Dr. Mitsuko Satou’s YouTube Vol. 6 – Take Care Of Children Looking At Their Eyes

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Dr. Mitsuko Satou has been working on creating YouTube videos

for the awareness of TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) and

human’s natural healing power.

Without prescribing TS (Topical Steroids), her little patients are healed

or improved amazingly in the past 26 years or more, so after she started this activity,

healed/improved sufferers are increasing worldwide with her method (NMT

for babies and children) and the attention of this video series is increasing day by day.



I receive messages from Dr. Mitsuko’s fans all over the world saying,

“Please translate this into English as soon as possible!”

“Can you make Spanish translations?”

“I can’t wait for the next one!”


I try to complete Japanese subtitles, English translation, and then English subtitles

asap and after receiving Spanish translation, add them in the video doing my best…!😆

(However, please forgive me for being a little late because I work alone for this.)

Anyway, it’s getting a lot of attention from parents because this series has full of

secrets to improve.



Well, her 6th release of SayNoto Steroids is Take Care

Of Children Looking At Their Eyes.





Vol. 1 Say “No!” to Steroids – Prologue

Vol. 2 Tips for Curing Atopic Dermatitis in Babies and Children

Vol. 3 Habit of Sleeping in Separate Rooms

Vol. 4 Let Them Scratch Freely – 1

Vol. 5 Let Them Scratch Freely – 2

Vol. 6    Take Care of Children Looking at Their Eyes



I always think that parents of children with skin problems such as AD (Atopic

dermatitis) should take care of children looking at

their eyes.

I have been thinking about it since I was a little child with severe AD.

Children are aware of where you are looking at.



It is kind of difficult to explain but please look at the deep part in 

the eyes of your child with AD as if looking into his/her beautiful

spirit through his/her eyes…with your big smile.   

They are what you call innocent eyes.  They have REALLY beautiful eyes. 

I hope you enjoy this great opportunity to raise your child/baby looking at

such cute eyes.  It’s really a waste to focus on just a part of your child

(=dermatitis) and overlook the irreplaceable and wonderful moments of




Watching the video clarifies why looking at eyes is important, and it seems that

Dr. Mitsuko’s warm heart is conveyed.

She has been showing great results without steroids for about 3 decades.  Please

watch this series over and over again and master her protocol to improve your

child’s symptoms soon.  


Have a GREAT day!




Mix List/ PlayList of

Dr. Mitsuko Satou’s YouTube


To watch this series from Vol. 1 continuously (Recommended), please click

the below URL.  You can see them through Mix List (Playlist).

The Mix List of Dr. Mitsuko Satou’s YouTube ‘Say “No!” to Steroids’



P.S.  This video is beginning to attract attention from patients around the world.

Since auto subtitles tend to make weird translations, I always add Japanese

subtitles by myself considering to be transformed into decent automatic

translations when it becomes foreign languages.

In addition, due to the importance of providing medical information,

after adding Japanese subtitles, I carefully translate it into English and then

add English subtitles.

Also, a kind Australian subscriber, Ms. Liz Fiorella Minaya Luna, helped us to

translate my English into Spanish, so I can provide wonderful Spanish

subtitles too.

(As for other languages, sorry, but please use auto-translations. 

Bilingual people’s voluntary assistance is always welcome!)



This process usually takes a long time because providing medical information

should be correct and accurate, so right after the video has been released, I’m

afraid, it hasn’t been completed yet usually.

The progress will always be updated in the description

section below the video.


Thank you.


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