Dr. Kenji Sato’s Thoughts About Criticisms of a Japanese TV Show That Aired TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal)

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One of the major Japanese TV channels broadcasted TSW (Topical Steroid

Withdrawal)and NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment)

in a VERY popular show on the 7th Sep😲.  This is the first time since TSW was

aired once in 1989 in Japan.   The show in 1989 received a lot of criticism and

was controversial all over Japan, but it seems like it was overwhelmed by some power

and influence.  The majority of treatments for AD (Atopic Dermatitis), eczema, etc…

are TS (Topical Steroids) in Japan too and the Dermatological association designates

TS as the standard treatment for AD without evidence.  Non-steroidal treatments

and NMT doctors’ achievements have never been accepted by the medical association 

for a long time 😞 though they show evidence and have been showing great results for

more than 3 decades.  Our society is not kind to sufferers who don’t want to use TS. 



After this topic was aired this month, the brave sufferer who

provided her pictures, a supervised NMT doctor, a director,

the producer and the TV channel have been getting tons of

criticism by steroidal doctors and patients who hate non-steroidal

treatments since it was a sensation all over Japan.  Also, several

big groups such as the dermatological association, the society of

pediatric dermatology, the society of pediatric allergology, the

society of allergology, the society of Dermatological Immunology, the society of

allergology (Patients’ association), etc…submitted a joint statement to protest

the TV channel.  The broadcaster has received a great deal of criticism and it

seems to have succumbed to authority.  They broadcasted a special corner for

an apology for the ‘confusion’ and clearly stated, “Topical Steroids are

safe as long as you use them appropriately.”



Since the movement of non-steroid is accelerating all over the world

and the awareness of TSW is spreading year by year, this series of movements

against non-steroidal treatments in Japan is widely spread.  I also received

many warm messages from overseas asking, “Is there anything I can do for

you and Japanese TSW sufferers?”  (**We have campaigns here and there

in Japan to send the appreciation to the TV channel and the producers for

the great topic broadcasted.  If you have seen the show, you also can do it!)  

To send a message to Nippon TV ‘Sekai Gyouten News show’

After clicking ‘WRITE’, you’ll be required to add the following;
*Nickname or Name
*Select age
*Select Male or Female
*Select occupation >>Recommend choosing the bottom one, meaning ‘Others’
*Write a message.  And then click ‘確認’ for confirmation
*Click ‘投稿する’=’Submit’ on the next page.

Well, the followings are my translation of Dr. Kenji Sato‘s statement

about this movement in Japan.  

👇   👇   👇   👇   👇   👇   
My Thoughts About Criticisms of a Japanese
TV Program, ‘The Sekai Gyouten News’(=’The
World’s Astonishing News’), by the Dermatological
Association and other groups◆ 
– Dr. Kenji Sato


The letter of protest criticizes the TV channel for misleading the public with

the wrong scientific explanation doesn’t mention anything that the sufferer

got worse with stopping use of topical steroids, and that she has healed

very well though it took a long timeHer original illness is rosacea,

and in guidelines of dermatologists and in regular dermatology

textbooks state that discontinuation of steroids is the treatment for

this sickness.  I’m wondering why they didn’t mention anything about these things?


In the broadcast on the 7th Sep, it was explained that the lady got severe symptoms

because topical steroids reduced steroid production from the adrenal glands, and

her body lost steroids due to discontinuation of steroids, however, it is a phenomenon

that occurs when a large amount is applied to the whole body.  This is also described

in the guidelines. However, the fact is, it is unlikely to happen just by applying it to

the face.


The mistake in explaining the phenomenon in the broadcast is certainly a problem,

but I think it is a bigger problem to ignore the fact that it got worse with

the discontinuation of topical use of steroids and that it improved slowly

when she waited for it patiently.


I believe science has a mission to explain facts, and ignoring

facts deviates from the basics of science.  I think each academic society that

issued the criticism has an obligation to think carefully about this point. 


In 2017, it was proved that steroids are generatedin the skin in mice.

Also, the presence of all the enzymes that make steroid hormones has also been

proven in human skin.  If you know the facts above, it is easier to understand

that if you apply artificial steroids to the skin, it suppresses steroid

production in the skin by a feedback mechanism and that if you stop

applying steroids to the skin, the skin can’t catch up with generating

steroids appropriately and inflammation occurs in the skin due to

steroid deficiency.  If such an explanation was given, the academic society

could not have criticized it.


In January 2021, the National Eczema Society and British Association

of Dermatologists in the United Kingdom announced a joint position

statement that Withdrawing Topical Steroids also is one of the treatments

for cases of atopic dermatitis that are difficult to cure.  I think Japanese academic

societies are lagging behind the trends of the world.


                                                                        Dr. Kenji Sato

                                                                                   – Translated by Tokuko





Nowadays, since anybody can watch Japanese TV programs too in foreign countries,

it was shared in non-steroidal support groups in the world right after

the TV show was broadcasted.  A lot of people added comments in them and it was

impressive that several people said, It made me cry.😭”  Some remembered

their past tough moments with horrible symptoms and some felt like they got people

who understand their severe conditions. 

