How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!

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Topical Steroid Withdrawal warriors,

I see so many people are suffering from Topical Steroids Withdrawal (TSW) all over the world nowadays.  Although patients are struggling to get it over, the majority of dermatologists prescribe Topical Steroids mainly for atopic dermatitis and other skin problems even now.  I believe the time has come that the world should realize the medication cannot heal all but can be toxic for the skin. 

See the pictures at the very bottom of this page if you are ready to know how horrible the side effects of Topical Steroids are.  Since they are hard to see, viewer discretion advised, I placed them at the end on purpose for people who don’t want to see.




Well, fellows who saw the pictures……I’m so sorry for showing these ugly pics of mine below but you saw the obvious improvement on the third one of pictures of my lower leg, didn’t you?  It must be hard to believe but I didn’t use any topical products like ointments or creams to get cured.  So I’d like to explain the best way in my life to get away from TSW hell for people who are suffering it.  I fully understand how tough it is so really want to encourage you guys to help out!


I had been using the strongest Topical Steroids all the time due to severe atopic dermatitis for more than 50 years since I was 6 months old.  I had never healed with them but wasn’t able to have ordinary life without them because they pull in inflammation barely, meaning, temporarily. However, the medication loses effectiveness gradually over time and had stopped working finally.

After I stopped using it, experienced horrible withdrawals/side effects as you saw below 4 times in the past 5 years.  It developed all over my body actually and I looked like a monster losing hair twice, lost weight 27 lb, 12 kg, in one week due to fluid oozing from the surface of the skin, and so on… 

Sometimes I looked completely red (Red Skin Syndrome) as if the entire body suffered extensive burns, then got crusts all over my body like fish then became red again with oozing fluid like a severe burn then got crusts again and then…..the symptom repeated over and over.

I had such bad side effects due to long-term use of Topical Steroids but most dermatologists still diagnose it as ‘atopic dermatitis’.  Do you also think so to see my pictures? 

No, it’s NOT atopic dermatitis.

We might not be doctors but even non-professionals can say, ‘It is abnormal!’ once seeing pictures below and anyone can tell the medication showed its fangs as a highly toxic substance.  It is an obvious side effect.  Topical Steroids should no longer be used for skin problems. 


Downtown Tokyo with the tallest tower ‘Sky Tree’ in the middle

Even if you need to be hospitalized, there aren’t many hospitals to accept TSW in the world and the situation is the same in Japan too.  Patients are like denied refugees looking for hospitals with severely diseased body and I also wasn’t able to find even one at the biggest downtown Tokyo in Japan.  However, fortunately, I was introduced to a hospital by a famous Japanese dermatologist (Dr. Fujisawa) and was administered after the third attempt with acute aggravation of the skin at Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka, Japan.

And I finally found the best treatment in my life there…….that is,

No Steroidal and No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT) .

(This is different from Moisture Withdrawal (MW) but more than that.)

It must sound impossible to attempt ‘No moisturizing Treatment’ for people who have super dry skin like atopic dermatitis patients and I also thought the same but a miracle happened with the treatment.  Although it didn’t work very well while I just stopped using Topical Steroids but once I stopped using any moisturizers and did more than Moisture Withdrawal at the same time, my symptom got well miraculously in a short period!!

The 1st pic of the first three (the left lower leg) was taken on Oct 29th, the 2nd one was on Nov 18th and the 3rd one was on Dec 17th in 2015.

Now, you are a witness.  Even if the symptom is this bad, it is cured after approximate 2 months of treatment, in other words, with ‘No Treatment’.


I got this miraculous recovery with Dr. Kenji Sato‘s treatment at Osaka, Japan as an inpatient for 3 months.  He is the leader against Topical Corticosteroids here in Japan. 

Osaka, Japan

He doesn’t prescribe Topical Steroids or Protopic (Tacrolimus) or Neoral (Ciclosporin) definitely, almost no medications or no topical products while you are hospitalized actually.  (Except sleeping pills in need, anti-itch medicine per inpatients’ request, and so on…)


Well then, what do you do there?  Why it can be cured like this?


I’d like to tell you what we do and what we learn at Hannan chuo hospital.

          ****** If you wonder medications above would work, click below site! ******

          The fact that you definitely have to know – For Fellows with TSW


At the hospital, inpatients just maintain a regular bedtime, sleep tight, eat well, and work out to increase in metabolism for generating healthy skin.



To sleep tight during the prime time of the skin, meaning, from 10:00 p.m. to 02:00 a.m., is really important.  You should arrange your daily life to fall asleep at 09:30 p.m. every day.  Don’t be a night owl. 
(Growth hormone that accelerates metabolism is generated from 10 pm to 2 am.  It makes new skin.)  You’ll see a big difference if you can make it.


Carve out time for exercise

To work out every day is necessary to boost your metabolism and it accelerates the regeneration of the skin. 

If possible, take more than 1 hour for jogging or wogging or fast walking.

Doctors suggest doing it until getting sweat a little at least.

However, even if you weren’t able to make it, please don’t pick on yourself.

Although this is my own opinion, your state of mind affects your skin condition. 

Keep being peaceful mentally and it is important to gain an early recovery.  There is tomorrow!


Dr. Sato does not recommend taking a shower/bath very often

It removes moisture (normal bacterial flora also) from your skin.  The shower washes it away and it runs in the bathtub.  While the symptom is very bad, you shouldn’t take it.  I didn’t know it when I was at home and was taking a bath every day because of oozing liquid from the entire body.  Sometimes crusts covered all over my body peeled off in the bathtub and water turned to be white in a short time.  I was losing a lot of proteins then.  It was very dangerous.

I wasn’t allowed to take a shower for a while, then got approval once 3 or 4 days in the hospital.   It always should be done in a short time.  If you can finish it within a few minutes, it will be good enough but for as short a time as possible anyway.

The main reason to take a bath/shower for us is to avoid infectious diseases diminishing bacteria on your skin.

The warm temperature brings on an intense itch so either way, you should finish it quickly.

Hot springs also can be moisturizers.


People tend to wash too much nowadays being swayed by prevailing trends with CM and advertisements but we don’t need to use soap or shampoo when you take a shower since dry skin is a little more difficult to get dirty than normal skin.  If you really want to use it, use soap bars but not liquid body soap.  To make it liquid, they have to use a surface-active agent, which is a petrochemical product.  It is obvious that is not good for your skin.  Liquid soap remains ‘in’ your skin even if you believe you washed it away.  Use a soap bar instead of shampoo if you really want to do it.


Once you stopped using Topical Steroids, Not to Moisturize at the same time is VERY important.  You have to do it thoroughly.

Do not wear too many clothes.  It also can be moisturizer.  Even if you got disorders of thermoregulation like freezing cold sensation due to TSW, try to wear less clothing.  I used to wear cotton loose-fitting T-shirts and thin cotton short pants that doctors recommend in the hospital.

Thick top covers/comforters also can be a moisturizer.

No skin cream or lotion or natural oils to moisturize.  You have to hydrate your skin with your natural ability, otherwise,  you need to use them forever and your skin doesn’t work for that awaiting something to be applied from outside all the time. 

(I didn’t put any topical products while I was in the hospital and even now also.)


When you scratched, I know it gets worse but just air-dry the part. No need to put ointments or creams. 

Skin recovers the fastest if you just dried it.  (I didn’t know this amazing fact until I meet Dr. Sato.)

If you get oozing fluid from the surface of the skin too much, just apply a piece of clean gauze with the same size as the affected part.  It should be washed and dried in advance with water to diminish the stimulation to the skin.  It is applied instead of a scab on the part so should be 1 piece only but not 2 or more definitely.   If it peeled off partially after a while, cut off the peeled part only and keep remaining the clinging part.   When you take a shower, leave it as is and then dry as is.  You can leave the same gauze for 1 week at the longest.  Don’t remove it on purpose.


After you scratched the skin, ooze tends to seep out.  It happens because you might have too much water.  We had a strict restraint for drinking water in the hospital. 

