Dr. Mitsuko Satou’s YouTube Vol. 9 – When Do You Start Baby Food?

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ENGLISH and SPANISH subtitles are ready for Dr. Mitsuko Satou‘s YouTube series, SayNo!” To Steroids‘ – Vol. 9!



Dr. Mitsuko Satou Satou Pediatrics (Sakai-city, Osaka, JAPAN) is the lead pediatrician in the NMT (No Moisturizing Treatmentmovement. 

She has approximately 30 years of experience working with atopic dermatitis in babies and small children without using topical steroids.  (Her experience as a pediatrician is much longer than that!)

As well, she has studied No Moisturizing Treatment thoroughly with her husband, Dr. Kenji Sato, which allowed her to carefully plan NMT protocols for children.


It is a sequel to what she talked about ‘Feeding’ in “Vol. 7” and “8”, which lasts until Vol. 12. 

She digs deeper into this and is explaining it for your further understanding.





Vol. 1 Say ‘No!’ to Steroids – Prologue

Vol. 2 Tips for Curing Atopic Dermatitis in Babies and Children

Vol. 3 Habit of Sleeping in Separate Rooms

Vol. 4 Let Them Scratch Freely – 1 Vol.

5 Let Them Scratch Freely – 2

Vol. 6 Take Care of Children Looking at Their Eyes

Vol. 7 Feeding – 1 (Breast milk or formula one? – 1)

Vol. 8 Feeding – 2 (Breast milk or formula one? – 2)

Vol. 9 Feeding – 3 (When do you start baby food?)

Vol. 10 Feeding – 4 (Babies also need flavor.)

Vol. 11 Feeding – 5 (How much should babies eat?)

Vol. 12 Feeding – 6 (Tips to let kids eat)

Vol. 13 Work out, Play and Build up bodies

Vol. 14 Non-Steroidal Treatment VS Steroidal Treatment

Vol. 15 No Guarantee of Healing with Methods of Nowadays



When to start baby food

There are various points of view for a commencing time, but in order to get better for atopic babies, parents must also consider supplementing the essential nutrition that is consumed by AD (atopic dermatitis) or TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal).



Dr. Mitsuko explains it in an easy-to-understand manner.

If you are a parent of babies with AD, please watch it anyway!

For your baby’s faster improvement, I highly recommend taking a look at the series repeatedly and acquiring the know-how to cure it.



You are not alone.

In this way, there are people who support you like Dr. Mitsuko even if they are invisible there for you.

I also want to help you from the bottom of my heart because I fully know how hard it is.  And because I have known that there is a way to get well.



It gets better little by little.  Hang in there!  Healing happens to your baby too definitely.



Have a GREAT day!



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Mix List/ PlayList of Dr. Mitsuko Satou’s YouTube

To watch this series from Vol. 1 continuously (Recommended), please click

the below URL.  You can see them through Mix List (Playlist).

The Mix List of Dr. Mitsuko Satou’s YouTube ‘Say “No!” to Steroids’

P.S.  This video is beginning to attract attention from patients around the world.

Since auto subtitles tend to make weird translations, I always add Japanese

subtitles by myself considering to be transformed into decent automatic

translations when it becomes foreign languages.

In addition, due to the importance of providing medical information,

after adding Japanese subtitles, I carefully translate it into English and then

add English subtitles.

Also, a kind Australian subscriber, Ms. Liz Fiorella Minaya Luna, helped us to

translate my English into Spanish, so I can provide wonderful Spanish

subtitles too.

(As for other languages, sorry, but please use auto-translations. 

Bilingual people’s voluntary assistance is always welcome!)

This process usually takes a long time because providing medical information

should be correct and accurate, so right after the video has been released, I’m

afraid, it hasn’t been completed yet usually.

The progress will always be updated in the description section 

below the video.


Thank you.







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