan the information but tend to miss something important sometimes.  Members might find some other helpful information while reviewing it.



As long as you chose to accomplish NMT without having NMT doctors there, I hope you understand that such effort by yourself is required.


Well, to organize the group, all moderators’ work is excellent. 

When we receive the duplicated questions, they try to contact the member directly via Facebook Messenger as much as possible and explain where the answer is written so that the member could find other missing information too to read it and other members don’t need to waste their time to re-read things that they have already mastered.   Of course, if the question is new and would be helpful for others, it is reflected on the site and we’ll try to answer doing our best.     


When we see members’ open discussion about other methods in our group, moderators try to contact them personally because other group members might misunderstand and think that it also was a part of NMT.  To mix other methods might be dangerous sometimes.  It wouldn’t be NMT anymore and healing would take longer or could cause further aggravation. 


When we see someone’s post that complains about her/his symptoms, moderators try to send a message to stay present to the pain but then to delete the posts as not to affect other members’ symptoms since it is not good for others.


When we get a request for approval to join but if they didn’t answer required 3 questions, moderators send a message to request it with welcome package to explain about NMT as a starter. 


They show their journeys making videos or chronological order pictures of NMT process, etc…etc…They are amazing.  Just wonderful.  I can’t tell them how much I appreciate their dedication.


It is REALLY huge workload for moderators but still, they work for group members and me SO hard spending their time because they fully know how tough TSW is.  I feel gratitude for their love to other sufferers and caregivers. 

**At that time, there was no function of pending post option in Facebook Groups to select members’ posts. This is a definite improvement!**



MARLENE:  Let’s go back to the beginning and let people know a few facts about Tokuko.  Can you tell us a few details about you?


TOKUKO:  I have two sons and work full time during the week for DoD. (Department of Defense, the United States Air Force.) 

My oldest son is an avid NMT supporter so he willingly helps with family chores.  I think all of my time except eating, cooking and taking a bath is taken by NMT.  To be honest, it has been all consuming and stretches after work on weekdays and at least 10 hours a day on the weekend.  I only allow 3-5 hours sleep every night on weekdays because I have various kinds of activities for NMT.  It’s not only blogs and Facebook groups.


Oh, I’d like to apologize here that I can’t respond all of messages that I receive from all over the world every day.  I feel so sorry for them to not be able to make it in a timely manner….still, please understand that it is difficult to respond 3 digit of messages every day.  Instead, I’ll keep adding messages and information in the groups and my blog thinking about you.😊

I could not do the NMT work without my wonderful sons’ support.



MARLENE:  What about your steroid usage?  How long and how frequently did you apply topical steroid creams?


TOKUKO:  My topical steroid usage was for 52 years.  For 30 years, I had been using the world’s strongest steroid cream since it came on the market.  Different creams were prescribed for different parts of the body.  The strongest one was used on my fingers.  At the time, my job took me to many cities and with my fingers looking so horrible, it was easy to get steroids at any hospital.  Once creams were applied, the symptoms disappeared but quickly came backWithout the creams, it was impossible to lead an ordinary life


Before NMT, during severe TSW, I was also prescribed a very strong immunosuppressant, ciclosporin (cyclosporine = neoral), which is usually given before undergoing internal organ transplant operations.  I was taking it daily for months twice and the side effects were horrible.



MARLENE:  How did you get an appointment to see Dr. Kenji Sato at Hannan Chou Hospital in Osaka, Japan?


TOKUKO:  I was referred by a famous Japanese NMT dermatologist, Dr. Shigeki Fujisawa in Tokyo Japan.  (Dr. Fujisawa also published books of NMT in Japanese.)

I was admitted after the third attempt with acute aggravation of the skin.  The name of my primary sickness was hypoalbuminemia – an extreme loss of protein though my TSW symptom was VERY severe.  It was here that Dr. Kenji Sato became my specialist in dermatology.


From the right, Dr. Kenji Sato, Dr. Mitsuko Satou, Dr. Satoko Minaguchi and Dr. Shigeki Fujisawa.  They are NMT leading doctors in Japan.  Dr. Takahiro Yamada, very left, learned NMT from Dr. Sato directly at Hannan Chuo Hospital.



MARLENE:  You mention that years later, at a convention, you met a young NMT doctor who remembered thinking that you would never survive this condition.  He also said that he was puzzled by your happy demeanor.  Why do you think you could feel so happy when faced with the horror of TSW?


TOKUKO:   I enjoyed the hospital stay so much.  When I entered, I made a big resolution to be a patient who has the sunniest and most upbeat disposition in the hospital…lol.  I wanted to erase the bad image of hospitalization though my symptom was the worst in the hospital

When you go in to the darkness, you should go with the light turning on.  And while your symptom is the worst, if you are seen by a famous, efficient and trustful doctor, how come you need to complain?  You should focus on blessings.


Patients often gathered in my hospital room and there was much laughter.  It became known as Tokuko’s Room to Feel Uplifted.  When they needed energy and laughter, they stopped by my room.  When they were depressed, they wanted to talk with me.  In the hospital, I had never felt down even for one second surrounded by nice friends, nurses and doctors.  My heart had been filled with gratitude.  In my blog, I mention “Try to feel positive in every situation.  Mental status is important for the fast recovery.” and I believe it’s true.

You go on to say if you see a tiny good part, bless it.  When you say, “This finger is really bad…” to someone else, you are missing something – Bless the other 9 fingers.

Smiling is not the thing you do only after you became happySmile first, then you can be happy.  It brings you happiness!  This order is important

At a lecture meeting with Dr. Sato


To be continued…..

  ”Tokuko Got An Interview – Part 2″  


Tokuko Got An Interview! – Part 2


Tokuko Got An Interview! – Part 2






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NMT Super Helpful Information From Dr. Kenji Sato’s Patient Meeting – No. 7


Dr. Kenji Sato who is the advocate of NMT (No Moisturizing Treatmentprovides detailed information during his classes for inpatients at Hannan Chuo Hospital department of dermatology, Osaka Japan and releases it on the website.

This time….Ta-da!!!  I can provide the information regardingOOZE‘ from the class

I know you really want to know about it because it is one of the worst symptoms of TSW and at the top of the discomfort index, isn’t it?

Ok, you can’t wait anymore……Here we go! 




About Ooze (Exudate)


A patient asked, When ooze comes out, I feel like the poison comes out from my body so I wipe it offIs that ok?”


      👉 ”No, that is the opposite of a fundamental rule of NMTDo not wipe the ooze off.”

                 👇 The purpose of ooze is to fix wounds 👇

  • A lot of protein is contained in ooze and it can act like a lid that both covers and protects the wounds at the same time.