I was allowed 1000 ml total amount of intaking water a day first then 2 months later, 1200 ml including fruits, jelly, yogurt, etc….(This is in my case.)  It was very tough for me because a lot of oozes were seeping out so fast and rolling down from my raw skin all over my body.  I was craving water as if a dying person in a desert….lol 

As I explained above, I lost 12 kg (26.5 lb) in the first 7 days due to continuous running ooze (Ahem….it must be retained for the record at the hospital….lol) but the restriction stopped the ooze that runs from all over my body completely and diminished it coming out after scratch obviously.  If I didn’t have this direction, I would put my life in danger because I was losing proteins from my body until reaching a critical limit due to hypoalbuminemia.  The ooze contains a lot of proteins so letting it run one after another makes you lose the important nutrient factor out of your body.  (Falling a lot of crusts also contain proteins!)

However, I believe this requires medical supervision.  (You can’t find hypernatremia, hypoproteinemia, hypoalbuminemia, and so on by yourself.  Only medical professions can diagnose dangerous symptoms.  Or they might prescribe laxative in case necessary.)

Even after discharge from the hospital, I try not to drink too much water. 


When you go outside, please don’t forget to wear a hat or use a sun umbrella to shield the skin from UV rays.  Since you don’t put on sunscreen (sunblock/cream/lotion or SPF), always have to have one of them.



As for food, You can eat anything basically but do not take or eat or apply Liquorice (Licorice), Glycyrrhizin (Glycyrrhiza/Glycyrrhizae Radix) if you saw them in the ingredients.  Names are different but they are the same one and it is included in food, Chinese medicines (TCM)cosmetics, bath additives, etc…  Once you use/have it, your brain would misunderstand as if you began to use Topical Steroids again.

Oh, also, eating any food is ok but please try to avoid salty food.  That makes you feel thirsty and you will have more water.  I didn’t know it first and bought a soy sauce in the hospital but Dr. Sato found it at one glance.  He asked me, ‘What is it?’…….I answered, ‘It is a decoration of my room.’ jokingly….lol

Needless to say, eating well-balanced meals is very important.  Especially, since proteins generate your skin, try to have them consciously.


Well, this is all we do in the hospital and with this simple procedure for a few months, all of the inpatients can improve their symptoms very well.  It was an amazing fact for me. 

I had been applying Topical Steroids on affected parts always for more than 50 years for my atopic dermatitis and they had never cured my symptoms but without putting any ointments or creams, my skin improved SO much for the first time in my life.  I fully realized that Topical Steroids are highly addictive and make atopic dermatitis or other skin problems obstinate.

However, the most intense and unrelenting itch known to man is still uncontrollable usually.   When you have such a strong itch as if an attack starts, you scratch the part like mad and it is breath-stopping.  Yes, I know you feel like hollowing the part until reaching to the bones or internal organs and think you’d like to tear the body part off if possible during ‘the attack’.  And even worse, after you scratched, you always feel regret and the part pains…….but it can’t be helped because no one can stop the itch.  It is our big problem.  I guess you try to use ice packs or take anti-itch medicines to diminish it and we do it in the hospital too but they don’t work perfectly as you know. 


Dr. Sato says, Don’t worry about scratching.  It is ok to scratch because it is such an itchy sickness.  Once doctors warned not to scratch it to patients, the relationship of mutual trust will be ruined at that moment.  Itch is the major symptom of this sickness so it is ok.  Scratch, and then dry it.  And scratch, and then dry it.  Repeating this same pattern, your skin is getting stronger little by little.  However, please don’t forget that the last scratch should be tender.”


….I was moved so much to hear this and knew he was the real doctor.  Everybody had been saying ‘Don’t scratch.’ to me kindly in my whole life history but I know it is an uncontrollable level for human beings.   I can make a definitive statement that no human beings can stop this intense itch, but all of you must have been said, ‘Don’t scratch.’ by doctors, your family, friends, etc…in your life so I believe you also are encouraged by his lines above.  It must be such a relief to hear for patients.  It is ok to scratchPlease don’t feel bad about yourself.


I just followed Dr. Sato’s direction in an authentic way in the hospital.  Actually, I couldn’t help repeating to scratch but dried my skin after that every time.  In case I got fluid oozing a lot, applied a piece of gauze and dried it.  As you see in the pictures below, I used to have brown thick crusts on both of my legs and scratched even such parts until all of them fall off……but just dried later in that case too.  I repeated it over and over, again and again……then my skin was getting stronger little by little and finally, I got a miraculous recovery within 3 months.  The third picture below is the result.  (The pictures show only for 2 months result though I was in the hospital for 3 months.)  It was amazing because the treatment was as if ‘No Treatment’ after all. 

Most of the inpatients also get very well with the treatment when they are discharged and they look like having healthy skins.  Additionally, my scratched skin looks stronger obviously now

I would like to declare that you also can get over TSW with ‘No Steroidal and No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’.

I knew that we didn’t need to apply Topical Steroids from the beginning


Topical Steroids have a strong potential for addiction and make your skin problems be refractory.  And the side effects and withdrawal are horrible.  It is a sound choice you stopped using Topical Steroids for your skin problems!


I fully understand how tough Topical Steroid Withdrawal is because I’m the experiencer and if I may say so, I might have experienced one of the severest TSW symptoms in the world.  I’m one of them who used the strongest Topical Steroids the longest globally or worldwide or space wide… 

So, I really would like to disseminate the worldwide misstep of Topical Steroids.

Steroids should be used only for life-threatening situations.  Immunosuppressants shouldn’t be used for skin problems like Atopic Dermatitis.


I’m afraid to say this but, it is a long journey to get over TSW, however, once it happened on your body, ‘you’ have to get it over anyway and you are the only one to make it.  You just need to understand that it takes time.  I’m sure you know it but we tend to forget it. 

If it is sure that you won’t get complete heal tomorrow, it’s better to enjoy today’s life finding blessings.  There are grateful things here and there around you!  Even if you cried over, or even if laughed a lot, the next day’s symptom is the same so it is a waste of time to spend your time feeling sad.  Time is your life. 


For the fastest recovery,  I recommend the therapy above.  As long as I know, all of the other patients who challenged the treatment won’t see doctors who prescribe Topical Steroids forever and will take the learned therapy ‘No Steroidal and No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’ in case they got flare again.


Trust your body’s natural healing ability You will be ok without medications.   I’m not scared anymore even if I got the same symptom again in the future because I learned the most effective way above.


Try to stay positive in any situation!  Mental health status is very important for fast recovery. 


It doesn’t need to be perfect.  If you found 1 tiny good part, bless it!  

When you say, ‘This finger is really bad….’ to someone else, you are missing something. 

Bless other 9 fingers.


Smile first, then you can be happy.  It brings you happiness.  Smiling is not the thing to do after you became happy.  The order is important to make your life wonderful.


You’ll be ok soon.  Hang in there!




  ***I recommend you try the therapy with a doctor who you can rely on because sometimes you might get infections that spread, hypernatremia due to extreme water restriction, hypoproteinemia and hypoalbuminemia due to losing too much protein and some other sicknesses that might happen secondary.  I used to see dermatologists often even while I was taking bed rest at home.  It doesn’t matter if the derm can take care of TSW or not.  Only medical professions can diagnose dangerous symptoms.  ***

***Before you initiate NMT, please try to read other articles regarding TSW from the ‘POSTS IN ENGLISH’ tub.  Don’t miss a thing to accomplish it and get the fastest results.


☟ Viewer discretion advised Severe Dermatitis Pictures below







☟   Viewer discretion advisedSevere Dermatitis Pictures below



☟   閲覧注意(皮膚炎の写真があります)



☟   Viewer discretion advisedSevere Dermatitis Pictures below



☟ 閲覧注意(皮膚炎の写真があります)



<<<My left lower leg >>> 

From Oct 29 to Dec 17, 2015 at Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka, Japan

Oct 29, 2015  (Day 25)

Nov 18, 2015  (Day 43)

Dec 17, 2015 (Day 73)




<<<My left ring finger>>>

I did no treatment during the period below.  Just dried even after I scratched.

Scratch and dry and scratch and dry and scratch….I didn’t put any topical products or bandages too.  Even if it was bleeding, I just dried.

And finally…..see the last picture!  The skin became way too strong!  It is amazing!







          ********If you are brave and would like to see more pictures of my symptoms and improvements, go to another  

      page below.  It is written in Japanese but pictures are at the very bottom of the page.


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                The 4th Happy Anniversary after stopped using Topical Steroids - 脱ステ4年記念日に - ステロイドをやめて変わったこと                 

脱ステ4年記念日に - ステロイドをやめて変わったこと



            *******You can see kids’ improved pictures in a study below.


    ☟ Click here. ☟

             A prospective study of atopic dermatitis managed without topical corticosteroids for a 6-month period 


You can manage Atopic Dermatits without Topical Corticosteroids!

