The Key Tips Of NMT For Babies And Children

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Today, let me introduce about NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) from the NMT doctors’ lecture meeting last month in Kobe Japan.   You can get valuable knowledge about ooze, protein, etc…especially for babies/children.

**Before I report information from the NMT “super doctors”, I get approval from them.  On this site, I am their spokesperson, so I have to be precise in sharing the treatment.  Otherwise, it will not be No Moisturizing Treatment.

Ooze contains valuable protein.  When the baby is oozing, so much protein is lost from their skin.


Dr. Kenji Sato, the super doctor who advocated NMT, believes there is a big difference in the amount of lost protein between children and adults.

He demonstrated this difference in a scientific chart using the comparison of the dice numbers with human bodies.

For example, see the below chart from the information provided by Dr. Sato. 
To help us understand, we can do the comparison with dice. 
To explain the chart:  
1 cm dice‘s Surface Area can be 6 and Cubic Volume is 1.  Its Surface Area/volume can be 6 : 1.
3 cm dice‘s Surface Area can be 54 and Cubic Volume is 27.  Its Surface Area/volume can be 2 : 1
This shows, in the case of children, oozing Surface Area can be MUCH bigger than adults.  That means, when babies ooze, they lose much more protein than adults.  It’s a VERY big difference and we have to take it seriously.
Therefore, to be healed and to avoid being severe, they need much more protein.  Breast milk is not enough to provide sufficient protein and nutrition in case they have severe symptoms.  It is actually dangerous when albumin levels become low for a baby as this can result in hypoalbuminemia.
NMT super pediatrician Dr. Mitsuko Satou explains that when a baby is 6 months old, it is too late to start baby food for Atopic Dermatitis babies
(**Skin’s healing process is the same with TSW but I do literal translation from doctors’ provided information and she mentioned about AD this time.)


In terms of Nutrition: Formula milk and breast milk have a lot of water and less protein.  (Formula milk contains much more protein than breast milk.) To heal skin‘, they need more protein

In terms of Allergy: If babies start baby food earlier, there is a higher possibility of avoiding the development of an allergy.


***NMT leading Dr. Mitsuko Satou is the Japanese pediatrician who specializes in working with babies and young children.  As a dedicated doctor of NMT, she works tirelessly to heal the children. 


At her lecture meeting, she says that severe Atopic Dermatitis children/babies lose A LOT OF protein and fat from the surface of the skin.

Babies in such conditions cry and scratch hard so mothers tend to breastfeed or co-sleep with them.  Due to the repetition of such actions, mothers cannot make enough breast milk.  At the same time, if these babies don’t eat baby food, their weight will stay flat or go down.


If babies lost weight…..

Due to dehydration, disturbance in electrolyte balance happens.  (Na: decrease / K: increase)

Due to insufficient protein, it may cause hypoalbuminemia.  If the protein level turned to be under 2 grams, it can be severe edema.

To avoid such a severe case, parents have to consider this VERY seriously
(**This is one of the reasons that I highly recommend to get Doctors’ supervision all the time.)



Because of this corroborating evidence and her close to 50 years of experience as a pediatrician healing AD children/babies with both TSW and NMT, she highly recommends starting baby food earlier than usual as I mentioned above.  Her suggestion is supported by solid evidence.


This is important because I hear concerns about food allergy from parents when I explain about a balanced diet.

Dr. Mitsuko Satou explains about it too.


  1. Food allergy is totally unrelated with Atopic Dermatitis
  2. Even if children got allergic reaction with the blood exam, it is a different story if they get a reaction when they actually eat the food.
  3. There is an evidence from the challenge test at the department of pediatrics in the Kindai university hospital in Osaka Japan.  80 % of patients don’t show the allergic reaction.
  4. Even if children have Percutaneous sensitization, if they can eat, there’s no problem.


Dr. Mitsuko Satou provides further evidence that it is better to start baby food earlier


  1. In Israel, 80 % children eat peanuts by 1 yr old.  In UK, 20%.  Peanuts allergy happens 0.1 % in Israel and 1.85 % in UK.
  2. Results of the test from 640 babies who have Atopic Dermatitis or egg allergy:    Peanuts allergy happened as follows:



Since there are readers who request evidence of NMT, I translated some of them above doing my best as one of TSW experiencers.


Although it is important for parents to understand the evidence, I believe it would be wise to listen to NMT doctors’ voices and benefit from their vast experience of healing babies as quickly as possible.  In NMT, doctors provide information at conferences to interested parents, dermatologists and other health workers without compensationThey have full love for their patients and want to help other sufferers.

It is important to understand that although the process looks easy, it is actually very difficult for both parents and children.  Therefore, the parents’ strong determination is required to accomplish NMT.



Below is the advice from Dr. Mitsuko Satou.  She highly recommends these Key Points for the successful healing of AD children/babies


What Kind Of Moisturizers Should My Baby Use?◆


There are no moisturizers for healing.  First of all, you need to diminish/stop using soap as well as lessen the frequency of taking a bath/shower.
  If kids do not have infections, I (Dr. Mitsuko Satou) recommend taking a bath once or twice a week. (only a few minutes)

If it is not a cold season, a shower for a short time is better than a bath because bath water washes away important generated oil.
  There are kids who do bath or shower only for 10 seconds.