There are 2 types of exudate.  

         ☆  THICK OOZE  👇

       High concentration of proteins.  The liquid solidifies in a dome shape  

          ☆  WATERY OOZE  👇

     Dangerous condition due to low protein content.  It flows more frequently.



It is not good to wipe with tissue papers!

   Various chemicals dissolve into the skin and they make the wound worse.

            (There are many chemicals in the tissue paper.)


Then what should we do?

           👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

  • Apply a piece of gauze on the oozing part.   (The purpose is to make an artificial scab.  For details, please read How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap! )
  • The scab should be left without doing anything.
  • Leave the gauze on as long as possible.  (Never more than one week! )


 ●When you remove the gauze or when the gauze is peeled off, some scabs might accidentally come off with the gauze. 

Your decision about re-applying gauze will be based on whether there is still ooze or rather if the wounds is moist with sweat.

If it is sweat, you don’t need to apply the gauze anymore.

You can tell if it is ooze or sweat with the color of the liquid.


 ●The gauze is more likely to come off when it is on joints or moving parts like groin, armpits, etc….

So when on such body parts, apply a piece of gauze on first, then put on a smaller size of underwear and under shirt. 

They will stabilize the gauze.  (If it is not necessary, NMT recommends loose outfits for air-drying the skin.)


 ●Before you apply new gauze, you should wash it with water and then dry because the gauze is sterilized with antiseptic solution

If the gauze is used as it is, the skin may react to the disinfectant.  Also, washed gauze with water may be a little hard (as you washed clothes without fabric softener) so squeeze or crumple to soften before use.





How do you like this advice?  Don’t you think Dr. Sato’s explanation is extremely helpful?

Yes, it also helped me SO much!


‘Q & A’ is not only about NMT but other sickness, life style, etc…also usually.

With his extensive knowledge and vast experience of skin problems, he always answers any question immediately but his knowledge is not limited to skin problems!  So amazing always!



“Tell me about NMT, Dr. Satoooooooo!!!!”  \(^o^)/









Q.  If you are stopping the use of TS or NMT (if you don’t do them at the same time), which one do you prioritize?

A.  I start with No Moisturizing Treatment and then stop the use of Topical Steroids because while you are applying the steroids, you don’t get as much inflammation.


Q.  What is the difference between sufferers who get ooze and those who don’t get it?

A.  It depends on if the skin is scraped or not.


Q.  During infections, why doesn’t ooze stop?

A.  Because the bacteria is hurting lower, underneath layer of the skin.  (It has pus at the same time.)


Q.  While the scabs are tightly attached, can it be more difficult to get infections?

A.  Exactly.  Because if there is bacteria, ooze comes out and scabs come off.


Q.  Do you happen to know the representative example of external medicine that hides the presence of steroids?

A.  There are many in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Not only TCM but ordinary therapy (medicine) often has the same issue.  If you get well immediately when using topical medicine, you should seriously question it.


Q.  I know the sauna can be a moisturizer but what about ‘Hot Yoga’? 

(**Hot Yoga is practiced in a room temperature around 39 degrees and 60 % humidity that makes your body the most flexible and encourages sweating.) 

A.  Of course, it can be a moisturizer.  However, some of patients with atopic dermatitis patients can not sweat adequately.

If you limited the sauna for the purpose of facilitating sweating and then evaluated it by your skin’s reaction, it is ok.


Q.  What is the cause of hives (urticaria) ?

A.  When histamine is released from mast cells, fluid leaks from blood vessels.

Most of the causes of chronic urticaria are unknown.


  • For example, bluefish tends to develop a substance that can easily cause urticaria if time passes.  


  • The cause is not well understood.
  • It is easy to get urticaria when you are in poor health. 
  • Environmental changes may have some impact.

     Caffeine can also cause urticaria.  Chocolates are not as bad as coffee.


                       Dr. SATO’S CLASS ON Apr. 26 2019 






Everyone, did you learn a lot from this?

There are still many things we do not know, aren’t there?  Indeed, Dr. Sato’s information is amazing.

Anyway, I hope you feel thankful that we can get such helpful information at home by way of the patients’ meeting.

We tend to feel worried about our symptoms but we can get such GREAT information lying on the sofa by just opening cell phones or PCs….We have to realize that we live in such good time for learning.


Do you notice this?  Surely we have a better life than the Kings of old times.

They didn’t have an AC or TV or Computers and so on…and even worse, they needed to always protect their lives.


Let’s overcome this agony with full of appreciation.  Look around and see how many things that you can feel grateful for.

You are NOT alone…  Wishing your healing happens soon.



Have a GREAT day!



Written and translated by Tokuko Abfab

Edited by Marlene Diana Belle



Japanese Version  👇 CLICK HERE! 👇  日本語版はこちら。

脱ステ・超お役立ち情報 ー その7





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Cómo superar el rebote de esteroides tópicos lo antes posible

How to get over TSW asap! ◆ Spanish Version



Guerreros que han dejado los esteroides,

Veo tanta gente sufriendo por el Retiro de Esteroides Tópicos (TSW por sus siglas en inglés)en todo el mundo hoy en día.  

Aunque los pacientes estén luchando por superarlo, la mayoría de los dermatólogos continúa recetando esteroides tópicos principalmente para la dermatitis atópica y otros problemas de la piel. Creo que es momento de que el mundo se dé cuenta de que el medicamento no puede curarlo todo, e incluso puede ser tóxico para la piel.

Mira las fotos hasta abajo de esta página si estás listo para conocer los horribles efectos secundarios de los Esteroides Tópicos.  Son difíciles de ver, aconsejo discreción por parte del espectador, las puse hasta el final a propósito por aquellas personas que prefieren no ver.




Bueno, amigos que vieron las fotos… siento mucho mostrar estas horribles fotos de mi piel, pero pudieron ver la evidente mejoría en la tercer foto de mi pierna ¿cierto? Puede ser difícil de creer pero no utilicé ningún producto tópico, ni pomadas ni cremas para sanar.  Así que me gustaría explicarles la mejor manera para librarse del infierno del rebote de esteroides (retiro de esteroides) para quienes lo estén sufriendo. Entiendo completamente lo difícil que es, ¡pero realmente quiero animarlos y ayudarlos a que lo hagan!



He usado los Esteroides Tópicos más fuertes debido a mi severa dermatitis atópica por más de 50 años desde que tenía 6 meses de edad. Nunca me curé usándolos, pero tampoco podía tener una vida normal sin ellos porque ayudaban con la inflamación, contrayendo, temporalmente. Sin embargo, el medicamento fue perdiendo gradualmente su efectividad con el tiempo y finalmente, dejó de funcionar.