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Downtown Tokyo from the sky



Spanish Version

Cómo superar el rebote de esteroides tópicos lo antes posible

Arabic Version

خلص من أعراض الانسحاب من الاستوريد الموضعي (الكورتيزون الموضعي) بأسرع وقت ممكن

Dutch Version

Hoe je zo snel mogelijk geneest van TSW of Topical Steroid Withdrawal!

Chinese Version



Serbian Version

Kako što pre prevazići sindrom odvikavanja kože od topikalnih steroida (TSW)

Japanese Version

脱ステのリバウンドから最短で脱出する方法 - 徳子編



Getting the knowledge in the below articles is essential for NMT!

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What can be Moisturizers? – For fellows launching ‘No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’

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Please read all articles in the RECOMMENDED POSTS columns to accomplish NMT.

Make your personal notebook by yourself to learn everything.  Your knowledge will help you!




Bilingual readers,

A lot of readers all over the world are waiting for your support to translate this blog.  Please let me know if you can help them with your ability!

Thank you!



How To Learn NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment)

Currently, there are no NMT books except in Japanese.  (Due to various social circumstances, it is extremely difficult to publish translated versions.)  However, for TSW sufferers who don’t have any effective solution and have been struggling in agony all over the world, I started to share NMT protocol in English getting approval from Dr. Kenji Sato because it has been showing great results for more than 3 decades in Japan.  He has been assisting me to not provide incorrect NMT info thinking about sufferers in the world. 

This blog spread all over the world very rapidly and actually, a lot of sufferers learned NMT from this blog healed/improved very fast.  Then they started to share it spontaneously through SNS, their own blogs, YouTube, etc…It is great to pay it forward, however, there are a lot of incorrect NMT info that prolongs your symptoms on SNS too.  Unfortunately, due to this fast worldwide dissemination, I can’t catch up with everything to request correction. (Even the name, ‘No Moisturizing Treatment’, is incorrect very often.)
Since this is the medical information, it should be the correct/accurate for sufferers’ faster healing.  Learn NMT from the source below first to not prolong your symptoms with incorrect info.  Dr. Kenji Sato reviews them below as much as possible thinking about sufferers in the world so you can get correct information only from them.  (All NMT doctors have been reading this blog!) 
Again, getting the correct knowledge accurately is the key to your faster healing!  Learn the protocol seriously making your personal note (Do not use others’ ones.  None of the personal notes have been approved by Dr. Sato yet.) and revisit below info regularly because you don’t have NMT doctors there.  Be a master of NMT!


<<< Non-Profit Organizations>>>

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*Please answer 3 questions to join. We have to protect group members.  Without your agreement, admins need to disapprove your request.


For Children/Babies

Please don’t miss these articles below too.
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***Learn NMT from the source above first. 


◆The Guidance◆ 

Where is the Guidance of NMT?

◆The Guidance for Parents◆

NOTICE to ALL Parents Who Try NMT for Children and Babies




For the awareness of TSW, please read my article on the online news from Australia.

Tokuko’s article on ‘NORTHERN COMMUNITY NEWS’ (Australia)





When you share the info of NMT, please use the correct name, No Moisturizing Treatment’, so that sufferers can reach the source.   (‘moisture‘, ‘moisturizer‘ ‘therapy‘, etc…are incorrect and sufferers in the world take a longer time to reach the source.  It is a big problem currently.)

Also, when you share NMT knowledge, please clarify if it is your own experience if you add your experience too. 

Since your own experience also tends to be regarded as NMT protocol, clarifying it is essential.  We receive tons of questions from all over the world regarding things that NMT doctors or I have never said, and spending time to correct them prolongs the dissemination.  NMT doctors and I really want to disseminate the correct NMT for your healing. 

Thank you.


Video Version of ’How to Get Over Topical Steroid Withdrawal ASAP!  ★





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  1. Thank you very much for introducing my opinion. Your description will help people who are struggling against topical steroid withdrawal. I hope people all over the world will read your blog. Again thank you.
    Kenji Sato

    • Dr. Sato,

      You are welcome and thank you very much for visiting my blog always! I am proud of it so much.

      Your method is the best one in my long experience of atopic dermatitis and many people suffering TSW would like to know it very much actually. I would like to disseminate this information as many people as possible, hopefully all over the world.

      Your additional opinions will be appreciated any time because they will help TSW patients over the world.

      I believe the day will come that people realize the misstep of Topical Steroids. I have posted this page at ‘Topical Steroid Withdrawal-Red Skin Sydrome Support Group’ on Facebook. Many people must be relaxing during this Thanks-giving holiday in the world so I hope they have opportunities to read this blog.

      Thanks again for your support. I really appreciate it!


    • Doctor, I am having a hard time with withdrawal. I withdrew 3 years ago (no moisturizer for 2 years), after using topical steroids for around 1-2 years. But because I took Accutane (isotrenioin) 6 years ago, my skin is not producing oils and was dry and fragile even before I used steroids. It seems like naturally producing oils in the skin is a major part of healing from steroids, but I cannot do so. Do you have any advice?

      • Hello Michael,
        Thank you for reading this post. Dr. Sato is a reader of my blog and helps me very often but I don’t know if he is following this conversation. He is a super busy doctor to help many sufferers so I can’t ask him each reader’s counseling through this column, I’m afraid.
        As for moisturizing your skin, I can’t give medical advice but please try to read other topics when you have time because I have been posting useful information for that in other ones too.
        With his method, my skin is getting stronger year by year, it’s amazing, and I’m getting moisture on my skin little by little. It takes time but everyone can improve.
        Hope this information would be a help for you.
        Take care!

        • Hi Tokuko,

          Thank you for your response. I understand that he might not see it, but I am not Japanese so I don’t know how I can contact him. Could you please send this message along? I am in desperate need for help.

          I have read your blog but my issue is a bit different, because the drug Accutane has destroyed my skin’s ability to produce any oils and ruined my skin’s ability to heal. That is why I wanted to ask a doctor knowledgeable in NMT, in hopes that maybe he has seen another patient with a similar background.

          • Michael,
            I’m sorry for your symptom. A lot of people would like to be seen by Dr. Sato so although the hospital closes outpatients’ appointments in the morning, he needs to see them until late evening and sometimes by night. Then he sees inpatients and then answers questions for patients on the website after midnight sometimes. (In the hospital, inpatients were wondering when he could sleep or eat…) On weekends, for example two weeks ago, he gave a lecture meeting for free at Tokyo, last weekend, he attended an institute and will have a lecture meeting in Hiroshima this w/e. I happen to know his super busy schdule in the past 3 weeks so can’t ask him to respond for each reader of this blog. However, please try to read my response below to Tony. Hope it will help you.

            Also, please please understand that he is unbelievably busy to help TSW sufferers. Even if they are not his patients, he is trying to help them as much as possible…and most of his activity except seeing his patients, are non-profit activities. So when you contact him, hope you understand his such situation too.
            Wishing your symptom is getting better!

  2. 徳子、こにちは!よろしくお願いします。
    I am now also experiencing TSW at the moment and your information and sharing is sooo valuable, thank you so much!
    I wonder what you or Dr Sato would recommend, if your skin get eczema again after TSW, how should you treat it / make it heal without using steroid?


    • Hello Haruka san,

      Thank you very much for the nice comment! I really appreciate it!

      Well, as you see, it is ‘How to get over TSW asap’ but not how to cure eczema. There are many treatments for eczema/atopic dermatitis in the world but human beings still can’t find the perfect way to heal them because we found out only one etiology, meaning, filaggrin gene.

      The symptom of TSW is different from eczema/atopic dermatitis but you’ll see some symptoms were side-effects of TS though they were diagnosed as eczema/atopic dermatitis.

      After you finished TSW, you can tell your skin is getting stronger little by little. Even if you finished current TSW, you ‘might’ have TSW again in the future or ‘might not’. Nobody knows how often or how bad your next TSW would happen or would not happen because there’s no data in the world. However, I can let you know that it is getting much better and everything is going to be extremely better than while you were using TS.
      As for me, it passed almost 5 yrs after stopping it, and my skin became stronger amazingly. For example, while I was using TS, my fingers looked like I had very thin cellophane on raw skin but currently, they look strong like ordinaly people’s ones and had started to shine lately, meaning, I see they were moisturized though I have ultra dry skin originally. All of my friends in the hospital say the same thing and I can say this is the best way to get over TSW.

