It works! – No Moisturizing Treatment – For Topical Steroid Withdrawal Fellow Sufferers


Topical Steroid Withdrawal Fellow Sufferers,


I sometimes share helpful information to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal and Red Skin Syndrome in my blog because I am the one who got over ‘ultrasevere TSW in a short period with a great method that is called No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)”


I had been using the strongest Topical Steroids of the times for more than 52 years since I was 6 months old so my TSW symptoms were inconceivable.


After being discharged from a hospital to get the wonderful treatment, having a miraculous recovery of course, I began to feel like helping out other patients who were suffering from TSW with bedrest at home with disseminating the great method……because there aren’t many hospitals that can take care of inpatients for TSW or are not many well experienced dermatologists for that in Japan. 

I’m also the one who had experienced bedrest at home without having any good method while I got the first and the second TSW.  

Although my symptom was VERY severe and I barely got to hospitals, my request not to use TS was rejected at any hospitals and I wasn’t able to be admitted to any ones after all.  I had no choice but to endure the long and hard struggle at home then.




Since Topical Steroids are designated as the Standard Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis in Japan, most of dermatologists prescribe them usually or I could say ‘mainly’.  And due to the situation above, all I could do was have a bedrest only at home for severe TSW until I know the NMT.


Having RSS on the entire body like severe burn as if I was broiled, running much ooze coming out all over my body, completely closed eyes due to swollen face, feeling shivering cold in my warm house, swollen thighs to 2 times bigger diameter, losing 80% of hair, having crusts on the entire body like fish or new scaled creature, cracks, flakes, sleep disturbance, etc….etc…….my symptoms were desperate and not to be funny but I didn’t look like a human being at that time.

However, again, I wasn’t able to find out any hospitals that can accept TSW without using TS as inpatients at one of the biggest downtowns in the world, I mean, in Tokyo. 

My family also had no choice except seeing and cleaning scattered crusts all over the house.


I fully knew how tough to get it over alone at home due to my experiences in the past. 


Most of patients are wondering what to do or are worrying when they will be released from the anguish.  They are wandering from hospital to hospital like refugees or are trying folk therapies or are looking for someone to help them out mentally, and so on…..The symptoms are too tough but there’s no distinct clue to resolve the problem usually.


My symptom reached human body’s limit finally and it was the thrid acute aggravation.  I went to Dr. Shigeki Fujisawa‘s clinic for the first time because he is a well known dermatologist against TS in Japan.  To see my horrible symptom, he diagnosed that it was not the level to stay at home and introduced Dr. Kenji Sato who is the leader against TS in Japan.  Dr. Sato is the expert to see TSW patients and takes care of his inpatients/outpatients of TSW with his method, meaning, NMT.


The experience in the hospital resulted in meeting many inpatients who are healed from TSW miraculously within a few months with his method (NMT)


Before I knew the method, TSW symptoms took VERY long time to get better for me and even after being better, the symptom relapsed again and again and the bad or better symptoms repeated back and forth, back and forth…..for years. 


However, his method was amazingly great not only for me but everyone.  I knew that everybody who had tried it realized that the treatment was the best in their life and the Original symptom that we were diagnosed as Atopic Dermatitis also turned to be way too good for us. 

Of course, there’s no perfect treatment for atopic dermatitis on the earth and repeating TSW is unpredictable for anyone but still, our condition turned to be very good.

That’s why I made a decision to start this blog to disseminate the helpful information. 


After a while, I knew that the situation in the world also was almost the same with Japan, meaning, so many people have been struggling against TSW without having good methods or experienced dermatologists.  And even worse, I realized that the major treatment for Atopic Dermatitis had been Topical Corticosteroids all over the world.


I noticed that it was urgent to post topics in English too for people who need good information/method in the world because I know the hardship of home remedy for TSW very well.  Most of patients can’t come to Japan easily but there is a great treatment here!!!!

English is not my native language so it was kind of challenge for me but I felt a calling so tried to explain detailed information about his treatment in English on the site.


Finally, 6 months ago, I posted How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap introducing Dr. Kenji Sato‘s method in English, meaning,No Steroidal and No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’in this blog.  

I believed that I could be a true testimony even in the world because I am the one who experienced one of the worst TSW symptoms all over the world as one of the longest TS users


However, it was more than I expected.


The topic was read by tens of thousands of people being shared one after another in the world.  The white world map on the data page of my blog was filled with colors everywhere, meaning, it was distributed to all over the world finally.  It included countries’ names that I have never heard. 


It was a huge surprise for me that the treatment was a sensation for people in foreign countries and I knew that it gave a far greater influence on TSW patients than I might imagine


I saw that patients’ demand is outstripping supply with my very own eyes.  TSW is the serious issue in the world now but there aren’t many well experienced doctors or hospitals to take care of its sufferers without TS.