Cuando dejé de usarlo, experimenté un horrible síndrome de retirada y efectos secundarios como pueden ver en las fotos, 4 veces en los últimos 5 años. SE expandió por todo mi cuerpo y parecía un monstruo. Perdí todo mi cabello dos veces, perdí peso, 12 kg, en una semana debido al líquido que exudaba por la superficie de mi piel, y así sucesivamente…  

A veces me veía completamente roja (Síndrome de la Piel Roja =RSS por sus siglas en inglés)  como si todo mi cuerpo hubiera sufrido extensas quemaduras, luego tenía costras por todo el cuerpo como piel de pescado y luego se volvía otra vez roja con líquido exudando como quemadura de tercer grado, luego costras otra vez… los síntomas se repetían una y otra vez.

Tuve unos efectos secundarios graves por el uso prolongado de Esteroides Tópicos, y aún así la mayoría de los dermatólogos me seguía diagnosticando con ‘dermatitis atópica’. ¿Lo crees después de ver mis fotos?

No, NO es dermatitis atópica.

Tal vez no seamos doctores, pero incluso la gente común puede decir:”¡Esto no es normal!” viendo mis fotos y cualquiera podría darse cuenta de que el medicamento mostró que es una sustancia MUY tóxica viendo sus horribles efectos secundarios. Los esteroides tópicos YA NO deben usarse para problemas de la piel.  

Aunque te tengas que hospitalizar, no hay muchos hospitales que acepten los efectos secundarios de los esteroides en el mundo y la situación es la misma en Japón. Los pacientes parecen refugiados rechazados en los hospitales aún viendo su cuerpo muy grave, y yo tampoco pude encontrar un hospital en pleno centro de Tokio en Japón. Afortunadamente, un famoso dermatólogo japonés (Dr. Fujisawa) me habló de un hospital, en el cual me admitieron después del tercer intento con agravación aguda en la piel en el Hannan Chuo Hospital en Osaka, Japan.

Y finalmente encontré el mejor tratamiento

El Tratamiento de No Esteroides Tópicos y No Humectantes(NMT por sus siglas en inglés) .

(Esto es un poco diferente de la Retirada de Humectantes (MW por sus siglas en inglés) pero más que eso.)

Puede sonar imposible intentar un ‘Tratamiento sin Humectantes’ para la gente que tiene piel extra seca como los pacientes con dermatitis atópica, yo pensé lo mismo, pero sucedió un milagro con el tratamiento. Aunque no me fue muy bien cuando dejé los esteroides tópicos, una vez que dejé de usar humectantes e hice un poco más que dejar de humectar, mis síntomas mejoraron milagrosamente en poco tiempo!!



La primer foto (la parte baja de mi pierna izquierda) fue tomada el 29 de octubre, la segunda fue del 18 de noviembre y la tercera el 17 de diciembre de 2015.

Ahora, eres testigo.  Incluso si tus síntomas son así de graves, se curan en aproximadamente 2 meses de tratamiento, o en otras palabras, ‘Sin Tratamiento’.


Tuve esta recuperación milagrosa con el tratamiento del Dr. Kenji Sato en Osaka, Japón como paciente interna por 3 meses. Él es el médico líder contra los corticosteroides tópicos aquí en Japón.  

No prescribe Esteroides Tópicos o Protopic (Tacrolimus)o Neoral (Ciclosporina) definitivamente. Es más, nada tópico mientras estás hospitalizado. (Sólo pastillas para dormir en caso que se requieran o pastillas para la picazón cuando los pacientes lo piden)


Entonces, ¿qué hacemos ahí?  ¿Cómo se cura?


Me gustaría decirles lo que hacemos y aprendemos en el hospital Hannan Chuo.

          ****** If you wonder medications above would work, click below site! ******

          The fact that you definitely have to know – For Fellows with TSW



En el hospital, los pacientes solamente respetan un horario para dormir, duermen bien, comen bien y hacen ejercicio para aumentar el metabolismo y generar una piel saludable.




  Dormir bien durante el horario óptimo para la piel que es de 10:00 p.m. a 02:00 a.m., es muy importante.  Tendrás que organizar tu día para estar en cama a las 09:30 p.m.  No seas un búho nocturno.

(La hormona del crecimiento que acelera el metabolismo se genera de 10 pm a 2 am. Literalmente, crea nueva piel.)  Verás un gran diferencia si lo haces.




Busca el tiempo para ejercitarte.

Ejercitarse todos los días es necesario para potenciar el metabolismo y acelerar la regeneración de la piel.

Si te es posible, dedica 1 hora o más para trotar o caminar rápido.

Los médicos sugieren hacerlo hasta que empieces a sudar un poco al menos.

Sin embargo, si no puedes lograrlo al principio, por favor no te angusties ni te fuerces.

En mi opinión, tu estado mental, afecta la condición de tu piel.

Mantén tu paz mental, es importante para obtener una pronta recuperación. ¡Siempre hay un mañana!



Dr. Sato no recomienda tomar una ducha / baño a menudo.

Porque elimina la humedad (y también la flora bacteriana normal) de la piel. El agua de la ducha la desprende de la piel y en la bañera se va soltando poco a poco en el agua. Mientras el síntoma sea severo, no debería tomar duchas ni baños. Yo no lo sabía mientras estaba en casa y tomaba un baño todos los días por el líquido exudante que me salía de todo el cuerpo.  Algunas veces, las costras cubrían todo mi cuerpo y mientras estaba en el bañera se iban pelando y en poco tiempo, el agua se volvía blanca. Estaba perdiendo mucha proteína entonces.  Era  muy peligroso.

A mí no me permitieron tomar una ducha por un tiempo, después, me aprobaron una cada 3 o 4 días en el hospital. Siempre se debe hacer en poco tiempo. Si puedes bañarte en pocos minutos será suficiente, pero trata de hacerlo en el menor tiempo posible.

La principal razón para tomar una ducha o baño es para evitar infecciones o enfermedades que podrían reducir las bacterias en nuestra piel.

El calor del agua trae consigo picazón intensa por eso es importante hacerlo rápido.

Las aguas termales también son humectantes.



La gente tiende a limpiarse mucho hoy en día dejándose llevar por las tendencias impuestas por las marcas comerciales y los anuncios. Pero en realidad no necesitamos usar jabón o shampoo cuando tomamos una ducha, ya que la piel seca es más difícil de ensuciar que la piel normal. Si realmente quieres usarlo, usa jabón en barra pero no utilices jabón líquido corporal.  Para hacerlo líquido, tienen que usar un agente activo en la superficie, que es un producto petroquímico. Esto por supuesto, no es bueno para la piel. El jabón líquido se queda “dentro” de la piel incluso si ya lo enjuagaste. Usa jabón en barra en vez de shampoo si realmente lo necesitas.



