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Tokuko’s New Blog Has Been Launched! – ‘Tokuko’s 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT’

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NMT family members, I started another new blog as of today! 

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The title is, Tokuko’s 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT.


Well, here in Japan, if we were able to enter Hannan Chuo Hospital, inpatients can ask questions every day to NMT doctors and of course, all of us have Dr. Kenji Sato’s thick book by the bed to review our knowledge, however, your situation is different from us.  You need to learn it by yourself very seriously because your correct knowledge will be the only supporter to accomplish NMT.  I fully understand your situation but it is impossible to provide personal support for answering each one’s questions by myself because I receive 3 digits of messages every day from all over the world. 


That is why I established NMT Education Group (Facebook) to educate it more and The NMT Healed Club (Facebook) to encourage you with healed/improved pictures and to show chronological orders of healing process.

↑ NMT Education Group

↑ The NMT Healed Club


NMT groups’ admins on Facebook are amazing people who mastered NMT with provided information only by themselves.  They learned it to read articles of this blog and posts in the groups above over and over again and then, they have been working so hard voluntarily to help TSW sufferers who’d like to achieve NMT.  Their love for TSW sufferers is incredibly deep and they spend their precious time helping sufferers with selfless love.  And also there are many many supporters who’d like to help us spontaneously.  Every action is helpful and I always appreciate it…however, it also has a limit.  


So this time, I started a new blog for sufferers who need more assistance.  You can visit it every day and read articles repeatedly.  Such daily efforts will fix your knowledge.  The title says ‘365 Days’ but it doesn’t mean it would take such a long time🤣.  If you do NMT correctly, you don’t have to suffer for so long.  I’ll try to add articles (shorter ones than this blog) as often as possible.  (…I also don’t have enough time to update it 365 days…lol )


If you have just known about NMT lately, please read and learn basic 2 articles below.  You shouldn’t run over but read them carefully making your personal notebook.📓


How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!


What can be Moisturizers? – For fellows launching ‘No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’


And next course is to read and learn ALL Recommended posts in this blog.


Then, you can learn more detailed protocol with Facebook official NMT groups utilizing ‘Search bar’.


Then, finally, you got one more chance to learn NMT and to be encouraged to stay positive (for your faster healing) with my new blog!  Lucky you!!!!😎

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 Tokuko’s 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT.




To see TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) sufferers who have been struggling against horrible symptoms for ’years’ in the world, I was determined to help them with my experience because I knew that they didn’t need to be in the agony such a long time since everybody is discharged from Hannan Chuo Hospital within 3 months to be healed or improved tremendously.  It was in Nov 2017 when I started to disseminate NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) with English version worldwide and it has been spreading all over the world at incredible speed day by day because SO many sufferers are healed/improved rapidly to learn it with this blog.  It turned to be a sensation for many sufferers because to moisturize dry skin has been the dominant concept in the world but the idea of completely overturning it has led to dramatic improvements.


As most of this blog readers know, I have experienced super and ultra severe TSW 😱 and looked like a Monster or a Zombie or ‘Rock Man’  (☚click!)🤣in the movie ‘Fantastic Four’….but not human beings at that time.  The symptom continued intermittently for years, meaning, it got a little bit better sometimes but my appearance was not in a so-called ‘normal’ one even while it was better.


Of course, I had already read about NMT with books in Japanese before but the protocol that requires further drying original abnormally dry skin was terrifying me just to imagine, so I didn’t have the courage to start it before I meet NMT doctors.


Also, as most of you do, I had checked the online reviews about NMT when I had read it long time ago but wasn’t able to find healed/improved sufferers’ voice except NMT doctors side’s information.  Online reviews can be a BIG assistance if you research things carefully but TSW sufferers tend to not voice about their symptoms with miserable appearance, and especially, typical Japanese do not prefer to stand out.  However, the biggest reason that they don’t speak out may be that they don’t want to be subject to intensive attacks by opponents.  Majority of doctors prescribe TS (Topical Steroids) for Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema because it is designated as standard treatment in Japan.  So it is no wonder why I wasn’t able to find them.  Nowadays, anyone can broadcast what they want so the numbers who share it are increasing but at that time, I wasn’t able to find any decisive information that I feel like trying this method.

Now, it is urgent to spread this information because tons of TSW sufferers are badly afflicted with the horrible symptoms all over the world.  They are struggling to have no solutions….I can imagine how tough it is…


Even if we have great method to be healed/improved rapidly, if the information didn’t reach people who eagerly need it, they can’t see the light from the dark tunnel as I hadn’t tried NMT for years.  This experience shows that it is very important that experienced people speak out

When you found any good information, whatever it is, it would be kind to share it generously.  Choice is always up to the person but you just can share it.


If your current symptom is too tough, please realize that there are things that you can do. 

I mean….You can voice. 

If you don’t act, nothing is going to start.  I’m not suggesting to participate in the demonstrations or say such a reckless thing…lol😅  I mean, since you are reading this blog now, you can hit Like on SNS or share any information to notify the danger of Steroids, Protopic, Neoral (Cyclosporine), etc…to make our society easier to live.   Since the symptom is very painful, we tend to vent here and there but when each of us use that energy in a single click to make our situation better, it will be a big wave.


Please imagine.  We don’t have many non-steroidal doctors in the world but there are tons of TSW sufferers all over the world.  Do you think which ones’ action is effective to change the world….?  By doctors or by sufferers?  The answer is obvious.  If each of us took a tiny action every day, we can make it happen.  That is why I keep taking tiny actions every day like this.  You also can express yourself with just single click.  It’s a seemingly small step, but can be a big one in changing our living world.   You won’t get nowhere unless you take one step forward.  Such actions will eventually lead to the protection of future children too.😊


If you find something helpful in the blog, please share.  If you like even one line, please talk about it to your friends.  ‘We’ are the ones who change the world because we are experienced people.


Hope my new blog will be a help for your faster healing.


Hang in there friends!  Wishing your healing happens in the near future. 



‘Tokuko’s 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT’




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P.S.  I wanted to make the new blog with the same internet server but while I was doing programming, I was scared to lose all data and articles of this blog by mistake so I chose free Japanese blog this time.  Hope links popping out will not annoy you.  Thanks!