Utilize ‘The NMT Healed Club’ To Make Sure If You Are Heading For Healing

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Even if my blog readers send me pictures of their symptoms through SNS, I can’t advise like, “Yes, this is TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal)!”  or “Oh….you got infected!  Go see a doctor right away!”……As you know, I’m not a doctor…Just a used-to-be TSW sufferer…lol😆


I fully know your situation.  However,  I’m sorry, it is difficult to provide personal support for each one who is trying to ask personal advice to me from all over the world.  It is too many to respond and I’m not an appropriate person to give medical advice…LOL😆!   If you got a response from me, please think you won a candy as a prize with a raffle.   If you didn’t, think you didn’t win even a candy this time…lol  Still, my heart is always with you.  I would like to help you as much as possible with my experience and that is why I have been providing NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) info though I’m not good at foreign languages.

Since you decided to accomplish NMT though there are no NMT doctors in your country,you have to be a master of NMT and are required to learn it very seriously by yourself, or sometimes you have to make an appropriate decision considering your symptoms.  (e.g.  The frequency of taking a shower, the amount of water intake, etc…)  Also, it always takes time to see the obvious improvement of the skin so you NMT practitioners tend to be worried if you are on the right track on NMT.  Yes, there are many difficult things ahead of you doing NMT at home.  I understand your concern…I totally understand it. 


So for responding to your request to know where you are on NMT,The NMT Healed Club‘ (Facebook) was established.  ‘The NMT Healed Club (No Moisturizing Treatment)’   



Please utilize the group.  It is not only for encouragement showing that healing happens to you too but for doing the comparison your symptoms with others.  There are many successful healed/improved sufferers who have added their Before and Afterphotos to the group.


***NMT Education Group (Facebook) also is the official site of NMT for learning purposes.  It is spreading all over the world at an incredible speed by successfully healed/improved sufferers’ word of mouth.  If you are a member of theNMT Education Group‘ (Facebook), you shouldn’t miss to join The NMT Healed Club‘ (Facebook) to learn the process visually.  It is not the group only for healed ones.

Keep in mind the important line, Before it heals, the skin needs to be completely dry.” 


As long as you do NMT, you need to keep your skin air-dried.
During the air-drying process, the affected skin including the red part is coming up from the bottom of the skin to the surface and dries as crusts.  (My explanation is a non-professional’s way but you understand what I mean, right?😉) 

So the appearance doesn’t look good…unfortunately😖, in fact, it can look ugly for you.  Uh…still it’s natural because I’ve never seen a beautiful crust in my life!…LOL😆!  However, this is the turning point if you give up NMT or proceed with healing because the dry skin phase is often misunderstood that it had got aggravated.  That is not the case with NMT.  In other words, it is the beginning of healing, not worsening. 

In TSW support groups’ sites in the world, I often see sufferers post many pictures with symptoms that started drying, meaning they are about to heal, but since the appearance of the dried skin looks really bad, most of them panicked and a lot of sufferers adding advice like ‘You should moisturize it with ****’, ‘***cream works!’, ‘Eat ****!  It worked for me!’, ‘You got infected!  Put **** (bath additives) in the bath.’, etc…


Such members are very kind and are trying to help other sufferers for the condition that is not recognized worldwide knowing that the conversation starter can’t get appropriate support by doctors.   Every time I see such advice, I also feel like adding a comment to say, Just keep air-drying Healing happens in a while if you air-dry the affected partYou may scratch the part over and over again at this dry skin phase but after the repetition of scratching-and-drying‘, the part is getting smaller little by little and then will disappear.” 


Once you experienced NMT successfully, even if you are not a medical professionals, you will be able to tell that such sufferers will be healed/improved eventually just seeing their pictures because we are the same human beings…as you know that a generated scab from an injury comes off naturally after the new healthy skin generated underneath, it is easy to tell even if you are not a psychic…lol😆  However, since adding such advice is not allowed often and receive warning unfortunately, the NMT practitioners tend to hesitate to do it.  And of course, it is impossible to tell if they have other sicknesses or not so sometimes it is inappropriate to add advice.  In case they clearly mention that they need NMT-wise advice, I always share my experience to explain how to heal from the point. 


I hope people who realized the effectiveness of NMT understand the process correctly at least.
After the crustnaturallypeels off, you’ll see healthy skin.


Of course, healing is not linear so you may scratch them off several times during this ‘dry skin phase’, but keep air-drying patiently.  No matter if you scratch all the crusts off or repeat it over and over again, if you continue to air-dry, the affected area will be getting smaller and finally…your skin will become healthy!  That is NMT.  Human natural healing power.  As we are humans, there is no difference in the healing process (except for having other sicknesses).


The Guidance on how to learn NMT can be found at the end of this article.  If you’ve learned NMT seriously, you should know the above facts and don’t worry too much.

All sufferers healed/improved with NMT say the same thing.  They have revisited blog articles (This one and ‘Tokuko’s 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT’) and my posts in the NMT Education Group (Facebook) over and over again.  You must be a master of NMT to get the expected results.


There are already MANY sufferers who have survived TSW with NMT all over the world.  The provided information is the same with yours.    The difference is whether you trust NMT, learn seriously and decide to move on or…of course, you can give up.  The choice is always yours.

Good luck, dear friends!  Hang in there!
Healing happens to you too!

👇  👇  👇  👇  👇
Guidance on how to learn NMT



(**You always should be seen by a trusted doctor if you don’t have other sickness or infections, etc…on NMT.  It is essential because there are sicknesses that only medical professions can find.) 




Utilize ‘The NMT Healed Club’ To Make Sure If You Are Heading For Healing」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Hi Tokuko san,

    I just want to thank you for this post. Your comment was full of encouragement and love to the TSW sufferers with NMT.
    Thanks to the NMT Education group and Healed club, I’ve come to understand that this method is really tough but worth trying. My symptoms have been aggravated right after I stopped using TS and I’ve been struggling with rss, crusts and uncontrollable itch for almost 3months but I’ve come to realize it is no need to get panic. Yes, my face is ugly with crusts. I can’t stop scratching my main affected parts(back of my both hands and rists)but your posts taught me I’m on the right track on NMT. Now I’m ready to stick to this method and make it through this hardship no matter how long it takes.(I hope healing will happen to me in a short time though.)
    I have no words to express my gratitude to your dedication to spread NMT to all over the world.
    With lots of love,

    Reiko Oshima

    • Reiko san,

      Thank you very much for your kind and warm comment! It encouraged me so much!
      Well, your condition must be tough for a while but as long as the skin dried completely, you are heading for healing. If you followed the protocol correctly, healing happens within 3 months but it is usually difficult to do NMT perfectly at home so just try to follow it as much as possible. Even if you weren’t able to make it, don’t be disappointed. Healing happens to you either way so smile and enjoy this experience! Such states of mind will accelerate the healing.
      After you healed, if you don’t mind, please join the NMT translation team. You can help sufferers all over the world together.
      Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing your improvement. Hang in there! Healing happens to you too!


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