Una vez que dejaste de usar los Esteroides Tópicos, Dejar de Humectar al mismo tiempo es MUY importante.  Tienes que llevarlo a cabo exhaustivamente.

No utilices mucha ropa.  También puede ser humectante. Incluso si tienes trastornos de termorregulación como esa sensación de frío congelante por la retirada de esteroides, trata de usar menos ropa. Yo utilizaba camisetas holgadas de algodón y pantalones cortos de algodón muy delgado que los doctores me recomendaron en el hospital.

Las cobijas gruesas/edredones también pueden ser humectantes.

No utilizar crema, loción ni aceites naturales para hidratar.  Tienes que permitir que tu piel se hidrate con su habilidad natural, produciendo sus propios aceites, de otra manera, siempre tendrás que usar humectantes externos y la piel no funcionará correctamente esperando siempre que se le aplique algo desde fuera.  

(No apliqué ningún producto tópico en mi piel mientras estuve en el hospital e incluso ahora sigo así)



Cuando te rascas, sé que se pone peor, pero sólo tienes que dejar secar la piel al aire.No hay necesidad de poner pomadas o cremas.

La piel se recupera más rápido si sólo la dejamos secar.  No sabía este increíble dato hasta que conocí al Dr. Sato.)

Si te sale mucho líquido exudante de la superficie de la piel, solamente aplica un pedazo de gasa limpia del mismo tamaño que la parte afectada.  La gasa debe lavarse y secarse antes para evitar la estimulación de la piel. Se aplica como si fuera una costra en esa parte de la piel por lo que debe ser 1 pedazo solamente no 2, no más. Si se despega parcialmente después de un rato, corta solamente la parte que se despegó y deja ahí la parte que sigue adherida. Si tomas una ducha déjala como está y déjala secar de igual manera. Puedes dejar la misma gasa por una semana máximo. No la arranques ni la quites a propósito.



Después de rascar la piel , el exudado tiende a escurrir.  Esto sucede porque probablemente tengas mucha agua. En el hospital tenemos  una estricta restricción para beber agua.  

Me permitían tomar 1000 ml de agua en total durante el día al principio. Luego, 2 meses después, 1200 ml incluyendo frutas, gelatina, yoghurt, etc… (esto fue en mi caso.)  Era muy duro para mí ya que brotaba mucho líquido que escurría de mi piel abierta por todo mi cuerpo. Deseaba agua como si fuera una persona moribunda en el desierto… jajaja

Como expliqué anteriormente, perdí 12 kg (26.5 lb) en los primeros 7 días debido a la exudación continua de la piel (Ejem… debe haber quedado como récord en el hospital…jaja) pero la restricción de agua detuvo el exudado líquido que escurría por toda mi piel completamente y cada vez salía menos después del rascado. Si no hubiera seguido esta instrucción, hubiera puesto en peligro mi vida porque estaba perdiendo proteínas importantes de mi cuerpo hasta alcanzar un límite crítico debido a la hipoalbuminemia. La exudación contiene muchas proteínas, si se deja escurrir una vez tras otra, permites que se pierdan nutrientes importantes de tu cuerpo.  (¡Las costras que se caen del rascado también contienen proteínas!)

Creo que esto requiere de supervisión médica.  (Uno no puede diagnosticar hipernatremia, hipoproteinemia, hipoalbuminemia, etc. Sólo los profesionales médicos pueden detectar síntomas peligrosos. O pueden prescribir laxantes en caso necesario.)

Aún después de obtener el alta hospitalaria, trato de no beber mucha agua.  



Cuando salgas, Por favor no olvides usar un sombrero o una sombrilla para sol para proteger la piel de los rayos UV.  Ya que no se puede poner protector solar (bloqueador/crema/loción o SPF),siempre utilice sombrero o sombrilla.




En cuanto a la comida, puedes comer básicamente de todo pero no tomes, comas o apliques tópicamente Regaliz (Raíz de regaliz), Glicirricina (Glycyrrhiza/Glycyrrhizae Radix) si los vieras en los ingredientes.  Los nombres pueden variar pero en esencia son los mismo y se incluyen en comida, medicinas/hierbas Chinas y cosméticos.  Una vez que lo uses o lo ingieras, el cerebro se confunde como si hubieras vuelto a utilizar Esteroides Tópicos.

Está bien comer cualquier alimentos pero por favor trata de evitar la comida salada. Porque te hace sentir más sediento y vas a requerir más agua. Yo no lo sabía al principio y compré una salsa de soya en el hospital, pero el Dr. Sato la encontró con una mirada. Me preguntó: “¿Qué es esto?”… y le contesté: “Es una decoración para mi cuarto”, en broma… jajaja.  

No tendría que decirlo, pero las comidas balanceadas son muy importantes. Especialmente porque necesitamos proteínas para generar nueva piel, así que trata de comerlas conscientemente.



Bueno, esto es todo lo que hacemos en el hospital y con este simple procedimiento llevado a cabo por unos meses, todos los pacientes pueden mejorar muy bien de sus síntomas. Fue un hecho sorprendente para mí.  

Me estuve aplicando Esteroides Tópicos en mis partes afectadas siempre durante 50 años por mi dermatitis atópica y nunca curaron mis síntomas pero sin ponerme ninguna pomada o crema, mi piel mejoró muchísimo por primera vez en mi vida. Pude darme cuenta completamente, de que los Esteroides Tópicos son altamente adictivos y hacen que la dermatitis atópica u otros problemas de piel se vuelvan severos.

Sin embargo, la picazón más intensa e implacable conocida por el hombre se vuelve incontrolable. Cuando tienes un picor tan fuerte y te inicia el ataque, te rascas como loco e incluso, te deja sin aliento.  Sí, sé que tienes ganas de rascarte hasta encontrar el hueso o los órganos internos y te gustaría arrancarte ese pedazo de piel durante ‘el ataque’ de comezón. Y aún peor, después de rascarte, sientes culpa y te duele o te arde la piel… pero no hay nada que hacer pues nadie puede parar la comezón. Ese es nuestro gran problema. Supongo que tratas de usar bolsas de hielo o tomar antihistamínicos para eliminar la comezón, y nosotros también lo hacemos en el hospital, pero como sabes, no funcionan a la perfección.  