      I believe, someday, someone will invent a perfect treatment to heal eczema/atopic dermatitis but until the day, your skin will be better than before becsause you choose to stop using TS.

      The thing is, many parts of your eczema that were diagnosed as eczema/atopic dermatitis were not them but were side-effects of TS. This means, TS induces various kinds of skin problems/dermatopathy while you are using it.

      Hope this explanation would be help for you and wish your symptom will be ok soon!
      Good luck!


  3. Tokuko san,
    Your comment is very inspiring. Now I realise the first time I saw the Dermatologist and prescribed for steroid was not even for eczema, but some skincare allergy I developed (used a cleanser with a higher ‘fruit acid’ (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) content, then my face became red and swollen). Then I started to have ‘eczema’ since I used steroid.

    I now really believe I did not suffer eczema, but side effect of TS all along.

    Your words are also very kind and encouraging. I now have started moisturiser withdrawal for two days, very tough especially on my face feels so hard and unable to open my mouth for too big…. but I reread your post again and again and keep in mind that I will heal soon.

    Thank you again.

    • Haruka san,
      Thanks for your warm lines. You also encouraged me so much! (^o^)o
      Although I haven’t seen your symptoms and am not an appropriate person to give medical advices but TS induces various kinds of skin problems. And even worse, they are going to make your dermatopathy intractable. So it was soud choice to stop using TS.

      Your name sounds like Japanese one so if your are living in Japan, I recommend you to meet Dr. Sato when you have a chance. His diagnosis and advices are great. You’ll have correct answers for your synptoms.

      I know how tough MW and TSW are…I also wasn’t able to open my mouth and could eat the size of KFC French Fries at that time…lol
      Still, it won’t be forever. It might not be perfect but you’ll see the improvement in the near future. Even if the side effect happened again, you know how to take care of it….Scratch and dry, then scratch and dry and scratch….your skin is going to be stronger.
      Sleep tight during the prime time, work out if possible…and smile!

      You will be healed soon. Hang in there for a while.

  4. Hi Tokuko San:

    Thank you for sharing the story.
    I do have a question when you finished work out did you take shower every time or sometimes you just wait for next day?


    • Hello Tony,

      Thanks for reading!
      I checked with my friends who were in the hospital together. They say they took a shower once a few days and in case they got sweat, they just dried or wiped it just touching skin gently with a dry cotton towel. Please do not scrab with a towel. Of course, if the symptom is not very good, you shouldn’t take a shower. In the hospital, inpatients work out every day so we get sweat very often. Even in summer, I heard that they dried sweat naturally or touched with a dry cotton towel to wipe running sweat (Do not scrab. Just touch it gently). In case you feel itch due to sweat, you can take a shower….but only 3 sec or so. I’m not joking. We did so and got it over so fast.

      Per Dr. Sato, the main reason to take a shower is to avoid infectious deseases deminishing bacteria on your skin. If you take a bath/shower very often, it washes away generated antibacterial substances but not only losing moisture.
      When you take a shower, the water pressure should be very low and finish it within a few minutes.

      Wishing your symptom will be healed in the near future.

      P.S. I will post regarding taking a bath/shower when I have time.


  5. Hi Tokuko San:

    Thank you for your response. I am a TSW close to 10 months. I am thinking about to go to the hospital at Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka, Japan. My case can’t compare with your case. You are very brave. I don’t speak Japanese. Do you have Line and is it ok for me to contact you? My email is xxxxxxxxxxxxx @ g m a i l . c o m.


    • Hi Tony,
      As long as your questions might help other people, please try to add your comments here so that other readers also could get useful information. Currently, there are approximately 40,000 readers and SO many people are sending messages to me via SNSs finding me out (;^_^A so I’m trying but it is difficult to respond everyone sometimes. Actually, since I’m super busy for responding, I don’t have enough time to update my new posts. Anyway, I can see your email address as the administrator so saved it to help you in the future.

      Well, as for entering Hannan Chuo Hospital, since doctors/hospitals that can take care of TSW are limited in Japan too and Dr. Sato’s method shows amazing results, many patients all over Japan have been waiting for their turn usually. That’s why I explained what to do in this blog. You’ll see ‘No Treatment under medical professions’ is the best there.

      If you really think about coming to Japan, I recommend you contact them in advance.
      Required columns say, Your name, Subject, Contents, URL if you have from the top. Send button is on the right of Subjet.
      You can see some comments in English if you browse. Please read them first not to give duplicated questions because Dr.Sato is super busy to help many patients.
      Take care!

  6. Hi Tokuko San;

    Thank you for your information.
    I have RSS on my feet it has been itching for close to four months. I wear socks all the time. Most of the time I scratch too hard and it bleeds. Do you have a method or any tip to improve my condition?

    Thank you

    • Hello Tony,

      As you know, medicines to stop itching don’t work for us usually. (;^_^A Maybe they are helping a little bit but our itches are more than their effects, meaning, no one can control itches. As I explained in the topic, we use ice packs…they help it a little bit.

      If you work out, sleep tight, dried affected parts, etc… the symptom gets well and the itch is going to deminish. Even if you still have your original skin problems like Atopic Dermatitis, itches are much better than before somehow.

      Again, no one can control itches from TSW but you may scratch. Even if you bled or oozed, just dry the parts. After dried affected parts, you feel like ithcing but you can scratch….then dry the parts again. Scratch and dry, scratch and dry, scratch and dry….No bandages or no medication to apply, then finally, you’ll see the parts are healed. Your skin is going to be stronger ever.

      As for me, it took 8 months or so for the worst finger to be healed but other parts got well within a few months. Most of inpatients were discharged from Hannan Chuo Hospital 45 days later and they looked very well. (It is up to the symptom, of course.) Even if it was not 100% cure at upon leaving, it was difficult to find out their affected parts. I mean, their skin looked very well.

      I have updated this post partially so please read it again taking notes and try to do it. If you acoomplished the procedure exactly as is, most of you are healed within a few months.

      Good luck!

    • Hello Tony,
      I guess you saw my pictures in the added URL at the very bottom and the elephant skin happenes in the process to cure. All symptoms that you saw in the piectures are healed with the same treatment. This method requires to dry your skin. As you know, skin problems take time to be healed so keep trying Dr. Sato’s method exactly the same with my explanation patiently. It makes your skin problems very well the fastest as long as the symptom is TSW. Hang in there. You’ll be healed soon!

  7. Hi, I did all this and also healed within three months. But then it came back a year and a half later on my face only and so bad, I almost went crazy. The pain was so intolerable I could not do moisture withdrawal. My lips were so bad I could not eat or talk. I still healed for the most part in 3 1/2 months. Why do you think it came back? Did yours come back?

    • Hello Carol,
      Thank you for reading my blog and sorry for your current symptom. I know how tough it is.
      Well, as for TSW, it is the side-effect of Topical Steroids and we are one of them who experienced this horrible symptoms on earth first thinking about long history of the earth.
      There’s no data like how often or how many times it would happen or how long it remains, etc…in the world. Also, some people experienced it after the long term use of TS but some did after the only application on one finger. So no one in the world can answer why or when or how long, etc…I answer the same thing for Ms Haruka’s question above so please read it too.

      I also have experienced unbelievable bad symptoms 4 times but in the past 2 years, it is just improving because I knew how to take care of it with Dr. Sato’s method. My skin is getting stronger.

      Fortunately, you know how to do it because it worked last time so keep trying patiently. I’m pretty sure that you did great job because you made it within 3 months without Dr. Sato. (^_^)b It’s wonderful!

      Did you think or remember about a good part on your body today?
      If you didn’t, you are forgetting about appreciation. You have a lot to be grateful for….here and there.
      I fully understand your feeling but once things happened on your body, you are the only one who can get it over. Please find out a good part on your entire body and concentrate on thinking about it then feel grateful. Even if it was only 1 cm, just appreciate it. You are the only one who can control your brain so try to see the good or improved parts.

      While we are having hard time, we tend to forget about gratitude. I think you didn’t lose a part of your body and you have a chance to get it over. What a lucky thing it is!
      You have eyes to see, a nose to smell, a mouth to drink at least now, ears to listen to the music, can breathe, can sleep under the roof and so on….

