Dr. Mitsuko Satou’s YouTube Vol. 5 Has Been Released! – Let Them Scratch Freely – 2

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Thank you very much for waiting!  English and Spanish translation

for the NMT leading pediatrician, Dr. Mitsuko Satou‘s YouTube series

Say, “No!” to Steroids‘ – Vol. 5 are ready now! 

Satou Pediatrics(Sakai city, Osaka, Japan)

The information she provides in the video is what she explains for parents who

came to her clinic from all over Japan.



She has been disseminating the valuable information generously to the parents

who have children/babies suffering from the side effects of Topical Steroids

(TSW = Topical Steroid Withdrawal) or Atopic Dermatitis (AD) in the world.  

Most parents would like to know it desperately because tons of children/babies

got well following her protocol.


Today’s topic is, Let Them Scratch Freely – 2.  It is

the sequel of Vol. 4, ‘Let Them Scratch Freely – 1’.




Vol. 1 Say “No!” to Steroids – Prologue

Vol. 2 Tips for Curing Atopic Dermatitis in Babies and Children

Vol. 3 Habit of Sleeping in Separate Rooms

Vol. 4 Let Them Scratch Freely – 1

Vol. 5 Let Them Scratch Freely – 2



For parents, it is already enough to see their children scratch the skin as if they

tear it off or until reaching the bone and hurt themselves, nevertheless,

Do you say let my child scratch freelyyyyyy?? 

No wayyyy!!!”

…You might have thought so.  However, please think about this fact.


Parents who have little children have seen their

symptoms for several years at the longest, however, Dr. Mitsuko

has been seeing various symptoms for many decades

Such an experienced doctor has been saying “It is all right

even if they scratch.” with her copious knowledge. 

Don’t you think it’s worth listening to?



I also had been struggling against itch far away longer than your children and had

experienced the most severe symptoms of the worldwide level, if I may say so😓. 

You can call me ‘The World’s Expert of Itch’ or ‘The Master of Itch’…Just kidding…😆

However, I can tell parents that this itch is far more intense and deeper

than you can imagine.  Itching occurs to the extent that you want to reach the

bones to scratch and tear off even the internal organs.

Even if you experience it after performing cold-water ablutions by a fall for 10

years (laughs), you can’t stand it.



I may be misunderstood by some of you, but still, it has to be stated clearly here.

Please give up your child’s itch.

There is no choice but to scratch it freely.

Especially when it comes to intense itching, no one can avoid it, in other words,

it is not a level that humans can avoid.



Ref: To Parents Who Get Frustrated By Kids’ Scratching Act

***Sorry, as for the below article, the translation hasn’t been completed yet. 

It’s coming soon!




Of course, as Dr. Mitsuko mentions, there also are tolerable itches sometimes

and babies/children also learn it little by little with their own bodies.

Have the courage to wait for it.



The line by Dr. Mitsuko at the end of this video transmits her full of love to you too. 

She would like to tell you that there is a method to help you out, meaning a way

to improve your child’s AD, with her accumulated experiences, knowledge and deep love. 

She is telling us the secret to get better

When you make room in your heart to accept a message from a person who has a long

experience to cure children, you would be helped out of your current agony. 

You find her words are very influential and touch your heart.



Wishing your darling children will get better as soon as possible. 

I’ll keep supporting you with Dr. Mitsuko together.

May your heart is saved.



Have a GREAT day!





P.S.  This video is beginning to attract attention from patients around the world.

Since auto subtitles tend to make weird translations, I always add Japanese

subtitles by myself considering to be transformed into decent automatic

translations when it becomes foreign languages.

In addition, due to the importance of providing medical information,

after adding Japanese subtitles, I carefully translate it into English and then

add English subtitles.

Also, a kind Australian subscriber, Liz, helped us to translate my English into

Spanish, so I can provide wonderful Spanish subtitles too.

(As for other languages, sorry, but please use autotranslations. 

Bilingual people’s voluntary assistance is always welcome, of course!)


I work on this process when I have time and it usually takes a long time, so right

after the video has been released, it hasn’t been completed yet usually.

The progress will always be updated in the description section below the video.


Thank you.







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