El Dr. Sato dice, No te preocupes por rascarte. Está bien rascarse porque es una enfermedad con mucho picor. Una vez que el doctor le dice a su paciente que no se rasque, la relación de confianza mutua se arruina en ese momento. La picazón es el síntoma principal de esta enfermedad, así que está bien. Rasca y deja secar. Vuelve a rascar y nuevamente, deja secar. Repitiendo este patrón, tu piel se va fortaleciendo poco a poco. Sin embargo, recuerda que el último rascado debe ser con ternura.”


….Me conmovió mucho escuchar esto, y supe que él era un verdadero médico. Todo el mundo me había estado diciendo amablemente ‘No te rasques’ durante toda mi vida, pero yo sé que es una sensación incontrolable para el ser humano. Puedo hacer una declaración definitiva de que no hay poder humano que pueda parar esta intensa picazón, pero seguro a tí también te dijeron ‘No te rasques’ los médicos, tu familia, tus amigos, etc… durante tu proceso así que creo que también te pueden alentar las palabras del dr. Sato. Debe ser un gran alivio para sus pacientes escuchar esto.  Está bien rascarse. Por favor, no te sientas mal contigo mismo.


Solamente seguí las instrucciones del Dr. Sato de manera sensata en el hospital. De hecho, no pude evitar repetir el rascado una y otra vez, pero dejaba secar mi piel cada vez. En caso de que tuviera mucho fluído en mi piel, aplicaba un pedazo de gasa y dejaba secar.  Como pueden ver en las fotos de hasta abajo, tenía gruesas costras de un color marrón en ambas piernas e incluso ahí rascaba hasta que se caían todas las costras… pero dejaba que se secará la piel todas las veces.  Repetí esto una y otra vez, una y otra vez… hasta que mi piel se fue volviendo más fuerte poco a poco y finalmente, tuve una recuperación milagrosa ¡en 3 meses.  La tercer foto muestra el resultado.  (Estas fotos muestran el proceso de sólo 2 meses aunque estuve en el hospital durante 3 meses.)  Fue maravilloso porque en realidad el tratamiento fue como ‘Sin Tratamiento’ después de todo. 

La mayoría de los pacientes mejoran mucho con el tratamiento y una vez que los dan de alta tienen una piel saludable. Además, la piel que tanto rasqué ahora se ve más fuerte.

Me gustaría decirte que tú también puedes recuperarte del rebote de cortisona (TSW)  ‘Sin Esteroides Tópicos y Sin Humectantes (NMT)’.

Yo sabía que no teníamos que poner Esteroides Tópicos desde el principio.  


Los Esteroides Tópicos tienen un gran potencial de adicción y hacen que tus problemas de piel se vuelvan resistentes. Y los efectos secundarios y el síndrome de abstinencia son horribles. ¡Es una gran elección dejar de usar Esteroides Tópicos para los problemas de la piel!


Comprendo completamente lo difícil que es la Retirada de Esteroides Tópicos (rebote) porque lo he experimentado y si puedo decirlo, pude haber experimentado uno de los síntomas de rebote más severos del mundo. Soy una de las que usó los Esteroides Tópicos más potentes de todo el mundo o el espacio… jajaja  

Entonces, realmente me gustaría correr la voz acerca del gran fallo de los Esteroides Tópicos en todo el mundo.

Los esteroides deben usarse solamente en casos que ponen en peligro la vida.  Los inmunosupresores no deben usarse para problemas de la piel como la Dermatitis Atópica.


Me da miedo decir esto, pero, es un largo viaje para superar la retirada de esteroides tópicos, aunque una vez que los dejas, ‘SÓLO TÚ’ tienes que superarlo, y de todas formas sólo tú puedes hacerlo. Sólo tienes que entender que toma tiempo. Estoy segura que lo sabes, pero a veces se nos olvida.


Si es seguro que no estarás completamente sano mañana, es mejor disfrutar las bendiciones de la vida hoy. ¡Siempre hay cosas que agradecer aquí y allá a tu alrededor! Incluso si lloraste, o te reíste demasiado, el síntoma al día siguiente será el mismo así que es un desperdicio pasar todo el tiempo triste. El tiempo es tu vida.  

Para la recuperación más rápida, recomiendo la terapia anterior. Hasta donde sé, todos los pacientes que llevaron el tratamiento no volverán a ver doctores que receten Esteroides Tópicos nunca más, sino que llevarán a cabo la terapia aprendida de ‘No Esteroides Tópicos y No Humectantes (NMT)’ en caso de que vuelvan a tener un brote.

¡Confía en la capacidad de tu cuerpo de curarse naturalmente!  Vas a estar bien sin medicamentos. Yo ya no tengo miedo, incluso si vuelvo a tener el mismo síntoma en un futuro, pues ya aprendí la manera más efectiva de tratarlo.


¡Intenta mantenerte positivo en cualquier situación! El estado de tu mente es muy importante para una recuperación rápida.



No tiene que ser perfecto.  Si encuentras una parte buena, ¡bendícela!  

Cuando le digas, ‘este dedo está muy mal…’  a alguien más, te estás olvidando de algo…

Bendice tus otros 9 dedos.


Sonríe primero, entonces puedes ser feliz… eso te traerá la felicidad. Sonreír no es algo que haces después de volverte feliz, el orden es importante para hacer de tu vida algo maravilloso.


Vas a estar muy bien pronto.  ¡Resiste!





 ***Le recomiendo que haga la terapia de la mano de un doctor en el que pueda confiar porque a veces puede haber infecciones que se extienden. Hipernatremia debido a la restricción de agua, hipoproteinemia y hipoalbuminemia debido a la pérdida de mucha proteína y algunas otras complicaciones que podrían suceder de manera secundaria.  Yo visitaba frecuentemente a dermatólogos, incluso cuando estaba recuperándome en casa.  No importa si el dermatólogo puede hacerse cargo de la retirada de esteroides o no.  Sólo los médicos profesionales pueden diagnosticar síntomas peligrosos.  ***

***Antes de iniciar el tratamiento NMT, por favor intente leer otros artículos referentes al rebote y retirada de esteroides tópicos en la pestaña de ‘POSTS IN ENGLISH’. No te saltes ningún paso para lograrlo y obtener los resultados más rápidos.

☟ Viewer discretion advised:  Severe Dermatitis Pictures below







☟   Viewer discretion advised:  Severe Dermatitis Pictures below



☟   閲覧注意(皮膚炎の写真があります)



☟   Viewer discretion advised:  Severe Dermatitis Pictures below



☟ 閲覧注意(皮膚炎の写真があります)




<<<My left lower leg >>> 

Pictures are from Oct 29 to Dec 17, 2015 at Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka, Japan


Oct 29, 2015

Nov 18, 2015/ Dried Phase: Healing started little by little.