      The status of your mind also affects to your skin.
      It is tough for a while but you know how to do it.
      Try to think, ‘This is the last symptom I get over!’ all the time.

      After you got it over, you can disseminate ‘No Moisturizing Treatment’ information and can help other people out. Imagine the day is coming soon.

      Hang in there. You’ll be healed.
      Wishing you’ll be cured in the near future.
      I’m always here for you.

      With love,

  8. Hi Tokuko san, hope you are doing well!

    I am so happy to share with you that after after two months of moisturiser withdrawal, 90% of my face skin is nice like egg white, in even better condition than when I used to apply a lot of moisturiser. It is very miraculous! (And reading my comment two months ago saying I had difficulty opening my mouth because of dry skin, it is so encouraging what can happen in two months when nothing is done!)

    Though I still have other eczema wounds on my body, I now have even greater faith and belief that I am now on the right track and will get over it some day.

    Just sharing here hopefully to encourage others in the same difficult situation.

    And thank you Tokuko san again for your such detailed sharing, I find it’s almost life-changing… have a great day and enjoy the beautiful spring in Japan 🙂

    • Hi Haruka san,

      It is GREAT to hear from you and to know about your improvement! (^o^)o Yes, ‘No Moisturizing Treatment’ results in miraculous recovery from TSW for everyone in a few months. Dr. Sato’s method is outstanding and that’s why I really wanted to let you guys know about it.

      I’m pretty sure that your skin is getting stronger little by little. You’ll see. (^_^)b It will be amazing experience for you.

      It is hard to believe that ‘No moisturizing Treatment’ works very well for most of TSW patients as it was unbelievable for me too before but now, you also became one of testifiers about the efficacy of ‘No Topical Steroids and No Moisturizing Treatment’.

      When you see some people who are struggling against TSW, please share this post. They should know it. Of course, we can’t force and it is up to the person if he/she takes the method, however, since at least we know that it is the best way to get it over, I also will disseminate this info over and over to help them.
      When you have a chance, please share this post at any support group for TSW sometimes. Our action will help many people in the world.

      Please allow me to introduce your improvement for people who are suffering from TSW. Each of your line will be a big help for them.

      Anyway, I’m very happy for you. Thank you very much for sharing your improvement! You made my day! o(^3^)o

      Take care!

  9. Hi Tokuko san,

    Yes, please feel free to pass on my words to others suffering TSW. what I also wanted to add is that, apart from my face, the skin on my arms have been very dry (and look little abnormal) for more than a year. However after two months of moisturiser withdrawal, the skin on my arms is actually much better than before, maybe still on the dry side but now looks like ‘normal skin that is dry’, and not ‘abnormal dry skin’ ^^””.

    And at the beginning of moisturiser withdrawal it seemed like a totally crazy idea, because it was January back then when weather was quite dry, together with very dry skin and not applying moisturiser is like doing a very bad thing to yourself. When people saw me at the time, they all ask me to ‘apply more moisturiser’. But now looking back, I would probably not achieve this level of healing if I tried very hard to moisturise my skin!

    There is a question in my head recently, is BB cream / sunscreen considered as ‘moisturiser’? I am not applying anything at all to my skin at the moment, but as summer is coming I would like to protect my facial skin from the harmful UV rays. What is your / Dr Sato’s advice on this? Acceptable to apply sunscreen on face? (I do see that your post mention NOT applying sunscreen during moisturiser withdrawal, so I am thinking how about when your face skin is healed, is it acceptable?) And are you still doing moisturiser withdrawal now that you have healed? Looking forward to your sharing. and yes I will for sure share your valuable information to those who need it!

    Thank you Tokuko san as always & have a nice day^^b

    • Haruka san,

      Thanks for your response! I’m really happy to hear the additional information about your improvement! Yes, it was sound choice to accomplish Dr. Sato’s method. In any situation, even if it was dry season, it is the fastest way to be healed.

      As for putting cosmetics, I’m sorry, I post such things in Japanese often but haven’t done it in English because I’m super busy to respond my blog’s readers or to encourage them via SNSs. I receive so many messages not only in Japan but from all over the world so although I have been thinking about it, there’s no time to initiate it. Will try it soon. (^_^)

      When we are dischaged from hospital, Dr. Sato advices that it might be better not to moisturize or make up forever for female patients but if you’d like to try, do it little by little like putting it on right before the party and wash it away right after that. And then, shorten the intarval little by little.
      As for Sunscreen or BB creams, they will be moisturizers so we don’t do it and Dr. Sato highly recommends to wear big hats or parasols. Please do not forget to wear them when you go out.

      I recommend readers to try making up partially little by little. It’s like human experimentation of each one but I do it over and over and finally found some cosmetics that work for me, but only on my eyes, eyeblows and lips. If you use bright color, you would look good even if you don’t put on base make up. However if your skin got worse during the esperimentation, give up manfully and try next (^_^)b. You might look ugly for a while (;^_^A but if you leave the part dry, it will be healed soon. So, it is up to you. Everyone has different skin so if your condition is VERY good, it might be good to challange. I don’t do it but you might be ok.

      Also, thanks for your consideration thinking about sharing this info. Please, please help other TSW patients with this blog. I posted it this topic at ‘Topical Steroid Withdrawal and Red Skin Syndrome Support Group’ on Facebook before, you might have found this in it, and so many people shared it to the world but still new members don’t know it. I have experienced the worst symptoms with TSW abd understand how tough it is so really want to help patients struggling againt TSW.

      I’ll try to update more information in English sometimes so your contribution to disseminate this info will be appreciated!
      Thank you so much for your wonderful report!
      Take care and have a GREAT day!

  10. Hi Tokuko,

    Thank you so much for your blog it amazing ressource , I am actually living Tokyo and seeing dr Fujisawa since 3 months… he is a great doctor , however even if my case is not as bad as it use to be for you I am having some hard time .. I am already MW, and TSW since 3 months now but recently get worst again , the affected area is mainly all my face, scalp, neck and little shoulder and hand . My face is very very painful , 2 days ago I got bring to the Todai hospital as I have been I bring all day and got so bleeding and oozing . They give me some anti scratching and painkiller . Since on week I am experiencing very intense itchy and I am scratching my face over and over it is so painful I can not even go out anymore as I can’t sleep at all at night and pain all the day .. what do you think about and dr Fujisawa told me about dr Sato do you know how much is the fee for get treated over there at the hospital, are they accepting the hokencho?
    Thank you so much answering all my questions . I Am happy that your healed now 🙂

    • Hello Lenka,
      I’m sorry for your symptom. I fully understand how tough it is but you are very lucky to be seen by Dr. Fujisawa. He is an expert of TSW so he can give you appropriate adivices. However, if you think about entering hospital to be seen Dr. Sato, of course your symptom is getting better within a few months. If you can’t do it, please try to do his treatment exactly as I explained above. You just need to get medical check by Dr. Fujisawa in that case. It is really hard to get it over but once you tried NMT, healing will happen and it is the fastest way. (Please do not expect 100% in any situation. I’m mentioning about TSW but not atopic dermatitis and so on.)
      Hoken sho is available at the hospitital. As for fee, it all depends so please check with the hospital directly.
      For details, please read comments above that I sent to one of my blog’s readers ‘Tony’.
      Wishing you can get it over soon!! Take care!

  11. Thank you for taking the time to make such a wonderful website. It is very informative. Yes us TSW sufferers have to retrain our minds to see things more positively. So glad you are doing better now. You are a true warrior!!xoxo

    • Hello Cheryl,
      Thank you so much for your nice comment! You encouraged me!
      Yes, as one of experiencers who got over the worst symptom of TSW in the world, I believe I’m the one to desseiminate this important information to help out fellow sufferers. I keep giving love that asks no return to help them. Just reading and sharing my blog is a big support for me.
      Thanks again for your love. Wish you also get it over soon! Take care!!!

  12. Hi Ms Tokuko,

    I am currently going through the oozing phase of TSW at my feet and ankle area
    Can you provide me the email address of Dr Kenji or Dr Sato?

    I am trying out the No Water Treatment currently.
    Still waiting for the dried ooze to come off. Is it ok that my skin going through TSW dont touch water during the entire TSW?
    Coz when I shower, I’ll sit on a stool, I’ll place my feet high up so it doesn’t get wet.

