Topical Steroids Do Not Cure Atopic Dermatitis

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How do we humans heal with our self-healing abilities, even without drugs?
***At the very last of this post, I have shared photos of my lower legs while I was hospitalized.
The pictures are very graphic and show severe dermatitis.  Please do not look at the pictures if you do not want to.
I will have a warning before showing the pictures below, so please feel free to read ahead.
ラジャEver since I was a baby, I had severe Atopic Dermatitis.

My worried parents took me to many different doctors and hospitals hoping that I would be cured.  And when I became an adult, I went to hospitals all over Japan, committed to heal my dermatitis.
During this time, I tried numerous alternative health modalities as well.


In total, I used Topical Steroids (TS) for 52 years.
And of those years, I used the most potent one for 30 years.


Because I truly wanted to heal,
I listened to my doctor, and intently followed their treatment plans.

The Topical Steroids temporarily suppressed many of my symptoms, but with time I would need stronger prescriptions.  And in the end, even the strongest steroid creams completely stopped working.


With this, I stopped using TS medication.
In the end, I was only left with the many uncomfortable side effects of the drug.

Note:  The side effects are not limited to the ones that the pharmaceutical companies list.
I know that many patients know this first handedly.  Many of the symptoms that we experience can

be found in this blog post below;

       👇 CLICK HERE !   👇

In my long journey with Atopic Dermatitis, I have seen over a hundred of doctors.
There were doctors that would amp up my prescription as my symptoms worsened,
Other doctors advised against using strong prescriptions,
Some doctors would say ‘This is happening because you itch your skin too much’,
There were Doctors with strict dietary regimens,
‘You should avoid this, and avoid that, etc…etc…’ the restrictions seemed to have no end,
And there were also Doctors that would use TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to rebalance your body…
With ALL of the doctors, they told me to stop itching as possible, and tried to give me the best treatment plan from their vast knowledge and beliefs.
And of course, many of these treatments involved TOPICAL STEROIDS

However, although I have used these creams for more than 50 years, my Atopic Dermatitis was not cured by Topical Steroids.


I remember many conversations with many of my doctors.

Particularly, a conversation I had with Dr.Kenji Sato from Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka, Japan was very impressive.  His words were very unique and memorable to me.

Doctors must never say ‘Stop itching/ Do not itch’ to the patientsIf you say this, in that instant, the trust between the patient and the doctor will be completely broken.’
When I heard these words, I knew that he truly understands this awful condition, and about the patients experiencing these symptoms.  He is an exceptional doctor with extensive knowledge about Atopic Dermatitis!
The itch that we experience is bone deep,
it makes you want to rip out your fingers and limbs,
and is an itch that will keep you up all night long, even when you are dead tired… 

Because I have experienced it, I can truly say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to control this itch, and I believe that NO HUMAN BEINGS can control it.

However, many doctors believe that to some extent, this itch can be controlled.


As everyone knows, you must study a ton to become a doctor.
I respect all of the doctors who have given their all to learn from books and clinical setting seeing patients.

But when a doctor says (from his understanding and his studies) ‘To a certain extent, itchiness can be controlled.’, the patient knows that ‘This doctor has never experienced what I am going through…..’

Because Dr.Sato sees the patients condition every single day at the hospital, and understands the illness and our sense of pathos, he was able to come to the conclusion that the itch cannot be controlled.

And for the first time, I learned from Dr.Sato that what I believed as Atopic Dermatitis was actually an Intractable Dermatopathy induced by prolonged use of Topical Steroids.  The dermatitis I was experiencing was side effect from the drugs.
In actuality, when I was flaring, it looked like as if I was being poisoned, and it was truly a horrible experience.
Even if you were not a medical professional, wouldn’t you feel that it was odd that you would experience these CRAZY symptoms from a simple Atopic Dermatitis?
Your whole body becoming raw, looking like a burned victim
Your face becomes extremely swollen
You look unrecognizable and look like a monster
Your skin looks like it is rotting
Even the simple action of changing clothes, you shed handfuls of dead skin flakes
All of your hair falls out

These are my experiences.  I drew this cartoon for the last lecture meeting with Japanese leading doctors against Topical Steroids.  Do these symptoms Atopic Dermatitis??? No way!

Would these symptoms occur just with Atopic Dermatitis??

I believe that if I did not use Topical Steroids, even if it took time to heal, I wouldn’t have experienced these severe symptoms.

Currently, I am off every medication.
By strengthening my immune system and natural self healing abilities, I am repairing my skin that was damaged by Topical Steroids
The human body is a marvelous thing, and although it takes time and I experience flares that are either improved or worsened, I feel that my skin is doing the best it can to heal to its natural state by itself.