Dec 17, 2015:  74 days later after hospitalization




<<<My left ring finger>>>

I did no treatment during the period below.  Just dried even after I scratched.

Scratch and dry, scratch and dry, and scratch and dry….I didn’t put any topical products or bandages too.  Even if it was bleeding, I just dried.

And finally…..see the last picture!  The skin became way too strong!  It is amazing!










******** If you are brave and would like to see more pictures of my symptoms and improvements, go to another  

      page below.  It is written in Japanese but pictures are at the very bottom of the page.


               ☟ CLICK HERE! ☟

                The 4th Happy Anniversary after stopped using Topical Steroids - 脱ステ4年記念日に - ステロイドをやめて変わったこと          

脱ステ4年記念日に - ステロイドをやめて変わったこと



******* You can see kids’ improved pictures in a study below.


    ☟ CLICK HERE! ☟

             A prospective study of atopic dermatitis managed without topical corticosteroids for a 6-month period 

You can manage Atopic Dermatits without Topical Corticosteroids!



Written by Tokuko Abfab

Translated by Fernanda Jours



  👇 English Version  👇

How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!



#Tokuko’s Room To Feel Uplifted  #tokukosroomtofeeluplifted  #topicalsteroids  #NMT  #No Moisturizing Treatment  #nomoisturizingtreatment  #protopic  #neoral


The Key Tips Of NMT For Babies And Children


Today, let me introduce about NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) from the NMT doctors’ lecture meeting last month in Kobe Japan.   You can get valuable knowledge about ooze, protein, etc…especially for babies/children.

**Before I report information from the NMT “super doctors”, I get approval from them.  On this site, I am their spokesperson, so I have to be precise in sharing the treatment.  Otherwise, it will not be No Moisturizing Treatment.

Ooze contains valuable protein.  When the baby is oozing, so much protein is lost from their skin.


Dr. Kenji Sato, the super doctor who advocated NMT, believes there is a big difference in the amount of lost protein between children and adults.

He demonstrated this difference in a scientific chart using the comparison of the dice numbers with human bodies.

For example, see the below chart from the information provided by Dr. Sato. 
To help us understand, we can do the comparison with dice. 
To explain the chart:  
1 cm dice‘s Surface Area can be 6 and Cubic Volume is 1.  Its Surface Area/volume can be 6 : 1.
3 cm dice‘s Surface Area can be 54 and Cubic Volume is 27.  Its Surface Area/volume can be 2 : 1
This shows, in the case of children, oozing Surface Area can be MUCH bigger than adults.  That means, when babies ooze, they lose much more protein than adults.  It’s a VERY big difference and we have to take it seriously.
Therefore, to be healed and to avoid being severe, they need much more protein.  Breast milk is not enough to provide sufficient protein and nutrition in case they have severe symptoms.  It is actually dangerous when the albumin levels become low for a baby as this can result in hypoalbuminemia.
NMT super pediatrician Dr. Mitsuko Satou explains that when a baby is 6 months old, it is too late to start baby food for Atopic Dermatitis babies
(**Skin’s healing process is the same with TSW but I do literal translation from doctors’ provided information and she mentioned about AD this time.)


In terms of Nutrition: Formula milk and breast milk have a lot of water and less protein.  (Formula milk contains much more protein than breast milk.) To heal skin‘, they need more protein

In terms of Allergy: If babies start baby food earlier, there is higher possibility of avoiding the development of an allergy.


***NMT leading Dr. Mitsuko Satou is the Japanese pediatrician who specializes in working with babies and young children.  As a dedicated doctor of NMT, she works tirelessly to heal the children. 


At her lecture meeting, she says that severe Atopic Dermatitis children/babies lose A LOT OF protein and fat from the surface of skin.

Babies in such condition cry and scratch hard so mothers tend to breastfeed or co-sleep with them.  Due to the repetition of such actions, mothers cannot make enough breast milk.  At the same time, if these babies don’t eat baby food, their weight will stay flat or go down.


If babies lost weight…..

Due to dehydration, disturbance in electrolyte balance happens.  (Na: decrease / K: increase)

Due to insufficient protein, it may cause hypoalbuminemia.  If the protein level turned to be under 2 grams, it can be severe edema.

To avoid such a severe case, parents have to consider this VERY seriously
(**This is one of reasons that I highly recommend to get Doctors’ supervision all the time.)



Because of this corroborating evidence and her close to 50 years of experience as a pediatrician healing AD children/babies with both TSW and NMT, she highly recommends starting baby food earlier than usual as I mentioned above.  Her suggestion is supported by solid evidence.


This is important because I hear concerns about food allergy from parents when I explain about balanced diet.

Dr. Mitsuko Satou explains about it too.


  1. Food allergy is totally unrelated with Atopic Dermatitis
  2. Even if children got allergic reaction with the blood exam, it is different story if they get reaction when they actually eat the food.
  3. There is an evidence from the challenge test at the department of pediatrics in Kindai university hospital in Osaka Japan.  80 % of patients doesn’t show allergic reaction.
  4. Even if children have Percutaneous sensitization, if they can eat, there’s no problem.


Dr. Mitsuko Satou provides further evidence that it is better to start baby food earlier


  1. In Israel, 80 % children eat peanuts by 1 yr old.  In UK, 20%.  Peanuts allergy happens 0.1 % in Israel and 1.85 % in UK.
  2. Results of the test from 640 babies who have Atopic Dermatitis or egg allergy:    Peanuts allergy happened as follows:



Since there are readers who request evidence of NMT, I translated some of them above doing my best as one of TSW experiencers.


Although it is important for parents to understand evidence, I believe it would be wise to listen to NMT doctors’ voices and benefit from their vast experience of healing babies as quickly as possible.  In NMT, doctors provide the information at conferences to interested parents, dermatologists and other health workers without compensationThey have full love for their patients and want to help other sufferers.

It is important to understand that although the process looks easy, it is actually very difficult for both of parents and children.  Therefore, parents’ strong determination is required to accomplish NMT.



Below is the advice from Dr. Mitsuko Satou.  She highly recommends these Key Points for successful healing of AD children/babies


What Kind Of Moisturizers Should My Baby Use?◆


There are no moisturizers for healing.  First of all, you need to diminish/stop using soap as well as lessen the frequency of taking a bath/shower.
  If kids do not have infections, I (Dr. Mitsuko Satou) recommend taking a bath once or twice a week. (only a few minutes)

If it is not cold season, a shower for a short time is better than a bath because bath water washes away important generated oil.
  There are kids who do bath or shower only for 10 seconds.



