ENGLISH and SPANISH Subtitles for Dr. Mitsuko Satou’s ‘Say “No!” To Steroids!’ – Vol. 8 are ready now!

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Thank you very much for waiting, ladies and gentlemen!

English and Spanish subtitles for Dr. Mitsuko Satou‘s YouTube

SayNo!” To SteroidsVol. 8 are ready now!



She has been treating babies and children with AD (Atopic Dermatitis) with non-steroidal

treatment for about 30 years and has been showing excellent results in Japan

This time, it is a sequel to what she talked about ‘Eating (breastfeeding/bottle feeding)’ in “Part 7”.





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Breastfeeding is a truly blissful time for mothers. 

Most mothers may think that they would like to raise

their babies with breastfeeding as much as possible. 

Everyone knows the fact that first milk is very effective

in boosting immunity.  

Dr. Mitsuko understands mothers’ feelings about it very well 

because she also is a mother.  

At the same time, she knows much more about its medical benefits and the effects

on babies’ bodies than ordinary people do.



What she is talking to you this time is about breast milk, however, not talking about whether

breastfeeding is right or wrong, or the pros and cons of it

She is asking what you would like to do, meaning your true goal, that is if you’d like to

prioritize to improve your baby’s AD

It is the part that you have to recognize with a calm mind.



On SNS, there are some who lose their composure and protest focusing only on the ‘to stop

breastfeeding’ part on SNS without reading it properly by the end or without understanding

the content of her message😥

Dr. Mitsuko believes in breastfeeding too, but atopic babies do not thrive

and need the extra protein to build their skin.

As a pediatrician, she has been treating many, many babies and they do better on formula.

She is explaining it with deep medically-founded insights in a comprehensible way.😉



Which should you prioritize between your thoughts about

breastfeeding and your baby’s sickness, thinking about

your baby’s current symptoms…?

If you prioritize your thoughts about breastfeeding, it may

be one choice to go with breastfeeding only. 

However, if you prioritize curing your baby’s sickness,

mixing breastfeeding and bottle feeding might be necessary to select.



Again, no one forces your choice here.

She tells us as an experienced doctor that breast milk cannot supply all the

ingredients that are deprived of the body due to illness and it causes

a sometimes-fatal problem.

You need to be firmly aware that the situation is different from

that of a child who does not have the disease.



Dr. Mitsuko fully understands that even if you understand that you have to stop breastfeeding

to improve your child’s illness, it is very painful for you to stop it as a mother. 

So she dares to give examples and provide you with information on making a decision.

From her VERY long experiences as a pediatrician, and as a mother at the same time,

she tells you that there are situations where you have to make calm decisions as a mother

to heal your child.


The choice is yours.

It cannot be selected for young children.

Your child will continue to live on his or her own body.

No matter how much you wish, you cannot replace him/her or cannot walk their way on their behalf.

That’s especially why parents need various information to make calm decisions

and why Dr. Mitsuko conveys it.



We will keep providing this YouTube series to parents of children with AD and those with

TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal), wishing their faster healing.



Healing happens to your child too!  


Have a GREAT day!



***Dr. Mitsuko Satou is the lead pediatrician in the No Moisturizing Treatment movement.  She has approximately 30 years of experience working with atopic dermatitis in babies and small children without using topical steroids.  As well, she has studied No Moisturizing Treatment thoroughly with Dr. Kenji Sato, which allowed her to carefully plan NMT protocols for children.



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P.S.  This video is beginning to attract attention from patients around the world.

Since auto subtitles tend to make weird translations, I always add Japanese

subtitles by myself considering to be transformed into decent automatic

translations when it becomes foreign languages.

In addition, due to the importance of providing medical information,

after adding Japanese subtitles, I carefully translate it into English and then

add English subtitles.

Also, a kind Australian subscriber, Ms. Liz Fiorella Minaya Luna, helped us to

translate my English into Spanish, so I can provide wonderful Spanish

subtitles too.

(As for other languages, sorry, but please use auto-translations. 

Bilingual people’s voluntary assistance is always welcome!)

This process usually takes a long time because providing medical information

should be correct and accurate, so right after the video has been released, I’m

afraid, it hasn’t been completed yet usually.

The progress will always be updated in the description

section below the video.

Thank you.



Vol. 7 Feeding – 1 (Breast milk or formula one? – 1)






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