Dr. Sato’s treatment is a little different from MW (Moisturizer Withdrawal) but more than that and his long term research with tons of TSW patients let him produce the great method to cure from TSW.  It promotes and encourage healing the fastest…..


If you haven’t read the topic, Click the site below! 

        Tokuko’s Room to feel uplifted (=Genki ga deru Tokuko no heya)

How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!


With his method, Inpatients are usually cured in 45 to 90 days.  His treatment is to use natural healing ability of human beings effectively.  It starts to heal spontaneously and results in rapid healing.


Approximately 2 months later from the posted day, I started to receive messages about its results little by little and then it increased as time proceeds….

3 months later, I received enthusiastic responses from MANY people via my blog, SNSs, TSW support group pages and so on.  It was worldwide reverberation.  I got SO many messages with appreciation reporting their symptoms were improved.


I finally realized that a lot of people in the world had tried Dr. Sato’s NMT precisely to read my blog by themselves and they recovered from horrible TSW in a short term!!!


Today, let me introduce some comments to me and a message from one of my readers.


The comments are reporting how it worked for them and the message is mentioning how she made a miraculous recovery with ‘No Topical Steroids and No Moisturizing Treatment‘.  (***Some people are calling NMT as MW in them but they tried Dr. Sato’s NMT.)


I believe the experiencers’ report will be your hope and encourage you more than anything.

See below reports!





Healing DID happen within 90 days. 

My hands look almost normal.  I never thought the days would come. 

So happy I found your blog. It’s life changing.


Thank you for your insight!

NMT helped my son, too. I’m so happy to see your advice has helped others! Thank you for sharing.


Yes, it was the best decision for me. 

I understand it doesn’t work for everyone but it sure worked for me.


Thanks for sharing.

We tried No Moisturizing Treatment for my daughter and it helped her immensely with the itch.


Thank you for sharing your experience with others.  It’s really helped me make a dent in my healing


My daughter has been improved a lot once without moisturizing.


Had a bump in the road when pollen season hit but the skin cleared the fastest I have ever seen it.

Thanks again for your info. It has changed my life for the better.


Did you see her post?  (**People recommend this blog on a website very often.)

She has a blog and goes into detail about healing faster by avoiding things that moisturize the skin.


it is so fast and amazing to heal within 3 months!


the skin cleared the fastest I have ever seen it.

Thanks again for your info. It has changed my life for the better.


Thank you so much for your posts.

I have been struggling now for 39 mos tsw and started implementing these methods in mid January

and this is the best I have felt and best my skin has been.





                 A MESSAGE FROM A READER

<Received in this spring>


Hi Tokuko san, hope you are doing well!

I am so happy to share with you that after two months of moisturiser withdrawal, 90% of my face skin is nice like egg white, in even better condition than when I used to apply a lot of moisturiser. It is very miraculous! (And reading my comment two months ago saying I had difficulty opening my mouth because of dry skin, it is so encouraging what can happen in two months when nothing is done!)

Though I still have other eczema wounds on my body, I now have even greater faith and belief that I am now on the right track and will get over it some day.

Just sharing here hopefully to encourage others in the same difficult situation.

And thank you Tokuko san again for your such detailed sharing, I find it’s almost life-changing… have a great day and enjoy the beautiful spring in Japan




Thanks for the messagges, everyone! 

And sorry for people whose messages that I couldn’t add in this page.  Still, I read everything and appreciate it so much! 


Of course, we always need the support of medical profession and I definitely recommend it but in the current situation all over the world, since the demand is outstripping supply, most of us have to accomplish home remedy.  It is very sad so I’m writing for such people.  


Well, the topic has been shared every day in the world even now so many people might try NMT at home in the future.  For such TSW fellow sufferors, let me say something.


Once you started it, your skin would look like as if it was getting worse but skin needs to be dried before healing so it is the process that you have to get over


If you added your original way like putting oils or some other moisturizers or taking so and so bath additives, etc….it won’t be NMT and takes longer for healing.


At the same time, I’ll let you know that it is REALLY tough having pain during the process of NMT because you are drying your dry skin.  However, I recommend you not to give up in a short period at the beginning.  Just hung in there. 

Before you give up, please remember this. 

Healing happens only for people who got over the symptom patiently and it tends to happen at the end


Again, I saw amazing healing effects at the hospital and knew that it was the best and the fastest way to evacuate from the horrible symptoms of TSW

Ahem…As you see, I’m not selling expensive items or anything to you at least…lol  You know what I mean?  I don’t need to exaggerate.  No need to advertise so I can tell you the truth only.

From my action, I hope you understand that I spend my time just to help fellow sufferes.  I know how tough TSW is but was convinced that the treatment would help you out from the anguish.

Hope you utilize your insight to tell what information is good among billion of methods


Some people admired me mentioning ‘The experiencer of the worst symptom in the world’ jokingly…., however, even such a person was able to get well with this method.