The Key For Healing Of Babies And Little Children


  1. Leave kids alone at night.
  2. Let them scratch freely
  3. Take care to look into their eyes.  (Enjoy your child without being overly focused on their atopic dermatitis/skin problems.)
  4. Let them eat enough.
  5. Let them have as much active play as possible.  (It accelerates generating new skin.)



Leave Babies/Children Alone At Night


Leave babies/children alone while sleeping.  Parents should start this at an early stage.

(No need to nurse to sleep.  In the long run, they start to fall asleep within 3 seconds or 1 minute.)

For babies and children, continuous sleep accelerates skin recovery

Parents also need more restful sleep time so they can breathe more freely while they enjoy their children.  

That latitude lets parents take care of children/babies happily and you can spend days feeling fresh.



Let Them Scratch Freely


If you allow the children to scratch, they will scratch when they really feel itchy.  Parents will see that they don’t scratch as much as they expected.

Most of the children’s itch happens because they would like their parents’ attention.



Deal With Babies/Children To Look At Their Eyes


Don’t look at the babies’ affected parts but, instead, look into their eyes.

Babies/children know what part their parents are looking at.

If you look in their eyes, their good parts come into your sight.

(**They see smiles rather than worry.)



Let Them Eat Enough Food


It is VERY important for AD babies/kids to eat well.  To generate new healthy skin, they need enough nutrition.

If your baby has severe symptoms, you should replace breast milk with formula milk making it 10 % richer to give higher protein.

It is highly recommended to start baby food as early as 4 months old.


(**All of NMT doctors fully know about the importance and benefits of breast milk….more than us.  This does not mean they are against breastfeeding.  I also loved breastfeeding.  However, scientifically, little children/babies are losing MUCH more protein than adults per the same surface area in order to heal their skin.  Thus, when compared to normal baby skin, injured skin needs much more nutrition.  Breast milk does not contain enough protein ‘in case the skin needs to heal’.  This comes from all NMT doctors’ long experience and scientific background.)



You may think, “I can’t do this!” or “I don’t like that part!” or “I can’t agree with this line…”
  However, please understand that it is your personal choice.   If you don’t agree, you shouldn’t choose NMT.  NMT doctors just provide helpful information for your children’s healing.

To accomplish this treatment, you need to trust the research and vast experience of the specialists.  Without your strong determination, you won’t be able to achieve success.


If you have found only 1 line that helps you, you should bless the part and should recognize that you have accurate information to succeed at NMT. 

In other words, you can do NMT based on this information.  Since it is not possible to have NMT doctors, you have to follow their protocols as closely as possible



Well, I just want to say this.  My way of honoring the NMT specialists is to devote my life to helping the NMT community with accurate information.




Your baby may have a severe symptom

You may be sad to see the rashes and sores and you may be very tired of taking care of your child.


Being a caregiver is very tough.  Your baby may cry a lot.  You may be irritated by cleaning up the floor over and over.  Or you may have scolded your son/daughter for scratching…


However, try to imagine if this were not happening to you, and you were spending time without him/her?

Please realize this.  If your child is not there with you….do you often wonder if you could have a more normal morning today?

If you feel gratitude for the small things in your life, you will feel happier and be able to enjoy your baby more.


Your child is close to you.  You should take pleasure in his/her being alive. 

Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath….and remember your child’s smiling facial expression looking at youThat is happiness

You are already surrounded by happiness.



Focus on your happiness that you already have.

Enjoy childcare!



  ***I recommend you try the therapy with a doctor who you can rely on because sometimes you might get infections that spread, hypernatremia due to extreme water restriction (water restriction is not for 6 and under), hypoproteinemia and hypoalbuminemia due to losing too much protein and some other sicknesses that might happen secondary.  Even after stopping usage of TS, I used to see steroidal dermatologists often for checkups while I was taking bed rest at home.  (Non-steroidal doctors are challenging to find even in Japan.)  Whether the dermatologist can take care of TSW or not doesn’t matter.  Only medical professions can diagnose dangerous symptoms.  ***


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Copyright © 2019 Tokuko Abfab All Rights Reserved.


Written by Tokuko Abfab

Edited by Marlene D.


***If you’d like to initiate NMT, this video that Dr. Kenji Sato has reviewed is a must-see to get correct protocol and to not prolong the symptoms.

Your strong determination, tremendous efforts to master NMT and perseverance are required to get expecte results (faster healing) with NMT.





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    If babies lost weight…..

    Due to anhydration, disturbance in electrolyte balance happens. (Na: decrease / K: increase)

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  3. Dear Tokuko and Marlene:
    Thank you very much for translating Dr. Mitsuko Sato’s theory. The translation is precise and easy to understand. This will help a lot of parents who have babies and/or children with atopic dermatitis.

    • Dr. Sato,

      Thank you so much for your support for TSW sufferers as always! Hope Dr. Mitsuko Satou’s voice also reaches to sufferers and caregivers and many of them will be helped.

      Your supporters are helping me and we will issue Spanish version soon! And then, the next one would be Dutch…Sufferers also are trying to help each other with your method.

      To be surrouded by human beings’ real love, I get more energy every day.
      Thanks again for your love! Both of you are the real doctors!!


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