    Please advise me. I dont think I can afford to go to the hospital at Osaka.

    Thank you and I appreciate your reply.

    • Hello Iris,

      I’m sorry for your symptom.
      When you have much ooze, you tend to drink too much water. When I was in the hospital, I took 900-1000 ml water a day including fruits, gelly, yogurt, etc…In my case, the ooze was like a leaking faucet but due to water restriction, it stopped completely and I lost 12 kg in the first 7 days exhausting water remained in my body.

      If you ooze too much or having a lot of crusts coming off, you are losing protein a lot. It is dangerous. If so, the way you take a shower is ok or avoid taking a shower for a while. When your symptom got well, you can do it but still, short time will be recommended like 10 sec or 1 min if necessary.

      Do you take ‘No Water Treatment’? I don’t know it but as long as you try to take Dr. Sato’s No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT), you shouldn’t take any moisturizer as I explained in the topic.

      Dr. Sato gave a comment in comment column of my latest post (26 May 18) in English today. I recommend you read it too.

      As for contacting Dr. Sato, please read my advice above to Tony who is my blog’s reader.

      Dr. Sato has been working hard for TSW patients who are coming from all over Japan or foreign countries. The hospital closes in the morning but he can finish seeing outpatients at night usually. Then he sees inpatients taking time. Then he responses to inquiries on the web site for strangers. It turns to be midnight sometimes. On weekends, he travel all over Japan giving lecture meeting against TS for free. He is a real doctor. Inpatinets see his such dedication so we respect him so much. So, hope you also understand his situation. At least, please read my blog’s explanation and comment colums too. I post topics for people who can’t take Dr. Sato’s treatment living far away. Of course, short question to him should be ok so please try.

      Hope your symptom will get well soon. Take care!!

  13. Dear Tokuko San,
    Thanks for your sharing. It is really life saving. I am now going through TSW but have not yet start the MW. I wonder like to try but have a question. When you finished your exercise, you sweated and it was very itchy. You just dry the sweat with handkerchief. Or you use wet handkerchief to dry your body.

    It is such a honour to learn the information you shared. You are really a warrior in this war.

    Best Regards

  14. Hello Tokuko San,
    Thanks for sharing such a useful information. Just want to make sure the way you deal with the fluid parts more precisely. BTW, I also wonder if I should remove the crusty scalp on the affected parts, sometimes they just so itchy. After removing the scalp, the affected parts underneath aren’t healed totally. Therefore, fluid came out, and I just have to wait for them becoming scalp again. I think I am in a bad vicious cycle. It is my 5th month of TSW. I did almost everything you wrote above except exercising every day. I tried to exercise almost every day, but the busy school activities and continuous rainy days, I can’t do it as I want. Now I have recovered about 70%(roughly). The disappointing thing is, the recovery slowed down recently, so I really need some advice from you.

    Best Regards
    Tommy Lin from Taiwan

    • Hello Tommy,
      Thanks for reading my blog! I’m so sorry for your symptom. Did you find out my blog via TSW support group? My English posts are read all over the world and so many people tried or have been trying Dr. Sato’s NMT at home and they send me reports notifying their successful results. You also do it by yourself and almost healed 70 %, that means you are doing good job!

      When did you start NMT? If it’s taking longer time even if you tried his method thoroughly, something might be wrong.
      (Of course, I can imagine it is kind of difficult to do it exactly as I explained at home. Inpatients can do it precisely because of meddical support in hospital so we can make it 45-90 days later.)
      If you do it as precise as possible, healing period is going to be closer as I mentioned.

      Well, please read my another post below, [What can be moisturizers? – For fellows launching ‘No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’]

      It answers to your questions.

      You feel like peeling off crusts but don’t do it. If it oozes a lot, you tend to intake excess water. Try to drink less water. It will help deminishing oozing fluid and you’ll see obvious difference.

      Since you mention that you have been doing NMT precisely, I guess you can go to bed early and can get up early, right? That part is REALLY important to be healed asap.
      It takes time so sometimes you might be disappointed but you have thankful things. You can sleep well, that means you are lucky enough! Be positive. Find blessing things. Such mind accelerate your healing.

      Feel better! Healilng will be soon!!

  15. Hi Tokuko,

    Thanks for having shared great posts! This blog really boosts my confidence so much.

    I’ve been with Psoriasis for roughly 4 years. It was first plaque psoriasis then developed into pustular since the beginning of 2017 with big lesions on my lower legs. Here are a few milestone in my P history:

    06/2014: P came to me, on my scalp.
    12/2014: I quit steroids and moved on with Diprosalic (salicylic acid), occasionally only.
    09/2015: Quit Diprosalic and for Chinese medicine. By the time, I have non-pus P on my scalp and some patches on my body, nothing on legs.
    02/2016: I quit Chinese medicine and I started having pus psoriasis on my lower legs, still, I had my scalp covered with plague P.
    03/2016, I started Dr. Pagano diet and cleared my scalp after 03 months. The pus P on my legs has been there, it’s extremely stubborn. Been on the diet so far (not so strict) plus yoga.

    (Just in case you’ve not heard of the Dr. Pagano diet, it promotes eating foods that create an acidic environment. So I’m predominantly having fruits and veggies, fish and some chicken, not red meat, sugar and dairy free, etc.)

    Since then, I have pus psoriasis on my lower legs with two big lesions. The most annoying thing is plasma leakage from the skin cracks. I suppose people call that oozing liquid, others use the term seeping psoriasis or weeping psoriasis. I guess they all refer to the same symptom. I’m not sure if the pus came as a result of suddenly ceasing the Chinese medicine.

    The truth is the plasma is still leaking now, so much in drops rolling down my legs. This is totally uncomfortable since I cannot even put on long pants. I cannot even lying on my bed but sleeping on the couch to hang the legs up.

    I have refrained from rubbing olive oil on the lesions for a couple of days after visiting your blog. Expectedly, the soreness is more intense, the skin surface seems to crack more, and more oozing liquid leaked, smells stinky, of course. But I will continue the NMT, for sure.

    Is there any way I can send you a photo of my pus lesions for a quick supervision? I’m not sure if my symptoms look the same as on others. I showed the photos to some fellow P patients and they agreed that my case is more severe then they’d ever seen.

    You can hit me up at Thanks again for what you’ve shared. Have a good day!

    • Hello Andy,
      Thanks for reading and your nice comments!
      I’m so sorry for your current symptoms…I can imagine how tough it is.
      NMT is the fastest way to get over TSW and Protopic/Neoral side-effects. As an experiencer, since it was the best way for all of experiencers as long as I know, I try to disseminate this for people who are struggling against TSW.

      Due to my long experience of Atopic Dermatitis and TSW, I could tell your symptoms sometimes but since I’m not a doctor, I can’t diagnose or give advices to see pictures. A lot of readers send me pics of their symptoms from all over the world but I’m afraid, I always have to say that all I can do is spread good information from my experiences. There might be some dangerous symptoms sometimes and that part should be doctors’ portion but not non professionals.

      NMT is very good and everybody who got over TSW has been doing it even after being discharged from hospital for their original skin problems. So I recommend you also do it but it is very tough and looks like aggravation for a while so you need to make a big dicision considering about your work/school. Also, to be seen by doctors sometimes as check ups is VERY important and necessary.

      As for oozing, oil, TCM, etc…Please try to read my other topics. As long as you do NMT, its knowledge is very important and it should be done throughly.
      I recommend you read them below at least. NMT doesn’t apply anything including oil and if you do it exactly as is, you can get over your current symptom very fast. In the hospital, everybody was discharged from hospital from 45 to 90 days and they looked VERY well then. Nobody on earth knows how often and how bad your TSW repeats but to know Dr. Sato’s method, you can be healed very soon from your current symptom.

      Below is the site that I recommend to know NMT more.

      【What can be moisturizers? – For fellows launching ‘No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT)’】

      【The fact you definitely have to know – For fellows with TSW】

      【It works! – No Moisturizing Treatment (NMT) – For Topical Steroid Fellow Sufferers】

      Hope these topics above would be a help.
      In your case, since you are oozing a lot, you need to be careful thinking about deficiency of proteins. Or infection should be taken care of by doctors definitely. So please read my blogs taking notes of detailed info and then try NMT.

      Healing happens to you too! Take good care of yourself!

      P.S. As for your email address, since everybody in the world can see this so I deleted on purpose. Please understand it. Still I can see it as an administrator.