Hope you’ll make a sound choice for your prompt cure.


Healing will happen to you in the near future!

Good luck!!!!!



EDIT:  Dr. Kenji Sato gave us a comment in the comment column below

It is VERY helpful for usDon’t miss it!



P.S.  English topics in this blog are available from the site below.






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Tokuko Abfab



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  1. Dear Tokuko:

    The following is a part of letter to Ms K.
    I think it is worth informing to people.

    From my experience, the causes which make TSW symptoms long and severe are the followings;
    1. long term and/or stronger steroid use
    2. use of tacrolimus
    3. use of mosturisers after stopping topical steroids
    4. frequent and long bath and/or shower
    5. drinking of large amount of liquid, drinking liquid during night
    6. wash out exudate and/or scrape off crust
    7. insufficient intake of protein and lipid
    8. bed rest during the day time
    9. insufficient amount of exercise
    10. be told not to scratch
    11. poor management of psychological stress
    12. Subjective accessment of signs (itch, pain etc) and no objective accessment of symptoms (erosion, red, brown, white, exudate, crust, etc )

    Kenji Sato

    • Dr. Sato,

      I have added that you have given us a comment here in the topic above.
      It is VERY helpful!! Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!!!!


  2. Hi, I am from Peru, my son is 13 months. He started with dermatitis since he was 5 months old. He used hidrocortisone traculimus,etc. He began NMT 18 days ago He is better now but I have doubts about water restricción, how do I know how much water shoul he drinks? Is there a rule I should follow according yo hid Weight? Thanks for your help

    • Hi Karen,

      It must be tough to see your son’s symptom but he will get well because he has a great mother who can do the sound choice!

      As for water restriction, we don’t recommend it for children. Per Dr. Sato, NMT doctors don’t let them do for under 6 years old kids.
      I think it is good enough that you know the fact that too much water causes ooze and vulnerable skin.

      As for detailed information, please read all other articles making your personal note book. It will help you definitely.
      Also, you are the member of “NMT Education Group”
      so please try to read all posts by me and utilize the search bar with key words at the same time.

      Since you made a decision to accomplish NMT without NMT doctors there so your efforts will be required. He will be ok because NMT works for TSW as long as you do it patiently/thoroughly.
      Just be careful about infections. (Go to see a doctor immediately in case he got them because healing takes longer.) And get a check up by medical professions sometimes to make sure if he doesn’t have other sickness.

      When you need encouragement, please go to The NMT Healed Club.

      Hang in there. Healing happens to your son too!

  3. Hi my name is omar and I have learned alot from this blog . Actually I feel now responsible to translate everything to Arabic because many sufferers dont read english nor Japanese please guide me what do you recommend should I do a new website in arabic and refers to ur blog and do description in arabic . ? My friend will help me in the computer part cause he is a computer engineer while I am just a dentist that have learned alot from ur blog and I will be forever thankful for u and dr sato for all the informations that you spread for free . I am so thankful forever. Please kindly contact me if you read my comment so we can spread the helpful informations .

    • Hello Omar,

      Thank you very much for your nice comment! I’m VERY happy to know your healing!

      Also, thank you very much for your great offer!
      I am always looking for people who translate my blog literally.

      I checked it now but it looks like you are not a member of ‘NMT Education Group’ or ‘The NMT Healed Club’ in Facebook. I have been asking group members to translate articles there and currently, some are working on it in Spanish, French, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, etc…If we can get Arabic ones, we can help more people in the world!!!! It made me excited and the groups’ members will be happy SO much because there’s no other specific solution for TSW in the world and tons of sufferers are struggling against the agony.

      Have you seen Spanish version of one of my blog articles?

      My blog readers are working on translation like this. Hope you also will support sufferers as this way.
      We have to disseminate this great method accurately so I have to ask you literal translation but not adding your opinions or other methods, etc…when you do it.

      When you have time, please help us with translation.

      Also, if you have Facebook account, you can join us and share our info in Arabic. Of course, you can learn about NMT more in the groups.

      NMT Education Group

      The NMT Healed Club

      Also, there are several members who are teaching NMT in their language in each country making groups in Facebook. All of them learned NMT with my blog and the Facebook groups.

      This method has been helping so many TSW sufferers all over the world.
      If it is ok for you, hope you can do ‘How to get over TSW asap!’ first.

      Then, if it is possible, hope you can do ‘What can be moisturizers?’ next.

      Translation is very hard work so please take your time.
      I believe that healed/improved people should pay it forward as you are trying to do. My heart turned to be warm to be able to meet one more person like you. This encounter can be my treasure. I really appreciate it!

      Let’s help the world together!


      P.S. If you completed one of them, please copy and paste it in this column. Or send it to me with MS Word or something. Thank you!


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