By completely stopping steroids usage, I can feel that my skin is regenerating, becoming stronger and starting to resemble what ‘normal’ skin looks like. I have never experienced this in my life and this is the indisputable fact.

In order to regain healthy skin without medicine, it requires endurance for pain, perseverance and resolution.

However, we must remember that all of our bodies have the ability to heal itself.

If we do not make use of this ability, the symptoms will continue to persist.

Dr.Kenji Sato has said this:

By itching, the skin improves.
We itch again, and the skin continues to improve.
We itch and itch again, and it will heal again.
Repeating like this, the skin starts to get stronger gradually.
Itch as much as you want, but try to keep the last scratch a little lighter than the rest.
Your skin WILL heal definitely.’

This treatment requires patience and endurance however, I felt so relieved to hear Dr.Sato’s words.
All patients always feel strong pain and then feel regret usually after their itch fest.
Even though knowing it, it is impossible to resist the intense itch.
I think many of us tell ourselves, ‘It is a bad thing to scratch! I shouldn’t itch!’.  We try to withhold ourselves, and have blamed ourselves when we give in to the itch.
However, a true doctor understands.
He understands that with this condition, it is IMPOSSIBLE to not scratch our skin.
Dr.Sato has seen thousands of patients experiencing side effects and symptoms from the use of Topical Steroids because he realized the existance of TSW very long time ago.
And he continues to warn doctors and patients to refrain from using TS without seeing the truth of its consequences.

A real doctors understand that Topical Steroids do not cure Atopic Dermatitis.

Even more, they know that even light Atopic Dermatitis can become ‘intractable’ with TS use.

Steroids are expensive pharmaceuticals, and is great for business for the hospitals and clinics.
Even then, seeing the horrible side effects that they cause, there ARE doctors that choose not to prescribe Topical Steroids.

And here, I want to affirm this strongly.

This is coming from a person who has used steroids for over fifty years, which is one of the longest, even in human history


If they do, I should have been healed by now.
For over 50 years I listened to my doctors intently and followed instructions meticulously, and I did not heal with TS.

I want to remind you that I am no doctor, however I have first handedly experienced this illness for over 50 years, and have seen all of its conscientious progress and stages.
Topical Steroids may temporarily suppress symptoms, but it does not cure the condition, and will leave the patient with frightening side effects and symptoms.
This is the truth, and I am able to share this because I am a patient and this has been my experience.
I question the doctors that do not see this in the clinical setting.
‘These symptoms are occuring because you are not following my directions properly.  That is why you are flaring’.
…Usually, the doctors blame the patients for worsening condition.
Is this really true though? Are all of these patients really that lazy to not follow the directions?
There are many cases where babies with severe atopic dermatitis symptoms heal their skin beautifully by abstaining from Topical Steroids, and moisturizers.
     👇 CLICK HERE to look at the photos 👇
           (The first child stopped using TS and the rest of three got treatment without TS)
If these babies had used steroids, the condition would most likely have worsened, the skin would have easily become addicted to TS, and they probably wouldn’t have been able to quit steroids even in to their adulthood.
Every year a stronger prescription would be needed, and the condition would have progressed to a point where they are completely dependent on regular use of steroids to maintain the quality of their lives.


Please use Topical Steroids ONLY WHEN IT IS FOR a ‘Life Threatening Situation.
I truly wish that no one has to experience the severe and horrible symptoms that I have experienced.. I will continue to share this truth and experience, so that this message will spread to many people. 
Below I share photos of how my severe dermatitis (Dermatopathy Induced Topical Steroids) healed using NO Topical Steroids, I mean, no medication.
They are rather shocking photos, so only who truly with to see, please continue.





☟   Viewer discretion advised:  Severe Dermatitis Pictures below



☟   閲覧注意(皮膚炎の写真があります)



☟   Viewer discretion advised:  Severe Dermatitis Pictures below



☟   閲覧注意(皮膚炎の写真があります)


2015.10.29 Left Lower Leg (One month later of hospitalization)


2015.11.18 Left Lower Leg



2015.12.17 Left Lower Leg  (The symptom is about to disappear w/o TS))

These photos above show how my left lower leg progressed during my hospitalization.
As you can see, within two months my skin regenerated on its own, even without medication.


The process required vast amounts of perseverance and endurance to pain,
but we humans are definitely supplied with a power to heal ourselves.
Let us believe this power that we have and are born with, to heal ourselves.

I truly wish that more people will know about the dangers of Topical Steroids.

I would be so happy and honored, if you can share with your friends and family of this information.

*** If you are interested in the treatment, (No Moisturizing Treatment =NMT) for TSW, please go to my blog site below and read other topics too.  Thank you!
Translated by Hikari M.
Edited by Tokuko Abfab


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