Yes, there are tons of TSW sufferers all over

the world.


      The Distribution Map of ‘Tokuko’s Room To Feel Uplifted

The distribution map of this blog, as of Sep 2021.  As you see the pink parts, there are readers all over the world except for some countries in Africa and the Middle East.  This proves that there are tons of TSW sufferers who are struggling worldwide.  Readers are learning or would like to learn NMT through my blog.



As you know, TSW sufferers started to take action.

I don’t want to apply TS to the skin anymore!”

I got well after I stopped using TS!”

Although the sufferers are trying to convey what they have experienced without

profit, the enormous power to benefits from TS is trying to suppress their voice.

My concern is that it leads to a serious matter that people

wouldn’t have access to information that can be used to

make decisions about choices of treatments.



If you’d like to use TS, of course, you can.  There are various cases and situations,

for example, some people can’t take sick leave anymore, or some may have a

wedding ceremony next week, etc…You may benefit from temporarily reducing

inflammation because TS is effective to suppress it immediately.  I have no

intention of blaming such fellow sufferers.  However, whether you use TS or not,

it is not fair if we were taken away the opportunities to

obtain information that can be judged by our own eyes,

and without its construction, our society remains immature

The decision whether you use it or not is yours at your own risk. 

What I’d like to say is, it is a big problem that sufferers who do not want to

use steroids have difficulty with receiving appropriate support from doctors

and this has come to the point where it needs to be improved urgently.

Actually, there are tons of sufferers who got well after they stopped using steroids.



I have been recommending NMT (No steroidal

and No Moisturizing Treatment) because you can

regain strong and healthy skin with it.  I never

imagined that I would be fine without medications. 

My skin is getting stronger year

by year.  It’s been 8 years since I stopped using TS and I have the strongest

skin ever in my life.  There may be small flares in some cases but as the body learns

how to produce sebum and natural moisturizers, the strong skin naturally returns to

healthy skin by itself.  However, the process of healing without medication is extremely

difficult both mentally and physically, and sometimes we must overcome the painful

symptoms that make it impossible to have a normal social life.  So I can’t say, “You have

to stop using steroids!” simply.  Your VERY strong determination

is required.  Again, if you’d like to use TS, use it.  I just convey my fact and other

fellow sufferers’ facts around me that it got better without steroids because I believe it

is a mission for sufferers who have experienced TSW to

share that TS might have horrible side effectsAfter getting

more information or after you are aware of many things, you should make a choice

of treatments.



I don’t criticize people who use TS (immunosuppressants) but everyone has

a right to know and to notify sufferers/caregivers that there are tons of

sufferers who got well without steroids (immunosuppressants).

It is an immature society that enormous power overwhelms the act of telling the

truth for the person who stands in the front line bravely and it deprives the right

to know the information from people who would like to get it.  Also, it is an act

heading in the opposite direction of the world’s trend.

The guidelines of the Dermatological Association in Japan clearly state that

there are no medicines for complete recovery for Atopic dermatitis so patients

should be able to select treatments that do not use

steroids and we hope that a system will be put in place that allows medical

care to support non-steroidal treatments.



Fellow sufferers, you don’t need to fight against steroidal people including

steroidal doctors.  If someone would like to use topical steroids, he/she has the right

to choose them.  The person can get Likes from other people.👍 

If someone wouldn’t like to use topical steroids, he/she has the right to not use them. 

The person also can get ‘Likes from other people.👍

It is an immature society that either strongly rejects objections.  For those who

don’t like non-steroidal treatments, I don’t think it’s desirable to be suspected

that there may be some special reason behind it.



The tides of the world are already moving ahead.

Until society is created in which patients who do not want to apply steroids

can choose not to apply them and can receive appropriate treatment, please

give more opportunities to speak up and send energy

for next activities to the leading doctors and people

who voice for helping TSW sufferers, by hitting

Share and giving Like👍

I’m not saying that I want you to speak up participating in the demonstrations.😆   

However, if you do nothing, nothing will change.  A small transmission

(Like orShare, for example) of each patient is an important

action to create a comfortable society💖. (=to obtain the right to select

treatment without using TS)



Keep doing what you can do now.  If each person moves, it will be a huge power. 

And this is the movement by The peaceful revolutionary

warriors that I lead.

We are the ones to create a better world.

Have a GREAT day!



P.S.  If you agree with me, please hitLike orShare on Facebook

or share to Twitter or anywhere.  Any action will be welcomed😉.  With

that tiny action alone, you can appeal to the interest of the world to society.


Copyright © 2021 Tokuko Abfab All Rights Reserved.



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***Since pictures of my symptoms were deleted, please click Japanese version below to see them.

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Topical Steroid Withdrawal & NMT (No Moisturising Treatment)



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