The Key For Healing Of Babies And Little Children


  1. Leave kids alone at night.
  2. Let them scratch freely
  3. Take care to look into their eyes.  (Enjoy your child without being overly focused on their atopic dermatitis/skin problems.)
  4. Let them eat enough.
  5. Let them have as much active play as possible.  (It accelerates generating new skin.)



Leave Babies/Children Alone At Night


Leave babies/children alone while sleeping.  Parents should start this in an early stage.

(No need to nurse to sleep.  In the long run, they start to fall asleep within 3 seconds or 1 minute.)

For babies and children, continuous sleep accelerates skin recovery

Parents also need more restful sleep time so they can breathe more freely while they enjoy their children.  

That latitude let parents take care of children/babies happily and you can spend days feeling fresh.



Let Them Scratch Freely


If you allow the children scratch, they will scratch when they really feel itch.  Parents will see that they don’t scratch as much as they expected.

Most of the children’s itch happens because they would like their parents’ attention.



Deal With Babies/Children To Look At Their Eyes


Don’t look at the babies’ affected parts but, instead, look into their eyes.

Babies/children know what part their parents are looking at.

If you look in their eyes, their good parts come into your sight.

(**They see smiles rather than worry.)



Let Them Eat Enough Food


It is VERY important for AD babies/kids to eat well.  To generate new healthy skin, they need enough nutrition.

If your baby has severe symptoms, you should replace breast milk with formula milk making it 10 % richer to give higher protein.

It is highly recommended to start baby food as early as 4 months old.


(**All of NMT doctors fully know about the importance and benefits of breast milk….more than us.  This does not mean they are against breast feeding.  I also loved breast feeding.  However, scientifically, little children/babies are losing MUCH more protein than adults per the same surface area in order to heal their skin.  Thus, when compared to normal baby skin, injured skin needs much more nutrition.  Breast milk does not contain enough protein ‘in case skin needs to heal’.  This comes from all NMT doctors’ long experience and scientific background.)



You may think, “I can’t do this!” or “I don’t like that part!” or “I can’t agree with this line…”
  However, please understand that it is your personal choice.   If you don’t agree, you shouldn’t choose NMT.  NMT doctors just provide helpful information for your children’s healing.

To accomplish this treatment, you need to trust the research and vast experience of the specialists.  Without your strong determination, you won’t be able to achieve success.


If you have found only 1 line that helps you, you should bless the part and should recognize that you have accurate information to succeed at NMT. 

In other words, you can do NMT based on this information.  Since it is not possible to have NMT doctors, you have to follow their protocols as closely as possible



Well, I just want to say this.  My way of honouring the NMT specialists is to devote my life to helping the NMT community with accurate information.




Your baby may have severe symptom

You may be sad to see the rashes and sores and you may be very tired of taking care of your child.


Being a caregiver is very tough.  Your baby may cry a lot.  You may be irritated cleaning up the floor over and over.  Or you may have scolded your son/daughter for scratching….


However, try to imagine if this were not happening to you, and you were spending time without him/her?

Please realize this.  If your child is not there with you….do you often wonder if you could have a more normal morning today?

If you feel gratitude for the small things in your life, you will feel happier and be able to enjoy your baby more.


Your child is close to you.  You should take pleasure in his/her being alive. 

Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath….and remember your child’s smiling facial expression looking at you….That is happiness

You are already surrounded by happiness.



Focus on your happiness that you already have.

Enjoy childcare!



  ***I recommend you try the therapy with a doctor who you can rely on because sometimes you might get infections that spread, hypernatremia due to extreme water restriction, hypoproteinemia and hypoalbuminemia due to losing too much protein and some other sicknesses that  might happen secondary.  Even after stopping usage of TS, I used to see steroidal dermatologists often for checkups while I was taking bed rest at home.  (Non-steroidal doctors are VERY difficult to find even in Japan.)  It doesn’t matter if the dermatologist can take care of TSW or not.  Only medical professions can diagnose dangerous symptoms.  ***


Written by Tokuko Abfab

Edited by Marlene D.

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‘The NMT Healed Club’ is launched!


TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawalsufferers,

I have established The NMT Healed Club on Facebook with NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) masters who have learned NMT very seriously by themselves and accomplished it reading this blog.

Even if you don’t take NMT, to see healed members’ reports must make you feel uplifted and give you a hope.

Please read below Announcement and join us! 


  👇 CLICK HERE to join ! 👇

The NMT Healed Club (No Moisturizing Treatment) – Official –


The Announcement of The NMT Healed Club



◆The NMT Healed Club◆

  👇 CLICK HERE to join ! 👇

The NMT Healed Club (No Moisturizing Treatment) – Official –

***You need to be a member of Facebook to join the group.


If you’d like to learn NMT, go to Education site! 

◆NMT Education Group◆


NMT Education Group (No Moisturizing Treatment) – Official – 



Healing happens to you too!  Hang in there!







日本語版は 脱ステ・脱保湿サポートグループ

英語版は NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) Education Group









さて、さらに今回、新しく発足しました、The NMT Healed Club では、

The NMT Healed Club (No Moisturizing Treatment)










Q1. (私たちの運営理解の為、3つの質問に全て答えて下さい。)



Q2. こちらのグループではあなたの症状に関しての愚痴はお受けできません。また、あなたの症状に関してのQ&Aのグループでもありません。よくなったことの報告で、お互いに励まし合い、元気づけ合うためのグループです。同意しますか?


Q3. このグループでは、『脱ステ・脱保湿』療法の一環として、心を前向きにしていくために、ポジティブなエネルギーで溢れるページ作りを目指しています。否定的な内容は受け付けられませんので、何かを発信する前に、私共のポリシーに沿っているか必ず確認してからポストしてください。また、他者の写真を勝手に使用することはおやめください。同意しますか?















3 months later.(3カ月後)などのセリフをつけてくださるのもさらに歓迎です。







  👇 クリックしてね 👇

The NMT Healed Club



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Healing Happens to Kids and Babies with NMT

*英語版ですが、脱保湿でよくなったお子さん達の ’経過写真’ のある日本のブログを紹介させて戴いています。

Today, let me introduce a blog written in Japanese for parents with AD (Atopic Dermatitis) children/babies or TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) ones.

It has children’s improved/healed pictures with NMT(No Moisturizing Treatment) 💝.

The blog is from NMT super pediatrician, Dr. Mitsuko Satou‘s one of parents’ groups called ‘Kyoto Kirakira Boshi’. 💕

All of them are written in Japanese but once you opened it, you can tell what I’d like to say. 😌


Just see the pics


Imagine how parents were feeling/worrying until they see their babys’ healing.