      • Tokuko,

        Very well-timed response. Thank you for that. And thanks for the good tips.

        Yes, I’ve gotten through almost all posts you made in English. Very informative and insightful.

        I don’t know if I actually did take a TSW because I applied steroid for just a few months and on a moderate area (only scalp). I never had an RSS as many others. So the question is whether NMT is good for all psoriasis suffers? I know you’re not a doc and it’s absolutely irrelevant for you to give advice but I’m just asking just in case you you’ve heard from Dr. Sato. I wish I could have a direct communication with him.

        Oozing liquid leakage is the most terrible part of this. I’ve had it for so long and it handicaps my life significantly. I need to stop the leakage first.

        Quick question! As you’ve left psoriasis symptoms behind for a few years. What is your current remedy / treatment, if any? Like a diet or types of foods to consume, etc.

        Cheers, Tokuko! Have a great day!

        CORRECTION: Dr. Pagano’s method is for alkalinity, not acidity as I mentioned in my very first comment.

        • Hello Andy Tran,
          As for TSW, even if you used TS for a short time, there are posibilities to get it and I thought you were diagnosed as TSW already from your first message and the TSW group that you belong.

          Have you seen the video below?

          There are mothers who got TSW just applying TS on kids’ back.

          Either way, NMT is good for TSW but patients who has Atopic Dermatitis and other same kind of sickness with dry skin have been doing it after being discharged from hospital. (While I was in hospital, there were patients who have psoriasis too but they always have mixed symptoms with AD or other sickness but have TSW.)
          For oozing, Dr. Sato’s method works very much. As for original skin problems before TSW, I recommend you read my topics and that’s all I can explain. Still, in your case, I’m not in the position to advice for that I’m afraid. Since you haven’t got RSS, it is difficult to tell for me.

          As for food, for TSW, Dr. Sato just recommends to have balanced food. I know you have read it but below is all that I can explain.

          ***As for food, You can eat anything basically but do not take or eat or apply Liquorice (Licorice), Glycyrrhizin (Glycyrrhiza/Glycyrrhizae Radix) if you saw them in the ingredients. Names are different but they are the same one and it is included in food, Chinese medicines and cosmetics. Once you use/have it, your brain would misunderstand as if you began to use Topical Steroids again. Oh, also, eating any food is ok but please try to avoid salty food. That makes you feel thirsty and you will have more water.***

          Hope my blog topics can be a help for you too.
          When I had a chance to see Dr. Sato, if he had time, I’d try to ask about it but he is ultra busy for helping many patients so I don’t know if I can make it. I wish your doctor could diagnose if it is TSW at least….by the time.

          Take care!

  16. Hi Tokuko,

    My doc is all for steroid and oral pills so I diverged from his remedy long time ago.

    Anyway, thanks for your help. I will stick to NMT to see what happens. I believe the natural healing ability of my body though.

    Keep me posted!

    Thanks a lot and enjoy your life.

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your struggling experience with whole world including South Korea. I met Dr. Kenji Sato during my 1st round of TSW and learned how to overcome TSW wisely. However i am going through the 2nd round of TSW and much harder than the first round and still cant sleep well for almost 3mons. When itch attack and pain came up to me, i thought something bad which blames myself but i tried to remember what you said above ‘bless rest of nine fingers’ these days. I am sharing your blog to Korean who are struggling TSW. It truly helped me and others.

    Thank you,

    Jungyi Suk from South Korea

    • Hello Suk,

      Thank you very much for your wonderful comment! Your lines also encouraged me. I appreciate it!

      Were you seen by Dr. Sato after you had read this blog? It was sound choice to take an action immediately and you are so lucky to live near Japan. So many foreigners would like to be seen by him but most of them live far away so they have been trying to do NMT to read my blog by themselves or to bring it in to their dermatologists asking cooperation. Hope this tide will rise globally.

      Well, no one knows how often or how long or how severe TSW repeats….I’m sorry for your symptom but Dr. Sato’s method will help you the most and you always can see the fastest recovery with it.

      In my blog, I have been trying to encourage TSW sufferers in Japanese…I can tell how tough it is for you currently so wish I had more time to translate everything in English….

      And thanks again sharing this blog to people in Korea. There are many readers of my blog there too and some people are trying to contact me finding me out on Facebook, etc….Some are trying to read my Japanese topics too using the translator but I’m pretty sure it makes crazy sentences sometimes…lol
      Hope someone who can understand both Japanese and Korean fluently would translate them for all of you…..some day…
      They also are struggling against TSW so I really hope I can share more info to foreigners in the future.

      I believe this is going to be a globe-wide revolution. On the earth, thinking about history of human-beings, wars shedding blood are diminishing amazingly but I think all of TSW sufferers can be the peaceful revolutionary warriors of this.
      Hang in there. You can be a testimony soon and are already the part of the revolution.

      Hope you get well soon.
      Take good care of yourself!

  18. Hi there,

    I am going through NMT and have noticed some results thus far however i feel as though my nails have become infected as ihave TSW on my hands. The infection is spreading slower now but what do you recommend in a situation like this?

    Thank you!

    • Hello Kevin,
      Sorry for responding this late but since I receive hundreds of messages from all over the world every day, please understand it.

      If you keep doing NMT, your strong determination and serious efforts will be required because NMT doctors are not there with you and you can’t get personal coach for this. So please read all articles making your personal notebook at least and learn it more in the Education group. Successful members did learn it hard like that.

      As for infections, it is the basic knowledge of NMT and we definitely recommend to go to hospital to be proscribed a medicine to take. (Do not apply anything on your skin.) If your skin is infected, it prolongs the healing time so your immediate action is required. Some people believes the Sea salt, garlic bath, etc…work to avoid infections but they are not such easy to avoid and just can be moisturizers.

      Anyway, the process of NMT is very tough and you need to get it over. Please learn it seriously and try to do as close as possible. Doing it 100 % maybe difficult at home but don’t be disappointed and do your best. Healing happens to you too! Hang in there!

  19. ピンバック: خلص من أعراض الانسحاب من الاستوريد الموضعي (الكورتيزون الموضعي) بأسرع وقت ممكن | 元気が出る 徳子の部屋

  20. Dear Tokuko,

    Thank you for your generous sharing, it really help alot people.

    I’m from Singapore and I was on steroid for 20 years, however I ditched steroid 3 years ago and now my eczema is down to only my foot (initially was whole body)

    The foot area is the most stubborn one, I believe because that’s where I applied steroid the most and moisture due to wearing shoes!

    After reading your post, I have a few questions hope you can help to clarify:

    1) I love Swimming, can I still go for frequent swim (twice weekly)?

    2) can I use soap bar for my upper body Everyday while only wash my foot using soap bar twice a week?

    3) can I resume normal lifestyle after my eczema healed? For example drinking more than 2L daily, wash with soup daily etc?

    Appreciate your answer in advance, I’m hoping to start this treatment as soon as I’m clear, currently I’m on Chinese medication which costs me USD300 each month since 2017.

    Thanks and regards,

    • Hello Quentin,
      Thank you very much for reading.
      To initiate NMT, I recommend you read all other articles making your personal note. Most of answers for your questions are already explained in other articles.

      To accomplish NMT, your strong determination and accurate knowledge are required. Unfortunately, there are no NMT doctors except Japan so your knowledge is the only one that helps you. At the same time, there are groups to study NMT in Facebook. (They are not Q & A group. They are established to provide knowledge of NMT instead of NMT books.) So please join them to learn NMT more.

      All of successful sufferers with NMT made such efforts. As long as it is TSW from Atopic Dermatits, you’ll be healed with NMT so it won’t be a waste of time for you. For your healing, please try to read, read and read.

      *NMT recommends to take a bath/shower as less as possible. For not affected parts, you can take a shower but with low pressure of water, not very frequent, etc..
      *For healing, you need to air dry your skin. NMT doesn’t recommend to wet your skin. (Hot springs also are not recommend.)
      *After healing, you might not need to be strict so much but most of us are still following direction as much as possible. (For example, I don’t drink too much water, don’t go hot spring very often, etc…)
      *As for TCM, there is an very important article too.

      Anyway, answers are already in articles. If you think about initiating NMT, please try to read them. NMT will help you as long as you do it thoroughly.
      Wishing your healing happens soon. Take care!

