The One-Click Movement to Change the World with Love

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Here is my new blog site in English, ‘Tokuko’s 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT’! 👈CLICK HERE!
At Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka, Japan, inpatients can ask Dr. Kenji Sato questions every day, which can reduce our anxiety🥰. However, it is impossible to offer the same environment here individually for the world sufferers so I made a decision to start another blog in English to get you closer to that blessed environment💗…That is the one above.
Despite being busy as the leader of non-steroidal doctors in Japan, Dr. Sato is thinking about suffering patients around the world and provides as much time as possible to oversee this new blog too.  So I can provide correct information there too😍.  The blog also is a very blessed one…and you are blessed too!  I’ll try to post articles as often as possible.
By the way, this time, I have a small favor to ask of you.  When you see a new post, please try to open and hit Like👍 or Share or Applause👏 or whatever you like.
It doesn’t mean I’d like to be praised by you…LOL😂!
That little one-click spreads to the world as a grand gesture to change our society better for sufferers who don’t want to use steroids, in the long run.  To accumulate such small actions is necessary for our future.😊
You may have complained about your symptoms this morning…Or you may have cried to see your face earlier having no support by doctors…I understand it very much😞.  However, if you are asked by someone, “Then what did you do today to change your situation?”…Can you answer that?
It is not the few doctors who create a society where non-steroidal treatment can be chosen. It is an accumulation of small actions by a huge number of sufferers around the world🌎🌍🌏.  You can participate in making the new world trend, not using steroids, just with one click even sitting on the couch in your living room.
Please join💝The OneClick Movement to Change the World with Love💝!’
It is time to realize that we are the ones to make our society better!.💝💝💝
Hang in there, friends!
Healing happens to you too!
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