Still, they kept being patient trusting this method and crossed the finish line successfully!!!😊




The baby in the first report was using prescribed Topical Steroids frist to be seen by a doctor.  And then stopped using them with our NMT super pediatrician, Dr. Mitsuko Satou.

(The explanation of the first report is under the post.)

Healed Children’s Report with NMT #2

体験記 No.2

*This report starts a pic with her 1 mo, 2 mo and 3 mo with TS.

*Then she stopped using TS and started NMT at 4 mo.

Started to be seen by Dr. Mitsuko Satou.  The symptom is not regarded as severe one.

*Then 5 mo.  Intense itch.  Not dried yet.  Started eating food for nutrition.

*6 mo.  Read Dr. Kenji Sato and Dr. Mitsuko Sato’s group’s posts and knew that healing would happen to let them scratch freely from a lot of experiencers’ comments.  Became to be not so concerned about her scratching.

*7 mo.  It started to dry sometimes.  Got cellulite (foot).  And then herpes (forehead)-Been prescribed antibiotic.

*8 mo.  Sleeps 3-4 hrs continuously. Skin started to improve.

*9 mo.  Not scratch so often. Eat well. Crusts are getting smaller.

*10 mo.  Scratchs only when she cried or is hungry.

*11 mo.  Not scratch so often but sometimes refrains to get red rush and get well again

* 1 yr.  Skin is getting clearer. Still repeating to get a little rush and get well.

*1 yr 1 mo.  Even if she scratched strongly, skin doesn’t get scars. It is getting stronger. In winter, a little dry skin. (dry season in Japan.)

*1 yr 2 mo. – 4 mo.  Cheeks are red but her condition is very good.

*1 yr 7 mo.  (Last pic)



See another pics of baby’s improvement below.  Then, 4 more reports are following.

Healed Children’s Report with NMT #4

体験記 No.4


Healed Children’s Report with NMT #6

体験記 No.6


Healed Children’s Report with NMT #5

体験記 No.5


Healed Children’s Report with NMT #1

体験記 No.1


Healed Children’s Report with NMT #3

体験記 No.3




The choice which treatment you take is always up to you.  You don’t need to explain to others or me that you can’t do this or that to not initiate NMT.  No one needs such info…lol

If you think you can’t accomplish it, you don’t need to choose NMT.  I don’t force anyone.  You should take what you believe.

However, if you’d like to do NMT, please learn it ‘SERIOUSLY’☝️reading the information over and over because it requires accurate knowledge.  You need to know what you have to do or shouldn’t do.

At the same time, to accomplish NMT, you have to forget about their symptoms, meaning, raise children without seeing affected parts and give them your biggest smile looking into their eyes ☺️.   I’m not a doctor but still know the importance of the good indifference as an AD patient so I keep telling you the same thing with our super pediatrician, Dr. Mitsuko Satou.  Forget about it.  Ok?  It is the key for your kids’/baby’s healing.  Believe it or not, it is true. 



Since it is more difficult to do NMT thoroughly for kids and babies,  just do as much as possible but don’t mix other methods like applying moisturizers, adding bath additives, etc…


Per Dr. Kenji Sato’s book, only for kids and babies, doctors have to think about the exception to cope with their ‘strong pain’, especially in cases they got cracks in areas such as inside elbows or back of knees.  Sometimes these are cases to apply Vaseline or some other ointments (not Topical Steroids or Protopic) and a piece of gauze/bandages.  These areas are difficult to do NMT especially for kids due to pain so practice or remember the standard of this method in mind and do exception.  (The healing is faster without moisturizers but sometimes it is difficult for children.)


Also, as for splits in fingers, even adults get approval to fill a tiny bit of Vaseline or Propeto or some ointments only ‘in‘ the cracks to diminish the strong pain.  Transmission system above the palms (=fingers) is different from others.  Again, to fill it only in the cracks on fingers is fine if you can’t stand the pain but don’t apply on entire area.  I didn’t do it since I prefer faster healing. (^_^)



Of course, doctor’s supervision and advice are needed always and crucial to get checkups or to prevent other/further illness.  For babies, especially increasing in body weight is so important for faster healing.  Having a well balanced diet is the key rule on NMT.  Enough protein is needed to generate new healthy skin.


Immediately go to the doctor if you think your child has infectionsDon’t ask non-medical professions to diagnose!  Doctors are responsible to offer proper diagnosis, not caregivers.


I know it is VERY difficult to find out non-steroidal doctors but it is similar all over the world including Japan.  As a caregiver, you need to learn how to address to medical professions to get appropriate (necessary) support only. 


Try to seek understanding doctors.  It doesn’t need to be dermatologists.  Pediatricians, physicians, etc….Your child/baby needs medical support. 


Call receptioninsts first to ask if they can assit patients without TS to avoid stressful confrontation.  There is no need to persuade steroidal doctors because it is almost impossible even in Japan too. 


Imagine this.  If you are asked to change your belief that you received from your hard work/learning, do you change your mind right away The answer is obvious…lol  Don’t waste your time.  Try to find out other solutions doing your best. 

(I sometimes receive messages regarding this.  However, please think….Even if you asked me, I can’t change your country’s rules….LOL!  Do what you can do now as much as possible.  Just do your best.) 


I also have many horrible experiences with steroidal doctors in Japan.  I just didn’t complain or give up my research until I finally found NMT….for years.



If you are interested in NMT, please join Facebook group NMT Education Group answering 3 questions.  To protect group members, we definitely need your answers with agreement.


NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) Education Group



The group was established to disseminate NMT and to help out TSW sufferers from Atopic Dermatits/eczema all over the world not only to support anti-steroidal doctors but also educate all people and professionals about TSW


Due to limited staff, and the high volume of those in need of assistance, we are not providing personal support answering each individual’s questions.  However, you can learn a lot from the site to read admin’s comments and NMT doctors’ advice.



Again, learn it seriously.  Master the Do’s and Dont’s of NMT.  Read everything again and again making a notebook because NMT doctors are not there with you.  (That is why I shared the info to the world in English.)  Caregivers’ such effort works for the fastest healing.



Well, as you know, parents don’t want to show kids’ pictures on the internet but this time, I got approval to share the blog for TSW sufferers.  This means, they are thinking about you

You are not alone!


Please don’t complain about your situation even if NMT doctors are not there.  They also thinking about you.  That’s why you are reading this info here.  Focus on blessings!


After healling happened, hope you don’t stop this jorney and can be brave like these children’s parents showing improved pics to help future children and to change the world.  (You can cover kids’ face, of course.)



Be positive.  Enjoy childcare. 💖💖💖

Healing happens to your baby/child too.


Have a GREAT day!




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