  21. Hi, Thank you for posting this. Please can I ask if this method works for neurodermatitis and Psoriasis? Thank you, Laney

    • Hello Laney,
      I introduce NMT for TSW from Atopic Dermatits and eczema. As for other skin problems, Dr. Sato also thinks NMT doctors need to see if it works because skin sickness is not such simple. I know there are many members who tried NMT and got well for psoriasis but there’s no guarantee that it works for your symptoms. I just wish a lot of doctors will realize the effectiveness of NMT so that sufferers like you can utilize their knowledge….Sorry, just hope it works in your case. Take care!

  22. Dear Tokuko,

    My son is 13 years old and has used steroid for more than 10 years to control his Eczema. From last year, Doctor also gave protopic to treat the flares on his face. I want to start TSW for him this year but I’m not sure if it would be good time as he still grows and will be in puberty soon and he need go school. I’m very worried that the TSW would affect his growth and school life. Do you have any suggestions? Or maybe suggestions from Dr Sato?

    Thanks very much!
    A worried mom

    • Hello Emit,

      TSW is very tough and unbelievably horrible symptom may happen, however, it is up to the TS/Protopic usage history, strength of medication, environment, etc…so it is hard to estimate how severe it would be. And most of sufferers tend to be weakened mentally during the tough symptoms.

      If you will do NMT, you need to learn it very seriously to help him because your knowledge will be the only thing to help your son without NMT doctors there. Parents also need to be stay strong to see children’s horrible symptom so your strong determination also is required.

      There are young sufferers who needed to postpone their graduation from school to get over TSW. Since he is 13 years old, I recommend you discuss with him and let him read and explain all of recommended articles of my blog at least.
      At the same time, after children became adults, if they stopped using steroids, it could be more difficult to manage it in their situation having a job.

      I don’t want to scare you but either way, you need to discuss about it taking time. If you can do it perfectly as we do in the hospital, you can get over withing 3 months but usually, it is difficult to do completely the same so it may take longer. Sufferers tend to complain about the symptoms because it is so tough but if you can be the Sun for your son in any situation having correct knowledge, your son can make it very fast definitely because everybody can make it in the hospital.

      I just can say that almost all of sufferers who stopped using TS mentions that their choice was right. There’s no perfect treatment for AD or eczema all over the world but we can tolerate the symptom without medication after NMT and our skin is getting stronger year by year.

      Good luck!

      **Please understand that TSW is side effect of medication so it may happen again after healing but it will be far less aggressive and healing will be quicker.

  23. Dear Tokuko,

    Thank you for kind reply. You are so nice! Now I’m trying my best to learn more about NMT. We have decided to give it a try and will start it soon.

    Best regards,

  24. Hello Tokuko,

    Thank you for your blog on NMT, it gives me a lot of hope! 🙂
    I got the idea to go through with MW it through a German book, the author rather does MW and not NMT. I read the book last week and it was the first time that I ever heard of such a thing than restraining from all moisturiser when you have eczema and TSW. It sounded scary at first, but I’m desperate, so I started it (I am in the beginning of week 2 now). Sooooo flaky! It it snowing! 😉
    So after I did some research and found your blog, I got really confident to stick to this method, since it is a proven medical method in Japan. I am from Europe and apart from that book I read, never ever did anyone recommend me to withdraw from any moisturisers…
    So again thank you! And I am very curious what will happen to my skin the next weeks! :))

    • Hello Echia,
      Thanks for your nice comment! It encouraged me so much.
      Since I knew that NMT worked for TSW, I have been working to disseminate this protocol getting Dr Sato’s approval. I’m super hectic giving lecture meetings all over Japan with NMT doctors, events, contacting sufferers through SNS, etc…etc..I don’t have enough sleeping time but this kind of message gives me energy. I appreciate it!

      To accomplish NMT, please read all posts from ‘RECOMMENDED POSTS IN ENGLISH’ making your personal notebook. Your correct/accurate knowledge will help you. And also, please join ‘NMT Education group’ (for further understandings) and ‘The NMT Healed Club’ (for checking chronological order of healing process and encouragement) on Facebook. Again, your efforts to learn NMT will help you definitely because NMT doctors are not there. You’ll see the amazing result if you do it correctly without adding your own method. There are many sufferers who got well learning it with my blog and the groups already all over the world and they are helping me to disseminate NMT protocol nowadays. Hang in there for a while. Healing happens to you too!

  25. Dear Tokuko,

    I stopped using steroids recently (used for 6 years) and although I am still dealing with eczema, I don’t think I have withdrawal symptoms. Is NMT a way to improve eczema in general, or is it only recommended for TSW? Sorry if you have answered this already somewhere else.

    Thank you,

  26. ピンバック: 8. Other suggestions, alternatives, approaches and treatments that MIGHT help you while withdrawing from steroids. – Steroids addiction and steroids withdrawal (TSA/TSW)

  27. ピンバック: 2019 In Review: The Year Everything Changed – Your new super fast WordPress site.

  28. Hi Tokuko
    Thanks for you blog . I have read everything you posted and other people questions, answers and comment. I think the first thing is to find out if mine is TSW /RSS too . I believe I m . I been using TS more than year but not is just not effective . Eczema just whole body and face . And if I don’t use it , it just red and then flare up again.
    I have started your suggested treatment and follow it only 3 days. It is very difficult. Because just not sure if I m in the right direction . Is there anyway I can send photo to make sure I m TSW.

    • Hello Jerry,

      I’m sorry for your symptoms. There aren’t so many doctors who agree with TSW in the world so it is rare to be diagnosed as TSW for most sufferers. I can’t diagnose either for sufferers since I’m not a medical profession, and I have to say that it is very dangerous to ask to be diagnosed by non-professionals. Since I get requests to diagnose from all over the world often, I have asked NMT doctors about it but doctors were mentioning that skin problems were not such simple to be able to diagnose by non-professionals. Even doctors need to see carefully.

      However, most of the sufferers realize that they are suffering TSW. In the current worldwide situation, we need to get information from except doctors sometimes so it is one of the reasons that I started ‘The NMT Healed Club’ on Facebook. You can see many other people’s TSW and the healing process. Hope it will help you a little at least.

      It happens even for people who used TS for a short time but some don’t experience TSW even after using it for a long time. It all depends. NMT works for TSW from eczema and AD. As for other skin problems, doctors need to see first to provide appropriate advice. However, without learning it very seriously or getting the correct knowledge, it wouldn’t work.

      The world is not ready for this condition so for the time being, we need to understand it. Until the situation gets well, I hope my blog articles can help world sufferers at least. Take care!

  29. Hi miss Tokuko,

    I have been in topical steroid withdrawal for one week now and I just recently learned about NMT but I’m scared to try it out because I currently work in a supermarket and I’ll be ashamed of how dry my face will look… Is it possible that I only try NMT for some parts of my body? Also since I stopped using topical steroid creams my scalp has been so itchy and dry with eczema flakes and no moisturizer seems to help it, if I’d do NMT would that apply to my scalp as well? And can I still wash my face in the morning with water everyday? Thank you!

  30. Hi Tokuko,

    I’m so grateful to have been introduced to the NMT Facebook group and learned about your experiences in this blog. The world cannot thank you enough for sharing your experiences for us to learn from.

    I initially only had atopic eczema in a small patch behind my ear and was prescribed topical steroid. Suddenly a year and a half later, they were diagnosing me “eczema” all over my body and we’re about to put me on immunosuppressants. I was depressed and felt helpless, like there was no hope until I came across NMT and all the information offered here. I took the plunge and quit the dermatologists, all steroids and moisturisers on a whim.

    I am on day 23 of NMT and have seen my face go from daily flaking, RSS, to oozing to crusting and now it’s finally broken that cycle of daily flaking and showing new strong normal looking skin. It has some minor repeated crusting in some spots but overall it’s healthy and stronger. My body went through stages of intense hot itching in the first two weeks of TSW/ NMT which I tried to cool with ice packs, scratched and dried it out. Now I do not get the sudden intense body itches and my skin integrity is much stronger. My healing has been incredible and seemingly fast- I presume because I was only on TS for 1.5 years which seems to be a lot shorter than a lot of people like yourself.

    I am wondering, at what stage did you start to reintroduce normality again? When did you start reintroducing moisturisers? When did you go back to showering and drinking normally? I miss normality before TS impaired my skin! I miss my old beautiful skin care products and make up

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